Leslie Atwood In memory of Juliette Williams Beeler
Chad Richter A gift for Charles Richter in memory of Oreo Richter
John and Kimberly Dizon
Allison Richardson In memory of Mona
Donna Ritenour In memory of Ellie, a two-year-old Springer who passed away from cancer before her time
The Witzman Family In memory of Maggie and Reo. We miss you both.
Megan Willis-Redfern A gift for Julie Foster in memory of Edie Foster
Lucinda Summerlin A gift for Mary Lea and Ross Dinwiddie in memory of Lexie
Rita Hennig In memory of Rolf W. Hennig
Stacey Kissam A gift for the Cord family in memory of Indy, a joyful Springer
Alesa Rottersman and Shawn Grant A gift for Beverly Kashdan and family im memory of Beatrice Kashdan
Rhonda Groves In memory of Tempe, Sadie and Brett
Patricia Escobar
Midori Krieger A gift for I.L. Turner in memory of Annie
Stephen Smith
Denise Johnson In loving memory of Page and in honor of Belle and her family — Zack, Addy, Carol and Debbie
Patricia Detrick In honor of Lucy and Wembley Stanforth, my two favorite Springer grandpups
Christine Hammersley In memory of Molly
Carla Meyer In honor of LuLu and Lea Alexander
Andrew DeShong
Michelle Reichlin In support of Ohio Springers
Simplified Facilities Group —
Mike Sherrill and Michelle Reichlin
In support of Ohio Springers
Chris and Nita Arora In memory of Becky and with our appreciation for the fabulous work that ESRA does in rescuing Springers
Mary Guttieri A gift in memory of Joli to support Ohio Springers
Virginia Schultz In memory of Lucile Cruickshank
Scott and Mary Grout
Lori Lyon In memory of Lady — a gift for ESRA inspired by reading Illinois Carley's poem
Robert Moore In memory of Smokey — 1994-2009 Powell, Wyoming. We miss you.
Lorelei Puthuff
Lynda Ledbetter
Dave and Millie Prince In memory of Lu Cruickshank
Jill Ortmann A gift for Cindy Schaefer-Munz in memory of her beloved dog Fletcher
Lisa Cooley In honor of her Springer rescue dog Elcie
Patty Anbro and Jackie French A gift for Jacqueline Ferris and Candy Williams in memory of Randall, a Marine and a sweetheart. We miss him so.
Debbie Ramsey A Valentine's Day gift to help a Springer in need!
Jamie and Beth Carr A gift in suppport of Springers in Ohio
Barbara Welty A gift in support of Springers in the Southeast in memory of Captain I and Captain II
Anonymous In memory of all the wonderful Springers I've loved
Suzanne Knight
Karen Poltrone A gift to help ESRA Springers in Ohio
Arthur Merz
Shawna Wagner
Diane Foos A gift for Diane Bjorn in memory of Molson
Jackie Miller A gift in memory of Joli in support of Ohio Springers
Verne and Susan Saint Vincent We truly appreciate and believe in the mission of ESRA—thank you for helping the many Springers in need.
Elizabeth O'Donnell In memory of Dorothy O'Donnell and with gratitude to Sheri and Nancy for finding a home for her beloved Dudley
Angie Skayer A gift inspired by the foster family caring for Ray in Minnesota
Anthony and Nancy Weiss In memory of Duncan Weiss
Betty Boan In honor of Jessie
Laura Sheppard In honor of my adopted Princess/Shelby
Richard Weiss In memory of Duncan Weiss
NCSU Student Chapter of AAHA
Bobbie and Richard Weiler In honor of our ESRA Adoptee
Judie and Lee Lemsky
Heyward and Cheryl Leaphart In memory of Sara Martin
Leslie and Glenn Dyke
Angela Kindzia
Susan Phillips
Martha and Peter Dorland
Daniel Howe In honor of Coco
Robert Hoover In honor of Sophie
Stephen Kim In honor of Billie Jean
Noreen and George Lessmann In honor of Tryxie
Evan and Meridith Lutz In honor of Sammie
Alice Steiner
Joseph and Cherie Ignatius
Bridget McCombe
Carla Meyer For Lulu
Virginia and Robert Tucker In honor of Pete
Serene Munroe In honor of Tanner, aka Danny
Lorna Castanik In honor of Cinderella
Conner and Jody Smith In honor of Mercedes
Sue Haldeman In honor of Timmy
Christina Gross In honor of Aubrey
Jerry Gail and Diane Rash In honor of Ashley
David and Susan Haney In honor of Charlie
Albert and Andrea Lynn In honor of our ESRA adoptee
Dan Rinaldo In honor of Holly
David and Dawn Elliott
A. and L. Hagerman In honor of Jane
Patrick Marlborough In honor of Sigmund
Katarina Thomas
Patricia Snyder
Paul Dahlen and Madeline Craig
Joseph and Louise Guido
Mary Anderson Love to Antoinio gone, Lilly still here
Lesa Marie Zeedyk Im memory of Mollie and Shelbie
Susan and Ron Gerino In honor of Murphy
Laurie Griffith Bernard In memory of S. Hillary Bernard, Muffin and Emily
Karen Hegre In memory of Trooper and Stretch, and with healthy wishes to Kathy Armstrong and her new baby boy and family!
Suzanne Knight
Lisa Sheldon A happy birthday gift for her dad, Fred Sheldon, in memory of Max the Destroyer
Allison Allen A gift in honor of Leo McKinney
Ralph and Charlotte Holter In memory of Abby
Stacey and Anita Shehin A gift to help ESRA Springers in Ohio in memory of our first Springers, Ruby and Rocket
Lauren Fine In memory of my boy Jake and all of his Springer friends who need our help
Special Note: This gift comes from a Utah volunteer who raised funds for ESRA through what she hopes will become an annual event! Kudos!
Lynne McIntosh In memory of Barney, my first child
Michael Gallemore In memory of my best friend Buddy, laid to rest March 23, 2010
Jan Hutton A gift for the Tom Hutton family in memory of Tucker, a handsome Springer Spaniel who loved his family and loved being outside in his backyard doing what Springers love to do. He has left his pawprints on the hearts of all who loved him.
Laurie Olson A gift for Ellen Ellickson and Henley in memory of Mitzi
Gordon and Kata Brownell In memory of Wellington and Lily, two special Springers
Carol Sanderson A gift for Melissa Underwood in memory of Cooper, greatly loved by her
Laurie Olson In support of the Midwest local fundraiser
Rebecca Jane Thompson In support of the Midwest local fundraiser
Vicki Peters A gift in support of Iowa dogs in memory of Misty, Dudley and Bandit
Elizabeth and Kimberly Sanberg In memory of Henry
Linda and Andre Schofield In support of the Midwest local fundraiser
Terri and Steve Schmidt A gift for the Sioux City Seven foster expense in the Midwest
Rochester Minnesota ESRA group In support of the Midwest local fundraiser
Ann and Todd Indykiewicz For the Midwest local fundraiser to thank ESRA for Rio and Rudy, our beautiful rescue Springer Boys
Eleanor Cochran A gift for Mary Guttieri from Ellie "just because"
C.S. Manske In support of the Midwest local fundraiser
Suzanne Knight
Nancy and Jim Deets
Renee Shea A gift for Alenka Katsnelson in memory of our gallant girl Jenny
Kimberly Driggers In memory of Belle
Judy Fosbrook A thank you gift to ESRA and to Millie Christopher for bringing Jeffery into our lives.
Susanne and John Follett
Joseph and Cherie Ignatius
Kimberly Marvin
Kathy Engberg
Robert and Kirsten Knell
Robert Welshons and Odette Bulmer In honor of their new ESRA adoptee
Stanley and Donna Hurst In honor of their new ESRA adoptee
Jack and June Beasley From Teddy
Marvin and Gaye Siddel In honor of their ESRA adoptee
Richard and Patricia Huber In honor of Jim
Yolanda Burress In honor of Molly and Chloe
Kerri Johnson
Jean Tanney A gift for Carol Wood and Debbie Ruggles in memory of Belle
Charles B. Sweatt Foundation
Emma Sue Cherico In memory of T. Richard Siegel
Fred Arendt III
Robert and Dorothy Bertany, Sr.
Doug and Barbara Wood
Rita Boggs
Nocal Golden Retriever Club In memory of Harry Carpenter, wonderful husband and father
Tim and Lisa Buchanan In honor of Floyd's adoption
Grady and Sheryl Jordan In honor of Jasmine's adoption
Steven Jay Cooper In honor of our ESRA adoptee
Barbara and Donald Doolin
Krien and Megan VanBerkmoes In honor of Cody and Sarge
Terrie Silverman
Barbara Jacobus In honor of Bob Simpton for all he does to help those dogs in need
Big Moose Watersports LLC In honor of ESRA adoptee Mac
Russell and Joan Bykowski In honor of their ESRA puppy
Mike Ash
Judy Wilkinson In honor of their adopted Annie
Todd and Kathryn Dorlon
Brandon Stankiewicz In honor of their new ESRA adoptee
Michael and Wendy Dingwall In honor of Oakley's adoption
Nicole and John Mozurkewich In honor of Oreo's adoption
Lisa Mills
Terry and Belle Sprague
Jeffrey and Jennifer Ulmen In honor of Kiya's adoption
Joseph and Cherie Ignatius
Bridget McCombe
David Shaffer Music
David Kessler In memory of Mollythedog, Bestest Buddy
Sheri and Mike Cromwell Rest in peace, Mindy
Jane Sweeney In honor of Puddles AKA Minnie, our ESRA adoptee
Margaret Fassbinder From Snickers
Denise Murphy-Gerber In honor of my new ESRA adoptee
Tom and Mary Stancik In honor of Sophie and Amber's adoption
David and Barbara Collins In honor of our new ESRA adoptee
Miles and Elizabeth Weatherson In honor of of their ESRA adoptee
Emil and Lisa Kang In honor of Abigail's adoption
Warner and Ann Veal In honor of Louie
Eddie and Ann Leonard
Dawna Cantrell
Peter and Mirabelle Wrist In memory of Lucile Cruickshank
Dennis and Jennifer Curry
Deborah Horst A gift for Linda Harling
Joel and Josefa Poppen In honor of Goalie
Capt. Earle Yerger In honor of Sophie and Amber
Deborah Southworth and Christine O'Neal
John and Marage Mooney A gift for Heather Fall for the Pac Northwest dogs
Judith and Chris Cashwell In honor of our ESRA Abby and thanks to Darlene Hoffman and Carol Nadeau
Anne Embree In memory of Daisy
Scott and Amanda Garber In honor of our ESRA adoptee Donnie
Adam Stevens A gift for Walt and Sheila Dietrich
Linda Lintz To help with the surgical expenses for Alvin in Indiana
Carolyn Molloy A gift in memory of my gentle Cassie —I miss you so — to be used toward Indiana Alvin's surgery
Laurie Sampson In celebration of Lucy's adoption
Cynthia Delany
Steven Wainz and Susan Berry
Robert Goettlich and Karin Loverud In honor of our newly adopted ESRA Springer
Leslie Powell In honor of Valentino's adoption
Laurel Brackenridge In celebration of Bailey's adoption
R. J. Shannon In honor of Bo's adoption
Dr. Pat Choyce of All Pets Animal Hospital
Carol and Pat Quinlan In celebration of Marley's adoption
Michelle Marotta In honor of my new ESRA adoptee
Paul and Karen Laneback To celebrate the adoption of our ESRA Springer
Nicholas and Catherine Mennell In honor of Beaux
Arthur and Denise Gerber In memory of Hershey
Mark and Beth Bloomquist In celebration of our new ESRA adoptee
Monica Frakes
August and Carol Cavalli In honor of our new adoptee
Brett Rector In celebration of Lulu's adoption
Richard and Joleen Walden In h onor of Bella's adoption
Ann Stelmat In celebration of Angel and Crockett's adoption
Wayne and Linda Phears In honor of our new ESRA dog
Marti Nickoli In memory of Harry Carpenter
Kathryn G. Schar A Happy Mother's Day gift for Mom II
Jan Small Thank you for all you do
Herman Junkins
Roger and Susan Miller
Dianne and Clifford Wenniger
Vicki and Bill Wingo
Sharon Blanchet A gift for Joe
Janet Bumgardner
Robert Goettlich
Jodi Cohen In memory of Gracie
Jonathan Kraftchick A Mother's Day gift for Carol Smith
Clara Costello Gifts from Indiana Springers, Abby, Ginger and Roxie
Michelle Stonehouse
Andrew and Jeannine Springer A birthday gift for Sherri Harris
Etta Meinecke A gift for Mrs. John Dull in memory of John Dull who loved his Springers throughout his lifetime
Suzanne Knight
Melissa Folsom In memory of Bo and Mister Bingley, great English friends
Janet Koehnke A gift for Joan Besing in memory of Murphy. Winnie, Snoops and I will all miss her very much.
Alice and Stephen Sears In memory of Miss Molly
Maryelizabeth Kappert In memory of my Springer baby, Captain
David Scott To help with any ESRA dog especially those in the Southeast
Brigham Williams Commercial Properties
Sharp Realty
James and Christina Richburg
Judie and Lee Lemsky
James and Eva Preston
William and Christine Lewis
Linda Hall
Craig and Millie Christopher
Kay Jarrett
Dean Reinke and Catherine Lewis
H & H General Tire
Charles and Joyce Meyer In honor of our ESRA adoptee
Laurie and Bruce Schlegel In honor of our new ESRA Springer
Russell and Beverly Schumacher In honor of Abe
Robert and Elizabeth Linner In honor of our new ESRA family member
Jeannie and James Sirick Trevor's gift to ESRA
Dale and Kimberley Mittelstaedt In honor of our ESRA adoptee
Steven Wainz and Susan Berry
Woodrow and Anne Senn
Joan McCloskey
Denise Skonieczny A gift for Marabelle
Melinda Kreimendahl In memory of Sunny, Reilly, TJ
William Craig In memory of Lucky
Glenn Easterly
Benita Handford In memory of Jake and Duke
Nancy McCall A gift for ESRA in honor of their loving care of senior Springer Merilee in Georgia
David Lindner
Edward and Patricia NahinIn memory of our Maggie
Muttley Crew Cuts Co
John and Linda White In memory of Judd Fulford
A KuykendallA gift for Carolyn
Paul Mohr
Sondra Talbert
Karen and David Staka
Randall and Janet Pownell
Corrine SkoniecznyIn memory of Watson
Haeok Holt
Ciara MhathunaIn honor of my new ESRA adoptee
Craig and Julie Van GorpIn honor of Trey's adoption
Marc Aubertin and Tram-Anh PhamIn honor of our new ESRA family member
Roger and Margaret SmithIn honor of Belle's adoption
Patrick and Laura DoumountIn honor of Layla
Diane Fittipaldi and John Akiba, Jr
James Fitzmaurice and Doug Gebraad
Richard and Mildred Merk
Roy and Mary RichisonIn honor of our ESRA adoptee
Angela ChristmanIn honor of our ESRA adoptee
Thomas and Cherly EngalaIn honor of our ESRA adoptee
Janice Temple
Barbara Hollenkamp
Darla Beers
Caryn Hite A Father's Day gift for Edward Schwarz in memory of Jake Hite
LaVonne Jurack Gift for Roger Dad Jurack. Happy Fathers Day, Dad!
Anonymous In memory of Jack, our Springer
Boyd E. Clark, Jr. In memory of Lady
Rob and Carolin Bakewell A gift for Cindy Wright and Lisa Rowden. Congratulations and best wishes.
Judy Johnson In memory of Andy
Anonymous In memory of Canela and Canelo
George and Liz Wortley In memory of Snickers and Jordan
Lauren Fine A gift for Judith and Walt Zwierzycki in memory of Tracker with love from Lauren, Adam, Jenny and Bones
Jane Ash In memory of Murphy Brown and Jesse
Kristen Riha To help southern Springers in need in memory of ESRA boy Willie from Kentucky
Tony Cash In memory of Grover
Suzanne Knight
Sharon Ullman In memory of Nestle
Pamela Steggles In honor of her new ESRA adoptee
RadiSys Corp. Continued Success in ESRA's important mission
Harmony Animal Wellness Center For the Padilla's in memory of Sadie
Norman Thomas and April Brackenbush In memory of Mark Anderson, who loved all dogs and faithful companion to Bailey Faith
Lori and Steve Lama In memory of our dear friend Philip Green, a lover of all dogs
Diane and Mitchell Chmielewski A gift for Marabelle
Carol Wilkinson For Marabelle
Suzan Dundas For Marabelle
Ruth Libbey For Marabelle
Pamela Comben For Marabelle
Kim Marvin For Marabelle
Alan and Diane Mendel In honor of their new ESRA adoptee
Bill Arnold In honor of Jade
Richard and Denise Meyer In honor of Gandolf's adoption
Eugene and Elizabeth Wohlgezogen In honor of their new adopted Springer
Robert and Carol Walker
Louis and Marca Lombardo In honor of Melanie's adoption
Susan Koerner
Kathleen Engberg In memory of all my beloved Springer dogs and fosters
Sally Li
Cindy Peterson
Michael Irwin
Col. William and Melanie Brady In honor of their Sarah Jane
Lynn Rosen In honor of Abbott's adoption
Brian and Susan Ruediger In honor of Brie's adoption
Gus and Catherine Scheffer
Kent and Stacy Keiser In honor of Keegan's adoption
Michael and Tiffany Dexter
Debra Sidman In memory of Murphy Brown
Sandi Garris
Peggy and Scott Storey In honor and loving celebration of the Janet Storey's birthday
Jay Splichal In memory of beloved Curley. Thank you, ESRA, for Rocco
Stacey Shehin and Jackie Miller A gift for all ESRA Ohio Springers in memory of Gordon O. Berr
Pam Grant In memory of Cocoa
Kath and Bob Trendler In memory of Lilly, an ESRA graduate
Leslie Dyke A gift for Pat and Barbara Beard in memory of their beloved Springer Pippin
Charlotte and Frank Dono
Carolyn Harrell A gift for Pat and Barbara Beard in memory of Pippin
Suzanne Knight
Donnie and Donna Graves In memory of Dreyfus and Remmington
Jennifer L. Fuhrman
John E. Lehto
Karen Bruskin A gift to use for Special Needs Springers or Senior Springers in the Southeast Region in memory of Sunny and Sammy
Diane Phillips In memory of Grace
Jeremy Albert
Glenda Berry In memory of Archie
Ronald Ballard and Marta Martin in memory of Jesse in Southern California
Tracey and Michel Clark In memory of Cooper
Tim and Lori Ann Owens For Edgar's surgery
Maxine and William Anstett In memory of Scoopie and in honor of Tysee
Sarah Horowitz For ESRA Arizona dogs
Lynn Winchester For Edgar's surgery
Anne Embree
Bridget McCombe
Todd and Kathy Meena
Michael and Dee Mueller
Jeffrey Jay and Carol Stephens-Jay
Joanne and Todd Patton
Alyssa Brown
Chris Browning
Katherine and Jamie Baldanza
Robert Corrado
Elizabeth and Walt Campbell
Sandra Dunlap
Robert and Susan Manthey
Rhonda John
Diane and Stephen Lagergren
Lisa and Michael Maurice
Roy and Tina McPherson
Stephen McNair
Leon Quinn, M.D. and Anne Quinn
Stephen and Liza Reese
RZN Neutraceuticals, Inc.
M. Edward Taylor and Peggy H. Taylor, M.D.
Joel and Karen Van Cleve
Barbara Vitello
Donald and Kolleen Wick
Francesca Beaumont and Brian Wozniak
Heidi Thomas-Dunn
Meredith McCartan Press
Ronald Press
Linda Parker
Sherri Halford
Mary Ann Shirkey In gratitude for my dear companion, Winnie, with thanks to ESRA and Barbara Welty
Charles Korramus In honor of Meggy, Sport and now Rusty, a Missouri puppy mill dog, for all Springers in ESRA's care
Kathy Raidt A wedding gift for Ellie Miller and Joel Starks
Diane and Tony Foos To help ESRA Springers in Ohio
John Weix A gift for Miller/Starks wedding
Robert Toy In memory of Autumn, Jack, Misty, Sierra, Zeus, Storm, Bitsy, and Freckles—all great Springers
Judy Johnson In memory of Andy
Paul Erb A gift for Dan and Amy Replogle
Jennifer L. Fuhrman
Kathryn Schar A gift for Mom and Molly
Jill and Bob Freeman In honor of Susan Baldwin, foster mother to Ginger, prior to the Freeman's adoption of her. (Susan and Ginger share a September 9 birthday!)
Suzanne Knight
Bruce and Charlotte Dunklin In memory of Molly, Maxie, Barkey and Sadie
Rhonda Groves In memory of Tempe and Sadie
Charlotte and Frank Dono In memory of Chocolate
William G. Burke
Ralph Clinard
John and Delena McLaughlin
Robert and Tracy Tackett
Pamela Klessig
Danny and Kristin Steffens
Ruth Kuechenmeister
Suzanne Walden-Wells
Robbi Berg and Michael Dolan
Mary M. and Robert G. Wolleben
Jan Thorne In memory of Ruger Thorne
Coleman Chambliss
Jeannie Sirick "Wherever it's needed most"
Rita Gaumer
Khadija and George Rennix IV
John and Kay Hosey
Marita Koller
Edman and Janie Blair
Frederick and Linda Plain
Douglas Eckman and Carmen Portillo
Marlene Murrah Rouco
Angela Koester
Joseph and Cherie Ignatius
Bridget McCombe
Paul and Deborah Cornette
Deborah Tollefson
Michela Hawkins
Beverly Ulis
Etta Meinecke
Dawn Haskins
Sunday Caswell
Meredith McCartan Press
Gouri Radhakrishnan In memory of Brio
Richard Nathan
Christine and Ross Hoskins
Jill Lynn and Benjamin Blegen
Betting and David Klumpp
Denise Collins
Eva Marie Kreil
Linda and David Foen
Susan Phillips
Janet James
Timothy and Lori Mueller For NE springers
Paula McIllece To help with UT puppy Sully's medical bills
Leigh Kramarczuk In memory of Sherleen Bennett
Magaly Ferlita In memory of Alice Kersey
Trish Munoz In memory of our much loved Bandit. Our hearts are aching as we miss you so much.
Dale Filip In memory of Gus, Lucy, P.J. and Bear
Allison Allen A gift for Angela McKinney
Rick Potter A gift for David and Louise in memory of Moab
Lisa Cooley In honor the birthday of my rescue Spaniel, Elcie
Bill Butt
Laurie Garron A gift for Kathleen Santry in memory of Heidi Santry
Sue Moler Springers are special dogs and I am thankful there are those willing to help them.
Jan Thorne In memory of Diamond E. Ruger
Judy Hansen In honor of Julie, with special thank you to Terry Sprague
Barbara Wagner
Glen Gustafson and Jane McMahon
Dan and Sharon Peter
Karen Rapp
James A. Adlebush
Carol M. Taylor and Elizabeth A. Dickerson
George Jr. and Susan Wright
Ian and Jenine Hamilton
Kermit and Holly Kelley
Julie F. Paquette
S. David and Barbara Zinkhan
Lawrence Jr. and Janis Frick
William and Theresa Finger
Patrick Papa
Thomas Reid In memory of Freckles
Kevin and Renee Pajda In memory of Sammy
Noah Kriel In honor of Misty's adoption
M. Donovan and M. Lidgin In honor of Cinderella's adoption
Jennifer Barnes
Steven Wainz and Susan Berry For Beau
Peter and Cynthia Christnacht In honor of Walter
Franklin and Bettyjo Bittner
Erin and Erich Snyder
Patrick McGrane and Lynda Schulman In honor of Bella
Susanna Littell In honor of Sapphire's adoption
August and Carol Cavalli
Karen and Reed Hoofnagle In honor of Bloom's adoption
Robert Toy For Meg
Michael Macy and Patricia Beeman
Donald and Kathy Shvegzda In support of Ohio Springers in memory of our Bailey
Joel Irwin To support ESRA rescue activities in Houston in honor of Angie McKinney
Susan Hackett In memory of Jared Hall
Sue and Joe Barry A gift in honor of Miller/Starks wedding
Debbie Thompson A donation given in honor of Ellie Miller and Joel Starks wedding
Stephanie Wittmer Congratulations on the marriage of Ellie and Joel!
Lynne and Tony Drumm A gift in honor of the Miller/Starks wedding
Juan A. Duenas In memory of our loving Springer, Hunter, who is dearly missed.
Kimberly McDaniel In memory of our sweet rescue Carly from North Carolina
Amy Beeman A gift for Joel and Ellie Starks
John P. Eagan A gift in honor of Kim Marvin, Michigan Chapter. We are so grateful for the wonderful dog we adopted in early summer.
Etta Meinecke A gift for Joel and Ellie Starks' wedding
Jean McDonald-Roberts In memory of Kelsey and Max
Karen and Tom Rockey
Rick Siegert For the dogs that need help
Christopher C. Flanigan In memory of Howard Kuhn
Suzanne Knight
Carley Thompson In memory of Hazie, my childhood Springer
Sheryl Thompson A gift to benefit rescued Springers in SC in memory of Beauregard Harris
Dakota Territory Gun Collector Association
Katherine Samson In memory of my beloved Jordan
Kim Nowaczyk a gift for Diane Yera in memory of Audrey
Jackie Miller and Stacey Shehin A gift to support all ESRA Ohio dogs in memory of Frankie
The Huntingtons and the Hogles A gift for Jason and Lindsey Bursch in memory of Ed Bursch with our deepest sympathies for your loss.
Jim and Gay Bech A gift for Joanne Cenis in memory of Ed Bursch
Merrie Corbett Thank you to all the very special, caring volunteers who care for the less fortunate Springers who are so deserving.
Joseph A. Scorcio A gift for Carol Bursch in memory of Ed Bursch
Sukie McMaster A gift for Tracy Peterson and Jeanne Kelsey in memory of Bonnie Martin Stein who will be missed by everyone who knew her, especially by her last Springer Clyde who has been adopted by the McMaster family
Linda Olmstead and Cheryl Trobough A gift for Barb and Jim Hall in memory of Jared Hall
Herman and Julia Lippert A gift for Barb and Jim Hall in memory of Jared Hall
Harry Wayne Klekamp In honor of Rumy's adoption
Walter and Lucille Rau In honor of Charlie's adoption
Lawrence and Beatrice Blankenship In honor of Spencer Tracy's adoption
Amber Fagan In honor of Lightning's adoption
ESSFTA Bench Show Committee (National Specialty Silent Auction proceeds)
Peggy Mundell at DogBreedz.net (Proceeds of photo shoot at GGESSA Special Show)
Peter and Margery Nakamura
Gordon Peden
Sally Dalrymple
Dale Gruber and Bruce Freeman
Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship (Donation of speaking honorarium for Christian Miller)
T. Stella
Peter and Patricia Robinson For all Springers
Nellie S. Pratt In honor of Otis
Kathy and Jim Funck In recognition of Barb Doolin and Heather Fall for all of their hard work and dedicatoin. ESRA is lucky to have them.
Joseph and Cherie Ignatius
Bridget McCombe
NCSU Student Chapter of AAHA - Dog Olympics Donation
Bill Hendrickson
Jan Thorne
Gwyn Garner and John Neitzel In honor of our adoption of Max
Timothy T. Wheeler and Janet D. Pappas In honor of Jaxon's adoption
John and Martha Ramos In honor of our adoption of Lucy
Karen S. Von Reichbauer In honor of Bella and Holly
Kris and Craig Specht In memory of Woodie and Indie
Jan Thorne In memory of Sally Clement
Barbara A. and James A. McDonell
Charles and Jane Dare In memory of Domino — 1994-2010, an English Springer Spaniel who was a great companion and a six-year survivor of cancer treatments. Truly, he was a wonderful buddy.
Amy C. Beeman In honor of Joel and Ellie Sparks' wedding
Kerry and Gerald D'Ascoli In memory of Darby and Dodger
Brigham Williams Commercial Properties,Inc. In memory of Paul Lemsky
Dana R. Falk
Janet S. Bumgardner
Rebecca and John Neuhaus
Taft D. and Susan Wilkins Navarro
Shelley and Richard Kerber
Diane L. Slais
William W. and H. Missy Wagoner In honor of our adoption of Dottie
Robert and Clare Katharine Borland In honor of Brody
Marta and David Watts
Linda Hanson
Puget Sound English Springer Spaniel Association, Inc. (Specialty raffle proceeds)
John and Kay Hosey
John Grasso A gift for Kathaleen Dreschler in memory of Fergie Dreschler
Kevin and Allison Allen
Terry Sprague
Terry and Paula Clark A gfit for Carol Bursch in memory of Ed Bursch
Anonymous A gift for Jen Cohen
Shanna Cassetta In memory of Bonnie
Robin Garver-Geller A gift for the Hasara Family in memory of George M. Hasara
Marilyn Smeathers A gift for Kate Kyer for all she does with ESRA, in memory of Pablo and so many others
Bryon Egge In memory of Maggie
Jennifer Fuhrman
Benita Handford In memory of The Boys, Duke and jake
Angela Brock A gift for Gloria, John, Edgar and Chester Kareken
Rebecca Ferraro A gift for Cartherine Jones. Merry Christmas from David and Rebecca
Suzanne Knight
Patrick Davern In memory of Riley
Bob Couture In memory of Cocoa. Keep up your wonderful work, ESRA.
Paula J. Roberts In honor of ESRA seniors Myne and Hedlee with great appreciation to Susan Schulte and Renee Holmes for the love they give.
Sue Schulte In memory of Manny Riter and Anne Stacy
Eileen C. Koob
Kerri Killion Mueller
Richard Weiss A gift to support Greater Tampa Area Springers in the name of my friends and fellow ESRA volunteers, especially Sloane Smith and Tara Monks
Kae Erickson A birthday gift for Donnie Graves — Love, Kae, Dave, Lauren, Ryan and Karli
Sue Chapman In honor of my two beautiful healthy Springers, Lambeau and Badger. Springers are THE best breed and I can't imagine my life without my two. As well how full my life was with my dear Maggie who I miss every day.
Austin Hollo In memory of Sparky and Rosie
Tim and Annette Balliett
Steve Hovis A gift for awesome Carlee Mashak
Susan and Randall Rosser In memory of Cheyenne, a gift to suppport sweet Sammy who is currently in the care of Loretta Reeves.
Beth Berman In memory of Buddy, Duke and Jack
Louis B. Dale A gift for Ed Mashman and Carolyn Molloy
Linda Parker In memory of Micah, Bailey and Molly
Richard Weiss For Greater Tampa Bay Reese's eye surgery
James Newton A gift from Chip to support ESRA Carolinas and the work of NC/SC Coordinator Pam Civile
Michael and Jessica Ross In memory of Bailys Ross — Thank you for the unselfish love and companionship for the last 17 years. You will be missed and never forgotten.
Archna Mohan
Amy Beeman A gift for Ellie Starks
Bob and Ann Lewis A gift for Dan and Amy Replogle. Merry Christmas to the Kids — Fennigan, Dotty, Rusty, and Rosie
Ainslie Zwieg Merry Christmas to Mark and Whitney Zwieg!
Elizabeth Gonia In memory of Ranger
Cindy Malloy-Nathern A gift for Joan Nathern in memory of Smitty Nathern
Julie Coulter and Grits Merry Christmas to Pat and John Krause
Anonymous A gift for Renee Fairchild
Sarah Fritz Support for the Midwest/Minnesota ESRA region
Anonymous In honor of Hedlee and Myne in California
Rita Odlum A gift for Mike and Jan Ballew — Merry Christmas!
Maura Kane In memory of Doolin Kane
Edith Brodsky A gift for Lynn Blagden in memory of Timber, a beautiful girl — from Edie and Barkley
Evelyn Novak To support the work of ESRA in Washington State in memory of Zeke and in honor of our new rescue dog Edgar. ESRA is a wonderful organization and we thank you for everything you do. Merry Christmas from Edgar.
Eleanor Parker A Christmas gift in honor of Curtis and Alan Flowers
Amy L. Stevens In memory of Toby
Mike and Jane Winkler In memory of Buster
Timothy Werling
Amanda Bott A gift for Frances Sakaguchi in memory of all the wonderful dogs who have and continue to enrich our lives
Laura Nassau A gift for Yona Yellin
Ron and Lana Roulo In memory of Beegie, our 16 year old Springer who passed in 2009
Amy and Jason Klous
The McFadden Family A gift for The Pack and Mr. and Mrs. Jurack in memory of Friday Eugene and Cody Bare — Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Cynthia Gulden Merry Christmas to David Swank from your Santa Lenz. We are so glad you are a part of our family. Thank you for your concern for Springers!
Justin G. Nevitt In memory of Rosco P. Kellam
Will Collins A gift for Angel Reed in memory of Harley
Michelle Eschborn and Sharon Corrigan In memory of all of our dogs past and present
Hilda Bussell
Catherine Jones In memory of Emma and Ashley Jones
Jay Reed In memory of Molly — from Newman and Shadow, rescues walking in her steps
Dana A. Phips In memory of Molly, Midnight, Maggie, Cassie, Ellie, Meg
Kymberli Jasinski In memory of Cowboy, a gift for Darlyn Jasinski, a longtime Springer owner who would rather give than receive gifts
Leah Mollin-Kling A gift for Jean R. O'Leary in memory of Cocoa Puff
Elizabeth Gibbons A gift for Linda Gibbons
Clark Ruggles The best gift I could think to give to Debbie Ruggles and Carol Wood for the holidays. Merry Christmas!
Leslie Caspersen
Edward Bornet
Peggy Storey With love and hope for the New Year to Janet Storey and Chris Nash
Richard Superak
Robert and Elizabeth May
Allen E. Olson In memory of Hugs and Kisses
Gareth Wade In memory of all the spaniels who have given me their all and more
Jodi Goldberg A gift for Michelle Boytim in support of Sarah rescued from Iowa
Elena Brody A gift for Jenny Burrell and family in memory of their Springer Spaniel Tattie, who will be missed by her family and the patients she visited at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.
Jerry and Simone In memory of Cody, a special companion 1995-2010
Diane Phillips
Janet Koehnke In memory of Maggie, Murphy and Gumbeaux
Kathleen Jacobs
Shawn Ellis
Sherrie Aycock
Alexandra Nicholson
Michael and Amy Lay
David and Amanda Sherzer
Anissa Allbritton In memory of Huckleberry. Our two new guys, Mickey and Boogie, have settled in fabulously. They are so much fun and a treasured part of our family. Thanks for your help in finding them!
Pamela Waidler In memory of Rudy
Suzanne Chamberlin In memory of Cody. Thanks to ESRA for helping Springers.
Jerry and Lisa Falk In honor of Lucy, adopted through ESRA in 2008
Ardee and Terrence Jagt
Julie H Hetherington
Charles and Virginia Kohli
Janet and Douglas Shelton
Aime J. Weniger
Roger and Rhonda Groves
Dan and Amy Replogle
Barbara E. Davis
Kathleen K. Jasnoch
Dick and Toni Debeaubien
Robert Neher
Jan and J. Small
Roger and Carolyn Jurack In memory of Friday
Michael and Diane Shanley
Peter and Tammy Shaw To help with vet bills for Ford in North Dakota
Rob and Kimberly Robertson In memory of Cody
William and H. Missy Wagoner To help with Juliet's vet bills
Harvey and Constance Good To help with Juliet's vet bills
Tamara Jerome To help with Juliet's vet bills
Jimmae and Robert Seely To help with Juliet's vet bills
Women Communications, LLC A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding. Congratulations, Ellie and Joel
Lois Ann Barry and Ann L. Andersen A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding
David and Marlys Senjem A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding
Alice M. Taylor A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding
Robert and Ann Andersen A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding
Helen E. Bell and Lois Barry A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding
Carmen Harris A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding
Jason and Tess Barry A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding
Ellington Miller A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding
Edward and Shannon Krawiecki A gift for the Miller/Starks wedding
Corrine T.Skonieczny
Gordon and Melinda Mull
Shaun Anderson
Nancy Perrine In memory of Beau
Janice Watson
Elaine E. Thorkildson In honor of Buster's adoption
Bridget McCombe
Dogpound Printing, LLC
Michael P. Fortune
Debbie Wiltbank
Ron and Sue Gilliam
Jos. and Cherie Ignatius
William H. Le Febve In honor of the adoption of Kody in Illinois
Barb Doolin To help with vet bills for Juliet
Eve Sluga To help with vet bills for Juliet
J.E. and M.A. Mooney To help with vet bills for Juliet
Carol S. Wood, Ph.D To help with vet bills for Juliet
Karen Staska To help with vet bills for Juliet
Mary Cloepfil To help with vet bills for Juliet
Cheryl Spencer To help with vet bills for Juliet
Lucinda Niden Ham To help with vet bills for Juliet
T. Stella To help with vet bills for Juliet
Candace Vogler To help with vet bills for Juliet
Debbie L. Carney To help with vet bills for Juliet
Dalene Anderson In memory of Ed Bursch
Denise Anderson In memory of Ed Bursch
Daniel and Karen Stall In memory of Ed Bursch
Dick and Kathi Triesch In memory of Ed Bursch
Dr. Gregory and Nancy Gosline To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
Susan and Fredrik Schroer To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
Jan Thorne To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
S. and J. Danielson To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
Juanita Watson To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
Monica and Raymond Smith To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
Catherine Scheffer To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
Angela Kindzia To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
David Scott To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
Judith Borders To help with vet bills for JoeJoe/George in Georgia
Harmony Animal Wellness Center A gift for Lyn and David Padilla in memory of "Butch" Padilla
Dr. Michael and Cyndy Topliff

Contributions made for "any Springer in ESRA's care" in 2009 can be found here