An inspiration to us all
July 17, 1949 – November 14, 2002


David Tannenbaum A gift for Don Williams — for Winston
Bob David
Derek and Robin Wolfgram In memory of Shining Star's Agatha A Go Go
Patricia Snyder and Michael Frank
Lee and Janet Geronime In memory of Morley
Ray Biggins
Donald Wagner In honor of Onyx
Karen Bruskin A gift for senior Springers in the Southeast, especially Florida, in memory of Angus Southerland, who loved all dogs, especially Springers
William Burke
Dan and Amy Replogle
Dana Moore In memory of Jax and in honor of Chrissy
Karen Shaff
Judith Destasio In memory of Stanley
John and Donna Rau Thank you for the exemplary work that all ESRA volunteers do
ESSFTA In honor of ESRA's work at the National
Sartaj Arora In memory of Becky and in honor of Holly
Megan Stow In memory of Ari Stow
The Waters Foundation
Robert H. Reardon In memory of my five ESRA adoptions
TRUSTEE ANGELS – $500 to $999
Miguel and Carole Murphy In celebration of Abbey, our rescue.
Norman and Sally Christensen A gift for Cherie Ignatius in memory of Joseph Ignatius, M.D., and in honor of his Springers
Deborah G. Shatley, trustee
Robert J. Weber Personal Trust
In honor of Maggie, adopted by Brian Weber
Cyndy and M.L. Topliff
Sherry Linda BardackIn memory of Mickey Bardack and in honor of Bill and Gay Sterling
Carole ScottoIn memory of Bebop
Pamela HillIn memory of Jack and Buster
Diane PhillipsIn honor of Izzy and Dora, who we adopted 7 years ago
Stacey, Kenny, and Madie Smith
Sean McLeanA gift in memory of our Springer Alex to help care for Springers in Texas
Kathie Schilling In loving memory of Annie
Donald Sidney Williams
John and Janet Watson
Lori BerryIn memory of Emma Jean
Mary Lou Bryant
The K Foundation
Pat Hinchey In memory of Gabriel – January 2, 2003 - May 26, 2015
Archna Mohan
Jeffrey GaerIn memory of Woody and Murphy
Ruth LibbeyIn memory of Bella
Amy Blazejowski In honor of Kirby Blazejowski
SUSTAINING ANGELS – $100 to $499
AnonymousIn memory of Gabby and Splash
Thomas Jamrose
Joseph Lowry
Herbert Andrews
Eric Smith
Mark and Lynne Carter In celebration of Shay
Richard and Wendy Hoffer
Walter and Lucille Rau In loving memory of Rosco
Mildred Merk
Pete Snider In loving memory of Murphy
Rosemarie and Timothy Burgess In loving memory of Lucy Lu
Patricia and Richard Huber In loving memory of Merlin
Wayne Barber MD and Barbara Whitehill
Peter and Patricia Robinson
Anthony and Diane Foos
Marti Nickoli
Polly Reed Daniel
Marni and Ma Imelda Espanola In loving memory of Bubba and his ESRA friends
William and Mary Francis Hurst In loving memory of Corky
Stacey, Kenny and Madie Smith Happy 100th Birthday, Mrs. Dorothy Miller
Paul and Nancy Lunsford In celebration of Roger and Molly
Laurel Aikens
Joel and Karen Van Cleve
Tim GilderbloomIn loving memory of Conner, Duncan and Jenny
Robert Knell In memory of Rose on her birthday
Julie Danielson A gift for Allison and Andy Miele in honor of Aubrey's Springers
Virginia Shepard In memory of Gus
Kathleen Beightol In memory of Casey and Codie, my two special ESRA Springers
Rhonda Groves In memory of Tuggy and Lizzie
Judy SmithIn memory of Bailey — He was my heart.
Greg Johnson
Kenneth and Donna FriskIn loving memory of Cody and Lilly and in honor of Special Needs Springer Bernie
Peter Robinson
Sally and Chris DaverseIn memory of Ms. Judith LaGrone and Belle
Susan GrubeIn memory of Rhett
Tim FiresWe adopted two senior dogs two years ago from ESRA. So grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the network.
James Ives
Terri JoynerIn memory of Frankie and Maggie
Leslie GunderIn memory of Bear, best mountain dog ever
Debra SidmanIn memory of Cassidy, Jake, and Gibson
Katherine Thomson In memory of Tramp and Josh
Janice Temple
Timothy and Lori Mueller In memory of Maddie Moo Moo
Ann Veal
James Arnold, Jr, POD
Jane and Reed MacKenzie
Art Jansen In honor of Daisy
Walter Rau In memory of Rosco
Thomes Mueller In memory of Bucky - the best dog ever!
Kathleen Erikson-Forder In memory of Richard Freeman
Karl Perry In honor of Murphy
Shelley Kreiter and Patrick Lantz In honor of Atticus Aguilera
Suzanne Hulsey
Mark and Lynne Carter In honor of Ginger, Sierra, Montana and Shay
Donna Pufall In loving memory of Frisker, Kandy, Walker and Emma
Lee and Judith Lemsky In loving memory of Penny, Princess, Belle and Amber
Richard Lifton In honor of Indy
Robert Manuel In honor of Molly Manuel
Barbara and Aubry Hair In loving memory of Mandy Hair
Judith Mennemeir In loving memory of Maximillian
Jon and Karen Burgess In loving memory of Dukie and Duchess
Valerie Pagano In honor of Shelby
Linda Rackley and Joseph Caputo
William and Mary Ralph
Rebecca BockmanIn memory of George and Murphy
Julie Waters In memory of Molly Winchester Murphy and Rose
Laura Doumont In honor of Layla
Doris Youngouist
Jen Cole and Bill Maguire
Nancy Myers In memory of all my babies, past and present
Deborah Ramsey
Mary Stump
Patricia Kerwin In memory of Dude and Randy
Barbara McDonell In honor of Sophe, rescued in 2008, she had an eye removed so we spell her name with no I
Claudia Kinville In memory of Dan McMullan
Cynthia Tobin
Alison England
Benjamin Wright
Marjorie Piersol
Ron and Pat Forman
Annette Doerr
Thomas McIntosh Jr
Gouri Radhakrishnan In memory of Brio
Barbara Lauffer In honor of Gracie
Dr. Leonard Perry Laconte In memory of Oliver IV
Amy Gibbard In honor of Blake Super Pooch
Mrs J Robert Stout In honor of Bart Kinkaid and Tim Taylor
Kay Stoupa In honor of Chloe
Eleanor Jones Our wonderful ESRA Springer Lucky
Merrill B Wish In honor of Maggie Riales
Donna Frisk In memory of Misty and Cricket
Janet Bocciardi In memory of Sam
Rosemarie Burgess In memory of Lucy Lu 2003-2015
C. Frank PotterIn honor of Judy Potter
Deitra RobertsonIn honor of Woody
Mary HowellIn honor of my rescue Elvis
Wanda Briggs-TrevinoIn memory of my beloved Tillie and my sweet Rosie — you will not be forgotten
Amy Stevens
Nancy MundwilerA Christmas gift for my husband Chris Mundwiler in memory of Maya
Cindy L. NathernA Christmas gift for Joan nathern in memory of Sophia Nathern from Keith, Nicole and Cindy
Chris and Nita AroraIn memory of our Springer Becky, the sweetest dog we have ever had
Janet KoehnkeThanks for all the wonderful work you do to rescue and rehome ESSs in need. I love my ESRA rescue, Winnie, and wouldn't trade her for anything.
Kathleen and Jack Engberg In honor of the many Springers we fostered, some adpoted, all loved dearly
George Wortley In memory of Mickey
Linda Drew
Jet Palardy
Todd IngallsIn memory of Jessie
Randall Stoner
Carole GuttermanIn memory of Dakota, JP, Moose and Lewis
Lori Obrien In memory of Abbey
Rebecca Hasselbeck In memory of Cincy and Mortie
Jeffrey Vaughan In memory of Lewis
John and Aggie Brooks
Daniel Troia In memory of Spencer
Bev and Mike Shannon In memory of all our Springers
Susan Anderson In memory of Chloe
Robert and Jennifer McJunkin In memory of Tanner, Pepper, Lhotse and Holly
Vicki Wingo In honor of Jill Wyle
Cathleen Stanfield In memory of Abbie, Spencer, Susie and Wilson
Lori Sala In memory of Shasta
Marianne Hunter In honor of Rocky our rescue dog
Rosemary Kaiser
Marti Nicholi In honor of Caryn Pola
Ms Jean MacGregor In honor of Lynda Burns, NM/CO coordinator
Charles Carter In memory of Abbie and Mollie
Barbara Stark In honor of those who still need a good home
William Graham
Martin WoyIn memory of Joyce Glass
Michael WendlingIn memory of Scout and in honor of Maddie
Elisabeth Wortley In memory of Mickey, the Wonder Springer, 12-14-15
Catherine Sanders
Linda and Gene Ogden In memory of Maggie Sr and Maggie Jr
PATRON ANGELS – $1 to $99
William and Teresa Brower In loving memory of Harry and Charley
Hallet and Heidi Johnson
Arthur and Denise Gerber In loving memory of Hershey and Maggie
Timothy and Lisa Butts In loving memory of Jesse
Jay and Cindy Munz
Karla Holt In loving memory of Koda
Col. Timothy Jackman In loving memory of Tess the wonder dog
Nicolas and Catherine Menell
Pastor Simone and Roger Nathan In loving memory of Chance Frederick Jurack
Georgeanne Vlad In celebration of Ollie
Dessie Botham In memory of Becca
Victoria Mulder A gift for Katarina Thomas in loving memory of her sweet princess Lilly
Thomas Jansen
Lee Lechleidner
Brenda Christensen A gift for Ronald and JoAnn Haglund in memory of Tessie Haglund
Joan Casey In loving memory of Mandi
Robert and Sharon Kazimore In loving memory of Dottie and Pattie
Kenneth and Linda Bauer In honor of Maggie Little Bear
Stacy Zylka In celebration of Gunner.
Carole Gutterman In loving memory of JP, Moose and Lewis
Harvey Ward
Frances Roberts/Kemper, LLC
Mark Gonzalez
Norman Chilcote In loving memory of Nadine Chilcote
Thomas and Ashley Cloninger In loving memory of Amos
Jane Woodruff In loving memory of Derby and Nelson
Arlene and Robert Wall In loving memory of Holly
Chris and Joanne Michael
Daniel and Pamela Girtz In celebration of Bella
Bartholomew and Jeannie Dietrick In loving memory of Emma
Isabella Hutton In celebration of O'Brien
Rosa Summerill and John Baer In celebration of Bernie
Max Wiswell
Anita Howard In memory of Susan and Tucker
Richard KaumansIn memory of Hunter, Jade and Nipper
Kristin and Matthew Roth
Claudel Palmer In celebration of Molly Moo Cow
Marta Timar In loving memory of Rexie
William Benser In celebration of Mickey
Virginia Shepard In loving memory of Gus
Ann Boytim Happy birthday to Eric Christensen!
Kathleen Engberg A Mother's Day gift for Denise Skoniezky-Buehler from Kathy, Hoagie and her Bostie Friends
Wisconsin Pet Care A gift in honor of Katelyn and Brogan Schutz
Caryn and Bob Pola In honor of Dorothy Miller's 100th birthday with gratitude for raising a wonderful son who is the brother I always wished for. Happy birthday.
Renee and Don Holmes In honor of Dorothy Miller and honoring Marv and Marge Miller's tireless years of hard work for the good of ESRA
Martii Wallahan Happy Birthday, Dorothy! Wow! What an accomplishment!
Savannah Williams In honor of Molly Meyer
Leann GertsmaIn memory of Lilo
Kim MatthewsIn memory of Fynn — beloved companion of Dan and Amy Replogle and foster friend to many
Priscilla McAbeeIn celebration of Bernie and in loving memory of Cody and Summer
Peg and Donald SpeidelIn celebration of Missy
Jeanne and John Faune
Howard and Rebecca Browers
Diane FavataA gift in honor of Susan Favata in memory of Lola
Corrine SkoniecznyIn loving memory of Wattley
Randall and Karol Ann BordnerIn loving memory of Buddy
Katherine Holt and Kimberly BraunIn loving memory of Frank Holt
Caryn Pola In honor of ESRA social media team and Barbara King
Terry SpragueIn honor of Kate Kyer
Sandra SwansonIn memory of my babies
Rachel and Larry Lankton
Sandra BlakeIn memory of Suzie
P. Jeanne DeringerIn honor of my new little girl, Daisy
George WeinertIn memory of Charlotte and Carly
Paul ChildsIn honor of Zeke
Claudel Palmer In memory of Jeff, Miss Kitty, Sweetie Pie, Bootsie, Missy
Susan Day In memory of Andy
Valerie Decker
Theresa Kukor
Marion and Joseph Poythress In memory of Penny and Meg
David and Doreen Dorcus In honor of Charlie
James and Janice Coon
John Horace In honor of Jack
Lu Wenneker In memory of Maynard and the others
Darcy and John Huntington In memory of Sadie and Barney
Thomas Cottam In memory of Harry, Snickers and Willy
Danny Kobs and Jodi Johnson In memory of Buster and in honor of Gunner and Bella
Judith French In memory of Pete
Bruce and Dianne Wherry In memory of Beau Wherry
Mary and Roger Sawyer In honor of Brandy
Corrine Skonieczny
H.S. and Audrey Pair
Gretchen Wright In honor of Murphy, the Wonder Dog
John and Kathleen Hartung
Nancy and Bruce Ball In memory of Emma
Silvano and Valerie Gaspary In honor of Trapper
Garry and Linda Arntzen
Roger and Nancy Reader In honor of Rufus
Robert and Jean Braley Jr In honor of Duchess Braley
Danny Gnojek
Charles and Barbara Sonner In memory of Scotty, Gracie and Kaplan
Charles Lewis In memory of PJ and Scout
Karla Holt In memory of Koda, my special Springer boy
Jane BennettA gift for Carlton Vaughn and family in memory of Billie Vaughn
Drummond Brown / CDF Woodworking In honor of Sampson
Richard Turner and Rene LeTourneau
William and Pamela Armitage In honor of Rudy
Jane Burke In honor of Max
Fred and Jackie Franke
Rob and Ginny Tucker In honor of Pete, our ESRA boy
Carolyn and Max Baldwin In honor of Sadie
Ronald and Polly Bottrell In loving memory of Zeke
Philip and Nancy Tschumperlin In loving memory of Kirby
Brent and Cathie Hoffman In loving memory of Bogie and Kafie
Arlene Jaster In honor of Bucky
Joe and Charlotte Moran, Jr.
Carol Nadeau
Ronald Pelka In loving memory of Bama, Diego and Sir Abbott
Jean LeFurgey In honor of White/Bousson Family
Karen Robacker In loving memory of Tucker and Toby, two really good dogs
Lynn Yetman In honor of Brooks
Christopher Jamison and Signe Nelson In loving memory of Elle
Francois and Maria Cortina In loving memory of Max
Tony Sager In honor of Moose and Dot
Gordon and Maria Janesky In honor of Kooper, a great Springer!
Larry Glover
Tibor Ehrlich
Jamie and Peter Brockett In loving memory of Snoopy
John Gelato In loving memory of Buddy
Mary Dragna In loving memory of Elvis Dragna
Pamela Nealer
Carol Peters
Netti McKenney In loving memory of Amber
Hilda Johnson In honor of Pixie
Galina Bridges
Thomas Rau In memory of Daisy The Springer
Mary Jean Fowler
Sandra Willis In honor of Nellie and Dolly
Sharrie Austinson
Robert Elze In memory of Maxx Elze
Sharon Corrigan
Nancy Pritz In memory of Dr Edward C Krizek
Joan Grossman In memory of Sadie, Sam II, Maggie, Sam I
Pamela Klessig
Martin Fox In honor of Moe
Cheryl O Hara In honor of River
Linda Ross In memory of Lucy
Nancy Quinn
Sheryl Jordon In memory of Brownie and Lily
John Walker
Carolyn Barnett In memory of Bubba and Jake
Karen Jepsen Hegre
The Speder Revocable Trust
Janet Dunn In memory of Milo and Eddie
Karen Robinson In memory of Valerie Driscoll
Jan Small In memory of Marti J
Springers Of Lake Kegonsa In memory of Jackson, Reggie, Dew and Hannah
Mark Gonzalez
Artie Haas In honor of Sage
Brian Hornsby
Beverly Seger In memory of Spartacus and Target
Lexie Trembly/Constance Chavez In honor of Jetta
Barbara D'anna
Marcia Nashem In memory of Pepper, our rescue Springer
Dusti Phillips In honor of Allie
Molly Herrick
Sandra Pierce
Katherine Kinsel
Diane Turnbull Turski In memory of Redd and Layla
Kathleen Mc Kinney
Judith Stephens In honor of Senior Rescue
Jack Boling
Mary Gagliardi In memory of Bob Gagliardi
Shirley Hornketh
Nadine Van Alstine In memory of Charlie
Merry Jo Delano In honor of Cathy Peters — Rudy and Gracie say thank you XOXOXO
Joanne Guy
Hampstead Pool and Spa In honor of Beau
Ann and Eddie Lenard
Mark Earley
Christman Family Trust In honor of Charlie Christman
Elaine Sattelberg In memory of Kady and Misty
Roxanne Hartman In memory of Daisy, Teddi, Ginger#1 and Ginger#2
Theresa Bazner In memory of Buster, Bella, and Abbie
Kay Harris In memory of Mamie
Brian Thiel
Melanie Masura
Janet Banks In memory of Petey
Margret Jo Malone In honor of Darby
Patricia Young In honor of J.J. our special needs Springer
Norm Korpi In memory of Henry
Katrina Thomas
Patricia Sullivan In memory of Kelsey, Sam, Merilee and in honor of Bert, Duke and Zakk
Marni Hyman In honor of Gracie
Robert Leary
Beverly Graf In honor of Sir Ludlow
Edward and Sylvia Flowler In memory of Birdy
Lindsay Hamlin
Angela Franz In memory of Oreo
Sharon Ann Umhoefer In memory of Oliver
Daniel Or In honor of Bella
Dennis Blake
Margaret Lauinger In memory of Buddy
Barbara West In memory of Miss Molley
Geraldine Schermoly In honor of Queenie
Janet MunsonIn honor of Mattie and Major
Kevin OlsonIn memory of Dexter and Lilly
Carole AndersonIn honor of Royce
Stanley De Jong
Ron HatleyIn honor of Haven and Chelsea
Mary WolfIn honor of John L. Stegall
Joan CaseyA gift in support of Cam Allan's Community Service Project in honor of Mandi
John Schuldies
Jason HartungA gift in honor of my parents, John and Kathy Hartung, who have rescued a few Springers from ESRA
Shannon McMasterA Christmas tribute in memory of Gonzo for Diane McMaster
Deborah HolbrookIn honor of Jasmine, adopted from ESRA
Valerie HayriIn memory of Buster, Trudee, Casey, Natalie
Joel MarksIn memory of Lady Rina
Cynthia Howard In honor of Riley Howard
Patricia Fenton
Jane Leary In memory of Sadie
Elizabeth Brothers In memory of Jihers
Cheryl Kapes In honor of Shiloh
Cheryl Norman In memory of Jake Norman Bailey
Rhonda Hyatt
Dana Miller
Jean Matthews In memory of Shaun
Glen Barker In honor of Woody Barker
Michael HoltzIn honor of Nellie
Christine CrossIn memory of all our Springers
Shanna Sadler
Mary Louise LunderganIn memory of Bonnie
Laura ClinardIn honor of Walker and Bode
Lisa HallIn honor of Jackson
Barbara Davenport In memory of Keely
Leanne Ritchie In memory of Butch
Karen McGee In memory of Greta
Jean Murray Tate
Kelli Welsh In memory of Annie Bea
Cynthia Swift
Joanne Cowley In memory of Cooper, Sula
Julie Leach
Colleen Roper In memory of Kelsey
Rick and May Van Mullen In honor of all the dogs yet to be saved
Brad Greer In honor of Duke
Laurie Craig In memory of Clark
Charlene Archibald In honor of Nancy Wagner
Dennis Morgan In memory of Libby Rose
Robert and Jennifer Fauser In memory of Griffin
Deborah and Phil Ferris
Sharon Lankin In memory of our beloved Nicholas and Alexandra
Jacqueline Pruit In honor of Molly
Gayle Bahler
Andy Pazell In honor of Scottie
Linda Johnston
John Spencer In memory of Spotty
Marrianne Backous In memory of Belle
Paula Clark
Barry Smith
Patricia Elder In honor of Rose Behlendorf Arton Ceramics
Ann Wagner In memory of Sandy
Alan Miller
Marcia Black In honor of Abby
Charlene Springer
Janice Scarbrough
Helen JansenIn memory of Thomas Jansen
Jane Hillard In memory of Ally and Gracie
Leon Quinn MD
Diane Mendel In honor of Maggie
Robert Coulter
Katheryn Havasi
Nathan Hall In honor of Maxwell
Carolyn Merz
Sarah Cunningham In memory of Chase and Obre
Laila Coalson CPA
Nancy Grossman In honor of Annie, my dearest rescue Springer
JC Williams In honor of Sophie
Garrard Kramer In memory of Image
A link to contributions made in prior years can be found here