Many dogs come under ESRA's care for various reasons and at various stages of their lives. Unfortunately, for some, the reason for their entry into our rescue family is a result of extreme abuse and/or neglect. Three such Springers have recently been saved from their unfortunate pasts by our loving volunteers. This is the story of Angel, Sophia, and Roscoe.

While all three of these Springers have exhibited signs of horrific neglect, there are so many others that come into our care each year under similar circumstances. With the dedication of our many volunteers and your financial support, we are able to continue to save and rehabilitate them. Please consider making a donation today. It may not only save one of these lives but also the life of a dog that you might end up calling your very own one day.

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ANGEL arrived at a shelter in Pasadena, Texas in July. Terribly malnourished, she was suffering from eye, ear, and skin infections and a raging urinary tract infection (UTI). Chest X-rays revealed an infection in her lungs. She was diabetic and severely underweight, weighing only 30 pounds. With advanced cataracts that render her blind, enlarged lymph nodes, and numerous tumors and open lesions on her skin, poor Angel was a mess. It is believed that she is just a middle-aged Springer. Under ESRA's care, she has already put on some essential weight, and she has had several trips to the veterinarian for follow-up and consultations on her various conditions.

Her caregivers believe that Angel may be able to regain her sight if cataract surgery is performed on at least one of her eyes. She is receiving daily insulin shots and a special diet to treat her diabetes. She is now almost healthy enough to undergo a much-needed spay procedure, too. Her medical bills are mounting, but the level of care that was required to treat her was a necessity to ensure her continued improvement and, we hope, complete healing one day. Angel is a love, and she is learning to trust.

Update, September 26, 2017: Acts of kindness take many forms. Sadly, in spite of the very best care we could provide, Angel faced too many health challenges and was in much worse condition than we originally believed. She could not retain the weight she had gained, and her diabetes was unable to be controlled. Angel's loss of sight caused her to be extremely anxious, and the open sores on her little body would just not heal. Out of love and concern for her, the difficult decision was made to assist her on her way to the Rainbow Bridge, where she suffers no more and runs free and whole once again. Rest in peace, sweet Angel.



SOFIA was found as a stray in Dallas, Texas, this August. This sweet senior, who is believed to be 13-14 years of age, appears to have suffered a great deal. When she arrived at the shelter, the staff found her nails grown around and back under her paw pads. Her fur was painfully matted to her urine-soaked skin. As a result, she has burns from the acidity in the urine on many areas of her body. She has skin, ear, and eye infections along with many growths (which we hope are benign) and anemia. Sofia is very frail and weak, and, unfortunately, she is also heartworm positive. Thankfully, tests are showing us that her heartworm infestation is not too severe, so we will not be treating it at this time. We must help this sweet girl regain her strength and rid her of her many maladies. She has been groomed and relieved of her matted hair. A large mass was removed, and she has had a dental.

Sweet Sofia is receiving the finest care to aid in her comfort and recovery. She was apprehensive of the loving touch from her caregivers at first, but she is quickly learning that it is something that she craves. She is enjoying perhaps for the first time ever what it feels like to be loved and well cared for. She has a way to go but is making great progress already, thanks to our volunteers' dedication and determination to help her get well.


Stoic ROSCOE from Inland Valley, California, was confiscated from his abusive owners in mid-August and was held at a shelter until a plan could be formed to bring him into ESRA's care. Once his owners signed him over to the shelter, his luck began to change. This sweet 10-year-old entered the shelter weighing 20 pounds. (A healthy male Springer his size should be closer to 45 pounds.) He is plagued with severe arthritis of the hips, back, and elbows. He came to us severely anemic, was treated for tapeworms, has a Stage 3 heart murmur, a severe UTI, hearing loss, and cataracts. His kidney values are also reduced.

As one can imagine, Roscoe's appetite is ravenous, and he is already putting on some necessary weight. His foster family is providing him with the TLC that this dear boy probably has never known. This sweet boy is showing that he can be resilient after a previous life of neglect and abuse, and he is coming out of his shell more and more each day, craving the affection that he is now getting to experience.


Update, November 16, 2017: Another beautiful Senior, Roscoe, has joined many of our beloved friends at the Rainbow Bridge. This dear boy, who had endured so much, was fortunate enough to know love, proper care, and a warm and loving home during these past few months. Sadly, there are times when neglect and mistreatment cause irreparable damage, and sometimes the kindest thing that we can do for these special souls is to help by setting them free from their pain. We grieve with Roscoe's foster family as they mourn the passing of this truly special boy. RIP, sweet Roscoe.


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