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The Missouri Puppy Mill Dogs

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Late February, 2009:

An unlicensed breeder in Ozark County, (south-central) Missouri, apparently despondent over his business and personal future, set fire to the buildings on his property on Tuesday, February 24, 2009.  The fire included the kennels, which left over two hundred dogs out in the cold to fend for themselves. The following day he agreed to relinquish them all to state animal welfare officials, including more than one hundred English Springer Spaniels.

State officials tell us the dogs were in "fairly good" condition, but had little care or shelter. Suddenly, they had none at all, and they were found wandering the acreage in small groups.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture, with assistance of local animal welfare groups, gathered them Wednesday and began transporting them to regional veterinary medical facilities.

ESRA was made aware of this potential seizure several months ago. Since that time, English Springer Rescue America has been putting together plans for emergency procedures to respond to this event, which we knew was coming, but not exactly when.

A transport team has been in the making, and dozens of extra foster homes were lined up. The volunteers and foster homes are preparing to move all the dogs starting next week.

We have volunteers that are traveling to Missouri to rent trucks to transport these dogs across the U.S. to the respective foster homes; from Washington to Ohio, and from Minnesota to Florida.

This major undertaking is made possible because of the dedicated members and volunteers of ESRA.

There aren't many breed rescues groups that can accomplish what English Springer Rescue America can do, as we're very blessed with some truly wonderful members.  As a result, these dogs will now have a wonderful future.

ESRA is grateful to the many generous people who have already contributed time, energy, and money to the rescue of these neglected animals, but our limited resources are being severely strained by this influx of dogs, many of whom may be in need of expensive care. We estimate that expenses for this endeavor will be many, many thousands of dollars.

If you'd like to make a donation specifically to the Missouri dogs, click here, and then select the button next to the link "To assist the Missouri puppy mill dogs" (in red).

Email from the ESRA President to the members and friends

UPDATE - March 4

Things are going really well. About 100 Springers are almost ready for transport to their new foster homes. The initial vet exams, heartworm tests, fecal exams, vaccinations, and spay/neutering are almost complete.

Mark Samuel and his team have been supervising the care of all the Springers along with an additional 50 German Shorthaired Pointers and number of English Cockers that will be moving into the care of other rescue organizations. The first ESRA transport teams have arrived and are preparing the dogs for transport all across the U.S.

After the final counts were taken we ended up having MORE foster home volunteers than we have dogs. What amazing support we’ve had for our requests for foster homes! THANK YOU!

ESRA has received a very generous donation from the Carl Jud Foundation for our use in this crisis. The Carl Jud Foundation has been very supportive of ESRA since the days when Jan Flagg met the team from the foundation, and their support is always there when we need their help.

In addition, 1-800-PetMeds has sent a "care package" of supplies to Mark Samuel, and additional donations of goods and professional services are coming in from all over the country.

We're really grateful for the support!

UPDATE - March 7

Most of the dogs are now on the way to their new foster homes.

ESRA has received a phenomenal number of applications for these dogs!

Please understand that we’re extremely busy right now getting the last few dogs left in Missouri on their way to foster homes. We’re also working very hard to respond to every inquiry and adoption request. We ask for your patience if you haven’t received a response yet; we will reply to you as soon as we possibly can.

If you are interested in any of these dogs, please be sure to FIRST fill out an on-line Adoption Application on our web site, here.



UPDATE - March 9

Links to news stories covering the Washington and Florida teams arriving home.

KHQ 6 - Spokane Washington

Bay News 9 - Tampa Florida

UPDATE - March 11

One of the wonderful success stories:

When the ESRA volunteers first met Margie, they were told that she might not be very nice because she growled at anyone who simply walked by her kennel at Winding River.

Heather Fall made it her job to try to make friends with Margie; she started out by talking to Margie and giving her treats.

When Margie started warming up and taking treats, Heather would climb into kennel and wait for Margie to come to her. After doing this a few times, Margie became Heather's friend.

She even slept with Heather when everyone was stuck in a hotel room in Missoula due to bad weather during the trip home.

Once we could handle Margie, we discovered that she is pregnant and is expected to deliver any day. Margie, now a most delightful girl, is being fostered by Heather in Washington.

Click here to see pictures of Margie, safe and sound in foster care.

UPDATE - March 18

Ruby had her puppies today!

ESRA Team Washington is please to announce the birth of Ruby's Seven (four boys, three girls) born on March 18, 2009 in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Ruby's Champion (Champ) born 7:50 a.m., Ruby's Piccolo born 8:07 a.m., Ruby's Karma born 8:23 a.m., Ruby's Astra born 9:25 a.m., Ruby's Trooper born 9:45 a.m., Ruby's Dodger born 10:10 a.m., Ruby's Sophia born 10:23 a.m.

We would like to give a special shout-out to the following people for all their efforts leading up to this blessed event:

Kaye McManamom of Lakeview Springer’s, Kayla, our very favorite vet tech, All Creatures Vet Clinic, Debbie Leopold, Brytnie Fall, The ESRA Leadership

All the supporters who donated money, gas, food, toys and whelping supplies and last but not least, all of you prospective Springer Parents.

Sincerely, Heather and Momma Ruby

UPDATE - March 22

Volunteers in Arizona held their annual ESRA picnic, which included plenty of food, fun and laughs!

The event was held at the Cosmo Dog Park which is located in Gilbert Arizona; all together there were around 30 Springer’s in attendance 2 of which are dogs rescued from the Missouri puppy mill.

A great time was had by all which was evident by the wagging tails and big Springer smiles.

The event was covered by ABC 15, a Phoenix news station, coverage of the event can be seen here.

UPDATE - March 28

Thank you to Dena Gittleman of Discount Pet Direct for shipping 30 pounds of treats to the Missouri dogs fostered in the Seattle area.

You can visit the Discount Pet Direct eBay store by clicking their logo below.


Corporate Sponsors Bayer Healthcare
The Carl Jud Foundation Discount Pet Direct
Supporting the Missouri Puppy Mill Rescue Effort
Beth Fink Use this for the Missouri raid, Caryn.
Tim Gilderbloom In memory of Connor
Mo. rescue
Laurie Olson In memory of Mitzi
MO Breeder dogs
Layne Evans In memory of Caddie
I read on the spaniel mailing list about the terrible situation with the rescued 85-100 Springers in Missouri and I'd just like to help in some way. Bless you all for saving these otherwise helpless dogs. I hope I can help more in the future. Best of luck.
Lynne & George Rudesill For the MO springer rescue
Bob & Lori Nieto For help with the Missouri puppy mill raids
Shirley A. Harford I want this donation to help the Springers rescued in Missouri in the last couple of days. Thanks.
Sharon Ullman May we end all uneducated backyard breeders and puppy mills so that our future precious puppies may never suffer in their lifetimes and live in a clean loving environment.
Dan Bross Donation to go to the Missouri rescue dogs in recognition of the tireless dedication and compassion of Theresa and Tony Ortega. Thanks to them for all they do.
Mike & Mary Kelly Keep up the good work. 100 Springers at one time can be overwhelming.
Kathy & Ed OMalley These proceeds to go toward rescue efforts
Jane Ash Gift for MO Puppy mill dogs
Mary Ellan Nugent Rescue fees for the kennel dogs 
Jayne Sabo In memory of Shawnee and Peaches
For any of the MO springers coming to Ohio. God Bless!
Laura, Matt, & Elvis Starnes Thanks ESRA for bringing Gracie Good Girl into our lives.
For the Midwest Dogs.
Hugh and Mary Bailey  To help take care of the dogs rescued from the Ozark puppy mill.
Joan Miller  Please use this donation for the Midwest Springer rescue as reported in the Kansas City news.
Melinda Fincham In memory of Molly
For the Missouri ESRA effort
Nancy Cowley I am donating in response to the 100 Springers from MO.
Diane Prekup & Mark Hardies Specific for the MO Springers rescued. We hope for the very best for them.
Sheila Krautner Donation for the latest Puppy Farm rescue occurring 1st week March 2009 in Missouri
Mike Devlin In memory of Bear (Golden Retriever), Sylvia and Cricket (Springers)
I am especially concerned about the dogs rescued from so-called breeders in Garden City, KS and Ozark County, MO, reported in Friday's Lawrence Journal World & Kansas City Star.
Laurie Green In memory of Ch. Wil-Orion's Unforgettable CD
For the Missouri Rescue dogs
Randy & Mary Kertzman Please add this to the funds for the Springfield, MO springers.
Kathie Milne For the River Valley Rescue efforts
Gina Bull Thank you, for the most recent massive rescue effort!
Sarah Kraft Please use these funds for the MO rescue Springers.
Pam Levy Thank your for all you do!
Robert and Roslyn Billquist In memory of Arthur Leach
Crickett Redmond Kerrebrock For the River Valley Rescue
Dave and Janee' Kemp  
Megan Brown In memory of My Dad - Robin Watt
Helene Dimitroff  
Kathryn G. Allen To help the 85-100 Springers coming in today or tomorrow
Lois Cutler In memory of Calvin
Heidi Thomas-Dunn To honor our foster girl, Maggie, who found her forever home with the help of ESRA.
Roxanne Flores Missouri dogs rescued Feb 2009
Susan Still In memory of Dr. Cynthia Wheeler, DVM
Terry Brye In memory of Springer girls, Cammy and Kipper
Kathryn Jundt  
Jamie and Shana Bryant In recognition of K9 officer Bo of the Tampa Police Department, Tampa, Florida, formerly known as Zorbo, a rescue pup. Generously Donated by ESRA in Feb 2008
Patricia E Kearney MD Thanks so much for all that you folks are doing for these poor souls!
Peter Brunelli  
Barry Smith I want this to go to the people from Spokane to help with costs to get the dogs they're rescuing back here and taken care of. I can loan 2 carriers, but I need those back. E-mail me if that works. Bless you all.
Valerie Levy I am an active member & foster of the Canadian ESS Rescue group (ESRAC), and sadly too far away to help. My thoughts, prayers & thanks are with your group as you help these dogs. Wish there was more I could do.
Anne Boyle  
Pat and Jane Murphy In memory of Maggie Moo
We adopted Hugo (Huey), one of your Springers 2 years ago and it broke my heart to see these noble dogs on TV. I wish we had room for more.
Ann Black In memory of Monty
Kathy Lazar I am interested in being a foster home for a springer from the Missouri puppy mill.
Annette Balliett In memory of Spooky, Abby, Shelby
F Lawrence McAulay Jr  
Roxane Poray  
Linda Craycraft  
Ann and Wayne Boytim In memory of Liddie, a super senior rescue
Leah Fry In memory of Lefty
Margaret M Benjamin In memory of Tug
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Mary Vlasin  
Michael Becker To assist the Missouri puppy mill dogs
Denice Ray For Rayven's Precious Weatherby Gem
Cary Branthwaite  
Leah J Boule In memory of Seonaid - my beloved Springer
Steve & Susie Kirinovic In memory of Lady
Sarah McDonald In memory of Sam, my much loved and missed Springer.
Let me know when the Missouri dogs are rescue ready.
Ruth Watson In memory of Miss Millie
Carol Brokob In memory of Kescha
Julie Seiter In honor of Muppet
Douglas Shepardson In memory of Cassie & Finnigan
The Thompson Family God bless you and all your love & hard work that is being poured into these sweet puppy mill dogs. Please give them ALL a slurpy kiss from the Thompson Family.
George & Kathy Hoellen In memory of Sammy - a wonderful ESS
Rebecca Trollinger  
Jo Norris In memory of Mac
Wilbur & Barb Hanselman In memory of our beautiful Mindy and K.D.
Margaret Dominy In memory of Freddie, Chester, Shawnee & Pepper Springers
Vicki Roenspiess In memory of my Precious JulieJan, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 2-20-09
Brad Avery In memory of Ginger
Our thoughts are with all the pups
Butch and Lynn Berry In memory of Sara
George Boettcher Jr. In memory of Luke
Sheila Mullins  
Terri Lehr Blessings to you! Love, Terri
Mary Ann Warfield In memory of Brandy, Maggie and Vito
Peggie Malcolm ESRA to the Rescue!! :) ESRA continues to be a group I'm proud to be a part of! Here's to the new lives these dogs will begin to know and to the ways their future families' lives will be forever touched!
Julie Larsen In memory of Liddie, a Springer Angel
Connie Foley This is a one-time donation to help the Missouri puppy mill dogs. Thank you for all that you do!
Linida Prouty In memory of The Rev Malcolm H Prouty
Thank you to all ESRA volunteers. You are truly special, wonderful people.
Mark Kantrow  
Shawn Ellis Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers for offering your time and TLC to give these dogs a new life.
Madelyn Pollock In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
Bob Knell For the River Valley Springers
Rhonda Groves In honor of Tempe and Sadie
Thanks, Rhonda Groves, Sea Dog ESS
Jeff Decker In memory of JuJu Beeler
Patricia C. Guenthner In memory of my sweet Max, a rescue who went to the Rainbow Bridge today
Steve Habib In memory of my little buddy Bruno. We miss you!
Andrew and Sara, Molly and Bogey Ennis  
Vicki Peters In memory of Spectacular I, Spectacular II, Misty, Dudley & Bandit
Kelly Cannon In memory of JuJu (Juliette) Beeler
Theresa Wimann In memory of Truffles, our Springer Angel
Rory and Shirley Fitzgerald In memory of Duke and Dutchess
Alan & Judy Schimmels In memory of Juliette W. Beeler
What a wonderful memorial honoring Juliette Beeler. She would be proud of her family helping her to express her love for Springers!
Nancy Creasy In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
Jana: To honor your grandmother, who was a very special person to you and many others
Eric & Lori Hammond In memory of McCarty, Elliott & Gypsy
Rhonda Groves In memory of Tempe TuTu & Sadie-Pie
Kerry and Nathan Mees In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
Cutler Repaving, Inc. In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
Ingrid Enyeart In memory of Daisy Doodle - We will never forget you
Kim Stanforth  
Jane Marchand In memory of My beautiful Scarlett O'Hare
Terry Sprague Suzanne, to help with Sage or anyone. Thank you.
Rebecca Creek In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
Rick and Susan Gaskill In memory of Julliette Beeler
Mary Andrade In memory of Hamilton Andrade and Erin Moynihan
May the angels watch over all of you, and soon I hope to open my house to one more friend ( who wants to live in California near SF? ). I have two boys 4yr old ESS and a 3Yr old golden who want to share their home with a sister ESS.
Candy Howard In memory of Juliette Beeler
Mary Rigoulot  
Karen and Don Norton In memory of Juliette Beeler
Anna Watson  
Jody Thomas In memory of Our Springer, Abby
Ruth Scherrer In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
Jennie Sindak In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
This gift is from the Sindak Family & Jean Messina
Julie Parrott In memory of George Parrott
Brian Moss I would like to adopt a Springer
Elizabeth T Wilson  
Christopher Derry  
Leanne Ambrass-Horner In memory of Buddy Gatnarek
Bill Butt In appreciation for D.Shanley, K.Armstrong, K.Harris--fine efforts to date for all they do
Lucille Windsor In memory of Miss Sally Jane
Cathryne Slaughter In memory of Alton and Elizabeth Jones
Jeanne Holland Newton In memory of Maggie
ESRA Volunteer North Carolina
Thank you so much for helping these Springers.
Carla Meyer & Chuck Arnold In memory of Jasmine, the most astonishing rescue girl ever!!
Bravo to all the ESRA volunteers who really stepped up for these dogs in such extraordinary need. SPRINGERS RULE!!
Steven Gross and Stacey Wacknov In memory of Juliette WIlliams Beeler
Claudia and Aaron Freedman Thank you for doing so much fo so many Springers in need. I hope this helps.
Pat Fontaine In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
Sarah McDonald In memory of Sam, my much loved and missed Springer.
Let me know when the Missouri dogs are rescue ready.
William E. Farrell In memory of Lucky Willy Butler, who would not be alive today without ESRA
Nancy Compton In memory of Julliette Beeler
Denise Garwood In memory of River Valley Angel Astra....God Speed Sweet Astra. You will never be forgotten and will live on in our hearts forever 
Anne Mele In memory of Garbo, Dana, Fannie Mae
Kerri Killion-Mueller In memory of Parker
Steven Ross In memory of Maggie
Karen Copeland In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
Jamie and Ed Balazs  
Mary Holt In Memory of my beloved Sam whom I will miss forever
Lee Dresang In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
John E. Lehto  
Joe and Bobbi Weimert In memory of Astra
James Partington  
Alisa M. Runyan  
Julie Roberts In memory of Kayla
Randy & Chris Rahn  
Stuart and Trish Eisenberg In memory of Skippy Dog beloved friend and family member.
May every Springer have the love of a great family and may every family have the love of a Skippy Dog.
Robin Ross  
Tom Kirk Hershey & Zeke thank you for your efforts to save their brothers and sisters.
Shane Cherry & Family In memory of Juliette Beeler
Alexis Lee I have now designated $5 of every dog training hour I spend with ESRA members as a donation to ESRA. I'm happy to make my first $10 contribution to help more Springers find great homes!
Patrick Conway Thanks for the great work and for taking care of Dewey!
Robert Vanoer In memory of Anna and Andrew
Ann and Martin Bauer In memory of Juliet Williams Beeler
Amy M. Gibbard In memory of Chelsey and Honey
Bob Reardon In memory of Walter, a great Springer
Madeleine Craig & Paul Dahlen  
Jim and Ruthie Gillespie In memory of Juliette Beeler
Robin Ross In memory of Buddy 1
Kathy Banks For Shelby, Ruby Ellis' Mom, where ever she may be, or to assist with any dog in need from the Missouri Rescue.
Laura Fyssas In honor of the wedding of Angela Greak and Leo McKinney
Barb In memory of Chelsea
Diane Sparks In memory of Ziggy
Doug McCarty In memory of Sissybell
Diane Nagel In memory of Rosa, our first Springer Spaniel
Brian Bolton We own two beautiful ESS, one bench and one field, both are trained hunters and loving family members.  We hope our donation can help your cause. God bless you all for your fine work!
Mikel Miller Helping
Where 10-50% of every sale goes to Rescue!
Louise Guido  
Phillip & Audra Brown In memory of CharliBeth, Hauna, Lacey, and BoBo
Bonnie Nichols  
Cheryl L. Noss  
Sue Schulte In memory of Remy
Sue Watson In memory of Juliette William Beeler
Steve Janalee and Anna Isaacson In memory of Kerry Fredericks
Kerri, thank you for all you do for this breed and for our newest family member who is currently sleeping on my foot!
Diane Lindsay In memory of Libbie Lou Lindsey
Kim Harris In loving memory of Maggi's Saffy
Robin Turner  IN memory of Miss Bow, Spirit and Jean 
Rhonda Groves In memory of Sadie and Tempe
Anonymous Donor  
Rob Lemke and Mary Keys In honor of Charlotte. We vow to love her more than humanly possible.
Shannon Matthews  In memory of our sweet Baily, another Missouri puppy mill rescue, found barely weaned abandoned alongside the road. Such a good boy. 
Leeann Robertson  In memory of Cody, also rescued from Missouri in 2000. 

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