Patricia Rolfson
Frank J Ostrowski IV A gift for Cori Ostrowski in memory of Milo
Chris Daverse A gift in memory of Samson, Derringer and Wallace to help with veterinary care or general support for Gumby, a senior Springer in Florida
Sheri and Ron Bishop and Alex A gift for Alesa and Shawn Grant in memory of Bosco — forever in our hearts
Copie and Jim Cain In honor of Barbara King, Coordinator for the Carolinas
Theresa Mueller In memory of Cricket Johnson — Cricket, you brought so much love and happiness to our family....Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge....We love you and miss you
Pat Ryan In memory of my 7 Springers
Megan Raun A gift for John Yeamen
Suzanne Knight
Lane Lasater In memory of Riley
Colleen Roper
Douglas Hartshorn and Patricia Rafter
Robin Eschenbruecher
Joseph and Judith Walsh
Robert Toy
Mary Patterson
Michael and Dianne Shanley
Wesley Day
Vernon and Irene Shaul
Michael Minning
Kathleen Fitzsimmons
Steven Mayberry
Ralph and Bernadetta Titus, Jr.
S.W. Arnold
Kathleen Waters
Carolyn Molloy
David and Maureen Grinnell
Amelia and Paulo Moniz
Cody and Alicia Hankins
Anita and Timothy Knipper
Scott Grubar and Jessica Ellerbrock
Carter Snider
Beverly Ulis
M.C. and G. Burkard
Cynthia Swift
Sheri and Gary Leider, Blaze and Riley In honor of Riley, our Special Needs Springer. ESRA helped Riley so we want to give back.
Cara McAnnally In memory of Buddy and Sambo
Nicole Neubig A gift for Jackie Figueroa in memory of JJ Josko
Judith Zeppa In memory of Rusty
Warren R. Couture In memory of Cocoa — Thank you for your great work.
Barbara Nix A gift for Courtney Stalnaker in memory of Indy Stalaker
Lacy D. Bofinger A gift for McCoy Bofinger — Happy, happy Valentine's Day! Love, Mom XOXO
Melissa Simon A gift for Deb Fishbain and Tom Kennedy in memory of Cleo the Leo
Paul and Karen Hamrick
Volker Brendel In honor of Nolan
Michael and Virginia Blosser In honor of Lottie
Carol Feldmann
Victoria Polce In honor of Sydney and in memory of Arco and Patrick
Marcella and John Colling
Gary and Billie Imler
Thomas Felder
Wendy Hinson In honor of Max and Bailey
David and Rebecca Hipp In honor of Max and Bailey
George and Irene Cobb, Jr. In honor of Max and Bailey
Michael Lawson and Nancy Nelson
Richard Piazza In honor of Chewy
Virginia Crooks
Anna Southworth In honor of Tiny
Kristen Maley In honor of Zeke
Elliott Rakofsky In Honor Don Babcock
Jeffrey Gaer In honor of my beloved Springer Woody, the most magnificent dog and most loving friend I ever knew. I will see you in heaven if they will let me in.
Randi Zafman A birthday gift for MaryElle Hoover
Lisa Cooley A Valentine gift for my ESRA dog Elcie
Alex Chapman Happy 16th Birthday, MaryElle!
Karen Foster A gift for Christi Cooper in memory of Henry
Arthur Merz
Anthony DeMarnello and Kenneth Roybal
Sharon and Michael Andersen
Judith Elzi
Bo and Carlye Bolstad In honor of Maggie
Francis Roth In honor of Maynard
Susan Calvin In honor of Lilly
Jeffrey and Sharon Dickinson In honor of Lewi
Kevin and Camille Legg In honor of Joey
Kim Denton Gift for Shawn and Alesa Grant in memory of Bosco Rottersman Grant
William and Brenda Mason In honor of Jax
Judy Hansen In honor of ESRA foster dog Prince
Peter and Martha Dorland
Cynthia Tackett
Karen Foster
Greg Ghodsi A gift for Patricia Kerwin in memory of Herb Caddell
Margaret Martin A gift for Stephen Catalini in memory of Eleanore Catalini
Orin and Chris Oakes A gift for The Family of Herbert Caddell in his memory — a good friend that will be greatly missed.
Sumeet and Jayati Prasad
Glenn and Jeanne Thomas
Douglas and Laura Benoit In honor of Bonnie
Gordon Peden
Lisa and Bobby Hoover Happy Birthday, MaryElle!
Christine and Rebecca Westhall
Pamela Robertson In honor of Maggie
MaryElle Hoover
Emily Campe In honor of Shaemus
Ralph and Barbara Hanson, Jr. In honor of Henry
Winifred and George Covintree In honor of Blue
Theodore and Lisa Schade In honor of Reno and Mindy Poulton
Thomas and Gwenda Skiff In honor of Laney
Jeffery and Kimberly Kincaid In honor of Sam
Tom and Gwen Skiff In honor of our adoption of Bandit
Richard Eustis A gift for Maverick 2010-285 NE and Petunia 2012-867 CO in memory of Charlie
Gretchen Parker A gift for Petunia 2012-867 CO
Eileen Ryan A donation for Petunia's care in memory of Popeye
Danielle Sneed A gift for Triste Kerwin in memory of Herbert Anthony Caddell, Dude and Randy
Kathleen Trendler A gift for mary Anne Carpenter in memory of two special friends. Sammy was a little silky terrier, rescued in 1999 who immediately made friends with our rescued Springer Lilly. Sammy was a happy one year old and Lilly a sedate lady at 7 but the two became life long friends giving all that knew them many happy hours of companionship and joy. Thank you to the rescue organizations for giving us these two very special friends. We will miss them but know they will always be in our hearts.
Suzanne Knight
Anne Fishkin A gift for Patricia Kerwin in memory of Herb Caddell
Dan and Pam Kobus In memory of Critter
Mary Gaviglio A gift for Amy Gaviglio and Tony Steyermark in memory of our beautiful Bergen, who will be a part of our hearts forever.
Mary Elizabeth and Chris Pike
Shirley Harford
Kathy and Bernard Raidt
Courtney Hansen
Ann Sunderman
Deanna Henshaw
Marlene Massetti In honor of Riley
Clifford and Karen Feldheim In honor of Pooch
Marilyn Cahill In memory of Herb Caddell
Betty Griggs In honor of Maxx
Barbara and Gladwin Ellis A gift for Warren Wattenbager in memory of Sally Ann Wattenbarger — Butch and I will miss Sally. She was a special lady.
Thomas E and Mary Helen Mitchell In memory of Sally Ann Wattenbarger. Wih love and gratitude for Warren and Sally Wattenbarger and family.
Virginia and Joey Haddad Honoring Martha Boyce on her birthday
Phyllis Hosback This donation is for Sir Edgar Newton 2013-204 NC - rescued from Urgent Dogs of Columbus County Animal Shelter, NC - Thanks for rescuing him.
Anonymous For little pup, Sir Edgar Newton, 2013-204 NC
Sheridan Alcock Thank you from the UK
Ruth Ventura For Sir Edgar Newton, rescued by ESRA Carolinas 3/18/13
Meredith Jensen For Sir Edgar Newton 2013-204 NC, rescued by ESRA Carolinas 3/18/13
Lena Raberg For Sir Edgar Newton 2013-204 NC, rescued by ESRA Carolinas 3/18/13
Vicki Martin For Sir Edgar Newton 2013-204 NC, rescued by ESRA Carolinas 3/18/13
Nicole Keigher For Sir Edgar Newton 2013-204 NC, rescued by ESRA Carolinas 3/18/13
Donna Proctor For Sir Edgar Newton 2013-204 NC, rescued by ESRA Carolinas 3/18/13
James and Joy Richardson, Jr.
Timothy Callahan
James and Peggy Kyzer, Jr. In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lemsky
Philip and Julie Swintek In honor of Phoebe
Michael Holtz In honor of Nellie
Jan Gallagher
Brandon and Amy Rogers
Debra and Jeffrey Ouellette In honor of Maggie
Dudley and Lisa Higgins
Katie GreeleyIn memory of Papi. Rest in peach, Papi. You'll be missed.
LeAnn Engel For Petunia 2012-867 CO
Karen Hamrick
Lori Manderfield In memory of Jim Brikowski
Sheila Szmondrowski
Eric and Nora Garland A gift for Judy and Jeff Garland in memory of Marilyn White
Suzanne Knight
Sarah Fritz
Wendy Brown A gift for Petunia (CO) in memory of Stella Ann
Anonymous In honor of my best friend Kvichak
Beverly Lynch and Rob Lang
Tirza Fogle A gift for Janet Parsons in memory of Bailey Boo
Renee Sobel In memory of Melissa Jenkins and her love for her English Springer Spaniels Max and Angus (2012-278 NC)
Barbara Jonusaitis In memory of Melissa Jenkins and Max and in honor of Angus (2012-278 NC). Your fine work honors us all.
Ronda Moore In honor of April's adoption (2012-539 NC)
John Baudoin A gift in honor of Amy and Dan Replogle. Thank you for your hospitality. It was a wonderful visit.
Steve Garner A gift to honor Dan and Amy Replogle. Thanks for a wonderful time and great hospitality during the Alabama Masters.
Anonymous In honor of Maverick in Nebraska
Michelle Bender A gift for Mike Krestar and C.J. Witkowski in memory of Lord Montague
Anonymous For Carver
Jeannette Murphy Adams A gift for Petunia 2012-867 CO in memory of Sydney, Cassady and Emma
Craig Ferley A gift to honor Dan and Amy Replogle
Janet Koehnke In memory of Gumbeaux
Karen Hamrick
Nancy Sommer In memory of Brandy Pisciotta
Jennifer Pickett Thank you for helping these wonderful dogs.
Suzanne Knight
Ann Snyder God bless you all for the work that you do!
Jack Kubat In memory of Joey Kubat
Paula Barton In memory of Joe Kubat
George and Paula Rood and Family A gift for Durae Kubat and Family in memory of Joe Kubat
Kathryn Cardwell A gift for Durae Kubat in memory of Joe Kubat
Rick Mailand In memory of Joe Kubat
Kenny and Deanna Dropiewski A gift for Durae Kubat in memory of Joe Kubat
Patricia Seeling In memory of Ruth Seeling
Beth Nelson Happy Birthday to Carolyn Molloy and what she loves most ’ Springer Doggies! Love, Beth and Matt
Abby Brodgen A gift for Penny Perkins in memory of BB. He was a wonderful sweet Springer, a beautiful liver boy, with my sister Penny for over 13 years
Carolyn Molloy In honor of our Rockin' San Diego ESRA team — you guys do rock!
Debra Levey A gift for Zach Harrison in memory of Chester
Herb and Sara Mosca A gift for Durae Kubat in memory of Joe Kubat
Tim and Mary Mason In honor of Sydney
Carolyn Coulam Panos In honor of Toby
Jeff Rosiek
Bradley and Diane Weidt
James Schroeder
Denise Schultz In memory of Sassy Schultz
ESSFTA-Bench Show Committee
Willamette Valley English Springer Spaniel Association In memory of Sally Wattenbarger
Jan and Jerry Small
Chattahoochee English Springer Spaniel Club
Deborah Brooks In memory of Adena
Kevin and Judith Griffith In memory of Sally Wattenbarger
Gerald and Marie Andersen In memory of Sally Wattenbarger
Lisa Stanford In honor of Emily Rasmussen adopted through the Houston ESRA Chapter
Mark Seyfert In honor of Jackson
Maurice Chevalier In memory of Sally Wattenbarger
Tim and Julie Darngaard In memory of Sally Wattenbarger
Puget Sound English Springer Spaniel Association, Inc. In memory of Sally Wattenbarger
Kim Klewindl In memory of Sally Wattenbarger
R June Malkowski In memory of Sally Wattenbarger
Tiffany Gosnell/td>
Schnitker & Associates, PA
Kenneth and Janice Fuqua In memory of David Pou
Kenneth and Janice Fuqua In honor of Amy and Dan Repogle
Steven Casey and Luisa Sia
Cheryl Lee and Richard Skandan In honor of Rosy
Ann Markow In honor of Zack
Kimberly and Michael Garcia
Patricia Baker-Wells
Terry Brye
Joseph and Marlise Ricci
Dr. Vaughn and Julie Starnes In honor of their two Springers, Annie and Daisy, and their two Lab brothers, Beau and Buck. Life is so special with their kids
Dr Wilbur and Virginia Milhous
Linda and Thomas Hendrickson
Bettina and David Klumpp
Belinda and George Glover
Karin and Adrian Goffinet
Robert and Sandra Wolf
RD and Julia Coulter
Meredith McCartan and Ronald Press
Judy and Bill Boucher In honor of Annie
Ed Egan In honor of Corky
Keith and Patricia Molholm In honor of Jesse
Nancy and Ronald Palik In honor of Neal
Karla Holt In honor of Gabe
Linda Lintz In memory of Pebbles
Tomm Robinson In loving memory of Beverly Blair
Al and Arlene Resnick In honor of Shelby
Derek and Ann Blakeslee
Paul and Tracy Beckham In honor of Zoe and Lucy
Jeffry James In honor of Toby
Roger and Carolyn Jurack In memory of Helen Margaret Jurack
Virginia Attwood In honor of Pedro
Earl and Jean Johnson
Corey White In honor of Jasper
Carol and David Van Dyke In honor of Roxy
Carlos Garcia and Raquel Aguiar In honor of Dolce
Joanne Luebke In honor of Joey
Stephen and Carole Helmers
Martha Webber Three years ago I adopted Manny and Rudy from an amazing foster couple, Don and Chris Henkins of Justice, Illinois. This is just a small token to an amazing organization that introduced me to my best friends! Keep up the amazing work!
Catherine Tulman A gift for Petunia in Colorado in memory of three beloved Springers
Diane Phillips Thank you for our sweet Izzy and Dora who we adopted from ESRA four years ago!
Suzanne Knight
Kathryn Palmer A gift for Daniel and Natalie Koehn
Diane Chmielewski For Chester in MI. He has a few medical issues and I would like to help defer the cost of his treatments.
Lisa M. Schula In memory of my friend Joey Kubat
Lewis, Janet, Miles, Hillary and Lilly Duncan A gift for the Mark Miller Family in memory of Sammy
Meagan Vaughn In memory of Gracie Migdol who loved and cared for many disabled puppies in her life. She will be missed by many puppies and people whose lives she blessed with her sweet spirit.
Lisa Fay A gift for Honi O'Kelley in memory of Gracie Migdol
Pamela and Wayne Javins In memory of our precious, sweet friend, Flaps Welty. There are no gentler souls than his. We will miss him.
Lucinda Johnson In honor of Jerzee
Anne Vivian Kuykendall In honor of Carolyn Molloy
Kip Brandon
Arthur Laska
Dr Wilbur and Virginia Milhous
Linda and Thomas Hendrickson
Bettina and David Klumpp
Belinda and George Glover
Karin and Adrian Goffinet
Robert and Sandra Wolf
RD and Julia Coulter
Meredith McCartan and Ronald Press
Judy and Bill Boucher In honor of Annie
Keith and Patricia Molholm In honor of Jesse
Nancy and Ronald Palik In honor of Neal
Karla Holt In honor of Gabe
Deborah and John Gorski, Jr.
John and Edith Stegall In honor of Biscuit
Patricia Loheac Dina In honor of Isabelle
Robert Crossley
Jay Bruber A gift for Amy Klous
John and Dustin Phillips In honor of Allie
Carol Monteleone Whiteside
Sacramento ESS Club Thanks to ESRA volunteers helping with raffle
Janice Pettegrew In memory of Joseph John Kubot III
Jennifer Jurczak and Tyler Clinton In honor of Puzzle
John and Gloria Kareken
John Mahin
Anthony and Diane Foos In memory of Jewel Sauvey
Lola and JT McDonald In honor of Candy
Keith and Nannette Wagner
Melinda and Frank Bustamonte In memory of Jesse
Christine Roberts In honor of Sammy and Jetters
James Heineke In memory of Nancy Nelson
Ina and Edward Rangel In honor of Mason
Ruth Libbey In honor of Tucker
Alie Hoeflinger In honor of Jay
Debra Westrick In honor of Chester
Melissa Monday In honor of Marti
Renee Holmes In honor of Sully
Cynthia Maynard In honor of Dad
Janice Temple
Ruth Libbey In honor of foster dog Abee
Bill Arnold In honor of foster dog Rhett
Jan Long In honor of Gypsy
Nancy and Ronald Palik In honor of Special Needs Petunia 2012-0867 CO
James and Avi Swain In honor of Baylor
Tracey and Michael Clark In honor of Dash and in memory of Cooper
Susan and Steven Brost In honor of Gracie
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton McDonald In memory of George
William Waters In honor of Finn.
Samantha Popa
Robert and Jessie Best In honor of Bree
Thomas and Cynthia Vida, Jr. In honor of Maggie
Mary and William Schultz In honor of Mudd
Bonnie and Kristian Blomquist In honor of Twist
Jae Moreno and Joseph Rand In honor of Rox
Graham Wilson and Judith Lenane In honor of Riley
Graham and Rosemary Brewster In honor of Suzie and Nikki
Maria and Robert Brown In honor of Chloe
Little Diablo Salsa
The Mulligan Tour, LLC
Kathy and James Kennedy In honor of Elmo
Nancy Riden In honor of Belle
Stephen and Molly Debrule
Robert and Diane Beck In honor of Frasier
Joel and Karen Van Cleve In honor of Jasper
Peter Holbrook and Susan Bardill
Marsha Johnson
Debra and Jeffrey Ouellette
Thomas and Ruth Roy, Jr.
Sharon and Craig Kennedy In honor of Sanford
Puget Sound English Springer Spaniel Assoc.
Timothy and Maria Fuller
Demian and Peggy Martin In memory of Gracie Migdol
S & K Enterprises of Leadville, Inc.
Beverly Graf In honor of Lucky
Lynn and Kenneth Miller In honor of Sasha
Veronica Barker
Anthony and Diane Foos A gift for Allie Foos in honor of Maya
Carol and Donald Blacker In honor of Duke
Gene and Elizabeth Brothers In honor of Addy
Elizabeth and Gregory Van Dell In honor of Jessie
Don Osborne In honor of Lucky
Judy Johnson
Skip and Stephanie Reed A gift for the Balazs Family in memory of Mickey Balazs
Christine Wisdom
Deborah Buth In memory of Nancy Nelson
Suzanne Ernst In memory of Sally Wattenbarger, and Sam — a rescue who came to be fostered in a Springer house and stayed!
Nancy Carlisle In memory of Nancy Nelson
Gwen Young For Petunia
The Young Family A gift for the Wall Family in memory of Tex
Cathy Peters In memory of my first Springer Molly
Sharon Appleby With appreciation to Julie and Clay Mohr, who have fostered so many and from whom we received dear Beau, with one eye, who we love so much.
Suzanne Knight
Mr. Keith Eidson
Susan Koerner A gift for Eileen Koob in memory of Butterscotch
Peggy Heller In memory of Sharon Grace Migdol
Anonymous A contribution for the continued care of Marti in foster care with Debra Westrick of Ohio
ESRA Carolinas "Name Game" Thanks to our players: Sherrie Aycock, Karin Whitty, Kathy Buchko, Christi Cooper, Lisa Shaw, Fran Thomas, Janet Koehnke, Anthony Schilling, Marlena Crovatt-Bagwell
Anonymous For Milo
Mary Schultz In memory of Liz — In appreciation for an amazing team of volunteers, Mark Samuel, Suzanne Zutter, Lisa Augustin, Julie Mohr, Brandon Loy and mom, Kristi. They transported our Springer from Wyoming to Kansas.
Nora Moore Jimenez A gift in honor of Renee Holmes
Bob-Claudette Williams A gift for Bruce and Terry Cooley in loving memory of our boy Rugar
Judith E. Walden A gift for Teresa Olson in memory of Lily Olson
Lisa Cooley A birthday gift for my rescue Springer Elcie
Suzanne Knight
Pam Armstrong A gift for Lindsay King for Paislee and Ryder
Monika Roberts A gift for Jimmy and Debbie Shannon in memory of Bonnie
Linda Kelley and Shaggy Bad Dog For Ryder and Paislee
Lonnie Brunini A gift for Mike Mangoian in memory of Harley
Susan E. Freeberg, M.D. A gift for Cindy and Ron Brassfield in memory of Cookie
Christy Kidd For Ryder and Paislee
Arta Mason Happy Birthday, Ryder and Paislee
Angela Fentress Fatta In memory of Caddie, our sweet Springer girl
Debra Westrick In honor of foster dog Ziggy
Lyn and David Gruss In honor of Maggie
Brian LeMaire and Dale Britt In honor of Abbey
Janis Palardy In honor of Cody
Leann Engel In honor of Jessie
William and Katherine Buchko
William and Lisa Shaw
Karin Whitty
Christi Cooper
Ernest Foster In honor of Daisy
Eric and Susan Johnson
Patrick and Sharon Cramer In honor of Hailey
Judith Thompson In memory of Nancy Nelson
Buel and Mary Williamson In memory of Nancy Nelson
Robert and Nancy Gallaway In honor of Nicky
Martin and Lori Fox In honor of Moe
Joon Kim In honor of Monte
Ellen Owens In honor of Lily
Elizabeth Fuller
Ken and Shelvie O'Rourke
Dick and Tonbi Debeaubien
Janet White
Janet White Consulting
Lyle and Melinda Arvidson In honor of Lady
Michael Fortune In honor of Buster
Pamela Grabsky
Kathleen Drew
Suzanne Fields and Michele Hawkins In memory of Bixbey and Princess
Vicki Martin
Lauren Simpson In memory of our Springer Stella — and with thanks to Nancy Kelly for helping us with her
Sarah Fritz Keep up the good work!
Carol Sanderson In memory of Zippy Cooper's husband, Len Cooper
Cathy and Buddy Scheffer In memory of Len Cooper, husband of Zippy Cooper, great supporters of ESRA and rescue
Stacey, Kenny and Madie Smith In memory of Len Cooper
Linda Atchley In memory of Len Cooper
Karen Foster In memory of Len Cooper
Suzanne Knight
Diane Phillips Thank you for our sweet Izzy and Dora who we adopted 4 years ago!
Mark and Doreen Hannon A gift for Ellen Brengle in memory of Richard Brengle
John and Rhonda, Dana, Mark, Cathy, Cara Gautschi A gift for Linda Ronlund in memory of John Ray Ronlund
Emily Radley Thank you, Chris and Kim, for helping me with Flea Biscuit. You have been a lot of help.
Robert Gore In honor of Marilyn Gorman's birthday
Karen Bruskin In memory of Ben
Elizabeth Jean-Jordan Fleck In loving memory of Len C., Jan F., and Sarah H. who Lived Fully and Supported that which was important to them...your GRACE will Never be forgotten.
Bryan and Margo Gilham In memory of Delaney — ESRA put us together with our new boy Blue. He has brought so much joy to our home and we can't thank you enough for running such a fabulous organization.
Dean A. Horning In memory of Berk
Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital In honor of Elle
Richard Adams In honor of Moose
Michael and Patricia Feldner In honor of Nicolas
Megan and Krien Verberkmoes, III
Monty and Vickie Evans In honor of Winston
Monica and Randall Parker In honor of Xena
Walt and Judith Zwierzycki In honor of Duke
Gregory and Penny Shewfelt In honor of Hank
Geraldine Schermoly In honor of Sweeet Pea
Paul and Rebecca Krentz In honor of Jessie
Terrance and Debra Vuk In honor of Lars' birthday
Larry and Vickie Heath
Roger and Camille Collins In honor of Katie
Patricia Cooke In honor of Sailor and in memory of Gonzo
Michael Clark In honor of Belle
Gene and Carole Fields In honor of Annie
Terry and Paula Brewer
Coleman Chambers In memory of Dorothy Bogdanowicz
Walter and Patricia Chapman In honor of Sandy
Mike and Bonnie Langley In honor of adopting our girls Annabelle and Samantha and in memory of Gulliver
Karen Hamrick
Beth Fiore In honor of our Midwest Springer Spaniel rescue dog, Sadie, who turns 9 today! So thankful we were selected as her Forever Home. She has provided us with more laughs,love and snuggles than we had ever imagined!
Gregory Byrd In honor of our dear friends Ron and Cindy Brassfield with the heartfelt appreciation of the Betty Byrd Family
Milea J. Kammer In honor of the late Ray Williams who was a volunteer for ESRA
Laura Mavity We adopted Rocky in 2009. We cannot thank you enough for our best friend!
Dale Filip In memory of Lucy, Gus, Ross, PJ, Bear
Gwynne Vincent In memory of Buddy
Magda Szymanska In memory of Gracja and Furrari
Monsma Marketing Corporation A gift for Pam Williams in memory of, and to celebrate the life of, our dear friend and co-worker Ray Williams
Cheryl Noss A gift for Ken and Danielle Noss with our thanks for giving us two beautiful "granddogs" Sully and Bruce and for your personal rescue of Amy! Merry Christmas!
Cheryl Noss A gift for James Noss to thank him for adopting our granddaughter Molly from ESRA. You're a great Dad to Molly! Merry Christmas
Terry Brye A gift for Larry and Craig Berberich in memory of Sandy Berberich
Terri Joyner In memory of Maggie
Sarah Fritz
Lisa Cooley In honor of Elcie, my ESRA dog
Debbie Ramsey In memory of Lance and Hannah, our Springers
Jamie Thorn In memory of Salem and Cocoa — This year we adopted through ESRA and have the best new family member in Dixie! We wanted to give back to the organization that has completed our family. Thank you ESRA!
Alisa Runyan In loving memory of Scooter, Dottie, and Charley
Loren Nelson In memory of Southern Centre Court
W. R. Couture Jr In memory of Cocoa — Thank you so much for all you do. My Springers, Cocoa and Denver, have brought so much joy to me and my family.
Fay Ellis A gift for Shawn Ellis
Robert T. Loverich In memory of Claire Robert Loverich, Jr. — Best friend and rescuer of Nick (FL June 2011)
Annette Balliett As rescue parents, we think your organization is terrific. Thanks for all you do.
Karen Hamrick
John and Linda Wrobel In memory of Samantha, Hailey, and Abbey
Robert and Carol Crown
Mark Messick
Susan Sabath
Kingwood Barktoberfest
RJ Shannon
Roger and Carolyn Jurack In memory of Sassy
Roger and Carolyn Jurack In memory of Aggie
Roger and Carolyn Jurack In memory of Freddy
Gloria and John Kareken
Louisa Arendt In honor of Ben
Karen Foster
Victoria Polce In honor of Piper
Dale and Tammy Smith A gift for Bobby and Laura Braxton made in memory of Jake Braxton
Tim and Mary Mason In honor of Lord Sydney
Brian and Nadine Halligan
Christine Cottam In honor of Sophie
Michael and Bonnie Langley In honor of Annabelle
Darlene Zeiger
Datel Sales
The McIntosh Foundation
Veronika and Joel Phillips In honor of Button
William Page and Dona Wilkes
Drummond and Nancy Brown In honor of Zoe
Gerald and Betty Lestina
Steve and Diane Pitzen In honor of Zander
V Klein
Marjorie Stambaugh
Cynthia Swift
Eugenia Bunnell
Kristeen Klein
Melinda Poulton and Bill Adam
Angela Johnson
Eva Scanlan
Joyce Gandelman
John and Carey Merz A gift for Betty Oatway
Laura LaFranier A gift for Iven Wooten in memory of Britt
Vicky Sherman and Charlie Hicks
Amy Stevens In memory of Missy and Kirby
Karen Looney A gift for Gloria Tyler, who has two rescued English Springers
Carla Meyer For Benny in Southern CA in memory of Jasmine and Tuvalu
Austin Hollo In memory of Sparky and Rosie
Lisa and Jerry Falk To honor our beautiful ESRA alumni, Lucy, who came to us 6 years ago and completed our family
Dan Coyle
Ruth Rassool
Susan Mapen We love our dog, Shea, from ESRA!
Ron Collett In memory of Duke
Angela Brock A gift for Gloria, John, Raleigh and Edgar Kareken
Brenda Mason In honor of Jack
Judy and Dale Faesi In memory of Babe
Theresa Mueller A gift for Patti and Lee Meredith in memory of Bailey, a sweet Springer that will always have a special place in my heart
Kathey and Doug LaRoche In memory of Troll
Ken and Jane Lovell A gift for Pam Williams and Family in memory of W. Ray Williams, a good friend and a wonderful co-worker. He is missed by many.
Ruth Parrish In memory of Cooper
Richard A. Melcher
Barry and Irene Lane
Anonymous A gift for Ellington Miller Starks
Timothy Werling
James and Patricia Hinchey In memory of Tangi and Skagit
Michael Inveen In the name of Ellie Miller
Ann Snyder In memory of Kahnie, Ping, Annie,Tiffany and Song — God bless you all for the work that you do.
Anonymous This is a Merry Christmas gift donation for Shawn Ellis and Bruce Skelton
Ron and Sue Rice To honor Rick and Dorothy Dudas
Jason Hartung A gift for jack and kathy Hartung in memory of Rocky, Boomer and JP
Stephen Blanton A gift for Ann B. Mixson in memory of Mattie Mixson
Sarah Fritz
Alexandra Wexler A Christmas gift for Candice Wexler in memory of Oreo
Brian and Casey Ericson A gift for Lee and Bill Krein
Angela and Jonathan Bryan In memory of Miles Bryan — Sending our beloved Miles a merry Christmas wish. We miss you so much!
Carol Whiteside
Anne Saunders In memory of Flossie — My side business, Bird Dog Vintage Design & Accessories, is donating a portion of its 2013 sales to ESRA. I adore my ESRA pups, Janis and Ellie (adopted 2012) and wholeheartedly believe in this great organization.
Anne S. Bostwick A gift for Randy, Betsy, Sam and Becca Bostwick in memory of Sparky Bostwick
Shelley Kreiter A gift for Andrew Aguilera in recognition of the excellent and caring attention given to Atticus's care and needs by Barbara King in North Carolina
Lin McHaley
Blake Adams Merry Christmas and thank you to all of those who help these dogs out. ESRA is near and dear to my heart because I was able to adopt Solomon. RIP, buddy.
Martha M. Timar In memory of Rexie
Scott Spellerberg My mother Elinor Spellerberg adores Springers and has adopted several over the years. I donate in her name.
W. Richard McCracken
Elizabeth May
Simone and Jack Patterson In honor of Annie's orphan puppies
Mark and Doreen Aunchman In honor of Diesel
John and Eva Murphy In honor of Eddie Jr
Sharon Vickery In honor of foster dog Sassy
Chris and Laura Koupal In honor of Luna
Angela Kindzia In honor of Nelson
Marc Johnson In honor of Oliver
Rhonda Marciano In honor of Petunia
George and Susan Wright In memory of Bandit
Edward Knight In memory of our beloved rescue dog, Buck
Robert and Kirsten Knell In memory of Rose
Cindy Malloy-Nathern A gift for Joan Nathern in memory of Sophie Nathern
Barbara Ruby In memory of Freckles
Elizabeth Chambliss A gift for Coleman M. Chambliss
Katherine Van Wagner A gift for Floyd and Robbie Van Wagner in memory of Dawson Van Wagner
Dougls Ziegler A gift for Katie Van Wagner in memory of Dawson Van Wagner
Ruth Grant A gift for Jim Grant
Jennifer Cortes In memory of Spot Ralston
Gregory Hoelzer A gift for Laura and Russ Moldenhouer — Merry Christmas to all your wonderful volunteers!
Sidney Jacobson We love our rescued springer Marty. He has been with us 6 years now and is a joy everyday. Thank you for everything you do to help dogs in need.
Anne Kuykendall In honor of Carolyn Molloy
Karen Looney In honor of Gloria Tyler
Anthony and Diane Foos In honor of Ohio Springers
Joe and Charlotte Moran, Jr. In honor of Tank
Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital
Thomas and Kathryn Gorman
Lea Alexander
Duane and Sandra Kemp
William and Ellen Fisher
Mary and Susan Patterson
Christopher Beard
Lauren Press
Richard Fueyo
Vivian Goldbloom
Ronald and JoAnn Haglund A gift for midwest Springers — our little Tess is the joy of our lives!
Katherine Samson In memory of Jordan
Chris and Nita Arora In memory of Becky
John D. Rau Thank you for all the wonderful work the volunteers do through every year
Christie K. Jahns For Angus
Chris Equihua In memory of Tess
Andrew Lindsay
Don and Arlys KnopickA gift for Paul Caughey — Thanks for all you do for us!
Catherine A. JonesIn memory of Sidney Jones
Akankshi A AroraIn memory of Becky Arora
Frank OstrowskiA gift for Cori Ostrowski in memory of Milo
Sue Ann Tyler
Merrie and Chris Corbett
Catherine TulmanIn memory of Woody
Dana A. Phipps
Tara MonksIn memory of Abby
Pamela HillIn memory of Marsha Johnson
Grayson EastA gift for Steve Trykar
Eileen Koob
Gena Terranova
Sandra CrookIn memory of Oliver James
Susan Newton
Ron and Lana RouloIn memory of Beegie
Cynthia HowardA gift to benefit Springers rescued in Illinois in memory of Riley. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.
Agility Club of IndianapolisA gift for Brenda Johnson in memory of Ethan
Charles ManneschmidtIn memory of Gus, Parker, and Cokie
Jodi GoldbergA gift for Michelle Boytim, Eric Christensen and the pups in memory of Liddy and Max
Carol Rolland
W Kennedy SimpsonIn honor of Tierney Jutzi
Jack and Emily Stout
AnonymousIn memory of Duchess and Watson
John Trampas
Rob LangIn memory of Abbie and Dixie
David Sherzer
Stacey, Kenny and Madie Smith
Nancy WilkinsonA gift for Diane Samdahl, Merilee's foster mom, in memory of Merilee
Michael WendlingA gift to support the efforts of Texas ESRA in memory of Scout
Brooke, Kyle and Kate ParrisIn memory of Edgar Chambers
John D. Rau
Stuart and Trisha EisenbergIn memory of Skippy
Debra Westrick In honor of foster dog Marti
Fran Tewkesbury In honor of foster dog Scout
Christopher and Merrie Corbett
Deborah and James Shannon In honor of Abby
William Kraus
David Padilla and Lyn Virgilio In honor of Blossom
Elizabeth Pfeiffer
Patricia Oliver Putnam
Darryl and Kathleen Toupkin In honor of AZ's 12k's of Christmas and in loving memory of Santa Paws
Donna Iverson
Valerie and Dennis Iverson
Nancy Wagner
Michael Drews and Twylia Lay In honor of Hailey
Harold and Charlene Archibald
Wade and Michelle Demond
Mary Guttieri In honor of foster dog Gypsy
George Borders In honor of foster dog Sanford
Nita Watson In honor of foster dog Sanford
Kristen and Matthew Roth In honor of Kate Kyer
Shawn Ellis In honor of Rocky Mountain ESRA Springers and volunteers
Leann Robertson In memory of Cody
Deborah Holbrook In honor of Jasmine - the Christmas card poster girl!
Ronald and Eleanor Jones In honor of Lucky - therapy dog extraordinaire!
Walter and Lucille Rau
Brooks and Mary Ellen Carver In memory of our beloved Autumn
Shaff-Jayne Charitable Fund
Nancy and David Albert
Dorothy Moate In honor of Misty
Alice and Kevin Steiner
Barb and Donald Doolin
Ricard and Loreta Morrison, Sr. In honor of Max
Julie Strabel In honor of Tillie
Jon and Karen Burgess In honor of Doc
Susan and Carl Rimer
William and Farreyl Dickter In honor of Samantha
Donna and Richard Bonczek In honor of Bob and Karen Leary in memory of Tobie
Debra and Jeffrey Ouellette
Tim and Mary Mason In honor of Sydney
Curtis and Ann Smerud In honor of Harry
Ron and Gayle Hatley
Stephen and Cindy Moles

Contributions made for "any Springer in ESRA's care" in 2011 can be found here

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