Sheila NelsonIn memory of all special needs Springers
Larry and Shirley ConnellIn memory of Gayle R. Frechette
Alan Knapton and Linda DaughertyIn memory of Augie and Bailey and from our three new ESRA adoptions. You light up our lives!
Louise MowbrayA gift for Louisa Arendt in memory of Champion Tracker Ben
Susan Johnson
Rachel PenningIn memory of Frankie Roy
Bill ManningIn memory of Lady
Betty Hunsche In honor of foster dog Lola
Diane Wallin In celebration of Sunni
Robin Barnes In celebration of Georgie
Lynn Tuttle In loving memory of Rudy Tuttle
Steve Baecker In celebration of Tessa
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Ron and Gayle Hatley
Wayne Scholes/Red Touch Media, Inc. In honor of Jamie and China
Karen Hamrick
Dali Collins
Nicole GiesieTo thank Rebecca Thompson and the Midwest region for the help they provided with my dog Faithie
AnonymousThank you for saving that sweet dog Rocky!
Brian WhitingIn memory of Moe and Ella
Terri and Steve LambingA gift for Barb Cole in memory of her husband Raymond Cole who passed away on Sunday, January 11, 2015
Catharine Culp and familyA gift for Mr. and Mrs. H Royer Culp in memory of dear Cooper, my grand dog, loved by so many
AnonymousIn memory of Carmichael, our pal
Gail StoyTo honor Ellen Stoy, Tim Bartolett and Sam, their 10-year-old rescued Springer
Lisa CooleyFor Elcie, my rescue
Sally and Chris DaverseIn memory of Ruth Keller Galvan
Matt HardingIn memory of Sadie
Matt HardingIn memory of Max
Michelle GuilbeauFor Rosie in memory of Isabelle
Amy and Karl DuckettA gift for Jeff and Priscilla Heimbigner in memory of Charles Heimbigner
Bill and Kim ShimkatA gift for Matt and Anne Harding in memory of Max and Sadie Harding
Debra Sidman
Karen Hamrick
Diane Mickelson In honor of foster dog Murphy
Michelle Demond In honor of foster dog Oreo
Robert and Laurel Patterson In celebration of Birdie
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Chris Kenton and Niyako Yoda Hostet
Edward Noss
Arthur Jansen In celebration of Becky
Jon and Lorrie Dales In celebration of Jax
Clarice and Pat Hastings In celebration of Herbert
Richard and Alice Werner
Richard and Rita Gatlin
Karen Foster
Terri Lambing
Justin Parden In celebration of Holly
Arnold Cross
Charles and Barbara Sonner In celebration of Stash
Charlie Kelly In celebration of Ginger and Bo
Ron CollettIn memory of Duke
Jim and Fran Campbell In appreciation of ESRA's outstanding services in rescuing and caring for Springers across the country over many years and for matching us with a wonderful 10-year-old Springer, Bailey, in December 2014
Andrea Wendell
Paula FischerIn memory of Skippy
Charlene O'Leary
AnonymousA gift for Peter Cuttino's birthday
Pat Sullivan
J. Leanne Ragano In loving memory of Duke and Schaffer
Edward Noss
Margaret Shaft
Lisa Bruno In celebration of Jack
Rick and Hettie Elm In celebration of Toby
Elizabeth and Preston Gordon A gift for Jim and Becky Rutledge in loving memory of Buster
Phillip and Theresa Atwood In celebration of Jack
Carole Tragar In honor of ESRA and all the rescued Springers
Kay Stoupa In loving memory of Kelsey
Don and Kay Gardner In celebration of Abbee
Fredrik and Susan Schroer In celebration of Buttercup
Michael and Leonilda Burke In celebration of Katie
Cynthia and Aubrey Newell In celebration of Speckles
Michael and Kay Riley In celebration of Buba
Debra Benda In celebration of Bo
Jeanne and James Sirick
Megan HarrisA gift for Maryn McCloud
Katarzyna GieniecIn memory of Furrari — the sweetest dog ever!
Mary Elizabeth KappertIn memory of Captain, Sparky and Wyatt
Karen Peck
Wild Women of the WoodsIn memory of our friend Kathy Bergdolt who was a loving owner of a beautiful Springer Spaniel
Leann GertsmaIn memory of our beloved Lilo
Virginia ShepardIn memory of Gus
Nancy HannenbergA gift for Don Haffner and Carol Benson in memory of Betty Haffner
Katarzyna GieniecIn memory of Gracuszek
Karen MerickIn memory of Boo Schulte
Martina Zivkovic
Ramona BaerwolfIn memory of Katherine Bergdolt
Michael Healey A gift for Amy and Dan Replogle
Craig FerleyOn behalf of Amy Replogle and all she does for the dogs and Alabama Masters players
Cindy Black In honor of all my Springer foster puppies
Steve GarnerA gift for Amy Replogle
Stephanie CantrellA gift for the Stiver family in memory of Belle
David Morris To help Brodie in Galveston in honor of ESRA's Ilya, Sherri, Tom and Susan in Houston
Cliff InbauIn memory of Cheryl Gilbert
Sarah Fritz
Gordon ShankIn memory of Abby
Victor and Constance Chavez In loving memory of Bubba
Fred Arendt, III In loving memory of Ben
Pamela Labruyere In loving memory of Bubba
Louisa Arendt In loving memory of Ben
English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association
William and Elvira Di Palmer In loving memory of Wayne Schwartz
Valerie and Dennis Iverson In loving memory of Bubba
Lawrence Paull and Marcy Bolotin In loving memory of Bubba
Ronald and Nancy Peters In loving memory of Bubba
Patricia Oliver In loving memory of Bubba
John and Kathleen Hartung In loving memory of Bubba
Joanne Fink In loving memory of Bubba
Calvin and Gillian Gebauer In loving memory of Bubba
Penny Thompson In loving memory of Bubba
Renee Holmes In loving memory of Bubba
Debra Westrick In honor of foster dog Max
Ruth Libbey In honor of foster dog Cooper
Jane Bennett In honor of foster dogs Maggie and Tyler
Sheryl Pierson In celebration of Blue
Ronald and Kathy Hooven In celebration of Lady
Hendrick Rabbie and Liana Pekelharing In celebration of Nikko
William Mayer
William and Mary Mason In celebration of Lord Sydney's vacation
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Kevin Davidson and Sarah Patton In celebration of Sadie
Donald and Tracy Smith In celebration of JD
John and Charlene Springer
Jonathan Neal and Carol Sanderson
Chattahoochee English Springer Spaniel Club
Harold and Gerry Schafer In celebration of Baby
Michael Rocco
Ronald and Nancy Peters In celebration of Lily
Beverly Cohen In celebration of Scout
Interior Insights, Inc / Leslie Wood
Kevin Reimer In celebration of Danny
Robert and Jennifer McJunkin In celebration of Samantha
Matthew and Melissa Faye In celebration of Tommy
Tamara Morse In celebration of Cooper
Brian and Jana Larsen In celebration of Roy
Edward Noss
The Brocker Law Firm / Deanna Brocker In memory of Virginia Bakewell
Kathie Jane Markell In loving memory of Harvey and Helen
Richard Davidon and Christine Hawkins
Alan Knapton In celebration of Peter, Wendy and Tinkerbell
Pet Zone, Inc
Henry and Ellen Petit
William and Mary Mason In celebration of Lord Sydney
Lawrence Hilton In celebration of Hershey
Myrtice Moeglein
Roger and Jane Jennings In celebration of Becky
Susan JirovecIn memory of Addie — may she rest in peace.
Bonnie JensenIn memory of Tipper
Sara EsrickHappy Mother's Day to Ellen Esrick
John and Tammy Lee Stanoch A gift for Shelley Kerber — Here's to a long, healthy, happy retirement!
Marlena Crovatt-BagwellA gift for Pam Crovatt in memory of Molly
Laurel HuntA gift for Ingrid Hansen on behalf of Olivia to honor her wonderful Mom!
The Womack FamilyHappy Mother's Day to Sheri Cromwell — Thank you for loving and taking care of so many Springers, especially Sophie!
The Womack FamilyA Mother's Day gift for Brenda Peeples —To the best foster mom a Springer could have! Thank you for taking such good care of our Sophie!
Jenifer WomackThank you, Kate Kiel, for all you do for our Springers.
Jenifer WomackThank you so much, Kathy, for all you do for our beloved Springers! Wish our world was blessed with more people with a heart as big as yours!
Cathy SchefferHappy Mother's Day to Simona Cochran from Buddy and Lexus Scheffer
Janet KoehnkeA gift for Amelia Hudson — All of the lucky Springers who are or have been in your care, along with me and Winnie, wish you a great Mother's Day!
Victoria MulderHappy birthday to Katarina Thomas!
James F ButcherIn memory of Anne M. Butcher
Dale FilipIn memory of Lucy, Gus, Ross, Houston, PJ, Bear, Chance
Carrie WilliamsHappy birthday to June Brotherton! We know Iris is the best gift ever! Love, Carrie, Mike and Ethan
Candace HaleIn loving memory of Spunky — wonderful dog, beloved family member and friend of Gordon and Kata Brownell
Loren NelsonIn memory of Monty and Spencer
Karen Hamrick
Denise JenkinsIn memory of Macy
Nicole Giesie
Tara Nore and David HammIn memory of Calli and Putter
Andrew and Marianne Hunter In celebration of Hunter
Dennis Prezeau In celebration of Hershey
James and Pamela Pedersen In celebration of Gabby
Edward Noss
Jeff Smith In celebration of Marley
Timothy Bartlett
Susan Manthey
Monica and Randall Parker
Stephen Manos
Betsy and Lloyd Beeker
Jeanne and Christopher Ryan
Gulfport Merchants Association, Inc.
Suzanne Graves In celebration of Oliver
Brok and Jordan Shelton In celebration of Winston
Steven and Terri Lambing
David Crawford
Lisa Falk
The Wexler FamilyIn memory of Brownie
Mary Ellen and Gerald Scott In celebration of Abby
Bradey and Dana MacPherson In celebration of Ben
Jonathan and Maureen Bradley In celebration of Mickey
Bridget McCombe
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
John and Donna McCarthy
Robert and Marti Dennis In celebration of Molly
Anne Kuykendall
Nathan Hall In celebration of Kota
John Sanford
Jo Magney In honor of Wyatt
Dean and Mary Dahl In honor of Wyatt
Jack and Brenda Filipek In honor of Wyatt
Deanna Henshaw In honor of Wyatt
Brian Schaffer In honor of Wyatt
Courtney Hansen In honor of Wyatt
Bernard and Kathy Raidt In honor of Wyatt
Douglas and Stacy Bering In honor of Wyatt
Sarah Fritz
Jack L. Roderick
Cindy PiersonIn memory of Kramer — my first ESRA failed foster
Keith Dicken In memory of Lady Alexandra Nicole Bluff
Anne StakeA gift for the Stake Family im memory of Bunker
Ed and Yvonne Carter In memory of Abbie and Mollie
Daniel and Karen McGee In memory of our rescue Springer Greta and in gratitude for our Lacy who is also a rescue Springer
Tara Savedra A gift for Hal Evans
Joanne Clements In memory of Jasper
Mendi AntisdelA gift in memory of Mishmash and in celebration of Frankie's adoption
Eliot and Patricia Young In celebration of JJ
Andy Myers
Anthony and Diane Foos
ESSCSFV In loving memory of Leslie Lesser
Jacqueline and Robert Richard In celebration of Maya
Edward Noss
Bridget McCombe
Elizabeth Hibbs In celebration of Lacey
Aggie Hall
Corrine Skonieczny
Dawn and Larry Zentner In celebration of Cappy
Ken Kellogg In loving memory of Sadie, Sasha and Mr. Quigley
Melanie LloydA gift for Joe and Jen Klotz in memory of Belle Fille
Rhonda GrovesIn memory of Tuggy
Bob and Ann Lewis A gift for Dan and Amy Replogle in memory of Fynnigan
Laurel BerryTo help Bunny in Minnesota
Carole Anderson In memory of Cleo, Angel and Molly and in honor of Royce
Christi Olinger In memory of Madeline Finnerty
Andrea VerbeekIn memory of Brody
Matthew HendricksenIn memory of Rosie Miller
Anonymous In memory of Ellie, precious fur baby of Courtney
Heather Whitman In honor of Jerri, Emmett and Charles, all waiting to be adopted
Replogle Family Trust
Michael and Holly Grant In celebration of Buster Brown
Donald Noss
Katherine and Ryan Kinsel
Megan and Krien Verberkmoes, III
Elizabeth and Walter Campbell In celebration of Breyer
Elizabeth and Walter Campbell In celebration of Tanner
Teresa Wineland In celebration of Kurby
Heather Dixon
Quinn Payne In celebration of Molly
Deborah Bryant In celebration of Sophie
Mt Nittany Dog Training Club/Lois Allbright In honor of Tip and his owners Linda & Gerald Shope
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Christine Wisdom
Ron CollettIn memory of Duke
Erik AndersonIn honor of Chester Carman Anderson — We appreciate the support and kindness that ESRA has provided us.
Judy Schneider
Sarah ErnhartJune 2015 Rescue of the Month donation from Sarah Beth Photography for ESRA's work in the Midwest
Elizabeth JohnsonA gift for Robin and Derek Wolfgram in honor of sweet Agatha-A-Gogo
Steve Honer
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Carole ScottoIn loving memory of Bebop
Bridget McCombe
Alan and Nanette HutchisonIn celebration of Winston
Robert and Wendy EverettIn celebration of Max
David Heisler and Vivian LynnIn celebration of Rover and Rufus
James and Sandra DaFoeIn celebration of Nica
Ernest LeeIn memory of Katie and Rex
Martina Zivkovic
Tony Sager
Lisa Robbins In honor of Rigsby Bronson
Eva PrestonIn memory of Preston's buddy Scruf, my Border Collie in a Springer suit
Katie RoseIn memory of Ward Crabtree
Nanette Nicol
Katie KerriganA gift for Katie Gorecki in memory of Sandcreeks Bakers Bourbon
Sue RodeIn memory of Bubba and in honor of Rylee
Anne DiFiore
Ann HuffmanA million thanks to all the ESRA volunteers!
Francesca Beaumont In honor of Abby
Karen Muske
Maricarmen TateIn memory of all English Springers Spaniels
Kim Harris
Ilene Friedman
Suzanne MichalsIn memory of Nancy Finnegan
Rosemary ShupingFor Charlie Roscoe
Larry and Jan ChulockIn memory of our beloved Springer Calvin
Eileen Koob
Pamela WilliamsIn memory of Ray Williams and faithful Molly
AnonymousIn memory of Robert Burris, who loved his dogs Lily and Rosie
Lori Ann ClarkIn honor of foster dog Gilbert Brown
Edward Noss
Harlan and Rose Marie HolienIn memory of Diane Wenning
Teri and Dennis BridgeIn celebration of Fagan, aka Romeo
Paula and Marvin Gnagy, Jr.In memory of Joseph Martin Nasuta
Thomas LenzmeierIn celebration of Sadie
Jane BennettIn honor of foster dog Cooper
Judy Kolt In memory of Misty, Casey, and Tiana
Jonathan DunnESRA brought Lucy into my life 8.5 years ago and I love her so much, she is so special. I hope this donation will help change the lives of another Springer and another person.
Joy VargaTo help ESRA's Colorado team with Springers in need in their region
AnonymousA wedding gift for Alisson and Rick Moore
Ted ChamberlinA wedding gift for Alisson and Rick Moore
AnonymousIn honor of Jordy in MN and the life he has lived. He has our hearts.
Melissa Bokovitz In honor of Rick and Alisson's Wedding
Blake Iba In honor of Alisson and Rick Moore
Evan PaulA gift in honor of Alisson and Rick in memory of Darby
Gail BarkerIn celebration of Alisson Hoy and Rick Moore's wedding
Jim ArnoldTo support Steinway in Colorado
Julie HowellIn memory of Darby, my ESRA rescue and heart
Shelley DearminTo help pay CO Steinway's medical expenses in honor of our Sammy who has Steinway's great face
Suzanne KnightESRA appreciates the continued generous financial support of Suzanne Knight
Roberta Lewis In memory of MACH Maggie May Sparkle, CDX, RAE
Lise Messier
Maricarmen Tate In memory of Blaze and Bonnie
Pam WatermanIn honor of Karen Schavrien
Beth FinkIn honor of Carol Sanderson and in memory of her Sammie
Mona DoshiIn honor of Woodford Peterson
Kathryn NunezIn memory of Karen Younts Schubert
Mary GuttieriA gift in honor of Mary and Paul Huetig in memory of Maizy
Jane BurkeIn memory of Max, Charlie and Nancy Noren's lovely dog
Leslie PaulsenFor Mocha
Robin NelsonIn memory of Christopher Scott Newcombe
Katrin Owen
Karen BilletteIn memory of Joyce Glass who fostered many Springers for ESRA — she will be missed by many people and many four-footed friends!
Melissa Underwood
AnonymousGiven in memory of Joyce Glass with gratitude and appreciation for all the loving care Joyce gave to Molly
Denise Skonieczny Buehler In honor of adopting Ohio's Mia
Ellington StarksFor Hunter in Minnesota
Ron CollettIn memory of Duke
Mary GuttieriA gift for Hunter in Minnnesota in honor of Ellie Starks — Thank you, Ellie, for all that you hold together!
Gary and Michelle Stinnett
Thomas Speer In celebration of Bosco
Harvey Bear In honor of Maggie and Monte
Thomas and Carole Goddard
Robert and Sharon Jackson
Randall and Christine Rahn
Robert Cole
Tim and Mary Mason In celebration of Lord Sydney
Paul Cummings In celebration of Blue
Benjamin Janos In celebration of Charles
Dawn Heiser In celebration of Opal
Dru Smith In celebration of China
Martha Erikson
Ltc (ret) Keith Dicken In celebration of Stella
Charles Plant In celebration of Skippy
Stacey Bering/The Mulligan Tour
Doreen Burchett In celebration of Lizzy
Dale Page In celebration of Sam
Joseph Lanuza In celebration of Jackson
Anthony and Diane Foos In loving memory of Morsel Foos who will be forever missed
Andrea Alfaro and Joel Grosser In celebration of Charlie
David and Claire Enick In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Angela Lawson In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Laura Olivieri In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Julia Nelson In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
William and Carrie Tapp In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Lynne and Roger Gingras In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Robert and Christine Vivian In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Betty Ellen Isler In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Steven and Melanie Grove In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Karie Lewis In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Leonard F Fox, III In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
J Peter and Alexandra Schultes In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Riley and Christina Hudson In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
HC and VW McIntire In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
Danaelle and Vaughn McIntire, III In honor of Vaughn McIntyre
J. Courtney Ralston and Susan Moran-Ralston In celebration of Benelli
Shirley Nasalik In honor of Buster
Robert and Renae Stafslien
Leslie and Brenda Niemeyer
Victoria Woolley
Tamara Morse In celebration of Jagger
CG and Kimberly Collier In honor of Sweetness
Judith Mememeir In loving memory of Maxilliam
Christie Bower
Karen Foster
Marie and Frederick Smith In celebration of Katie
Amelia and Delmar Howard In celebration of Alfred
John and Kathryn Lawrence
Julie Hetherington
Claudel Palmer In celebration of Molly Molly Moo Cow
John and Kathleen Harding
Paul Trisler In celebration of Sam
Nancy Marshall In celebration of Duke
Dee Crescini Great work! Keep it up!
Keeley CarterIn memory of Carol Sanderson's Lizzie and Sammie
Rebecca Ferguson
Susannah Dryden In memory of my sweet boy Wilson, adopted from ESRA in 2006
Jean CoughlinIn honor of all the loving dedicated volunteers who dropped what they were doing in their own lives to rescue Barkley from euthanization. So grateful to Rebecca and her team of Minnesota angels!
Brenda MillsTo help care for Bailey in Indiana
William Eardley
Pat RyanA gift in memory of Benny to help care for Buddy in New Mexico
Ted SiembiedaTo help care for Tucker in Michigan
Cindy Pierson
Elizabeth Hall
Nita Watson
Lynn Skochdopole
Terri Lambing
Ruth Libbey
Beth Maryan
Blaine Cressman
Kim Harris
Tracy Stanley
Nancy Myers
Cheryl Olson
Kathie Green
Gail Breckle
Kathleen Engberg
Kris Specht
Renee Holmes
Susan Sabath
Christi Cooper
Lori Gingerich
Jan Gessert
Lori Ann Clark
Mark Monson
Sharon Howe
Julie Howell
Marilyn Rotgun
Marilyn Burke
Michelle Chavanne
Rachel Penning
Alexis Bennett
Allison Gault
Donald HolmesA gift honoring Terry and Belle Sprague to help with CA Cassie's expenses
Sarndra SwneyA gift to help Cassie in California in honor of our hardworking SOCAL coordinators
Pomela FlaniganTo help California Cassie
Steve SpieglFor Cassie in California
Shelley DearminFor Cassie in California
John Huntington
Susan Phillips
Diane NagelFor Cassie
Carol Sanderson
Nancy SteedeIn honor of Kathie Lima Powell's birthday!
Rebecca ZulloFor Cassie in California
Kathleen EngbergTo help Cassie in California in honor of Terry Sprague
Pamela Farnsworth
Carol Bulatek
Charleen O'Connell
Susie GatesFor Ranger in Texas
Paula McIlleceFor any special needs dog
Janet KoehnkeFor California Cassie
Fredda FoxTo care for Cassie in California
Sharon ScattagliaFor Ranger in Texas
Bryan and Margo GilhamIn memory of Delaney — Thank you ESRA for bringing us Blue. He is a terrific dog that has brightened many hearts, including ours.
Christi Cooper
Richard F. Davidson and Chrisine M. Hawkins
Judy HansenFor Cassie in California
James McHaleyFor Steinway in Colorado
Cheryl O'Hara
Walter Rau
Bridget McCombe In memory of Molly and Katie
Peter and Martha Dorland In celebration of Boomer
Larry and Susan Sullens In celebration of Spencer
Kelly Classic
Michele Pasch
Steven and Dana Razenberger
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
James and Catherine Ragley In loving memory of Aggie
Laura Schnobrich In celebration of Mindy
Melinda and Frank Bustamonte
Peggy and Scott Storey In celebration of Janet Storey's birthday
Tracy Becker
Theresa Reyer
AnonymousIn honor of Kate Kiel
Joan McCloskey In honor of foster dog Sabrina
Elizabeth Fuller In honor of foster dog Walter
Jane Bennett In honor of foster dog Cooper
Renee Holmes In honor of foster dog Tucker
Isabel Sheeter In honor of foster dog Adam
Barbara Smith In honor of foster dog Samuel
Ruth Libbey In honor of foster dog Zeus
Susan Schulte In honor of foster dog Emmett
Kathy Hooven In honor of foster dog Spencer
Paul Trisler In celebration of Sam
Toni Henderson In honor of Don Osborne
James and Avi Swain
Rick and Susan Zuker
Daniel and Kathleen Hill
William and Mary Faw
Neil and Christy Boderman
Patrick Timoney In celebration of Victoria
Charles and Jane Gerhardt III In celebration of Higgins
Nancy Marshall In celebration of Duke
Julia Philips and Jim Feldman In honor of Boo's training
James and Katherine Hughes
William Eardley IV
Douglas and Dawn Gray In celebration of Maggie
Richard and Linda Overmyer In celebration of Hank
Bruce and Donna Herman In celebration of Penny
Tim and Mary Mason In celebration of Sydney
Barbara Bessen
Eric and Marlene Wells
Barbara Ziegler
Richard Melcher
Drew Thompson
Marie Heinking
Betty I. Swanson
Lisa and Jerry FalkIn memory of Miss Lucy, 2008 ESRA alumni (2002-2015)
Rhonda GrovesIn loving memory of my Tuggy, Lizzie, TempeTuTu and Sadie Pie
Rosemary Kaiser In honor of Lucy, my BFF
Terrie Silverman
Linda EastIn honor of our two wonderful ESRA dogs, Duke and Grace, and the wonderful foster parents who cared for them before they became our treasures
Carol Horner
Rosemary ShupingIn honor of Charlie Rosco
Steve And Carol ThormanA gift to help care for Mocha in Wisconsin — given in memory of Runway, our Cocker Spaniel angel
William and Pamela Kissick
Jason and Tiffany FraioliIn honor of Raye's adoption
John and Jennie VealIn celebration of our adopting Lucy
Gordon and Kathryn BrownellIn honor of our adoption of Buddy
Carolin BakewellIn memory of Charlie
Heidi DooleyIn memory of Harry, Kody, Kahlua, Hannah and Homer
Anissa Albritton
AnonymousIn memory of Chester
Lora AllanA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project
Clifford RobinsonIn honor of Ann Robinson and Dixie
Brian SiegristA gift in honor of Lin and Jim Roussel in memory of Bailey Roussel
Dr. Scott and Michelle PhillipsA gift in honor of Magnolia True and in memory of Daisy Kaye for Cam Allan's ESRA Community Service Project
Betsy Van WestenTo help with Brooke's surgery
Karen Peck
Linda and John WrobelIn memory of Samantha, Hailey, Abbey, and Murphy
Elizabeth MyersA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project
Randall and Karol Ann Bordner
Charles Spurgeon
AnonymousIn honor of Lisa Goertemiller
Deborah BolinoA Christmas gift for Lindsey Bloom and Tina
Dennis and Cathy SparA gift for Barbara and Gunnar Kephart in memory of Callie and Kimo
AnonymousIn honor of Melissa and Gary Andrae
Robert Yeager
AnonymousA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project
Ashley Myers
Cecilia RushIn memory of Wally and Molly
Julie Noyes
Andrew KlosinskiA Christmas gift for Jeff and Melanie Ewald and their Springer Sieben
Pamela WaidlerA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project in honor of my 2015 ESRA fosters: Howie, Emmy, Ellie, Ben, Pink, Red, Peter, Violet, Huck, Finn, and Becky
Annette Balliett Our adopted Springer continues to be the best dog ever.
Paul and Karen Hamrick
Stacy ZylkaThank you, ESRA and Rebecca in the Midwest
Terry BryeIn honor of all the wonderful ESRA volunteers, especially in FL
Eileen KoobA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project in memory of Butters and in honor of Darcy
Christopher Beard
Anthony and Diane FoosIn loving memory of Snooki
Scott SpellerbergIn honor of my mother, Elinor Spellerberg — a critter's best friend — and in memory of all her Springers
Sandra Kemp
Garry and Jerri MeldrumIn honor of Tyger Jim, adopted in March
Dan and Mary KeatingA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project
Judith Smith
Charles NorenA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project
Marcia Kunstler
James Derrig
Susan KoernerA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project
Ruth GabreskiA gift for Richard Ullman in memory of Katy Tayrn, a special loving Springer
Marilyn SmeathersTo honor Kate Kyer and her "kids" for all the work she has done to rescue English Springer Spaniels
Joel Van CleveA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project
AnonymousIn memory of Buddy and in honor of Jean Bastian
Elizabeth EadieA Christmas gift for Peggy Crowder
Gregory Heath
AnonymousTo help care for Zoe in Colorado
Barbara TourtellotIn memory of Andy Thilo
Matthew HendricksenIn memory of Rosie Miller
Debi WaalaIn memory of Sadie
Timothy Werling
AnonymousA Christmas gift in honor of Judith and Walt Zwierzycki
Marjorie WalravenA gift for Jim and Marian Luke in memory of Barnaby and Jock
Julie AndersenA gift in honor of Deb Plummer and Cindy Wittebort — Merry Christmas! Here's to the world of DOGS!
Steve ChodrickFrom Springer elves Rumble, Cody,and Bailey
Pomela FlaniganA gift in memory of Buddy Jerome Flanigan and Big Buddy Flanigan to help care for Buddy in New Mexico
Marilyn GormanIn honor of my two rescues, Cookie and Daisy
Cheryl NossA Christmas gift for Ken — Sully and Bruce's rescue Super Hero!
Cheryl NossA Christmas gift for Jim — Molly's rescue Super Hero!
Paul MilakovichIn memory of Chelsea
AnonymousIn honor of Angus, our rescued Springer
Amy Huber In memory of Toby, Lucy, Buster, Penny
Jeffrey WeinandIn honor of Banjo, K9 Super Hero and ESRA Graduate
AnonymousIn honor of Cody Wilson
Gary Vincent
Laura PryzbyA Christmas gift for my parents, Nancy and Alvie Kidd, in memory of their beloved Sophie and Angus
Lee Penniston
Roger and Carolyn JurackIn honor of Chance Frederick, Aggie Celeste, Sassy Louise, and Friday
Mary Ellen and Gerald StampIn celebration of Leta's adoption
Leslie and Daniel KirschtIn honor of Peyton's adoption
AnonymousIn honor of Amy Wiggins and Forey
Laura AshlockTo help care for Buddy in Albuquerque in memory of Winston and Carmen
Nanette NicolMerry Christmas to all from Roxy
Fred and Gina RidgeIn memory of our beautiful Marley, Barkley's brother
Jane BurkeA gift for Ed and SueAnn Sheridan in memory of Stormy
Chris and Jeanne RyanA gift for Mike and Melanie Ryan and family
Michael and Melanie RyanA Christmas gift in honor of Chris and Jeanne Ryan
Sachiko JohnsonIn honor of Joana Johnson
Katie Van WagnerIn memory of Dawson Van Wagner
Josh DunnIn honor of Tom and Janet Dunn
Susan SangerIn honor of Josie
Richard Superak
Barry and Irene LaneIn honor of Jake
AnonymousIn honor of Jan and Carl Wormenhoven whose giving spirit has helped so many
Gretchen SteenstraIn memory of Sir William
Christine Hawkins
Lori Curtin Merry Christmas
Ronald and Glenda Nichols
Jacqueline Bell Smith In honor of Mia
Stephanne Zimmerman
W. Kennedy SimpsonIn honor of Tierney Simpson Jutzi
James Adams
Brenda MasonIn honor of Larry Bonner
Michael JohnstonIn memory of Hope, who rescued us and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Dec. 23, 2015. Thank you ESRA and Old Dog Haven for bringing Hope to us.
Jodi GoldbergA gift in honor of Cali and Liddy — Merry Christmas, Michelle Boytim and Eric Christensen, on adding Kate to your clan.
Marlene and David MassettiIn memory of Joyce Glass-Woy who, with her husband M.L., fostered over 40 Springers through ESRA, including our own Riley. You will forever be remembered.
David Elliott
William DickterIn memory of Darby
Elizabeth Bourne
Andrew Lindsay
Kelley DrukkerIn honor of Oakie
AnonymousA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project
Charles Manneschmidt
Trisha EisenbergIn memory of Skippy Dog
Susan HerringTo help NC Springers in memory of Mindy and Bella
Leslie and Janice MyersIn honor of Spot and Ashley
David SherzerIn honor of Dolly and Charlie (Peppermint Pattie and Charlie)
AnonymousTo help ESRA's work in Minnesota
AnonymousIn memory of Gabbi, Molly and Barkley; and in honor of Bentley
Julian Monks
Dionne RobinsonIn honor of Avery Romeo
Anne SaundersIn memory of Flossie
Shawn EllisTo help ESRA's Rocky Mountain Region in memory of Monty and Winston
Elizabeth Gonia In memory of Tuggles
Constance Mahan
Bunny Brueggeman
Jill and Mike Shortreed

A link to contributions made for “any Springer in ESRA’s care”
in prior years can be found here