Alabama's Lucky 21

May 12, 2014, will go down as another red letter day for ESRA!

We had known of a Springer breeder in Alabama — a basic puppy mill — since 2007 when we received sixteen dogs from her. In the summer of 2013 she surrendered eight more. Monday night, May 12, a court order was issued demanding that all of this breeder's remaining dogs be relinquished to ESRA. Led by Dr. Mark Colicchio, a veterinarian in the area who had been working diligently for quite some time to close this operation, ESRA volunteers jumped into action and in a few hours time gathered twenty crates and met law enforcement at the breeder's home where 21 lucky Springers were taken in to ESRA's care.

Rehm Animal Clinic in Loxley stayed open late that evening so the dogs had a safe warm place to land and get whatever immediate care was needed. The 21 dogs — twelve adults ages 1 to 6, two six-week-old puppies and seven three-week-old puppies — were given great care at Rehm. They were all evaluated, and many of the adults were neutered or spayed. The staff even bottle fed one of the baby pups who wasn't doing as well as the others. They will all be headed to foster homes as soon as possible. Susan Zuker, coordinating this mammoth undertaking for ESRA, announced, "We actually had more offers to foster than we had dogs! Volunteers are driving ten or more hours each way to help transport them."

UPDATE 6/5/14: The Lucky 21 became the Lucky 29 last night after sweet Magic gave birth to eight lucky puppies. They will never know anything but love. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible.

Contact: Susan Zuker at if you want to hear more about Alabama's Lucky 21.


Ursula Jackson
Carol Sanderson To celebrate the rescue of the 21 Alabama Springers!
Pat Ryan In memory of all needy Springers
Christi Cooper In memory of Henry, Natalie and Wyatt
Beth Fink
Barbara Smith In memory of all my lovely Springers who have left me
Robin and Derek Wolfgram
Connie Vice In memory of Richard Weiss
Susan and Rick Zuker In memory of Richard Weiss
Nita Watson In loving memory of Richard Weiss
Alisa M Runyan In loving memory of Scooter, Dottie, and Charley
Ronda Volkman In honor of all the people that had a part in rescuing Alabama's Lucky 21!
Renee Ayers
Kathleen Kyer In memory of Pablo, Sadie, Isabelle, and Silly Millie
Lisa Goertemiller In memory of Winston who was also rescued from a puppy mill
Ginny Lappin In memory of Luci
Caryn Pola Happy 99th birthday, Dorothy Miller!
Linda Prouty A memorial gift for Mrs. Dorothy Wilson Springall
Craig and Millie Christopher In memory of Richard — we miss you, friend.
Ashley and James Parks Springers have blessed our lives for 25 years. We've rescued three Springers to date. We pray these amazing dogs find Forever Homes.
Linda Prouty In honor of CJ, Sam and Venus, loved and missed by Joan and Clif
Caryn Partch-Boshears In memory of the love of my life, Isabel
Sherri Ash In memory of Richard Weiss — I miss your emails about sports cars and sporting Springers!
Sheri and Gary Leider Always thankful for the health of our former special needs boy Riley
Ray and Monica Smith Best of luck finding forever homes! — from Sherlock and Watson
Lenn Jackson
Debra L. H. Maxwell In memory of CJ, Sam and Venus — loved and missed by Joan and Clif
Ann Van Peer In honor of Susan Zuker and all the Springers she has helped. Thanks for everything you do, Susan.
Emily Pike
Mona Kenyon
Rebecca McAlpin
Stacey, Kenny, and Madie Smith In memory of CJ, Sam and Venus — loved and missed by Joan Beck and Clif Brochman
Karen Prinkey
Lori DiLorenzo Ware A gift for Joan and Clif Beck in loving memory of Venus — my prayers are with you, Joan and Clif
James Hamidani What a great rescue story I hope all 29 Lucky Springers find Amazing Forever Homes.
Sally Ehrenfried In honor of our Maggie
Dolores Blake In memory of my rescues, Rocky, Heidi, Sally Rose and Cyrano
Dessie Bothan In memory of Frasier
Denise Skonieczny Buehler
Rebecca L. Zullo
Lynn E. Butler God bless all of those who have the passion, the ability and unwavering spirit to rescue and foster
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Jane Bennett In loving memory of Thomas Haglund and in honor of the Alabama Lucky 21
Melody Carranza In memory of Gus and Louie
Susan Zuker In memory of Barbara King's Blake
Phyllis Chan A gift for John LeMunyon and Kate Tremblay in memory of my former ESS foster, Jake
Phyllis Chan In memory of Lenn Jackson's Lily
Phyllis Chan In memory of Kim Matthew's Sam