Beverly Lynch In memory of Abbie Dabbie and all the angels
Anjanette Levert A gift for the Joanie Scott Fund in memory of Marilla-Brilla Levert
Gregory Heath
Ron Collett In memory of Duke
Nancy Marshall In memory of Kona
Tracy Rausch A gift for Amanda and Ryan Booher in memory of the life of the World's Greatest Dog, Jackson Booher
Suzanne Knight
Gary Melchor In memory of Thunder
Three Scoops of Vanilla Donation from the one-day fundraiser on January 24, 2012
Susan and Randall Rosser A gift for Corky fostered by Marlene Murrah in memory of Pebbles
Amy Rogers In memory of AFC Bumper McQuick, SH, CGC and UH Wink Lil Speedy Points, MH, CGC — Thanks for all your hard work and devotion
Ruth Gabreski A gift for Katy Tayrn, long lost Springer friend and for Amber, a new Springer friend
Karen Schaff and Steven Jayne
Jill and Grant Westby
James and Shannon Lambert
Amy and Leslie Rosenfeld
Mark and Alicia Hamilton
Page and Christopher Palmer In celebration of Bree's adoption
Kathryn and Thomas Murphy In honor of Zinnia's adoption
Mike Murphy
Walter and Gretchen Walsh
Barbara and Geoffrey Stauffer
Jessica Roll
Leslie and Brian Macho
Robert Childs
Lynn and T.J. Swafford
Douglas and Lynten Stoodley In celebration of Cooper's adoption
Vida Clifton
Charles and Melva Fenning
Sharon Andersen
Chris Parton
Susan Christenson
Helen and Michael Wooley
Thomas and Gwenda Skiff
William and Patricia Klein
Alexander and Cathy Chimens
Janet Watson
Dennis and Virginia Wohlgemuth
Marguerite Sheller A gift for Jerry Goslin
Elizabeth Hibbs
Coleman Chambliss
Kathleen Erickson-Freeman In memory of Richard Freeman
Rita W. Marshall In honor of Rebecca W. Hickey
Amy Ray
L. M. Virgilio
Barbara and Donald Doolin
Randy W. Sutton and Jocelyn Higa-Sutton
Jill Koehler
Orin and Lisa Padgett A gift for Craig and Sherrill Simmonds in memory of Trevor
Walt and Judith Zwierzycki In memory of Winston
Kathie Schilling In memory of Annie
Susan and Ronald Gerino
Ann Kuykendall A gift for Carolyn Molloy
Gloria and John Kareken In memory of Milton Davidson
Linda and Jay Cecca In honor of Charlie and in memory of June and Louise
Michele Tuchner In memory of walter Cook
Andrew and Elizabeth Klamm Thanks to Chris Odell for help with agility training
Pamela Powell In honor of Laurie Schirger
Donna and Ronald Kirstein In support of the Minnesota region
Robert Knell In memory of Rose at Christmas 2011
Roger and Carolyn Jurack In honor of Friday and Aggie
Rita Marshall In honor of Rebecca W. Hickey
Michael Bury For the Good Dog Wine Fundraiser
Dawn Marie Peterson For the Good Dog Wine Fundraiser
Mary Pederson For the Good Dog Wine Fundraiser
Roberta Wieck For the Good Dog Wine Fundraiser
Mary Guttieri For Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Foos For Baxter
Eva Jean Preston In memory of Scruffy
Jessica Jensen
Elizabeth M. Barnes
Laura Rohrbaugh Honoring my rescue friend, Ellie Miller Starks
Terry Sprague Recycling efforts, a donation from Pam A, and gas money for SRR dog transport
Suzanne Knight
Lisa Cooley In honor of Elcie, my adopted Springer
Alan and Diane Mendel In memory of Mindy Mendel
Alison England
Angela Giraldo In memory of Molly Giraldo
Ann Laska
Anne Mele
Arlene Jaster In honor of Bucky, adopted in Jan. 2007 from ESRA
Barbara Davis
Barry Smith
Clare and Bill Lowe In memory of Spencer Lowe
Cynthia J. Tobin In honor of Roxie
Darlene Zeiger In memory of Molly, Whisper and Katie
David and Janet Sutfin In memory of Snickers
David and Kelly Lynn In honor of Lexie, Missouri puppy mill fire rescue. Love her so much
Debbie Turner
Debi Putnam In memory of Angie
Donald and Violet Burke In memory of Duchess
Eva Sluga - In memory of Rocket
French and Billy Cary In memory of Daisy
Garry and Linda Arntzen In honor of our adopted Springer, Willow. Thanks for all you do.
Glen and Ethel Barker
Ilene Friedman
J. R. and M.D. Jameson In memory of Tess, John and Suzy Jameson
Jack and Joan Boling
James and Arlene Carney In honor of Lilly
Jan and Jerry Small
Jane M. Sweeney In memory of all my past springers
Janet K. Dunn In honor of Lucy and Roscoe
Janice Pegram In memory of Roy Pegram
Jean Neubarth
Jean-Marie Tate
Jen Cole and Bill Maguire
Jennifer and Mark Krueger
Jennifer Cottam In honor of Snickers Cottam, and in memory of Willy and Harry Cottam
Jill S. Langerman, Trustee
The J. Langerman Rev. Trust
John and Karen Burgess In honor of Duke, Duchess and Winston
John and Martha Ramos In honor of Ali and In memory of Maya
Joseph and Esperanza Franco In honor of One Eye Nick
Julie Hetherington In memory of Lily
Karl L. Perrey
Kathleen A. Mosbrucker
Kenneth and Kelli Welsh In memory of Jack
Kris Olsen In honor of Molly my wonderful Springer I adopted from ESRA
Larry and Angie Franz In memory of Oreo, 17 years of pure joy
Linda L. Ross
Londa and Dale Alexander, Lilly
Lynn Carter In honor of Shay
M L Woy and Joyce Glass In memory of Henry 1995-2005
Mary and Brent McKinzie In memory of Harry Carpenter
Mary J. Stump In honor of Sally, who continues to do very well. Loves her ball, kids and her Golden Retriever companion Dulce
Mary Lou Baird In memory of Lady
Melissa and Steve Adair In memory of Jacob Henry and Abby Lynn Adair
Michael and Barbara Brady
Nancy A. Myers, Ginger, Rue, Tigger
Nancy L. Grossman In memory of Dottie and Daisy Grossman
Nancy Pritz In memory of Dr. Edward C Krizek
Pam Grabsky In honor of Hershey
Paula C. McDonald
Paula Schmid
Renee and Donald Holmes
Rev. Dee and Judy Dale For the senior and special needs fund
Richard and Christina Schmidt
Richard T. Bolser In honor of Merlin
Robert and Elizabeth May
Ron Lamm In honor of ESRA rescue Sammy
Ron, Pat and Hannah Forman
Ronald and Jenifer Robey
Russell and Beverly Schumacher In honor of Abe our blind Springer who is one of our many joys
Sharon and Dennis Barron
Sharon Vickery In memory of Sadie and Molly
Shelly L. Shields
Shirra R. Culp In honor of Collin
Tamara and Chris Jerome In memory of Popeye and Levi
Tom and Denise Kelly In honor of Deb Ouellette
Veta and Gervin Massey In memory of Ralphie
Victoria and David Kolep In honor of Springer Begal Cody Kolep, adopted in 2009
Virginia McCormick In memory of Sadie
Vlasta and Diana Fedinec In honor of Oliver
W. Robert Couture
William Short and Tonia Taylor
Arlene M. Jaster A gift for David and Lynelle Byrne in memory of Richard
Diane and Brad Borden A gift for Debbie Ruggles in memory of Zach — Zach was not a Springer, but he loved one dearly and welcomed Belle into his home. He will be greatly missed.
Steven B. Clark For Duchess, new to ESRA. Her 89 year old owner is heartbroken to let her go but she prays Duchess will find the perfect hom where she can run and play.
Carrye E. Harris-Franzel
Dee and Dean Maupins
Al Resnick
Alexandra Nicholson
Alick Gerard In honor of and In memory of Hamlet and Splash
Amanda M. Place In memory of Miles
Andrew and Lora Allan In memory of Hank and Eddie
Angela Dugan In memory of Jack
Ann and Richard Audsley
Ann C. Wagner In memory of Sandy
Armand and Ruth Lugassy
Arthur C. Smith In honor of Molly and In memory of our other Springers, Murphy, Clyde and Rosie
Barbara J. Breeden In honor of all my Springers, past and present
Barbara J. Smith Boomer and Chelsea
Barbara L. West
Barry Eastham In memory of Scooby-Doo Eastham
Barton and Gayle Lowen
Betsy and Larry Roadman
Beverly Jones
Beverly Ulis In memory of "Don Dog"
Bill and Bobbie Brubaker In honor of Bear, TJ and Daisy
BJ and Deborah Keeney In memory of Belle
Bob and Sandra Pierce In memory of Brandy Pierce
Brad Greer
Brenda L. Willis
Brone M. Spann
Capt. Mary B. McLendon In memory of Bullwinkle and Tifr, two English Springers
Carol M. Taylor In honor of Isis, 2010 adoptee from ESRA Spokane
Catherine S. Sanders
Cecilia Rush In memory of Wally and Molly
Charlene Newman
Charles Meyer In memory of Pierce and In memory of Sophie
Charlotte and Bruce Dunklin For Caryn and Bob Pola
Cheryl and Edward Moss In memory of Annie
Christine Wisdom
Christopher and Amy Blazejowski In memory of Kirby Blazejowski
Christopher and Susan Skow In honor of Patches Skow
Clara M. Costello In memory of Abby
Cori K. Kohl In honor of Abby and In memory of Maddie
Cynthia Bell Benton
D. and C. Camenisch
Daniel and Bernadette Jekutis In memory of Dexter
Daniel Howe "Coco"
Darcy Huntington In memory of Barney Jo
David and Ellen Sherwood In memory of Doris Quinones's mother
David and Virginia Christian
Dean and Kathleen Sanberg
Denise J. Basten In memory of Trooper, Addie, Arche
Diane K. Turnbull-Turski In memory of Redd
Diane Kaskel In honor of Ray Kasel and In memory of Samantha and Darcy
Dianne Wenniger
Doug and Lynn Walter Doug and Lynn Walter - In memory of Carling and Bailey
Douglas H. Beck
Dr. Malinda Dice-Shah In memory of Nina and Happy
Dwight H. Emanuelson In memory of Wilbur
Eileen and Timothy Faulkner In memory of Pinto
Ernestina Paez
Eva Rado Balazs A gift for Jamie Balazs
Evelynn Bodfish
Francis M. Encinas
Francois and Maria Cortina In memory of May
Fred Speder In honor of Ed Mashman
Fred W. Arendt III In honor of Louisa Arendt
Gail Murray In honor of Cody. In memory of Maddie Murray.
Gary and Billie Imler In memory of Kona
Gary and Sheri Ermis In honor of Miles
George and Liz Wortley In memory of Jordan and Maggie
George and Winifred Covintree
George W. Sornson In honor of Katy, a 2009 rescue
Gouri Radhakrishnan In memory of Brio
Gustav and M. Camille Burkard In honor of Chiper Burkard
Harriett Meyer
Helen Bryan In honor of Sloane Smith
Henry and Ellen Dejonge
J. C. Conyers and Marie Devaney In memory of Rudy
James and Ann Christol In honor of Renee Holmes
James and Diane Howell In honor of Bill Arnold
James and Janice Coons In honor of Wilbur
James M. Fitzmaurice
Jan Thorne In memory of Ruger Thorne
Jane E. Burke
Janet and Mark Bocciardi
Janet and Tommy Backman In memory of Chipper and Jesse
Janice and Gerald Hennessy In honor of Duty and Dotti, our adopted girls. We love them so much!
Janice Scarbrough In honor of Kim Marvin, MI ESRA coordinator
Janis and Vernon Varner In memory of Mattie
Jeannie and James Sirick
Jennifer and Louis Mateus
Jeremy and Mary Cohen In memory of Emma
Jim and Ramona Hicks We have been fortunate to have ESRA looking after Springer Spaniels to help folks like us find such loving companions like our "Lady". She has been the best dog we have ever had and composed of the best qualities of all the past four-legged friends wrapped up in one pet. We support your organization 100%.
Jim Arnold
Joan Fraser In memory of Max and Hailey Fraser
Joan H. Parker (and Charlie) Keep up the good work
Joan I. Caine In memory of Copper - for Western Washington State
JoAnne Moody In memory of Toby
Jodi Farber
Joe and Bette Russell In honor of Simon
John and Linda Wrobel In memory of Abbey
John L. Hosey For Quincey's vet care
John V. Horace In honor of Jack
Joseph H. Ollivierre, Jr. In memory of Bella
Judith A. Lemsky In memory of Penny, Princess and Belle
Judith Miller
Julie Waters In memory of Rosie Waters
Karen Robacker In memory of Tucker, my first Springer
Katarina Thomas In memory of Barney
Katherine and Thomas Pellow
Kathleen Jacober
Kathryn and David Shue For the dogs
Kathryn Swift In honor of Casper
Kathy DeVoss In memory of Buddy and Snarfy
Kathy Engberg In memory of so many wonderful Springers.
Keith A. Hodges In memory of Snoop Dogg
Kevin and Margaret Gray In honor of Selmon Gray
Kimmy Hurst
Laura and Matthew Starnes In honor of Graceland and Elvis Starnes
Laura and Ronald Grable In memory of Harley
Leon J. Quinn. M.D.
Les and Janice Myers Thanks for your great work.
Lisa Schroer In honor of Edmund Schroer
Lori Poole In honor of Sadie and Rose
Lu Wenneker In memory of Maynard and Berrin
Maggi and Geoff Alston
Marca and Louis Lombardo In memory of Asti
Marcy Bolotin In honor of San Diego coordinator, Renee Holmes
Margaret Jo Malone In honor of Darby
Margaret Kenkel In honor of Heida Dunn and Stanley (Jake)
Marta R. Martin
Mary and William Eisler
Mary Elna Patterson
Mary M. Ball In memory of Humphrey
Melanie A. Masura
Michael J. Marcus D.P.M For Caryn Pola. "I love spaniels. Thanks for your good work."
Mike and Lori Sala
Mrs. Dorothy H. Wilson, Trustee In memory of Sugar
Nicole Perrin
P L Schaedler
Pamela Hill In honor of Marsha Johnson
Pamela Klessig In honor of Marlie, adopted from ESRA, and in memory of Jessie and Emmey. For all Springers
Patricia Mann
Paul and Maxine Childs In honor of Zeke
Paul and Siobhan Leeuw In memory of Charlie
Philip and Deborah Ferris
Rachel B. Lankton
Raymond and Diana McCalment In honor of Tarney and Jesse
Rebecca and James Eitelberg
Renee and Bruce Fairchild Thanks for all you do
Renee S. Rubenstein In memory of my car "BJ"
Richard A. Orth
Richard and Kathy Fink
Richard and Nancy Bereman In memory of Captain
Robert J. Stojetz
Robert J. Titus
Robert L. Manuel In honor of Traci Manuel
Robert P. Anderson In honor ofrescued Springer, Zoey
Robert T. Edgar In memory of Henry
Robin Standifer In honor of Maggie, adopted and loved and In memory of Derby
Ronald and Ingrid Williams
Sally Kelly In honor of Charlotte/Charlie Kelly, my rescue dog
Sandra Blake In memory of Bambi
Sandra Dunlap In memory of Sir Winston Dunlap
Sandra E. Willis In memory of Nellie and Dolly
Sara L. Doran In honor of Kate and Liam
Scott and Kathleen Bauer In memory of Hope
Sean and Caroline McLean In memory of "Big Al" Fae, Texas, black and white Springer who went to the Rainbow Bridge 2/10/2011
Shari and David Green In memory of Chance who showed us the love of a Springer
Sharon Appleby In honor of Beau
Silvano and Valerie Gaspary In memory of Fram, Bucco and Ernie
Stephanie Taylor Stewart In honor of ESRA rescue Springers, Sonny and Leo
Stephanne Zimmerman
Stephen R. Wells
Susan and Fred Schroer
Susan and Robin Moore In honor of Luke
Susanne S. Follett
Suzan K. Dundas In memory of Yampa, Poudre and Bauer
T. Lawler In honor of my three Springers
Teresa M. Blinn
Thom and Beverly Dillard In memory of Mocha
Tibor Ehrlich
Timm and Mary Jobes
Timothy and Debbie Ramsey In memory of Lance and Hannah
Tom and Susan Orr In memory of Kirby Orr
Toni and John Resch In memory of Casey
Trish Sullivan In honor of Merilee and In memory of Sam and Kelsey
Trustees of the Lugassy Trust In memory of Brandy
Virginia G. Milhous
Virginia Haddad In honor of my Shreveport Friends!
Virginia L. Barr To help the dogs
Walk & Wag, LLC Thank you for all the great work you do for our pups!
Wayne and Deborah Zonca
William A. Beck In memory of our dog, "Dexter"
William A. Whelan
K Garland In memory of Daisy
Virginia Haddad A gift for Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Boyce in memory of Daisy Boyce
Anonymous A gift for Kathy and AJ Armstrong in memory of Jan Armstrong and Rubie Ralls Johnson
Three Scoops of Vanilla Sweetheart Auction Donation from the purchases of Jan Bower and Laura Ellis
MaryElle Hoover Thank you to my friends, Marcea, Sierra, Izzy, Ashley, Colleen, and Alyssa, who donated to ESRA as a birthday gift for me.
Arthur Merz
Peggy Outly In memory of Abby, TJ and Sam. Thank you so much for all you do for these wonderful dogs. Special thanks to Beth for Gracie, our new love, a dog that represents everything wonderful about this breed.
Adam Cherevka
Erin and Tom Cara A gift for the Goldberg family in memory of Jake
Caryn Pola A gift for ESRA
Anonymous In memory of Oreo
Anonymous A gift for Carlee Mashak in memory of Carlee's parents, who raised a very generous dog lover
Three Scoops of Vanilla
Diane Purvis In honor of Rhonda Baldwin's birthday
Elaine Sattelberg For a Springer in desperate need of care
Chris DePhillipo In remembrance of ESRA AZ Coordinator Laurel Fagg's daughter-in-law, Jina Gorman
Lori Love In honor of Stacey Shehin
Bettina and David Klumpp
Melody Denham
Sharon Andersen
Diane and Tony Foos Gift for Paul and Diane Bjorn in memory of Angel Bjorn
Etta Meinecke
Kathlene Lima Powell
Amy and Timothy Fletcher
Julia Nikles In memory of Kadie, first Springer
Kelly and Alan Docauer
Victoria and Keith Desormeaux
Nancy and Robert Kampfe
Sandra J. James In honor of Ace - ESS extraordinaire
Marie Nelson
Thomas and Kathryn Gorman
Don and Eileen Grigg
Roy and Tina McPherson, McPherson Music From Rudy and Kirbee, two extraordinary Springers, in memory of Barney, Willie, Seiner, Jake, Elwood and Clyde
Deitra Robertson
Deitra Robertson Real Estate, Inc.
Cheryl A. Parmele
Carole Pangercic In memory of Koochie
Carole Gutterman
Kevin and Sara Dwyer
Vicki Strang and Ed J. Polk
Sharon and Robert Kazimore In memory of Dottie and Pattie
Stephen C. Casey and Luisa I. Sia
Joan L. Matulevich In memory of Lynn Brendgord Nelson
Nancy L. Miller
Carolyn and Max Baldwin
Robert and Deborah Carrick
Megan and Krien Verberkmoes
Lindsey Hagan
Joe Caputo Builder, Inc.
Gary and Judith Perry
Marvin and Gaye Siddel
Norma Custard Donation given at Chattahoochee English Springer Spaniel Club of Greater Atlanta specialty show
Eileen Parker Donation from Scentsy fundraiser at CESSGA specialty show
Karen Foster Donation given at CESSGA specialty show
Jackie Bliss Donation given at CESSGA specialty show
Peter and Martha Dorland Donation given at CESSGA specialty show
Suzanne Knight
Jody Bower In memory of Molly Muggins — June 8 1998 - June 28 2011. Miss your kisses!
Clara Costello
PJ Doherty In memory of Sir Winston of Clydesdale
Sarah Fritz In support of ESRA Midwest chapter
Karen Carson A gift for Jackie Miller in memory of Edward D. Friedman
M Therese Ortega A gift for Danielle DiBonaventura in honor of your kindness, generosity and love with little Duncan. You area a doggie-angel! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Anonymous This donation is to thank you for the work you do. We adopted two Springers from you almost 3 years ago. They are such an important part of our family!
Janice Temple A gift for Cheryl McFarland in memory of Ch. Crown Royal Earl Grey
Alan Evans and Anita Langford A gift for Steve Lama in memory of Father Michael Lama
Janet Koehnke
Brenda Clark A gift to support Alabama puppy mill rescued Springers in memory of Bentley
Dave Martin In memory of a lifetime of Springers — the most perfect of all breeds
Joe and Lisa Flohr In memory of Shadow
Jane (Randie Jackson) Chiavelli A gift for Glenn and Dawn Procter in memory of Robert and Marie Procter, ESS Breeder of Newton, MA
Suzanne Knight
Cathy Honnold
Leslie K. Purvis In memory of Terry K. Dunlap, Sr. and Sarge
The Purvis Family A gift for Lauren and William Dunlap in memory of Poppy and Sarge
Anonymous In memory of Brittany
Elaine Lew-Smith In memory of Jesse and Mardi Gras
Steve Garner A gift for Dan and Amy Replogle
Laura Sages In memory of Chocolate
Beth Blevins To help pay the medical expenses of Duchess in North Carolina
Anonymous In memory of those dumped dogs who never got rescued, a gift for Duchess found on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan and now in ESRA Carolinas' care
Kathleen Eaton A gift for North Carolina's Duchess in memory of my mom and her Springer, Patches
Jeff Rosiek A gift for NC Allie's pups, one to be named Dudley in memory of my first Springer who passed away 2 years ago from a rare blood disease, and one to be named Callie after her lucky mom Allie.
Tressa and Jim Goughenour Blessings upon all who help the animals — a gift for Allie's pups in the Carolinas to be named Ricky, Ben, Jerry, Oliver and Luke
Linda Miller A gift in memory of my late heart dog Dolly Miller and to name one of Allie's pups Dolly in her honor
Elaine M. Sullivan A gift for Duchess in North Carolina
George M. Harman For Allie's pups born 4/11/12 in the Carolinas — hoping the little guys find great homes and can continue the good work that rescue do and be shining examples of what fabulous pets that rescue pets make
Paul Erb and Barbara Belt A gift for Amy and Dan Replogle
Stephanie Mackey A gift for North Carolina's Duchess in memory of ET Harrell
William Steel A gift for Dan and Amy Replogle — thanks for your hospitality and a great weekend!
Dave and Terri Kukor In memory of Mocha Girl — Continue your wonderful work, our Springers have been pure joy!
Nancy and Don Wagner In memory of Molly
Nancy Wilkinson A gift for senior spaniels and Nita Watson in memory of Max Watson
Ron and Lois Breakman In memory of Rudy, our best friend
Barbara Chadwick In memory of my Springer Molly, the best dog ever — in honor of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Ann E. Boytim A gift for Eric Christensen — Happy Birthday, Eric!
Hudson Valley Golden Retriever Club A gift for Windle R. Ewing with grateful thanks for judging at our Agility Trial
Sara Reynolds
Karen Foster In memory of Max, loved by Nita Watson
Laura McArdle In memory of Beags
Theresa Mueller A gift for Marilyn and Ray Grant in memory of Molly, a sweet Springer friend. She will always have a special place in my heart. I miss her.
Kristin Renee Swan In memory of Mother's Day wish from Judy Swan
Cyndi Tackett In memory of my sweet Chloe
Anonymous In memory of Meg and Rosie
Jackie Miller and Stacey Shehin A gift for Lynn Skochdopole in memory of Dudley and Bella
Shelley and George Dearmin A gift for Terry and Belle Sprague in memory of Charlie
Victoria Mulder A gift for Katarina Thomas
Gerry Ford A gift for Tina, Mike, Lucas Seeley in memory of Rudy. Thank you for loving Asland so much and allowing him to join our family! And thanks to Mark Samuel an Kim Ludwig for their help with Aslan.
Jeannie Sirick In memory of Rocket
Bill and Ellen Fisher A gift for Belle and Terry Sprague in memory of Charlie
All's Well Pet Services LLC A gift for Maggie and Charlie Vesely in memory of Tucker
Becky Hasselbeck
Andy Cobb In loving memory of Peyton. Rest in peace, Green Beans, you were a good boy.
Ross Family A gift in honor of Barbara Welty of ESRA for helping our family with our new Springer, Tara, and Tara's foster mom in Mississippi, Amelia Hudson, who helped to save this wonderful little girl.
W. Richard McCracken In memory of Lily Remmers
Suzanne Knight
Barbara amd Dave Zinkhan For George in Parker CO. Could not attend the picnic but wanted to contribute.
Frankie Stout In honor of my new dad, Bob Stout, for Father's Day!
Samantha Swartzentruber A gift in honor of Debbie and Jeff O'Dair on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary
Sharon B. Norman A gift for Marilyn Norman in memory of Richard Norman and his beloved Springer, Duke
Chris and Nita Arora In memory of Becky. ESRA gave us the best gift ever since we adopted Holly three years ago. Thanks a million!
Jeff, Karin and Cooper Sawyer In honor of Cooper's Canine Good Citizen "degree"
Jan Thorne In memory of Gregory J. Wheeler
Nerida Thomas
Jeff and Susan Samuel A gift for Laurie and Dave Schobelock in memory of Morgan, a wonderful Springer girl and gentle soul who is greatly missed in our family
Linda and Tom Armstrong In memory of our baby Tabitha
Susan and Hilary Greene In memory of Heisman Kahle
Gini Shallenberger In memory of Suzy Jameson
Catherine Corcoran A gift for Pamela Bell Civile in memory of Miss Maggie
Ann Heiss and Clarence Wunderlin In memory of Suzy Jameson
Jennifer adn Kyriakos Nalmpantis In memory of Suzy Jameson
Allie Kannenberg In memory of Morsel
Anonymous A gift for Eileen Koob in memory of Butterscotch
Jane Smith A gift for John Jameson in memory of Suzy Jameson and her love for her rescue dogs
Mark T. Amenta A gift for the Rebhan Family in memory of Suzy
Suzanne Knight
Janice Alder A gift for Gary Lax and Tannia Talento in remembrance of a loyal and faithful pet, Jiggy
Sarah Fritz
Daniel Meyers and Judith Groner For Denise Garwood in honor and appreciation of her continuing good deeds through ESRA
Leslie Barclay In memory of Tucker and in honor of Lynn, Carey, and Rusty DeRousse who gave him the best four years of his life!
Jennifer Fraser A gift for Tyler Douse in loving memory of Rocky, a sweet Springer Spaniel who passed away at the young age of six.
Marsha Merritt In loving memory of Tammy who spent 5 of her 17 Springer years in Idaho.
Jeannie Barnish A gift for Walt Zwierzycki in memory of Tracker and Sante
Lamira Martin In memory of my Molly
Jane Derosier A gift in support of our good friends Earl and Joan Minot in memory of Chelsea Minot, a dog well loved.
Anonymous In memory of Molly and Sparkle
Kathy Paxton In memory of Rosie Miller
Lisa Turner In honor of Beth Maryan, ESRA volunteer in Texas
Lisa Maloney In memory of Brittany Spaniels Britt and Molly
Jay Petschauer In memory of John McLeod, a great man with a great love for Springers!
Joan Dalgety A gift for Gerry Miller in memory of Rosie Miller
Christopher Hendricksen In memory of Rosie Miller
Tom and Peg Petschauer A gift for Laureen Braaten in memory of John McLeod on his birthday.
Verena Scheu A gift for Laureen Braaten in memory of John McLeod
Susan Petry
Suzanne Knight
Sandra Huddleston
June Erickson
Jan Thorne In memory of Chester Pikul
Diane Cammick A gift for Laureen Braaten in memory of John McLeod
Daniela Galarza
Mary and Ralph Peterson A gift for Laureen Braaten in memory of John McLeod
Marie Kelly In memory of my Springer Daisy
Warren Wilson In memory of Buddy
Anonymous In memory of Dixie and Duke
Camille Irvine A gift for Laureen Braaten in memory of John McLeod
Anonymous In memory of Nicky Jo and Maggie-May
Heather and Ryan Cobb
Paul J. Meisch A gift for Missouri English Springer Spaniels in memory of Humphrey Beauregard Bogart, ESS AKC
Anonymous For Chester, my handsome rescue Springer
Dennis and Sharon Teske A gift for Laureen Braaten in memory of John McLeod
Patrick Henry A gifr for Gerald Miller in memory of Rosie Miller, a Warrior
Teri McDonough In memory of Rosie Miller
Joanne Pratt A gift for Laureen Braaten in memory of John McLeod and his faithful companion Carmen
Anonymous A gift for Tom Petrizzo and Teri Classick in memory of adopter Springer Josie
Karen Rosczewski In memory of Abbey and Lucy
The AAM Benefits Team In memory of Marabelle Van Riper who joined the Van Riper family later in her life but enjoyed an active life with Maureen, Charlie and her new brother Casey! She will be missed!
Bill and Susan Salt A gift for Laureen Braaten in memory of John McLeod
Alissa Little A gift for Lisa Kang and Walk and Wag, Lisa, Linda and Liz. Thank you for your kindness and care. We'll miss you! Love, Lilly and Lisa
Linda and Jerry Colivas In memory of Rosie Miller
Karen Bruskin A gift to help with Englewood FL Daniel's leg surgery in memory of Ben.
Suzanne Knight
Kathie Shanahan A gift for Marie Cary in memory of Ray Cary
Rhonda J. Groves In memory of All Sea Dogs
Eileen Koob
Diane Phillips Thank you for the work that you do! We are so blessed to have Izzy and Dora who we adopted from ESRA three years ago!
Joy Hyneman In memory of Jake — A big THANK YOU to all the wonderful people at ESRA for everything you do to help these Springers in need! God bless you all!
Patricia Seeling In memory of Ruth Seeling
Lisa Cooley In honor of Elcie's birthday
William and Mona Cline A gift for Laureen Braaten in memory of John McLeod
Eva Marie Kreil In memory of all my beloved Springers — For my birthday this year I'm giving gifts instead of receiving. As an ESRA member and former foster mom, I want to help make a difference to a Springer in need. Best wishes in finding every Springer a wonderful Forever Home.
Anne Reiniger In appreciation of Suzanne Zutter, ESRA Wyoming and Utah coordinator, who was a great help to us in our search
Mara Rosenberg In memory of Baby Ruth who came to us 11 years ago through ESRA and we just lost. Thank you for all you do to care for and place these sweet angels.
Kyle and Jackie Robertson From your spaniel friend Penny
Suzanne Knight
Anonymous In memory of Sylvie
Lea Alexander A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA in memory of Ginger
Pomela Flanigan A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Terry Gilmore A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Cindy Brassfield A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Anne Mele A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Shelley Dearmin A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Ken Kellogg A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Pam Waterman A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Lori O'Brien A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Sean Strickland A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Deborah Cooper A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Joy A. Patton A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Cathy Peters A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Lori Sala A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA in memory of Shasta
Shelley Kerber A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Gayle Jackson In memory of Elsie who lost her battle with aspergillus
Kim Harris A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Nancy Myers A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Tracy Torma A gift in memory of Emily to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Chris Daverse A gift in memory of Wallace to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Chris Daverse A gift for the greatest need — in memory of Derringer and Samson
Jamie Balazs A gift to help with Ivy's medical care in CA
Paula McIllece In honor of Suzanne Zutter and all the dogs she has fostered and helped to find great homes! She is a great UT/ WY coordinator
Heidi Thomas-Dunn A gift for Gabriel in memory of our beloved Scrappy
David Hughes For Gabriel
Anonymous A gift for Ellington Miller Starks
Gabriella Filisko In memory of Marley
Theresa Mueller In memory of Corrine and Larry Johnson's My Shadow's Hidden Image UD Frosty — Frosty, your memory will live in our hearts forever. Until we meet again, rest, sweet girl.
Brenda McGee To help with the medical costs for Annie 2012-866 NC
Timothy Jones In memory of Sam in Salt Lake City
Nickie Stephens To help with the medical costs for Annie 2012-866 NC
Dena Culver and Colin Navickas In memory of Peyton
Robert Sterling In memory of Winston in Glendale,CA
Debra Berry A gift for Petunia 2012-867 CO
Sean Strickland A gift for Petunia 2012-867 CO
Pete Steinmeyer For Petunia
John and Karen Dring In honor of Bert — thanks for 15 wonderful loving years. And thank you,ESRA, for all for the wonderful work done for such a special wonderful breed.
Nadine Van Alstine A gift for Petunia 2012-867 CO
Suzanne Knight
Wayne Scholes Thank you for finding the best home ever for our two wonderful dogs, Koda and Sadie.
Tamara Kamieneski For Annie 2012-866 NC
Don and Belinda Willis A gift for Alison and Gary Trinkle in memory of Max
Sara Hedstrom A gift to honor Donnie and Donna Graves. Thank you for a wonderful birthday!
The Klumpps In memory of Ripley
Rita H. Lukowski A gift for Ms. Audrey Zalewski n memory of Bill Zalewski
Susan Chapman A gift for Marie Heinking in memory of my first Springer, Maggie
Rhonda Groves In memory of Tempe, Sadie and Jammie
Scottsdale Ranch Animal Hospital A gift for Mr. and Mrs. Edwin White in memory of Rowdy White
Carol and Larry Berman A Hanukkah gift for Bobbi and Preston Robbins
Joan and Steven Schottenfeld In memory of Zoe Gray, the amazing Springer Spaniel — Zoe was an amazing friend. We will miss her, Joni, Steve, Lisa, Mariel and Snoopy
Paul and Mary Kay Bates In memory of our Lucy, who came to us thanks to ESRA and her foster mom Judy Manley in Cleveland
Carolin Bakewell In memory of Dakota Belo
Joy A. Patton A gift to help with the expenses of ESRA in Kansas City for Molly and her four pups
Patrick and Kim Harris For Ginger in Western Washington for her dental cleaning
Dave Lazzarotti
Aaron Levensailor In memory of Scott Neubold
Nancy and Peter Horgan A gift for April Klotz in memory of Scott Neubold
Thomas Costello In memory of Scott Neubold
Patricia Seeling In memory of Ruth Seeling
Amy Lay In memory of Grace Sarafina
Mary Andrade In memory of Daisy Mae Andrade
Carol J. Perkins
Bryan and Margo Gilham In memory of Delaney — we lost our beloved English Cocker a month ago. ESRA filled the loss with our adopted Springer, Blue. Thanks for the best Christmas present ever.
Jamie Balazs A gift for Lexi 2012-946 CA
Paul Hewitt - Cisco Systems, Inc. A gift from the Cisco Team in memory of Scott Neubold
Laura Hollis Starnes and Graceland In memory of Elvis Aaron Hollis Starnes, best friend and lead snuggler
Bob and Janet Lasar In memory of Hoppy and Samantha — Bless you all for saving our friends.
Lee and Thomas Raymond-Hirschman A gift for Cynthia Howard in memory of O'Reilly, who crossed over a few years ago and will be loved and remembered always.
Nicole Cherlin In memory of Katie Mae
Kris and Bob Ruminsky In memory of John McLeod who adored Springers
Ruth Gabreski In memory of KATY-TAYRN — May all Springers be Healthy and Happy! Katy we miss you!
Bill and Pam Kissick
Victoria Mulder A gift for Katarina Thomas
Suzanne Knight
Eric Criscuolo A gift for Lisa Johnson in memory of Watson
Kelsey Larsen A gift for Mary Fellows and Sport
Richard Melcher
Loren Nelson In memory of Monty
Lisa Mistler In memory of Coco
Archna Mohan
Anne Crawford In memory of Scott Neubold
Linda and John Wrobel In memory of Samantha, Hailey, and Abbey — Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Lisa and Jerry Falk To honor Lucy, our ESRA alumnus
Kay T. Trice In memory of Ginger, my beloved Springer
Lisa Cooley
George Weinert In memory of Charlotte and Carly
From all of us at Wilkinson Dunn Company A gift for Mr. and Mrs. Terry Neubold in memory of Scott Neubold
Peggy Storey and Scott Zenz In honor of Janet Storey's birthday
Karen Merick In honor of Sue Schulte
Barbara and Gary McLaughlin In honor of Sue Schulte
Darlene Baird In memory of "Big John" Weisgerber
Beachview Homeowners Assoc In memory of John McLeod
Philip and Dale Jones In memory of John McLeod
Kenneth and Mary Swanson In memory of John McLeod
Laureen Braaten In memory of John McLeod
Phyllis Hindal In memory of John McLeod
Claire Kolmodin and John Carstens In memory of John McLeod
Robert and Karen Carlson In memory of John McLeod
Susan Kinder and David Vealitzek In memory of John McLeod
Joan and Laurence Kabins In memory of June Swanson
Chris and Sherri Goodwin In memory of June Swanson
Shellee and Jeffrey Swanson In memory of June Swanson
Sue Johnston / Integrative Therapies, Inc. In memory of Justice Storm
Elizabeth Gonia In memory of Mugsy
Donald Wallace In memory of Rosie Miller
Rhoda Keyson In memory of Scott Harris
Anthony DeMarnello
Charles Koffarnus
Timothy and Martha Fuller
Storan Technologies, Inc.
FR Thompson and Assoc.
Rise Wagner
Carter Snider
Charlotte Dunklin
Susan Manthey
Toni Post
Cynthia Brassfield
Paula Jean Roberts
Donald and Catherine Carter
John Whitmore
Susan Schulte
Jean MacGregor
Dominic Chiovaro, Jr.
Logan and Susan Bailor
Michael and Judy Fleshman
Willamette Valley ESS Assoc.
Pamela George
Barbara and Danny Baisley
Catherine and Robert Toy
Wayne Brander
Phyllis and Elon Pollack
Craig and Mary Louise Olson
Nancy Thale
Nancy Wagner
Patricia Mann
Lu Wenneker
Robert and Teresa Hillier
Bridget McCombe
Shawn Ellis
Eileen Koob
Matthew and Angela Bloomer
Janette Patton
Mr and Mrs Anthony Foos
Megan and Krien Verberkmoes, III
Anthony DeMarnello and Kenneth Roybal
Good Samaritan Pet Adoption Center
Leo Belanger
Leann Engel
Marcy Bolotin
Trouchen and C.H. Oran
David and Holly Randall
Bradley and Diane Bernero
Dr Greg Berman
Joseph and Cherie Ignatius
John and Leila Hinkle
Joseph and Cherie Ignatius
Anthony DeMarnello and Kenneth Roybal
Lauren McNeal Braren
Gary and Julie Stark
Robert and Joanne Auerbach
Denise and James Voss
David and Linda Parker
Paul and Karen Hamrick
Pamela Robertson
William and Jacqueline Brown
David Eichen
Katarina Thomas
Martin and Sally Wattenbarger
Derek Blakeslee
Liz Ellis
Timothy and Donna Conners
Melinda and Everett Lincoln
Jason Pierce
Lauren Press
Joel and Karen Van Cleve
Lisa Helms-Miller
It's Alive Co.
Andrew DeShong
Susan Manthey
Jan and Jerry Small
Anne Kuykendall
Terry and Belle Sprague
Nancy Jo Benton and James Largent
Leba Kramer
Carolyn Molloy
Verona and Donald Douglas
Jeremy Albert
Windy Norris
Law Offices of Davisson and Davisson
Donald McConnell and Sharon O'Flaherty
Bette Milliron
Brandy and Patrick Turner
John and Gay Walstrum
Annon and Elizabeth Bozeman
Julie Thomason
Marie Long
Cynthia Brassfield
Valerie and Ronald Hayri
Laura Moldenhauer
Russ Moldenhauer
Catherine Janes
Robert and Jill Wylie
Earl Fink
James and Ramona Hicks
Cherie Ignatius
Elizabeth Lee
Phyllis and Elon Pollack
Katheryn Womack
Denise and Richard Meyer
Roger and Carolyn Jurack
Ardee and Terrence Jagt
Glenn and Geanne Thomas
Steven Wainz and Susan Berry
Drew Hoover and Charlie Hoover, Jr.
Cheryl Noss A gift for Edward Noss in memory of Sandy, Katie, Milie and Annie
Angela Brock A gift for Gloria, John, Raleigh and Edgar Kareken
Anonymous A gift for all Springers in memory of Harvey's Elizabeth - Liddy
Larry and Carol Armstrong
Laura Nassau A gift for Yona Yellin in memory of Gabby
Janeen Simpson A Christmas gift for Sheila Krawchuk and David Scott — a donation to ESRA, their favorite cause
Suzanne Conboy-Thiel Thanks for our wonderful spaniel! Merry Christmas!
Bill Waters In memory of Tifr, a great Springer
Austin Hollo In memory of Sparky and Rosie
Shannon Peters For Angel
Karl Perrey In memory of Truman
Jason Hartung A gift for Kathy and Jack Hartung in memory of Rocky, Boomer and JP
Tim and Susan Werling For Petunia 2012-867 CO
Daniela Galarza A gift for Karen Schavrien
Christy Boderman A Christmas gift for Neil Boderman
Anonymous A gift for Leon Gorman — Merry Christmas! Love, Biscuit and Wally
Fred and Peggi Cohen A gift for Brad Chervin in honor of Charlie
Sandy, Debi and Sarah A gift for John and Gail Nowak in memory of Gunner
Ryan Burkes A gift for David Swank
W. Richard McCracken In memory of Malcom, Spencer and Hope
Danielle and Tom Karbowski A gift for Walter and Judith Zwierzycki
Sarah Fritz
Steven Thibeault A gift for Ruth Libbey
Sandra C. Faurie Merry Christmas to the Meurer family!
W. Kennedy Simpson A gift for Tierney Simpson
William and JoAnn Herbert Merry Christmas to Vicki and Bill Wingo
Dad and Sara Merry Christmas, Tierney!
Maureen Williams A Christmas gift for Kathy Skoff
Virginia Robinson A gift for Don Robinson in memory of Molly
Anonymous In memory of Monty and Winston Ellis-Skelton
Catherine A. Jones In memory of all Springers in ESRA's care
Holly Kelley
Katherine Samson In memory of Jordan
Nancy Lothringer In memory of Titania and Sterling
Sara Ulius-Sabel A gift for Bob Ulius in memory of Lucy — Merry Christmas from Jason, Sarah and Logan
Kae Erickson A gift for Donnie Graves — Merry Christmas Donnie! We love you very much! Kae, Dave, Lauren, Ryan and Karli
Margaret K. Ford Merry Christmas, Dad!
Ron and Lana Roulo In memory of Beegie
Judith and Walt Zwierzycki A gift for Tom and Danielle Karbowski in memory of Sante
Richard John Superak A gift for Petunia and Holly from Colorado
Marsha Johnson A gift for Bobbye Sharp in memory of Lacey, my first foster dog, Dear Lacey, you were the most special girl. You changed my life.
Larry and Carol Armstrong
George Weinert In memory of Charlotte and Carly
Lisa Cooley
Kay Trice In memory of Ginger
Diane Klimek In memory of Andy
Karen Licalzi In memory of George Ceaser - Ruger's human dad
Lisa and Jerry Falk In honor of Lucy
Linda and John Wrobel In memory of Samantha, Hailey and Abbey
Anne Crawford In memory of Scott Neubold
Cheryl Noss In memory of Sandy, Katie, Millie and Annie
Laura Nassau
Janeen Simpson
Suzanne Conboy-Thiel In honor of her wonderful Spaniel
Bill Waters In memory of Tifr
Austin Hallo In memory of Sparky and Rosie
Kennedy Simpson In honor of Tierney Simpson
Joanne Kansier In memory of Misty
Angela Brock A gift for Gloria, John, Raleigh, and Edgar Kareken
Reid Mason In memory of Harvey's Elizabeth - Liddy
Karl Perry In memory of Truman
Jason Hartung A gift for Kathy and Jack Hartung in memory of Rocky, Boomer and JP
Fred and Peggi Cohen
Sandra DeCarlo A gift for John and Gail Nowak in memory of Gunner
Ryan Burkes A gift for David Swank
W Richard McCracken In memory of Malcom, Spencer and Hope
Sarah Fritz
Steven Thibeault A gift for Ruth Libbey
Sandra Faurie A gift for Hilary Meurer
Jill Kobrin In memory of Monty and Winston Ellis-Skelton
Virginia Robinson A gift for Don Robinson in memory of Molly
Mela and David Raymond
Fredrik and Sue Schroer
Christ The Lord Lutheran Church
John Christie and Debra DerManoogian In honor of Maureen and Paul Williams - ESRA Foster Parents
Pamela George
Phoenix Animal Care Clinic In honor of Annabell
Donald Williams
Tamera Crowder
Glenn and Jacquelynne Smith In memory of Musket
Karen Licalzi In honor of Ruger
Dr Leonard and Juanita LaConte In memory of Oliver
Darlene Ziegler
Christopher Beard
Gary and Kim Malloy
Leon and Shirley Hansen Gift to Beverly Sasine in memory of Frank Sasine
Thomas and Kathryn Gorman In honor of Dash
Frank and Margaret Clark
Sue Tyler
Janet Koehnke In memory of Gumbeaux, Maggie, Murphy
Allen E. Olson In memory of Hugs and Kisses
Grayson and Pauline East A gift for Steve Trykar
Caryl Sherman-Gonzalez A gift to honor Kelly Norwood, a lover of Springer Spaniels!
Peggy Mundell
Chattahoochee English Springer Club
Erika Januschka In honor of Indie
Suzanne Sharp A gift for Roberta Sharp in honor of Lacey
Gail and Paul Sorci
Diana Coats and Lisa Langford
Rebecca S. Bockmon In memory of George and Murphy
Simone Nathan A gift for Roger and Carolyn Jurack with love at Christmas and always, in memory of your dear Aggie.
David and Amanda Sherzer
John D. Rau
Christina Equihua A gift for Ben Holm in memory of Tess
Jan Scarbrough
Tracie Anjanette Levert In memory of Kali and Marilla Levert
Leslie K. Purvis A gift for Terry Dunlap
Beverly Lynch In memory of Miss Dixie Bean 11/12/12
Charles Manneschmidt In memory of Parker
Cindy L. Nathern A gift for Joan Nathern in memory of Sophie, Hank, Henrietta
Amy and Gary Haass A gift for Katie and Pat Kyer
Andrew Lindsay
Shawn Ellis A gift for the Rocky Mountain Region in memory of Winston and Monty
Betty Felix In memory of Maggie
Simone Thiessen
Brooke and Kyle Parris
Ed Balazs A gift for Lexi n honor of my mom, Eva Rado Balazs, who normally donates on her own but was not well enough to do so this year.
Deborah A P Morris In memory of my uncle, Frank Degnan
Suzanne Chamberlin In memory of Cody — Thank you for all that you are doing to help dogs in need.
Brian Webber
Tim and Mary Mason In honor of Sydney
Robert and Susan Derrick In honor of Rod and Susan Walters' two ESRA Springers, Max and Bailey
Virginia Crooks In honor of Rod and Susan Walters' two ESRA Springers, Max and Bailey
Wendy Hinson In honor of Rod and Susan Walters' two ESRA Springers, Max and Bailey
Thomas Derrick Felder In honor of Rod and Susan Walters' two ESRA Springers, Max and Bailey
George and Irene Cobb In honor of Rod and Susan Walters' two ESRA Springers, Max and Bailey
David and Rebecca Hipp In honor of Rod and Susan Walters' two ESRA Springers, Max and Bailey

Contributions made for "any Springer in ESRA's care" in 2011 can be found here

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