Clancey – Atlanta, GA

ESRA Special Needs Springer

ESRA #2016-0341-GA
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Color: Liver and white

When a Good Samaritan spotted Clancey lying on the side of a Georgia road, exhausted and injured, thankfully she immediately turned her car around to help him. She then reached out to ESRA for our help in getting him the medical care he so desperately needed. Because he was a stray, we needed to work with the local shelter to ensure that the required "hold" period was met before we could call him our own and begin treating his many ailments. He was in poor condition and it was quite obvious that he was in pain and most likely had been involved in an accident of some sort, perhaps hit by a vehicle. Clancey

His intake into the ESRA program (in July 2016) started with a lengthy stay at the vet's office for evaluation and determination of what it was going to take to put this sweet boy back together and get him feeling well again. His veterinarian labeled him "a train wreck," so we knew that we had our work cut out for us.

His obvious orthopedic issues included mild to severe bilateral hip dysplasia, a right front leg that had been broken, dislocated and partially healed, and a somewhat deformed left front leg. Clancey was also dealing with skin and coat issues, as a result of flea and tick infestation, which lead to a skin infection. His nails were curled under his paw pads; he had infected ears and several broken teeth. He was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, most likely a condition that has been exacerbated by the trauma to his joints as a result of his accident. And, if that isn't enough, he also has a grade 3-4 heart murmur (on a scale of 1 to 6).

It is unclear if any surgical procedures can be performed on Clancey to aid in his recovery. His orthopedic specialist reports that amputation of his badly damaged right front leg is out of the question, due to the instability of his left front leg. His left front carpus (wrist) has reportedly thickened, and he has incomplete flexion of his right elbow as a result of the previous trauma to that limb. It is possible than a prosthetic brace might provide stability and added comfort to the leg, but, at this point in time, that is only one option for Clancey. He also suffers from severe hip dysplasia in his left hip and mild to moderate hip dysplasia in the right, which, in the future, will most likely result in the need for surgical intervention that can cost up to $10,000. Clancey

With the help of Clancey's caregivers, ESRA has begun a treatment plan to improve his mobility. He takes three different pain and anti-inflammatory medications daily. Additionally, he has been working on building the strength in his rear legs/hips by attending hydrotherapy sessions. This treatment seems to be causing a marked improvement in his recovery, and should continue until he regains even more strength and range of motion. It is our plan to continue with his physical therapy sessions to help delay the need for surgical procedures to one or both of his hips. Keeping this sweet boy comfortable, however, is at the forefront of our decisions.

The cost of Clancey's care has been mounting since he was taken into the ESRA program seven months ago. Your donations to assist in his continued care and improved quality of life are greatly appreciated. Clancey is such a sweet and loving boy. He has come a long way and is so determined to run and play with his foster siblings. He wants to have a normal life, but, sadly, his "normal," thus far, has come with its fair share of pain and discomfort. It is ESRA's mission to help free him from that pain and find him a family of his own who will continue assisting him with long-term care and provide him with the love that he deserves.

UPDATE 3/22/17:

With funds received from his generous donors, Clancey has been able to continue his hydrotherapy treatments. His veterinarian believes that he is progressing nicely and regaining mobility in his hips and front legs. Additionally, she has added laser treatment and chiropractic adjustment to his regimen to aid in the mobility of his hips. His foster mom reports that he appears to have some discomfort after the intense laser and chiropractic manipulation, but he really enjoyed the warmth of the laser.

She also says that "peanut butter is a great motivator for him." It is used in the hydrotherapy tank to coax him to walk on the underwater treadmill. He doesn't seem to mind the sessions and is ready and willing to get into the car for his trips to the vet for his rehab. It is our intention to continue with this form of treatment, until we no longer see any improvement. Other avenues of optional rehabilitation will be discussed as warranted.



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