An inspiration to us all
July 17, 1949 – November 14, 2002

Jan Flagg and Joe Jan Flagg was a woman with a vision. In Jan's world, no dog would go homeless or hungry. And while she loved all dogs, Jan's passion for English Springer Spaniels led to her founding of ESRA. Because of her drive and dedication, several hundred Springers are rescued and rehomed each year, all over the United States.

But Jan's vision went farther than that. Within Jan's heart was a special place for dogs who especially need our help: senior, severely ill, or injured Springers. These dogs regularly turn up in shelters nationwide. And the shelters, who are faced with dwindling budgets and severe overcrowding, rarely have the resources to help them. With no place else to turn, ESRA is usually the last ray of hope for these special dogs.

The Jan Flagg Memorial Fund has been established by the Flagg family and ESRA to help provide rescue and medical care for senior, critically ill, or injured English Springer Spaniels. Please help us perpetuate Jan's legacy. All donations are tax deductible, and a receipt will be provided.




You can pay online by secure credit card transaction, or mail a check. Thank you for your continued support!
ESRA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.


A list of contributors in 2016 to the Jan Flagg Memorial Fund can be found at this link: sponsor/jan_memorial_2016.html



Carla Meyer In loving memory of our 3 ESRA Springers of the last 20 years Jasmine, Tuvalo and especially Lucy who passed last month. Our lives have been made infinitely better by their being in our family.
Matt Foster For the rescue and rehabilitation of Springers in North Texas
Donald Wagner In honor of Onyx
Steve Barndt In celebration of Lucy & Ricky
Tim Gilderbloom  
Russell Dahl  
Robert David  
Donald S. Williams For all the love Winston gives every day.
William G. Burke III  
David & Cindi Raymond  
Monica Smith  
Dianne Shanley  
Justin Dickstein  
TRUSTEE ANGELS – $500 to $999
Rene Topalian In loving memory of Jan Flagg
Christopher Blazejowski In loving memory of Kirby Blazejowski.
Clifford Wenniger
Richard Melcher
Carolyn Molloy
Erin Stearns In loving memory of Kinsey and Scout
Elizabeth Bozeman  
George Wright  
Kathie Schilling In loving memory of Annie
Karen Shaff  
Lee Penniston  
Candis Mercer In loving memory of Gabe, Bailee and Belle
Joan McCloskey  
Heather Whitman  
Lynn Jones  
Amy & Dan Replogle In honor of Brice in Texas.
Christopher & Amy Blazejowski  
Stan & Krissy Hinton  
William & Mary Lee Holmes In honor of Renee and Donald Holmes
Rebecca & John Hasselbeck  
Cyndy & Michael Topliff  
SUSTAINING ANGELS – $100 to $499
Suzette Owen In loving memory of Bogie
Michael Straney In loving memory of Casey and Sadie - two wonderful Springers
Timothy Eardley In loving memory of Rosie, Gabby and Sophie
Sandra C. Dunlap  
Sharon Mellon in loving memory of Archie
Vicky Sherman  
Carol Rolland  
Nancy Dobbs In loving memory of Rosie
Allison Isola In honor of Beth Maryan
Jerome Robbins In celebration of Scooter and Murphy
Cynthia Bell Benton  
Andrea Wendell In loving memory of Nala
Judith Mennemeier In loving memory of Duke
Thomas Reath In loving memory of Zeke, Ryan, Arnie, Scooter, Rusty and Torre
Robert Reardon In honor and loving memory of my past five Springers
Debbie Ramsey In loving memory of Luke and Hannah
Laura Flicker In honor of Lucky Lulu and the Brandt Family
Linda Gaalaas In honor of George Gurria
Shelly Kreiter In celebration of Atticus, Winston, Anza and Xena; in memory of Lilly, Rosie, Ganso and Frida
Perry Williams
Carter Snider In loving memory of Jake and Claude
Todd Ingalls In remembrance of Jessie
Karen M. Fritz In loving memory of Rosie and Bear.
Ardee Jagt In honor of all my awesome Springers.
Barbara J. Lauffer In loving memory of Dakota.
Meade B. Johnson
Peter Reuss
Ken Lovell In memory of W. Ray Williams.
Cathy English
Richard Orth In loving memory of Monty (Miz "March" for 2018 ESRA calendar).
Tom McIntosh In loving memory of Gus, Lexi, Lily and Rider.
Wayne Brander
Elizabeth Bonia In loving memory of Tuggles.
James Bailey " In honor of Jake and Bandit (ESRA boys)"
Tracy Becker In honor of all the volunteers that keep this great organization going!
Maureen Williams In loving memory of Chester and Tinkerbell.
Joan Parker In loving memory of Charlie.
Julie Waters In loving memory of Molly, Winchester, Murphy and Rose.
Robert Elze In loving memory of Maxx Elze.
James Schroeder
James Carney In celebration of Lilly and Zoom.
Alice Defries In loving memory of Timber
Mary Lou Baird
Thomas Rau In loving memory of Daisy the Springer.
Nancy Myers
Scott A. Bauer
Susana Partida
J. Robert Stout
Kelli Derrig
Mary Carolyn Maguire In loving memory of Lucky.
Brad Morrison In honor of Jack. In memory of Scout.
Joseph Poythress In loving memory of Penny and Meg.
Andrew Hunter In celebration of our ESRA pup - Rocky!
Mike Murphy
William Schneider In celebration of Bailey.
Danny Kobbs
Michael Minning In celebration of Renoir
Eric Christman In honor of all my wonderful, 4-legged friends.
Michael Bruinius In loving memory of Simon Bruinius.
Kevin Taddy  
Chris Arora In loving memory of our darling Becky
Robin Downey  
Steve Baecker  
Pat Synder  
Denise Barnett  
Glenn Patton In memory of our beloved Jester's Queen of Comedy (Brie) who died July 1, 2017
Kathleen Engberg  
Anthony Schilling  
John Sullivan In loving memory of Tiger and Zippy
Karin Goffinet In celebration of Jackson and Moose - our blind boys and in honor of poster boy Bertie!
Joan Fraser In loving memory of Max, Hailey and Bailey
Lori Sala In loving memory of Murphy, Bobb, Shasta & Suzy
Pamela Albert In honor of our treasurer - Bella
Russ Sonnier  
David Springsteen  
Alison England  
Laurie Czechowicz  
Lisa Kay Butts In honor of all my fosters!
Scherrie Hall In memory of Bridgette
Janet Lemson In loviing memory of Oreo, Lucy and Bailey
Joanne Nesi In loving memory of Casey Moo
Joan Fraser In memory of Max, Hailey and Bailey
John Sullivan In loving memory of Tiger and Zippy
Melissa McKelvey  
Marcy Bolotin  
Ilene Friedman  
Linda Parker  
Timothy Owens In celebration of Oliver
Don and Linda Coatsworth  
Rhonda Baldwin  
Nita Watson So thankful to ESRA for my Ava - 5 years today! In memory of Fred and Sue Schroer's sweet Lady.  She will be much missed.
Kevin Gessert In loving memory of Duke
Thomas Monroe In celebration of Hunter
Ron Jones In celebration of Lucky!
Amy Gibbard In celebration of Blake - a faboulous 2007 adoptee!
Kay Stoupa In celebration of Chloe
Sheryl Hutson In loving memory of Gizi
William Ralph In loving memory of Scott who was adopted through ESRA 10 years ago
Gene Ogden In celebration of Lilipad - cancer survivor
Bill Graham  
Jay R. Reed  
Ronda Moore In celebration of Bertie
Ron Gilliam In celebration of Bosley and in memory of Bailey and Cori
Doris Youngquist  
Bruce Dunklin In memory of our 8 ESRA adoptees
Janet Dunn In honor of our beloved Springer Lucy
Ruth Gabreski In memory of Katy Taym - we love and miss you!
Martha Michalek In loving memory of Freckles and Hope
Kara Marciani In loving memory of Lucy Long
Jean Rynda  
Paul Deleeuw In honor of Benjy, Charlie and Maggie
Mary Oien In memory of Collette Holmes
Susan Kelly in celebration of Kicker Kelly!
Russ Lochte  
Sandra Leone Condiglio In loving memory of Norman, Mandy and Abby
William Leith In loving memory of Rigby
John Dick In loving memory of Flo Dick
Fredda M. Fox In memory of all my beloved critters
John Veal  
Patricia Mann  
Joseph Pater  
Patricia Synder  
Ann Veal  
judie Lemsky  
Carrye Franzel  
James Ives  
Mary McDougal  
J. Lawrence Nester  
Bernard Fink  
Jane Sweeney  
Annette Elaine Doerr  
Fred Speder In honor of Edward Mashman
Sherry Bardack In honor of Bill and Gay Sterling
Carol Plexico  
Ronnie Riner  
Suzanne Sharpe  
Bill McKenzie Thank you for Henry
John H. Kristoff In memory of Angel.
Cynthia Tobin In loving memory of Wesley D. Tobin, my father who loved Springers
John Bradbury In memory of Mia - my wild child
Carla Hopper In memory of Hailey and Scooter
John Powers In honor of Scooby-Doo
Anne Kuykendall In honor of Carolyn Molloy
Malilnda Dice-Shah In memory of Nina and Happy
Traci Manuel In memory of Mollie Manuel
Walter Rau Inhonor of Roscoe
Karen Robacker In memory of Tucker, Molly, Sohie and Toby who were all great Springers
Barbara Hair In memory of our wonderfulEnglish Springer Mandy May - so loved by all
Kevin Steiner
Dennis Zelhart In loving memory of Zelhart's Classic Springers Ginger, Deuce, and Paige
Dorothy Wilson
Amy Gibbard In celebration of Blake - a fabulous 2007 adoptee!
Thomas P. Anderson
Susan Davis In loving memory of Cookie and Charlie
Norman Thomas In loving memory of Jake and Lulu
Karen Burgess In loving memory Doc, Duchess, Winston, Duke
Ron Jones In celebration of Lucky!
James O. Howell
Kathy Plant In loving memory of Rutherford and Nieko
Sandra Dafoe In celebration of Nica
Mary Stump  
Austin Hollo  
Mark Yaeger  
Wanda Briggs-Trevino In memory of Tillie (my first born "child") and Rosie (my Cocker "wannabe Springer" Spaniel). Forever in my heart!
Karen Hamrick  
Rene Pizzo  
Dr. David & Vanessa Steiner In memory of Will Hockman
Jane Bouslough In memory of Jeffrey W. Hanson who loved, and was loved, by 2 great Springers
Deitra Robertson  
Betty Felix In memory of Maggie and Suzie
Don & Renee Holmes In memory of our good friend and a good friend to ESRA, Father Mike Mangoian
Mary Guttieri In memory of Potter - the three legged dog
Lynne & Mark Cater In memory of Shay.
Jeffrey & Kaye Vaughn In memory of Lewis.
Carolyn Mobley In memory of Bailey and Carter Mobley
Ronda Moore In honor of all my past and current Springers.
Katherine Thomson  
Kimberly & Thomas Reath  
Stephanie Zimmerman  
Clifford & Dianne Wenniger  
Gary Mitchell In memory of Jan Mitchell
Kevin Navi  
Mike & Lori Sala  
Timothy Eardly In memory of Meg, Rosie & Gabs
Timothy & Charlene Hill  
Janice & Leslie Myers  
Hunter Williams  
William & Peggy Graham In memory of Gunnar, Bandit, Ace & Alex.
Charles Hicks, Jr & Vicky Sherman  
Ardee & Terry Jagt  
Henry Petit  
Carter Snider  
James & Janice Czechowicz  
William & Sandra Dunlap In honor of Hampton.
Darcy Hertel-McNeill In honor of Lacey and in memory of Abby.
Susan & Edward Long In honor of Skye
Perry Williams & Laura Cawthon  
Janice Pegram In memory of my beloved Springers.
Benjamin Wright  
Joe & Sandra Dafoe In honor of Nica & Rusty
Ruth Gabreski In memory of Katy Tayrn a special loving Springer!
Philip Vesper In memory of Beau, Jake, and Roscoe
Elisabeth Wortley
PATRON ANGELS – $1 to $99
Ronald Pelka In memory of Miss Holly and Mr. Nick
Shannon Sadler  
Scott Sanford  
Margaret Lauinger In loving memory of our Springer Buddy
Ron Hatley
Alan Seeger In loving memory of Max, Chester and Charley
James Kelley In memory of Reba and Marco
Kathy Hartung
Colleen Ann Roper In loving memory of Kelsey
Charles Hilliard In memory of Ally and Gracie
Christiane Citron
Jane Finley
Marlene Massetti In loving memory of Riley
Randall Stoner
Thomas Swift In celebration of Casper
Denise Schultz
Sandra Blake In celebration of Captain Jack
Theresa Partain In loving memory of Sadie
Joe Russell In celebration of Simon and Winston
Kenneth Welsh In loving memory of Annie and Jack
Virgina Lappin
Linda Davis Larson
Barbara Sims In memory of Berkley Sims
Barbara Breeden
Timothy Jackman
Kenneth Platt
Bonnie Blake In loving memory of Maddie.
Andrew Eastwood In celebration of Peaches.
Stephen Eckstone In honor of Cooper.
Brady Daniel III In celebration of Brody Daniel.
Russell Schumacher In loving memory of Abe.
Doreen Burchett In celebration of Lizzie.
Kevin Frane
Alfonso Cruz In memory of Rosine Ackerman.
Lars Sikes
Richard Overmyer
William Faw
Keith Molholm
Sara Cunningham In celebration of Chase.
Sandra Pierce
Rhonda Bender In loving memory of Jan Mitchell and Zee.
Ken Hepner In loving memory of Gibbs.
Joel Van Cleve
James Pedersen
Clarence Merrill
Gary Stephen Perry In loving memory of Blanch, Lillian and Belle - the best Springers ever!
Sandra Willis In loving memory of Nellie and Dolly.
Martha A. Lang In loving memory of Ms Mardi Gras.
Dennis Bridge In celebration of Moe (aka Romeo)
Paul Carlin In celebration of Chester - our awesome Springer rescue!
Janet Rommel
David Kessler In loving memory of Molly.
Nicole Cooley
David Amo In loving memory of Jockey.
Donald Zabel In loving memory of Bear.
Mary Patterson
JoAnn Herbert In honor of my sister-in-law, Vicki Wingo of San Diego. Merry Christmas!
Sharon Appleby In celebration of Beau.
Ken Kellogg
Robert Beck In honor of ESRA
Sharon Vickery In loving memory of jackson.
Daniel Ystesund In loving memory of Eddie.
Whitney Pierson
Thomas Wassmer In celebration of Faith and in loving memory of Chance.
David T. Wilkinson
Artie T. Haas In celebration of Sage.
Nancy Donahoe In loving memory of Ginger & Cocoa
John Pearson
Alan Leaffer In celebration of my rescue, Bo.
Antonia Resch
Ann Wagner In loving memory of Gracie.
William Armitage In loving memory of Rudy.
Kent Langley
Mary Lou Baird In loving memory of Lady & Audrey.
Brent Hoffman In loving memory of Katie & Bogey.
Deborah Schlotter-Alwin
Michael Alwin
Linda Lee Arntzen
Cori Kohl
Barb Digiovanni In honor of Lucy, Schroeder & Gabby.
Robert Langsfeld
Linda Sanfilippo
Noel Easton
Charles Zenker
Eric Wells
Douglass K. Bridges
Linda Griffith In celebration of Henry - adopted 10/16.
Jeffery Wood In loving memory of Lexi Wood.
Francois Cortina
Judith Hamilton In celebration of Remi.
Mike Ranson In celebration of Daisy Rose.
Mary Stolberg In celebration of Emma - my wonderful ESRA rescue.
Charles E. Carter, Jr. In honor of Abbie & Mollie.
Jane Woodruff
Ronald Bottrell In celebration of Zoe.
Sharon Russell In celebration of Lily.
Ron Giacomaro In celebration of Maggie - the sweetest dog we have ever had.
Margaret Shaft In loving memory of Betsy, Buster & Dexter.
Linda Bauer In celebration of Yogi.
James Prokop
Lucy Underwood In celebration of Buddy and Duke
Marilyn Forrester In honor of Kate Kyer.
Beverly Graf In celebration of Sir Ludlow.
Gregory Jones In celebration of Gunner J.
Jayann Mitchell In celebration of Molly and in loving memory of Sadie.
Nancy L. Miller In loving memory of Jake.
Jenna Matthews In loving memory of Dixie and Marble.
Raymond Kaskel In loving memory of our Springer - Guy Kaskel.
William Brower In honor of Harry and Charley.
Randy Rieck In loving memory of BZ and Kiko.
Marike Vander Meyden In celebration of Bonnie.
Marguerite Gentry In loving memory of Max.
Cynthia McMillen
Philip Tschumperlin In loving memory of Kirby.
Lawrence Franz In loving memory of Oreo.
Tibor Ehrlich In loving memory of Major.
Denise A. Opgrand In loving memory of Roxy.
Richard Smith In celebration of Riley.
James Martin In loving memory of Moses and Riley.
Charles Sonner In loving memory of Scotty, Gracie Mae and Kaplan.
Beatrice Thompson In memory of Jan Mitchell
Fred Arendt In celebration of Peaches and in loving memory of Remi.
Nancy Quinn
David Hinshelwood
George Sornson
James P. Stirick In loving memory of my irreplaceable Nellie
Cheryl O'Hara In celebration of River
Doreen Aunchman In loving memory of all our beautiful Springers
John Huntington In loving memory of Sadie Jo
Rose Stanbery In honor of Kody
Christine Cross In loving memory of Sophie - our very loved Springer
David Burnstein In loving memory of Agusta
Rosemay Shuping In loving memory of Charlie Shuping
Kevin Olson In loving memory of Dexter and Lilly
Steve Robinson In honor of Steamer, Rusty, Freckles, Chole and Daisy
Karol Ann Bordner  
Ronald Forman  
Robert Langsfeld In honor of ESRA - great job!
Valerie Hayri In honor of all our Springers in Heaven
Lisa M. Kang In honor of Walk and Wag clients
Danny Gnojek  
David Zinkhan  
Mary Gagliardi  
Anita Houriet In loving memory of Holly
Roberta Wallingford In loving memory of Lily Wallingford 2003 - 2017
Brad Greer In loving memory of Duke
John Ramos In celebration of Ali
Merlyn Townsend In loving memory of Chelsea
Phil McEvoy In honor of Taffy
Sylvia Daniels  
Ryan Kinsel  
Jane Dominick In loving memory of Charlie
Mary Lousie Olson In loving memory of my Springer Siri
Lisa Robbins In celebration of Rigsby - our own personal therapy dog
Lesley Blyth In loving memory of Penny, Sydney, Buster Brown and Jan Flagg
Elizabeth Earle In loving memory of Buster Earle
Al and Christie Jahns  
May Van Mullen  
Deb Frechette In loving memory of Maxwell
Maurice LeBlanc In loving memory of Samantha
Carol Peters In celebration of my wonderful Springer - Sophie
Deborah C.(Christi) Cooper In honor of all ESRA volunteers
Cynthia Howard In honor of Anna, Riley and Gordon
Deborah Amrhein In celebration of Dazy and in loving memory of Cisco
Nancy Feltner  
Peggy Bern  
James Coon  
Marta Timar In memory of Karl and Iiona Timar
Sharon Staso In memory of Bobbi
Lori Gillfillan In memory of my Springer boys - Tyler, Tristan and Hutner
joyce Versino In loving memory of Pepples
Barbara Booker  
Debi Putnam In loving memory of Aggie.
Aaron Hicks In memory of Charlie Hicks
Douglas Benoit  
Mary Ann Harkrader In loving memory of Addie and Chance
Fred Ridge In celebration of Barkley and in memory of Marley
Janet Banks In loving memory of Bo
Carol J. Sanderson  
Anne Mele In loving memory of Beauty
John Merz  
French S. Cary  
Joseph Scott Boing In loving memory of Ann Valpey
Sue Ann Linder In celebration of Lilly, Turbo, Freckles and in memory of Turbo's sister Blossom
Bob Swift  
Judy Hultquist  
Ed Curtin In memory of Ellie and Oreo
Roxanne Hartman In memory of Teddi, Daisy, Ginger I and Ginger II
Claire C. Boone In honor of Pinky
Laurie Kay Craig In memory of Clark and Chey
Peter F. Cuttino In memory of all the Springers in our lives
John Gelato In meoory of Buddy
Stacy Zylka In celebration of Gunner
Rebecca Susan Baldwin In celebration of Levi, Shiloh, Talie and Toby, our 4 Springers
Cheryl Olseth In honor of foster mom Becky Brown of Sioux Falls, SD
David Amo In loving memory of Jockey
Jeanne Deringer  
Neil Barbanell In loving memory of Mattie
Rose Stanbery In honor of Kody
Joel Marks In memory of Ellie and Riva
Roger Sawyer  
Thomas Jamrose  
Cathy Peters  
Rob Bursch  
Deborah Holbrook In celebration of Jasmine
Terry Clark  
Delores Marshall In loving memory of Max
Susan Day In memory of Trapper
Elaine Sattlebert In memory of Katy
Frank Riggins In loving memory of Chase
Judy K. Owens In memory of Queen Elizabeth
Sally Ann Kelly
Jennifer Fauser In loving memory of Griffin and Addison
Debra A. Mason In memory of Belle Ciera Mason
Debra Lynn Johnson In memory of Simm
Bobby Lawrence
Bruce Wherry In memory of Beau Wherry
Karl Kenkel In celebration of Stanley (aka Jake) and rescuer Heidi Dunn
Lu Wenneker In memory of all my Springers
Jeff A. Rosiek In memory of Dudley
Jean Mathews In honor of Kaycee, Abbie and Molly - all Springers
Theresa Bazner In memory of Buster and Bella
Vlasta Fedinec In memory of Oliver Fedinec
Patty Perfecti In celebration of Chance
Constance Mahan
Laurie Kay Craig In loving memory of Clark and Chey
Eva Van Sickle In loving memory of Daisy
John Long In celebration of our wonderful "Majic"
James C. Flood III
Jacqueline Barkovich
Nancy Ruberton In celebration of Bella Mia!
Glenn Barker In honor of Woody
Timothy Fuller In celebration of Rile and Charlie; in loving memory of Brandy, Emily and Boots
Marjorie Piersol In loving memory of Jeter
Phillip D. Ferris In honor of Sundance
Margaret Malone
Faith Sheehan In celebration of Buster!
Karen Mark In honor of Oreo
Rita Marshall In honor of Rebecca Hickey
Melissa Lund
George Payne In loving memory of Salty Dog
John V. Horace In honor of Jack, Jingles I, Jingles II, Freckles and Pepper
Silvano Gaspary
Robert Braley In loving memory of Duke and Duchess
Michelle Bennett
Priscilla MaAbee In honor of Bernie and in loving memory of Cody and Summer
John Groenewold
John P. Johnson
Corrine Skonieczny In loving memory of Denise Skonieczny Beuhler
Judy Forbes In honor of Melinde Waddle
Jack Boling
Joseph Caputo
Robert Lutz In celebration of J'Mater - adopted in 2010
Steven Mayberry
Lynn Schoepfle
Robert Nordel
William Gorline In celebration of Quincy
Max Baldwin In loving memory of Sadie
George Turski In memory of Layla and Redd
George Alter In celebration of Ashton and Zoey
Peggy Evans In celebration of Mocha
Alick Gerard In honor of Huxley, Splash, Hamlet, Bo-Jo and Thomas
Molly Herrick In loving memory of Summit
Christine Croft & Steve Daniels In loving memory of Sophie - our very loved Springer
Jo Frances McCawley  
Michelle Bennett  
Jerald Esrick  
Melanie Masura  
Edward Knight In loving memory of Maggie
Priscilla McAbee In honor of Bernie and in loving memory of Cody and Summer
Judith Harmony In honor of Brenda and Bill Davidson
Robert Knell In memory of Rose at Christmastime 2017
Karol Ann Bordner  
Aimee Daniels  
David Burnstein In memory of Augusta
Dan Sanberg  
Stacey Magoch In memory of Chelsea, Libby and Indy
Barbara Kephart  
Rebecca Clark In memory of Mattie, beloved Springer of Brenda McGee
Rhonda Kindel  
Gary & Linda Plate In honor of Bill in CA. You've touched so many hearts sweet boy.
Ronald & Stephanie Hasse  
Nancy Matus In memory of the wonderful Father Mike Mangoian
Kim Mathews In memory of Ellie
Steve & Barbara Pfeffer In memory of Mike the Man, Mike Mangoian
Cathy Peters In memory of Father Mike Mangoian
Joe & Anna Mason In memory of Kelsey Richter
William Benser In celebration of Mickey - 10 year old rescue.
Terry & Belle Sprague In memory of Carol Sanderson's lovely mother.
Nita Watson In honor of Hilda Johnson, mom to Carol Sanderson
Carol Feldman In memory of Manny, Danny, Mac, Sophie, Brooke, Abby & Bear.
John Fix In memory of Mary Christine Weisenberger
Gregg Holland In honor of Barney
Patty and David Perkey In memory of Beau and Georgia Perkey
Mary Hultquist In memory of our beloved Lady, an ESRA dog who shared 10 years of her ladylike life with us.
William Eardley In memory of Brandy and Suzi.
Diana (Dee) Hilton In memory of Pepper.
Martha Johnston-Mundt In honor of my kids' Godparents - Kurt & Christy Osborne, Judy Irwin, Lynne Smith and Jan Hereid.
David & Andrea Springsteen  
David Kessler In memory of Molly.
Bev & Mike Shannon  
Bruce & Jane Finley, Jr In honor of Carol Sanderson
French & Billie Carey III In honor of Sunshine Carey.
Willliam & Patricia Fenton, Jr.  
Warren & Dana Miller  
Osborne & Jane Abbey, Jr. In honor of Boo Abbey
Kenneth & Kelli Welsh In memory of Annie.
Paukl Carlin  
Matthew & Sheila Sutton  
Kyle Zimmerman & Viva Telford

In honor of Cassie & Puck.

Gayle Bahler

In memory of Sunskissed Regal Prancer.

Paul Lunsford  
Jerald & Ellen Esrick  
Robert & Sharon Kazimore  
Teresa & William Brower In memory of Harry & Charley.
Laurel Hunt  
Annette Severiens & Brett Himes In honor of Jamie Carr.
Debra Mason In memory of Belle Mason.
Alan & Diane Mendel In honor of Maggie.
Robert & Virginia Tucker In memory of Pete Tucker - an ESRA rescue we had for 7 years.
Elaine Alexander In honor of Cooper Alexander.
Eric Moore & Mary Pat Kwaterski  
Lori & Carmine Bonanno In memory of Emma & Jax Bonanno.
Nancy Grossman In honor of Annie - our dear rescue Springer.
Linda Poston  
Daniel & Sandy Hughes In honor of Bodie.
Steven & Daracy Kopf  
Debbie & John Turner In honor of Lexie LuLu.
Georgeanne Vlad In honor of Olllie - ESRA adoptee July 2012!
Londa & Dale Alexander In memory of Lilly.
Jet Palardy  
Joel Marks In honor and memory of Lady Riva of Vail.
Cynthia & Norman Fulks  
Douglas & Darla Dickey In memory of Kylie & Hershey.
Duane & Sue Reading In honor of Wendy.
Virginia & Carl Palmer, Jr. In memory of Carson & Rex.
Ann & Ronald Hurst In honor of Sadie & Sunny.
Christina Schriber & Celeste Farris  
Susan Courts In honor of CJ Dearmin.
William & Janine Gorline  
James & Beth Carr  
Linda Prouty In loving memory of Meda Dorman Bruner - Mother of Mary, Martha and Stuart
Karol Ann Bordner  
Chandra Folsom In Memory of Chester.


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