Marcella De Laurentiis I am continually amazed by the generosity of ESRA—rehabilitating so many special needs dogs that other rescues and shelters turn away. The stories of Mimi, Peaches and Benny are particularly compelling. I followed Benny's story closely. Many shelters wanted to help him but didn't have the funds. ESRA didn't hesitate to scoop him up—no matter the costs—and put him on the road to recovery. Even in the most hopeless of cases, ESRA sees hope. Thanks for helping save wonderful Springers!
Dianne Lowe In memory of Lucy Lowe our special girl — Springers are the most special dogs in the world…they all are wonderful.
Glay WiegandIn memory of Sport
Chris and Julie SingerTo honor the memory of Michael T. Brisson and his love of the outdoors
Elliott and Cathy PackerA gift for Roxy given lovingly in honor of Cathy's sister nancy Sloane who lost her dog last year
Rene PizzoIn honor of Josh Backen for choosing a donation to Springer rescue in lieu of a Christmas gift! Love, Aunt Rene and Uncle Don
Amy BrownA gift for Kim Kita and Jen Reed in loving memory of Delta
Sloan E SchwindtIn memory of Spike, Hershey, Ruffton and Zephyr
Robert MooreIn memory of Smokey and Bandit
Theodore HermanA gift for Nancy Sloane
Leslie PurvisA gift for Sarge Dunlap in memory of Terry Dunlap, Sr.
Lee PennistonA gift for Theresa Miller to honor the memory of Sting, and what he means to Theresa
Victoria Polce
Teresa Watts
Stacy Zylka To help with any vet care for Gunner dog
Lisa CooleyIn honor of my ESRA girl, Elcie
Victoria PolceFor any Springer in need, especially in the Southeast
Emily LoughranFor Angus
Donna StoneIn memory of my beloved Oreo — Thank you so much for all of the work you do for our Springers.
AnonymousIn memory of all animals abused everywhere
Denise Skonieczny BuehlerA gift for Sully in memory of Barney, Sherlock, Molly, Watson, Charlie
Robin NelsonFor Sully in Minnesota
Tricia SullivanIn memory of Merilee
Carla JohnsonIn memory of Roxy
Susan Baresel
Carmina CavazosA gift on behalf of Paul Caughey, an amazing human being that has been an active participant in your organization
April HendrixThanks for all you do!
Debbie RamseyHappy Valentine's Day! My husband asked what I wanted for a gift and I said "a gift to ESRA." Having had 2 Springers, these beautiful dogs are always in our thoughts. So hope this helps in some small way.
Arthur Merz
Victoria Polce
Ashley MillerA gift for Sherry and Jason Anderson in memory of Princess
Don and Arlys KnopickFor Paul Caughey
Michelle FitzgeraldIn memory of Lola, an amazing companion and beautiful Springer Spaniel
Karin E Anderson
Victoria Polce
Jeanne DeringerIn memory of Roxie, our wonderful little furry girl
Victoria Polce
Aditi SoodThank you to my friend Kim H for all you do!
Terry BryeA gift for Larry and Craig Berberich in remembrance of Sandy Berberich
David and Marion PratlA gift for Edward and Bernadette Pratl in memory of Casey
Karman and Eric Williams
Mary GaviglioA gift for Amy Gaviglio and Tony Steyermark in memory of Bergen on the first anniversary of her crossing the Rainbow Bridge
Ken KelloggA gift for Rocket in Michigan in memory of the late Mr Quigley (who also had heartworms)
Bev DoddsIn memory of Larry Lathrop
Diane PhillipsThank you for our sweet Izzy and Dora who we adopted from ESRA almost 5 years ago!
Jane MurphyIn memory of Huey
Kathleen EngbergA gift for Eva 2014-157 CA in memory of Toby, Buddy and Thatcher
Hadessa HealeyA gift for Eva
Mary-Carol DartThis gift is for Eva. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping this sweet young girl!
Steve SpieglFor Eva
Charlene BlackTo honor the Brandts in MN who fostered our dog Tucker (Walter)
Ellen MunsonFor Eva — Hope all goes well and she is "springing" around very soon!
Shana BryantFor Eva
Kelley DrukkerFor Eva
Jennifer BoucherA gift for Eva in memory of Penny, Chloe and Daisy
Ken KelloggA gift for Eva in memory of Sadie, Sasha and Mr Quigley
Christi CooperA gift for Eva in memory of Henry, Natalie and Wyatt
AnonymousFor Eva
Ardee JagtA gift for Eva 2014-157 CA in memory of all the Springers I have loved
Fredda FoxFor Eva — Heal quickly, sweet Eva!
Marissa AguilarFor Eva
Suzanne ErnstFor Eva
Madeline Mamaux
Lori O'Brien
Harold HerrinIn celebration of Elwood and Jake
Leslie and Jane HagmanIn celebration of Misty
Nancy WilkinsonA gift in memory of Merilee with thanks to Diane Samdahl from Lindsey and failed foster Freddy
AnonymousIn memory of Clairbel Smith
Ania WisniewskaIn appreciation for Clyde
Candice and Jim DalyA gift for Kaye and Ron McManamon in memory of Ramblewood Honky Tonk Beau
Rhonda FingermanA gift for Rebecca Lowry in memory of Barry Blackburn Sr
Barbara Smith
Loren NelsonIn memory of Monty and those who've gone before us
Mike and Debbie WilliamsIn memory of Paul L. Reichlin
Jeanne DeringerIn appreciation for Daisy 2012-0687 CA — Many thanks to you all for the wonderful programs you've put in place to find homes for these delightful Springers. You've made a lot of families very happy and very blessed!
Steve GarnerA gift to thank Amy Replogle for the great hospitality during the Alabama Masters
Rebecca PerryIn memory of my five Springers that are at the Rainbow Bridge
Lucy L. TaylorA gift for Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fizz in memory of Mea Fizz
Maggie TurIn memory of Sunny
Pam KipferA gift for Kris and Jan Duus in memory of Calvin and Buford
Pam BaumannIn memory of Reuben (aka Reuben Man)
Louis and Carolyn HightowerA gift for Laura and Dick Ellgen in memory of Rudy Ellgen
Mary Jo MuzzeyA gift for Laura and Dick Ellgen in memory of Rudy
Sylvia JohnsA gift for Betsy Hibbs in memory of Roscoe
Brian KochThanks to Trapper, owned by C. Hobbes
Michael HealeyA gift for Amy and Dan Replogle
Jo and Donald AmbroTo honor the marriage of Jackie Ferris and Candy Williams, April 26, 2014, and their dear Springers, Henry and Nellie. Congratulations to the Joyful Springer House!
Lisa and Alan LundA gift for Doris Harris in memory of Roland Harris
John SullivanA gift for Jan and Todd Breckenridge in memory of Beau
Charles GibsonA gift for Paul C Culp DVM in memory of Oreo
Joni Huffman
Janie KrollA gift for Maverick
Beth Fink
Heart of Texas Spaniel ClubIn memory of Marianne Yost
Gary OgrenIn honor of Ellie Starks, Keven and Caragh O'Brien for helping to save Lucy
Sarah Fritz
Jerry FalkRecently lost a Cold Water Challenge for Chariy and have chosen ESRA now that I must "pay up."
Nicole Cohn A gift for MaryEllen, Brian and David Lighthiser in memory of Layla, a beloved Spaniel recently and unexpectedly lost
Gail and Barry BreckleIn honor of the Mrozek and Davies families and the next Springer that needs help
Evan Allbritton
Jane HesserA gift for Susan and Lucy Regan
Catherine AntosIn memory of Charlie
Ann and Wayne BoytimA birthday gift for Eric Christenson
Elizabeth McGovernTo help with the vet bill for Macon shelter dog Gladis
Julie Stockert, Jabe Hickey,
Eve Canfield, Susan Jaggers,
Jennifer Paris and Amy Sebesta
A gift for Kimberly Teter in remembrance of her best friend Rusty
Dan SoukupA gift for Julie Mohr in memory of Maverick
Kathy RaidtA gift for Bucky's Hydro Therapy in IA, 2013-712MN, in memory of Amos
Andrew CobbA gift from ESRA alumnae Duchess and Libby in memory of Hank, Gidget and Peyton
Lisa ShawIn honor of Clayton and the whole team who saved him!
Donna Jensen-MadierIn memory of Sasha's love for Zack
Laura JacobsenIn memory of Bella
Anita HowardA gift for Gail Wyse in memory of Robert Moulton, lover of all animals
Anita HowardA wedding gift for Brian and Carol Lippert
Laurie and Dick Green
Rob and Carla Ingraham FamilyA gift for the Engelhardt family in memory of Mickey
Marsha JohnsonFor Tammy and Terry Bork in honor of their dedication to ESRA
James L. BastianA gift in memory of Sparky to help with Bucky's hydrotherapy
Angela Bailey KindziaBucky's HydroTherapy Recovery
Kathy ElliottIn memory of Wylie, my beautiful 13 year old Springer, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 21, 2014
Bea FullerIn honor of Sadie's adoption
Melissa Campbell
Patricia RyanIn memory of my Springers over The Bridge
Kathlene LimaIn memory of all my baby dogs that have gone to the bridge
Wayne Johnson
Richard and Michelle Somerville
Bettina and David Klumpp
Kathlene Lima and William Powell
Kathleen Engberg In honor of ESRA girl Eva
Ronald and Stephanie Hasse In celebration of Gabriel
Norman Chilcote In celebration of Ellie
Meredith McCartan and Ronald Press
Robert and Carolyn Nelson In celebration of Hank
Phil andDeborah Chapman In celebration of Gracie
Gulfport Merchants Association
French and Billie Cary, III
Susan and Rick Zuker
Gary Gier
Carole Scotto In loving memory of Bebop
Dog Pound Printing / Rick Welch
William and Mary Mason In honor of Sydney's vacation
Pet Zone, Inc / Sherri Aita
Jan and Jerry Small
Mickey and Marilyn Creek
Bea Fuller In honor of Sadie Brown
Ronda and Devin Volbman
Robert and Carol Slaughter In celebration of Lucy
Alan and Sharon Robinson In celebration of Chet aka Chance
Gary and Brenda Hansen In celebration of Sabrina
Joshua and Melissa De Bilzan
Simplified Facilities Group, Inc. In loving memory of Paul Reichlin
Contour Tool, Inc. In loving memory of Paul Reichlin
Robert and Sharon Jackson In celebration of Barney
Wayne Johnson
Steven and Amy Cross
George and Lynne Rudesill
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Linda Hempel and Susan Wilson A gift for Jan Baker and Jackie Alschuler
Mary Sohl In celebration of Bailey
Christopher and Katherine James In celebration of Jack
Joseph Phillips In celebration of Beau
Gillian and Eric Hoth In celebration of Jesse
Rochester Feed and Country Store
John and Linda Groenewold
Joshua and Sara Broten
Mickey and Susan Walker In celebration of Rex
Walter Knochenmus, Jr. In celebration of Maverick
Russell and Dawn Dahl In celebration of Riley
Michael Alwin In celebration of Gina
Elizabeth Fuller
Susan Dowd Gift for Karen and John Terry in loving memory of Millie
David and Jane Wilkinson In celebration of Denver
Wayne Johnson
Gerald and Linda Shope In celebration of Tip
Charlotte Waters In celebration of Jackson
Stephanie and Tim Dickerson In celebration of Lolli
Alan Miller In celebration of Katie
Donald and Mary Bogard In celebration of Amos
Jennifer Smith
Scott Zenz and Peggy Storey In celebration of Janet Storey's birthday
Tim and Mary Meaden In celebration of Ziggy
Michael and Margaret Frank
Suzanne Ernst
Michael and KayLynn Grysen
Joan Bell In honor of Marcia Klode and her wonderful Springer, Millie Kode
Karol Bennett
George and Kathleen Fleury
Anne Anderson
Janice Krupicka
Victoria and Dennis Cichy
Susan Davis In loving memory of Charlie
Elaine Alexander In celebration of Cooper
Carol Wegley
Wayne Johnson
Christopher and Jillian Hudson
Joel Sekuta In celebration of Chase
Alexandra & Louis Florimonte In celebration of Molly
Bridget McCombe
James and Patricia Lawson In celebration of Lia
Joel and Karen Van Cleve
The Mulligan Tour, LLC
Wayne Johnson
Josephine Cohen
Nancy Wagner
Lawrence Paul and Marcy Bolotin
Jay and Sharon Terry
Glendel Huneycutt
Darcy and John Huntington
Elizabeth Wortley
Gale Nolan
Michael and Scherrie Hall
Robert Reardon
Hal and Cindy Evans
Ronnie Riner
Brian and Jennifer Bolton
John Darby
Eric and Demetria Well
Candis Mercer
Dr. W.C. Alexander
Victor and Wai-Har Cehn
Mary McDougal
Fred and Jackie Franke
Pamela Grabsky
Lorraine and Stephen Lama
Harold and Charlene Archibald
John Didier
Fred Thompson
Josanne Fink
Edward and Joyce Wallace
Sandra and Douglas Borne
Debbie and Gerald Rhoads
Carold Feldman
Cliff Wenniger
Thomas and Carol Goddard
Robert and Sharon Jackson
Mary McMillon In honor of Jackson
Cynthia and Norman Fulks In honor of Daphne
Thomas and Barbara Young
Derek and Ann Blakeslee
Elizabeth Huesing
Joan Mertens Johnston
Aerie Nature Series, Inc. In memory of Roxy Sloane
Jane Herman In memory of Roxy Sloane
William Wing
Richard Santer
Angela Sullivan In memory of Roxy Sloane
David Woodson, Jr. In memory of Roxy Sloane
Judith and Robert Trager
Amy Guion Clay, Inc.
Dennis and Cynthia Anderson In honor of Caryn Pola's Birthday!
ESSFTA-Bench Show Committee
Arnold Cross
Companion Animal Wellness Club
Vicki Wingo In honor of Eva 2014-0157 CA
Wenniger Compressor Co.
Clear Channel Radio
Sandra Sweatt Hull
Deborah Cooper In celebration of Harry
Robert Herman
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Wallace and Georgean Strom
Jennifer Young In memory of Patches Thale
Gerald and Patricia Orazem A gift honoring Ed Egan
Jerry and Lisa Falk In loving memory of Bailey and Magnum In honor of Lucy
Tracy Becker
Danny Kobbs and Jodi Johnson In celebration of Bella
John Blackford In celebration of Clyde
John and Nancy Burnett In celebration of Lexi
Caren Kozlowsky In celebration of Emmett
Timothy Lowe
Philip Leder In honor of Abe
Tassy Davis and Christopher Sharron
Vista Bench Show Committee
Susan and Jeffrey Goldsmith In honor of Torii and Bella
Rise Wagner In honor of Bella
Sandi and Tom Simmons
Beth and William Harwell, Jr In honor of Trooper
Wagzine, LLC
Ruth Gorrin In honor of Holly
Mary Ann and John Howell In honor of Henry
Bettina and David Klumpp
Julie Wilson In honor of Lucy
Bradley and Diane Bernero In honor of Joey
Garu Brumberg In memory of Brandy
Jeffrey Gaer In honor of foster dog Patch
Ann Huberth In honor of the "Manning 8" litter
Lars Best In honor of Lizzy and all Springers
Tracey Becker
Patricia Loheac Dina In honor of Sandy
Ed Ingalls In honor of foster dog Dory
Phyllis and Gary ReesTo honor June Holk's special birthday and her love for Springers
Ann and Doug WeitzA gift in celebration of the birth of Robin Wolfgram
Judith and Walt ZwierzyckiA gift for Helen Nix in memory of Harold Nix
Ramon WycoffA gift for Tara Copeland
Blackwood Pet FoodThis donation is for winning second place in Ultimate Uplands photo contest sponsored by Blackwood Pet Food. Congratulations and keep up the amazing work!
Rebecca L. Zullo
Alison MieleIn memory of Aubrey, the girl who blessed me with joy everyday
Ruby CrowderTo honor Amos Arnold
Ellen MunsonPraying for Oliver's full recovery!
Catherine AntosFor Oliver
Mary ColeFor Oliver
Judith StephensFor Pam Fitzgibbon
Barbara KephartFor Oliver
Martha L. Lopez
For Ollie in memory of The Easter Babies
Anita GreenbaumFor Oliver
Pat RyanFor Oliver in memory of Shelley on her birthday
Linda ProutyFor Ollie in memory of Topper and Sasz
Mary Ellen SawyerIn memory of Bandit — Our beloved Bandit a.k.a. Bandy Boy who we adopted from Springer Rescue in 2007 went over the Rainbow Bridge in February 2014. More love was never shared between a human and a dog than we shared. We miss him so, but the memories will never leave us.
Kerri JohnsonFor Oliver
Gail BentFor Ollie
Steve and Tamara BryantIn memory of Buffett and Delaney
Sarah Fritz
MaribelFor Oliver
Melissa CampbellFor Ollie in memory of Heather and Zoe
Tim and Kim MooreFor Legend coming to ESRA Carolinas
Brigitte Campanaro
Jan DietrichA birthday gift for Arlene Handmaker
Paul and Nancy LunsfordPaul and Nancy recently adopted a bonded pair. They have owned Springers all of their life and are very grateful to ESRA.
Deborah RamseyIn memory of our Springers, Lance and Hannah
Nancy and Paul LunsfordIn celebration of our adopted "bonded pair" Brooklyn and Dodger
Victoria PolceFor Springers in the Southeast US
Beverly JonesFor Bucky's Hydro Therapy from Sonny, Caleb and their people in Iowa City
Lisa CooleyElcie's birthday, my rescue dog
Tillman DouglasIn memory of Millie Bolden's great life and in appreciation for the Bolden family — You gave Millie a wonderful life! You should be proud and celebrate the love she gave your family and you gave her!
Paula Stadtler
Carol Feldmann
Debra and Jeffrey Ouellette
Nancy Wagner
Diane and Tony Foos Gift for Teresa and Ken Sauvey in loving memory of Jasmine Sauvey
Brian and Joanne Cowley In loving memory of Sula and in celebration of newly adopted Cooper
Janice Temple
Steven Wainz and Susan Berry
Jane Burke
Sally Maxwell
Elizabeth and Gregory Van Dell
Linda and James McHaley
Heather Weckbaugh Whitman
Carmela Cavero
William and Mary Mason In celebration of Sydney's vacation
Corrine Skonieczny
James Nelson
John and Nancy Keyser
Matt and Nicole Dayus In celebration of Logan's vacation
Ernest and Janice Bearss In celebration of Bronte
Gerald and Sharon Lankin In celebration of Bud
Tracy and Matt Barry In celebration of Bolt
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Robert and Carolyn Mulry In celebration of Paco
Judith Destasio In celebration of Pintor
Ruth Libbey In honor of foster dog Ellie
Chris Odel In honor of foster dog Maisy
Patrick Boley
Wayne Johnson
Mike and Sheri Cromwell
John and Elizabeth Phares, Jr. In celebration of Zoom
Robert Andrews and Pamela Rhodes In celebration of Sophie
Pam Miller
Paul and Britta Hanson In celebration of Charlotte
George and Theresa Eurick In celebration of Jersey
Arthur and Marty May In celebratin of Ava
William and Patricia Westphal, Jr. In celebration of Gus
Karin Anderson and Erik Scheurle
Diane Slais
Jo Magney
Gary Joness
Shirley Harford
Nancy Bata
Carol Hathaway
Robert and Helen Chappelle, Jr. Gift in honor of Kim Matthews, a tireless volunteer
William and Mary Mason In celebration of Syd's Memorial Day vacation
Sharon Burns In celebration of Lucy
Copper Logistics, Inc.
Megan and Krien Verberkmoes, III
Christopher and Daleen Jenkins In honor of Jet
Kris and Craig Specht A gift in honor of Tammy and Terry Bork of the Beach Front Inn
Catherine Bauer
Jon and Vicki Didier In celebration of Bella
Maria and Alvar de la Torre In celebration of Skipper
Betty Breese In memory of CJ, Sam and Venus, beloved pets of Joan and Clif
Loreen Nolte
Jane Bennett In loving memory of Bo
Leann GertsmaIn memory of Lilo
Nedah RoseA gift for Nancy Kelly's birthday
Tiffany SukayA gift for Bob and Sandy Comstock
Jim BastienFunds for Bucky's hydrotherapy in memory of Sparky
Ron CollettIn memory of Duke, my 4-legged soulmate. Also, in thanks for bringing Pepper into my life.
Brigitte Campanaro
James A. Parks
Tiffiny ConsoliIn memory of my amazing springer boy Raleigh — He was my rock, my companion, my love, my protector. To all the Springers out there that you are given every opportunity to be the soul that you were born to be.
Karen PrinkeyIn memory of Harley
Greg Southworth and Cindy Rosenbrook
Frances A. Roberts
Suzanne Knight
Katherine Van WagnerA gift for Robbie Van Wagner's 56th birthday in memory of Dawson Van Wagner
Jeanne McIlvainIn memory of Nelly, a very special Springer
Betsey WilsonIn honor of my sweet Springer Annie!
Jen Cole and Bill Maguire
Eileen KoobA gift for Susan Koerner and Scott Hirst — for Snooper, always sniffing, always running, always wagging
June DavisIn memory of Springers Noni and Meghan
Connie BromfieldA gift for Dr. James Nichols in memory of Karen Nichols
Cindy MairsIn memory of Janine Meister's sweet Buddy, who recently went over the Rainbow Bridge
Suzanne MichalsIn loving memory of my beautiful friend, Nancy Finnegan, Springer Spaniel Mom of Jake and Beau
Rebecca MinkIn memory of Sadie
Sandra BondIn memory of Maggie
Josh TaylorA gift for Martha Lopez and Katie Edwards — Thanks for taking care of Linus!
Stacy Szylka
Denise Spitalnick A gift for the Stephens Family in memory of Anne Baldwin who loved all animials, but especially dogs. She will be remembered fondly by all.
Jennie CottamIn memory of Willy and Snickers Cottam
Diane PhillipsThank you for our Izzy and Dora who we adopted in 2009!
John GroenewoldA gift for Greg and Heidi Dunn in memory of Buster
Martin McCue
Mary Lou BryantIn memory of all the Springers I have loved, Tabor, Ru, Maggie
Victoria PolceIn memory of Arco and Patrick
Rick Moore
Alex AllredWe have rescued two Springers from ESRA — Maggie Mae was with us for about 6 yrs and we currently have Annie who has been with us about 5 yrs. We love our Springers and love ESRA.
Patrice GoldA gift for Max Perlmutter in honor of his Bar Mitzvah
Shelly Valente
Victoria PolceIn memory of Arco and Patrick
Sharon and Jim StasoIn memory of Bobbi (The Bobs) (Lady Roberta Charles) — To honor a very special girl who will never be forgotten
Susie GatesFor Spirit 2014-610 CA
Brian HornsbyBecause it is my hope that kind people would help take care of my Molly if I could not.
Kathleen EngbergFor Spirit — A gift for Ed and Jackie Butler in memory of Carson — Thank you for giving Carson a lifetime of happiness
Debbie LukenIn honor of the work done by ESRA-Midwest, in particular, Angela Mesarchik
Pat RyanFor Spirit in memory of seven Springers at the Bridge
Barbara Bracken
AnonymousIn memory of Murphy
Jesica Foushee SinclairIn memory of my sweet River who had such a big heart and the best sloppy kisses!
Lindsay Griffin
Alida CarriA gift for Sarah and Jeff McAnarney in memory of Olive
Denise JenkinsIn memory of Mason, aka Macy
Barbara PfefferIn memory of all dogs without a home
Victoria PolceIn memory of Arco and Patrick
Lisa Rodier and Christy WaehnerIn memory of Beth and Walt Campbell's rescue ESS, Fred
Kim MrozekIn memory of Murphy and Mandy
Kelly MazzeiIn memory of Rocky Rockfish, a gift to honor Katie Sanders who has dedicated so much time and work to helping Springers in need!
Donald AdkissonIn memory of Jennifer Hale Sherry, a caring lady who had a strong passion for Springer Spaniels
Joan FraserIn memory of Bailey Fraser
Vanessa and Phil Bright
and Marjorie J. Naylor
In memory of Jennifer L. Hale Sherry
Brenda LongmanIn memory of (Moody) Rudy
R & R ShepardIn memory of Angel BJ who was our special needs Springer
Catherine A. Jones
Debra Lee In memory of Abby and Andy
BA Breese
Janet EubankFor Beau Eubank
Karen Edelen
Leslie Jones
Kathy Vonins
Lisa PerlmutterIn honor of Max Perlmutter's Bar Mitzvah
Sheila Nelson In memory of all Springers
Isabel Sheeter
Chris DaverseIn memory of Wallace and Samson
Cathleen BauschatzA gift for Linda Prouty in memory of Miriam Prouty
Margaret M MurrayIn memory of all of Stonewall Springers' dogs
Molly HerrickIn memory of Summit
Kimberly Graham-MooreHappy birthday to Timothy M. Moore
Ilene FriedmanThank you to foster mom Loretta Reeves for finding a wonderful new home for Cassidy
Charlotte and Frank DonoIn memory of Piper, our precious girl who joins her brothers and sisters at Rainbow Bridge. Run with them, be at peace.
Ivy Wohlgemuth
Lori Miller
Chris DaverseFor MN's Blue in memory of Wallace and Samson
Richard ShepardIn memory of Bud, my first rescued Springer
Marsha R Johnson
Ruthie Ashlock
Amanda Bering
Diane and Tony Foos
Vincent and Sharon Howe
Paul Gray and Mark AllenIn honor of Shasta
Kristen and Matthew Roth
Lori Ann ClarkIn honor of foster dog Sprocket
Candanice SuprakIn honor of foster dog Drake
Corrine Skonjeczny
Lisa SantoraIn honor of Walter
Anthony and Kelcee Boheler
Julie Krause and Tracy Ferguson
Bill StanfieldIn memory of Spencer, Abbey, and Susie
Stephen PearlmanIn honor of Jamie and Louie Gansmann
Linda ParkerIn memory of Barbara King's Springers, Blake and Sam
Brenda McGeeTo honor Barbara King for her years of service to ESRA Carolinas
Debbie RugglesIn memory of Belle, our Missouri girl
Bryan GilhamIn memory of Delaney
Kate WilliamsIn memory of Maya and Rosie
Carla MeyerIn memory of Jasmine and Tuvalu
Anne Mele With thanks to Barbara King
Kathy W. GrubertIn memory of Lucy
Mary Martinez-DrovieIn memory of Buckwheat
Leann GertsmaIn memory of Lilo
Andy CobbIn memory of Dooley and in honor of the Stephenson family
Virginia Granato
Douglas Packer and Ron Gosser In celebration of Rocky
Debra Faaland
Lisa Johnson In honor of Shawn Tyrell's 50th Birthday
Michael Via In honor of Shawn Tyrell's 50th Birthday
Meredith and Ronald Press
Patricia Conlon
Lori and Patrick Korte In honor of Shawn Tyrell's 50th Birthday
Nancy Wilkinson and Susan Phillips
Robert and Barbara Whetzel In memory of Michael Flynn and in honor of his friends Ed and Eileen Parker
Laura Einstrandig
Caren Kozlowsky
Jan Schwarz
Kris Dearden A gift for Susan Rose in loving memory of Maddie
Michael and Beverly Shannon
Dwayne Rogers and Lee Kuen Tham In celebration of Spirit
Susan and Lon Lyle Ketchum In celebration of Gunner
Helen Derosier
Robert and Linda East In celebration of Duke
Beverly and James Stephens, Sr. In celebration of Travis
Jeff WileyIn memory of Herb Sandy, a Springer Spaniel lover his entire life
Tara SavedraA gift for Hal Evans in memory of Wrigley Evans
Allison Savedra and Adrian Savedra and FamilyA gift for Hal Evans in memory of Wrigley Evans
Helstowski'sA gift for Hal Evans in memory of Wrigley
Sally BuschekIn memory of Jill Poulsen Ford
Christine RobinsonIn loving memory of Jill Ford from friends of her daughter, Maggie Ford
Jim and Marie SeckersIn honor of Karen Poltrone's birthday
Diane TinsleyIn memory of Bungee Taylor
Patricia SeelingIn memory of Tom
Peter LiPuma/Ed MadiganA gift for Mrs. Catherine Sandy in memory of our friend Samuel Herbert Sandy
Pamela HohnIn recognition of Anne Solak-Tennant's good work for ESRA in Illinois
Sarah Fritz
Roger CulpepperIn memory of Buster Brown
Sarah Ernhart
Penny OldfatherWith love and thanks to Diane Samdahl on the occasion of her birthday for her dedication to the welfare of Springer Spaniels
Jennifer KlumppA gift for Missy Andeel and Mark Orr in memory of Fletcher
Chris WisdomFor ESRA support in North Carolina
Austin HolloIn memory of Sparky, Rosie, and Lily
Clara Lugo and Al Emondi In honor of Dudley's adoption
David and Terry Gilmore In celebration of Oliver
Mary Forpahl In celebration of Magic
BarkBox, Inc.
Kendall Media, Inc.
Fredrik and Susan Schroer
David Anson, Clive Moore and
Christiane Hyde Citron
A gift for Lora Allen made in loving memory of Piper
Marsha Johnson In loving memory of Mr Max
Dana and Warren Miller In celebration of Pete
Tracy Becker
Cynthia and Kenny Clark
Rita Pikor
Companion Animal Wellness Club
Vincent and Sharon Howe
Gabriella Filisko
Rachel Vernig
Linda Baumann
Deborah and Dean Fabritz
Beverly Rohde
Katherine and David Hemenway
Laura Moldenhauer
Edward Souza and Mary Guttieri
Collette and Wade Steuck
Theresa and Jeffrey Reyer
Beryl Blumenthal
Terrence and Debra Vuk
Laurie and Charles Zach
Etta Meinecke
Lina Langeslay
Mark and Tina Butters
Bonita Waters
Michael and Christine Zajac
Lynn Butler
Timothy Lowe
Gary Vincent
Fred and Mary Beth HerczegA gift for Barbara and Michael Welty in memory of Connie and all of the amazing care the Welty's give to the beings, dog and human, in their care.
Lisa CooleyA gift for Elcie, my ESRA dog
Robert Andrews
Terry BryeA gift for Larry Berberich in memory of Sandy Berberich
Ashley MyersMerry Christmas! With love, George Winston and Riley Elizabeth
Linda RichIn memory of Leo, Ali and Casey
Edward BornetIn memory of Libby and Brittney
Richard Melcher
Ronald E. Gilliam
Marjorie WalravenA Christmas gift for Marian and Jim Luke
Ron CollettIn memory of Duke
Jacqueline GabelA Christmas gift for Jim and Christie Gabel in memory of Beau
William and Pamela Kissick
Annette BalliettOur rescue, Cody, continues to bring great joy to our lives.
Dale and Judy Faesi
Carol A. Horner
Linda and John WrobelIn memory of Samantha, Abbey, and Hailey
Alison Belden & Matt BengocheaA gift for Andy and Jen Cobb in memory of Libby Cobb
Mary J. WolfA gift for John & Eydie Stegall — Thank you for your kindness to dogs in need!
Judy PritchardIn memory of SOT, GG, Mickey and Minnie — my four wonderful Springers who gave me so much from 1982 to 2014. I miss them.
Marilyn Gorman
AnonymousA birthday gift for Donnie Graves in memory of Remmington Graves
William Dickter
Suzanne Knight
Kae EricksonHappy birthday, Donnie Graves! Thanks for making the world a better and happier place. With love, Kae, Dave, Lauren, Ryan and Karli
Scott Smith
Lauren Press
Robert T. LoverichIn memory of Mr C.R. Loverich Jr., loving friend to Sammy
Kathy HallA gift for Hal Evans
Randie ChiavelliIn memory of Knighton and Hopie and Jack
Angela BrockA gift for John, Gloria, Raleigh and Edgar Kareken
Maricarmen TateIn memory of Chocolate and Chip
Susie OrtonIn memory of Ethan
Judy Johnson
Sarah Fritz
Pat RyanIn memory of Lisa for her love of Springers
Louis B. DaleA gift for Ed Mashman and Carolyn Molloy
Shelley HoffA gift for Doug and Rita Podolak to honor Poncho, PJ, Lena and Scout
Robin DowneyWith thanks to ESRA for my sweet Coco
Karen Hamrick
Sarah SamsonIn memory of Millie
Nell AbernathyA Christmas gift for Jim Abernathy
Cheryl NossA Christmas gift for Ken Noss
Cheryl NossA Christmas gift for James Noss
Joni SmithA Christmas gift for Lloyd and Donna Stephens in memory of Stevie, Springer, Stormy, and Molly
Judy PotterIn honor of Annie Rose
Paul and Brenda MasonIn honor of Beth Maryan and the amazing team in Dallas
Jason HartungA gift for John and Kathy Hartung
David BrooksA gift for Maryann Brooks-Gonyer in memory of Annie Brooks-Gonyer
Elizabeth SlatonA Christmas gift for the Place Family in memory of Gurley
James NewtonIn honor of Chip, our rescue
Jean EnglundA Christmas gift for Suzanne Lasha
Lynn AppleA gift for Linda Dansbury in memory of Spencer, Hogan, Norman and Ben
James KinvilleA gift for Dan McMullan
Julie McParlandA gift for Brad and Georia Witt in honor of Oliver, beloved Springer Spaniel who became part of their family on Christmas Eve 2003 and left us on December 18, 2014
Danielle KarbowskiA Christmas gift for Judy and Walt Zwierzycki
Fendell PillsburyA gift for Cynthia, Philip, Serena, Winston, Millie, and Taxi! K— in memory of Daphne
Monsma Marketing In memory of Ray Williams
Alice and Kevin Steiner
Judith Mennemeier In celebration of Duke
Holly and Jeffrey Kubaney In celebration of Scarlet
Roger and Carolyn Jurack
Jay Reed
Toni Campbell In loving memory of Anne Embree
Claire and Robert Ohman In celebration of Sullivan
Mary Severson
Elaine Sullivan
Darlene Ziegler
Wayne and Mary Gilbert In celebration of Alfie
Matthew and Sarah Robbins In celebration of Zoey
Shellee Swanson
Michael and Margaret Frank
Ann Berry Frank In loving memory of Jill Ford and Gus
Barbara and James McDonell In loving memory of Clover
Marsha Johnson
Terry Paulette Schiffer
Timothy Werling
Bruce SkeltonA Christmas gift in honor of Shawn Ellis and her love of English Springers — in memory of Monty and Winston
Lin and Jim Rahe In memory of Bourbon and Belle
Jill Kollins
Eleanor ParkerA Christmas gift in honor of Curtis and Alan Flowers
AnonymousIn memory of Rocky and Carter
John TeacheyA Christmas gift for Susan Teachey in memory of Annabelle
Katherine Van WagnerA gift for Robbie and Floyd Van Wagner in memory of Dawson Van Wagner
Julie SimonIn memory of Kali, our beloved Springer
Matthew HendricksenIn memory of Rosie Miller
Nita Watson
Laura ChapotonJohn and Alisa Runyan
Susan Grube
Ed BalazsIn Honor of Jamie Balazs
Scott SpellerbergA gift for Elinor Spellerberg in memory of all her Springers through the years
Nancy MundwilerA gift for Chris Mundwiler in memory of Maya
Ruth AshlockIn memory of Annie
W. Richard McCracken
Pat RyanA gift for Annie in memory of Boscoe on the anniversary of his passing
Barb and Donald Doolin
Anne Kuykendall In honor of Carolyn Molloy
Richard and Sheila KompIn celebration of Reilly
John McCloskeyIn celebration of Lucy
Catherine Miller In celebration of Sky
Douglas and Sandra Beck
Justin HodgesTo help care for Iris in South Carolina
Mary Patterson
Terri Kelly
Denise BarnettA gift in honor of my parents Tom and Janet Dunn who have adopted two ESRA Springers
Aaron SchileA gift for Brandi Schile in memory of Bailey
Don and Linda Coatsworth In memory of Jazz
Susan Herring In memory of Mindy and Bella
Terry Purcell A gift for Mary Jo Zdanek in memory of my little buddy Forrest
Lee Penniston
Carol Rolland
Nancy Wilkinson and Susan Phillips
Vicky Sherman
Andrew Lindsay
Christie Jahns
Jodi Goldberg
Grayson and Pauline EastA gift for Steve Trykar
Leslie and Janice Myers
Robin Wolfgram
Kathleen EngbergMay 2015 be a good one for all!
Allen E. OlsonIn memory of Hugs and Kisses
Charles ManneschmidtIn memory of Parker
Leann GertsmaIn memory of Lilo
Leslie PurvisA gift for the Dunlap Family
Mike WendlingIn memory of Scout
Shelley KreiterA gift for Andrew Aguilera in honor of Atticus
Aime Weniger Kennedy
Lisa Schroer
William and Sara Farrell
Bettina and David Klumpp
William and Henrietta Shisler In celebration of Buddy
Tim and Mary Mason In celebration of Sydney
Melissa Underwood In honor of foster dog Scout
William Burke
Deanna Henshow
Michael and Dianne Shanley
Christopher Beard
Theresa Powers
Mark Messick
Joan Shields
Lesley Blyth In loving memory of Buster Brown
Martha Erikson
Robin Wicker
Laura and Patrick Doumont
Kathy and Jack Engberg
Stephanne Zimmerman
Valerie and Dennis Iverson
George Wortley In loving memory of Jordan
Jean Lefurgey A gift for The White/Bousson Family
David Lester In celebration of Huggy
Christy McKenzie In celebration of Henry
Jill Shortreed
Judith Raysin
David Lowell
The Waters Foundation - Harris Bass, Trustee
John and Janet Watson
Oz and Jane Abbey, Sr.
Kathleen Keady In loving memory of Bennie and Libby
Patricia and Alan Severn In celebration of Pete
Tim and Mary Mason In celebration of Sydney
Stephen Wells
Karen Higginbotham In celebration of Gumbo
Ralph and Bernsadetta Titus, Jr.
Terry Haubold In loving memory of Sophie
Geraldine Schermoly In honor of Mark Samuel
Pam Grabsky
Debra Westrick In honor of foster dog Marti
Chris Odell In honor of foster dog Tessa

A link to contributions made for "any Springer in ESRA's care" in prior years can be found here