An inspiration to us all
July 17, 1949 – November 14, 2002


Dee and John McLaughlin In memory of Aysha, Alfonso, Riley, Millie and Rosie — and in honor of Kai and Wilson
Michelle Reichlin In memory of Paul Reichlin
Karen Shaff and Steven Jayne
Akankshi A. Arora
John D Rau
Ruth Libbey In memory of Bella and Jean Libbey
Ronda Moore, DVM In loving memory of my mother — a great Springer lover
Matt Foster
TRUSTEE ANGELS – $500 to $999
Justin Dickstein A gift for Don Williams
Kyer Family In memory of Pablo, Sadie, Isabelle, and Silly Millie
Patricia Snyder and Michael Frank
Stan and Kristina Hinton We love what ESRA does for Springers everywhere. Dakota is our delight! He is a wonderful Springer! Merry Christmas!
Tueri Design, LLC
Kathie Schilling In loving memory of Annie
David L. Sherzer We have two Springers from ESRA - Dolly and Charlie. They are wonderful members of our family, and we are so grateful for all that you do to rescue Springers.
Janet Koehnke In memory of Gumbeaux, Maggie and Murphy — Thanks for all the wonderful work you do to save the Springers in need. What a great organization.
Barry and Irene Lane
Anita Knipper In memory of Peaches
Martin Woy In memory of Henry and Riley
James Bruner In loving memory of Gracie and Penny — my mother and daughter champions
Christopher and Amy Blazejowski In loving memory of Kirby Blazejowski
Richard Adams In loving memory of Gunner
Beth Findell Horner
Kenneth and Kelli Welsh In loving memory of Tucker, Tifney and Pete
Carole and Miguel Murphy
SUSTAINING ANGELS – $100 to $499
Nora and Desmond JimenezIn honor of Renee Holmes
Anthony and Diane Foos
Tim Gilderbloom In honor of and in memory of the best friends one can be lucky enough to have
Brad Shelstad and Sandy Metzdorff In honor of Jiggs Shelstad and in loving memory of Sherman
Veta and Gervin Massey In loving memory of Ralphie
Richard and Wendy Hoffer
Thomas Mueller In memory of Bucky
Victoria Danberg and John Ficarelli In memory of Bogey and Bacall
Craig and Susan Long In honor of Skye
Timothy and Rosemarie Burgess In honor of Lucy Lu — adopted 11 years ago
Virginia ShepardIn memory of Gus — We love our Springers so much and will always miss Gus.
Jeannine HeyerIn memory of Colleen Whealdon-Haught — With love from Mukki Latte, Elliot and Jeannine
Todd IngallsIn memory of Jessie
Ruth GabreskiIn memory of Katy Taryn, the best Springer ever
AnonymousA gift for Ann and Bill Mullican
Tim and Debbie RamseyMerry Christmas! From Tim and Debbie, Springer Spaniel owners and lovers. Keep up the good work!
Donald Williams In celebration of Winston
Lori O'Brien
Elizabeth Ellis In loving memory of Lucky
Carl and Erin Stearns, Jr.
Norman Thomas and April Brackenbush In loving memory of all the great Springers I have shared my life with
Logan and Suzanne Boles
Lawrence Paull In honor of Marcy Bolotin
Graham and Kathleen Forder In loving memory of James
Timothy and Lori Mueller In loving memory of Missy
Mary Stump In celebration of Sally
Gilbert and Harriett Meyer, Sr.
John and Charlene Neill
Brian and Lori Berry In loving memory of Emma
Gregory Frock In loving memory of Sadie
Alison England
Julie Hetherington
Ronald and Eleanor Jones In honor of all ESRA Volunteers!
Joan Parker In loving memory of Charlie
Thomas Mueller In loving memory of Bucky
Ed Adkison
Charlotte Dunklin In celebration of Dudley
Michael Gonzalez In loving memory of Duchess
Nancy Pritz In loving memory of Dr Edward Krizek
Barbara and Daniel Lauffer In celebration of Gracie
Joseph and Mary Pater In loving memory of Babe and Duke
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Lydia Kowalewski In honor of Dixie Kellerman and in loving memory of Chloe, Murdock, Genevieve
Kathryn and John Lawrence In loving memory of Jan and all Springers
Jose Camacho and Hilmar Karsson
Cynthia Tobin In celebration of Rosie
Thomas and Kathryn Gorman In honor of Don and Chris Hawkins
Mark and Pip Witner In loving memory of Jake
Gary and Susan Leathers In celebration of Atticus
Richard Lifton In loving memory of Indy
Rebecca L. Zullo In memory of all of my friends at the Rainbow Bridge
Renee Topalian
Katherine Thomson In celebration of Jack
Joan Mandrow Fraser In loving memory of Bailey Fraser
Anaise Theuerkauf In celebration of Fiona
Kren Bahus
Shobhan and Paul De Leeuw In loving memory of Benjy and Charlie
Thomas and Sharon Monroe In celebration of Hunter — adopted October 2009
Betty Boan In loving memory of the 4 Springers I have shared my life with
Catherine A. Jones
Ernest Foster In loving memory of Buddy Foster
John and Aggie Brooks
Tracy Becker In celebration of all Springers everywhere!
Denise and James Voss
James and Constance Ebaugh
Edgar and Barbara Davenport In loving memory of Keely
Joe Caputo
Barbara Hair In loving memory of Mandy Hair
William and Sandra Dunlap In loving memory of Dunlap's Sir Winston
Gayle Bahler In honor of Jaxman
Ronald and Patricia Forman
Rene Pizzo
Linda McHaley
Amy Stevens
Erika Anderson
James Ives
Susan MooreIn memory of Luke
Sherry Linda BardackIn honor of Bill and Gay Sterling
Beverly Lynch In honor of all animal advocates everywhere
Marie Sprandel
Tara Monks In memory of Abby
Anne Saunders In memory of Flossie
Linda and Gene Ogden In memory of Maggie Sr.
Kimberly and Thomas Reath In loving memory of Scooter, Rusty, Ryan, Annie and Zeke
Patricia Escobar In loving memory of Juanita and JJ
Cathy English In honor of Northwest ESRA
Beverly Ulis In honor of Caryn Pola
Carole Scotto
Lisa Flohr In loving memory of Shadow
JC and Marie Conyers
Julie Waters and Michael Hagen In loving memory of Rose, Murphy, Molly and Winchester
Sharon Corrigan and Michelle Eschborn
Donald and Nancy Wagner In loving memory of Molly
Timothy Eardly In celebration of Gabby
John and Florence Dick
Clifford and Dianne Wenniger
Elizabeth Gonia In loving memory of Tuggles
Helen Bryan In loving memory of Ellie — my first ESRA girl
Donald and Annette Doerr
Scott and Kathleen Bauer In loving memory of Hope
William and Sabelia Leith In loving memory of Rigby
Cynthia Bell Benton
Charles and Doris Younquist
Judith Mennemier In celebration of Maximilian
Charles and Joyce Meyer In celebration of Pierce
Fran Suseri
Carol Taylor and Elizabeth Dickerson In celebration of Isis and in loving memory of Mica and Roz
Carl and Susan Rimer
Craig and Susan Long In loving memory of Skye
Terri Joyner In loving memory of Frankie and Maggie
Amy Gibbard In celebration of Blake
Lawrence and Valerie Decker
Dwight Emmanuelson In loving memory of Willow
Kevin and Gina Taddy In celebration of Finley and Sammy
Jane Sweeney
John and Karen Burgress
Lee and Judith Lemsky
Malinda Dice-Shah, DDS
Marc and Janet Boccardi
Chad and Sheyna Meyers
Robert and Sheryl Lubanski, Jr
Colleen Roper In loving memory of Kelsey
W. and Mary Ralph
Carter Snider
James and Dianne Howell
Janette Ray
Martine Scheuermann In celebration of Trigger Culbertson
Lori Gillfillan In loving memory of Tristan
George and Theresa Eurick In honor of Holly Eurick
Carl Bernson and Donald Haffner In celebration of Buddy
Howard Hall, Jr.
James Arnold, Jr.
John Marlotte
Anna Thuren In honor of my father Erkki
J Warner and Ann Veal
Nancy Meyers
Deborah Amrhein In celebration of Dazy and in loving memory of Cisco
Gouri Radhakrishnan and Heinrich Muller In loving memory of Brio
Kay Trice In loving memory of Presley and Ginger
George Boettcher, Jr. In loving memory of Luke and Mr. Ripley
Catherine Sanders
Russ Sonnier
Carmen and Sean Tourangeau In honor of Leia
Timothy and Charlene Hill In loving memory of Emma Dog
Mary Ann and John Howell In honor of Elvis
Anne Miele In loving memory of Beauty
Courtney and Matthew Schickel In honor of Tucker
Teresa Blinn In loving memory of Lady, Penny, Sidney and Andy
Linda Meyer
Jane Burke
Ruth and Kenneth Mitchell In honor of Eddie, Max and Dotty
Gail and Ronald Murray
Patricia Kerwin In loving memory of Dude and Randy
PATRON ANGELS – $1 to $99
Mary J. Hultquist
Mary Guttieri A gift for Jill, Tim and Lily Reese
Bob and Sandy Jaynes In memory of Finnegan
Don and Candy Luhrsen
Mary Guttieri In memory of Paul Reichlin
Jeannie Sirick In memory of Trevor
Robert and Sharon Kazimore In loving memory of Pattie and Dottie
Jeannie and James Sirick
John Baer In honor of Bernie
Phillip and Charlene Hauri
Jane Burke In honor of all the wonderful foster homes!
Susan Vantine
Patricia and Richard Huber In honor of Jen and Merlin Huber
Megan and Krien Verberkmoes, III
Craig and Janell Tilley In loving memory of Maggie Tilley
Robert and Mary Jo Jones In honor of Clayton and the Mrozek Family
Max Wiswell
Linda Gaalaas In honor of Clayton
John Spencer In memory of Spike
Diana Fedinec In loving memory of Oliver Fedinec
Corrine Skonieczny In loving memory of Wattley
Scott and Cheryl Kapes
John R Hartung
Diane Nagel In honor of Jake
Steven and Mary Grandt
Andrew and Lora Allan In memory of Hank and Eddie
Linda and Thomas Hendrickson
Sheryl and E. Grady Jordan In memory of Lily
Robert and Frances Thomas In honor of Walter
Colin and Mary McKinney
Bonnie Luther
Nancy Jordan In honor of ESRA and all the wonderful work you do!
Judy Swan In loving memory of Riddle
Brenda Kottke
Douglas and Darla Dickey In memory of Hershey
Maxine Anstett
Geraldine Schermoly In loving memory of Queenie
Sandy Weiss-PlassA gift for the Armstrong Family in memory of Hawkeye
Robert and Jessie BestIn celebration of Bree
Howard and Rebecca Browers
Julie SalinasIn memory of Thor
Mocha PolaSaying "I love you, Auntie Marge and Uncle Marv"
Thomas and Ruth Roy
Priscilla McAbee In celebration of Bernie
Christine Cross and Steve Daniels In loving memory of all our Springers who crossed the Rainbow Bridge
William KullingIn loving memory of Maggie
Beth BlackwellIn memory of Murphy Blackwell
HJ Rigsby In memory of Casey and Darlin'
Doug LaRocheIn memory of Brighton
Cecilia RushIn memory of Wally and Molly
Susan K. PetersonA gift for Yvonne in memory of Corey and Harley
Wanda Briggs-TrevinoIn memory of Tillie (12/18/1997-12/02/2011) on what would have been her 17th birthday. Forever in our hearts, forever loved!
Robert and Kristen Knell In loving memory of Rosie
Judy Hansen In loving memory of Dick's Montana Sharpshooter
Jean Neubarth
Katarina Thomsas
Fredda Fox In celebration of Lark and Monte
Rita Marshall In honor of Rebecca Hickey
Darcy and John Huntington In loving memory of Barney and Sadie
Linda Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stout
Lucia McCamey
James Mann
Cynthia Swift
Sandra Blake In honor of SN Springer Monte and in loving memory of Suzie and Bambi
Janis Mattoon Varner
Dorothy Wilson
Beverly and David Seger In loving memory of Spartacus
Doug and Laura Benoit
Jannie and James Sirik In loving memory of Trevor
John and Nancy Burnett
Raymond and Diana McCalment In loving memory of Tarney
Sara Cunningham In honor of Special Needs Springers
Robert and Virginia Tucker In celebration of Pete Tucker
John Horace In celebration of Jack
Michael and Nadine Brunius In celebration of Simon and Tucker Brunius
Edward and Susan Knight In loving memory of Molly and Bucky
William and Mary Eisler
Gary and Debbie Strong
Joe and Charlotte Moran In celebration of Buddy and in loving memory of Brandy and Cowboy
David Kessler In loving memory of Molly
Thomas and Christine Cottam In loving memory of Harry, Willie, Snickers, Sophie
William and Pamela Armitage
Lou Wenneker In loving memory of Maynard, Berrin, Lucy Lu
Bobby and Mary Lawrence
Carolyn Barnett In loving memory of Harley
Colin and Mary McKinney In loving memory of Smokey and Leo
Christine and Robert Hammersley In loving memory of Molly Hammersley
Susan Merrill In celebration of Mater
Lillian Seldeen
Mr. and Mrs. Philip McEvoy In loving memory of Taffy
Arlene Jaster In celebration of Bucky
Judith French
Paula Clark
Donald Nelson In loving memory of Clancey
Karen Robacker In loving memory of Tucker
Craig Cortright
Jeffrey and Dianna Trang In loving memory of Knick Knack
Tom and Bettina Williford
Larry and Gretchen Wright In celebration of Murphy the wonder dog!
James Prokop, Jr. In memory of Ken Bethmeier
David and Dolleen Dorcas In loving memory of Mattie
Carter and Patricia Conrad In loving memory of Cassie
John and Barbara Wodynski In loving memory of Mary Jane and David Wodynski
Steven and Daracy Kopf In honor of and in loving memory of Jenny, our first Springer
Al Resnick In loving memory of Shelby
Debbi and Matthew Putnam
Cherre Pye In celebration of Buckles
Douglas and Lynten Stoodley In celebration of Cooper
George and Diane Turski In loving memory of Redd and Layla
Jan and Jerry Small In loving memory of Martie and Misti
Melanie Masura
Robert and Joanne Guy
Nancy Rubertson In loving memory of Bailey, Bridget, Otis
Carol Peters
Andrew and Lora Allen In loving memory of Piper, Hank, Eddie
H.S. and Audrey Pair
Paige Ellis In loving memory of Abby, Samantha, Piper
Garry and Linda Arntzen
Dennis Stoner In loving memory of Buddy
Dan and Merry Jo Delano In honor of Cathy Peters and in celebration of Ruby
Tibor Ehrlich
Victor and Wai-Har Chen
Paula Michel
Harold Schafer
David Masetti In loving memory of Quigley and Riley
Charles and Julia Lewis In loving memory of P J
Janet Williams In loving memory of Sophie
Ralph and Heather Wendt
Barbara West
Barry Smith
John and Faith Sheehan
Peter Brunelli
Judith and Walt ZwierzyckiA Christmas gift for Rob and Kathi Cirivilleri
Kate Koehn In honor of my beautiful four-legged nephew Riggins Koehn and his parents Daniel Koehn and Natalie Kubik
Christine BehnckeA Christmas gift for Nancy Sullivan
Brian Ericson A Christmas gift for Lee and Bill Krein
Eric and Mary Oien In celebration of Bubba and Bogie
French and Billie Cary In celebration of Sunshine
Philip and Charlene Hauri In loving memory of Rusty
Philip and Nancy Tschumperlin In loving memory of Kirby
James Schroeder In loving memory of Janet Schroeder Marshall
Patty and David Perkey In celebration of Beau Perkey
Nathan Hall In loving memory of Maxwell and Dakota
Sherdyne Hawley In loving memory of Max and Chance
Linell and Leroy McGallian In celebration of Cooper and Gunner
Charles and Melva Fenning In loving memory of Peaches
Brad Greer In loving memory of Duke
David and Cheryl Zitur, Jr. In loving memory of Caliber
Barb and Don Olmanson In celebration of Lexi Jo
Marion and Joseph Poythress In loving memory of Penny and Meg
David and Shari Green
Carolyn and Max Baldwin In loving memory of Kerri and David
Craig and Mary Olson In celebration of Siri
George and Margaret Benjamin In loving memory of Gamble
Karl and Margaret Kenkel In honor of Jake and Heidi Dunn
Paul Milakovich
Jet Palardy In celebration of Griffin Palardy
Elizabeth Hibbs In celebration of Addie and Roscoe
Charlene Uney In celebration of Tucker and Rudy and in loving memory of Sparky, Tuxedo, Paddington, Tikey, Sandy
Charlene Archibald In honor of Nancy Wagner
Carolyn and John Merz In celebration of Lily
Eric and Marsha Christman In celebration of Jake
John and Martha Ramos In honor of BJ
Warner and Virginia Exelby
Laurel Hunt
Francois and Maria Cortina In celebration of Mylo and Coco Cortina
Fred Arendt, III In honor of Louisa and Ben Arendt
Alan and Kelly Docauer
Springers of Lake Kegonsa, Inc. In loving memory of Jackson, Reggie, Dew, Hannah
Dawn Johnson In honor of Sporty
Denise Skonieczny Buehler In loving memory of Bridget
Charles and Barbara Sonner In loving memory of Scotty, Gracie, Kaplan
Debbie and John Turner In celebration of Lexi LuLu
Christopher Jamison In loving memory of Elle
Jenna Mathews In loving memory of Dixie
Bob and Sandra Pierce In loving memory of Brandy
Robert and Sandra Wolf In honor of Kathy Shanahan — foster mom of our Missy
David Hinshelwood and Carmen Barr
Daniel and Theresa Bazner In loving memory of Abie
Sharon Appleby In celebration of Beau
Keith and Randy Armagost
Robert Elze
Tony and Lucinda Ham
William and Donna Giltner In loving memory of Sampson, Wala and Tuffy
Veronica Barker In loving memory of Nick
William and Janine Gorline
Jerry and Lisa Falk In honor of Renee Ayers
Randy and Elaine Sattelberg
Peter Cuttino In loving memory of Abby
Scott and Cheryl Kapes
Rosemary and Frank Kaiser In celebration of Lucy Kaiser
Rebecca Baldwin and Paul Svingen In celebration of Levi, Shiloh, Talie and Toby
Denise Opgrand
Robert Mathes In honor of Peter L Mathes
John and Margret Malone In celebration of Darby
Ann Wagner In loving memory of Sandy
Robert and Jean Braley, Jr.
Nancy Jordan
Lauren and Marcus Simpson In loving memory of Stella
Vickie Sleder In loving memory of Teddy Bear
Barney Smith
Sharon and Michael Anderson In loving memory of Jerry
Kevin and Margaret Gray In honor of Selman Gray
Beverly Graf In celebration of Sir Ludlow
Daniel Koehn and Natalie Kubik
Joseph and Stefanie Fitzgerald In celebration of Turner and Josie Fitzgerald
Hilda Johnson In loving memory of my 5 rescued dogs
W.K. Juncker and Nancy Rawlings In loving memory of BJ
Mary Dragna
Antonia and Hans Resch
Glen and Ethel Barker In loving memory of Rocksie
Judith Werkema In celebration of Molly
Sherrie and Bill Garrett In memory of Lucky
Judy Hultquist In memory of all my dogs that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Robert Sherry
Roberta Sharp In memory of Lacey
Carolyn Mobley In memory of Bailey Mobley
Fred and Bev SpederIn honor of Carolyn Molloy and Ed Mashman
Rachel and Larry Lankton In memory of Holly
Laura Clinard
Stanley De JongIn honor of Bonnie De Jong
George Weinert In honor of Carly and Charlotte
Jo Frances McCrawley
Carole AndersonIn memory of Royce
Rosemary Brewster
Roberta BrubakerIn honor of Casey and Daisy
Geoffrey Fosbrook In honor of Jeffrey
Amie DanielsIn honor of Jasper
Anne and Leon Quinn MD
Denny and Julia Coulter
E.T. and Janet Dunn
Barry and Carla Hopper In loving memory of Hailey
Roberta Bricillo In celebration of Reno
William and Patricia Fenton, Jr. In loving memory of Cooper Fenton
Susan Banger In celebration of Josie
William and Christine Blevins In loving memory of Spencer
William Short and Tonia Taylor
Sandra Willis In loving memory of Dolly and Nellie
Thomas and Theresa Kinsel
Lisa Kang / Walk & Wag, LLC In honor of Walk and Wag clients
Kenneth anfd Henrietta Platt In loving memory of Sadie Brown
Douglas and Sylvia Daniels In loving memory of Tasha, Bryn and Allie
Raymond Kaskel
Sarah and Thomas Durfee
Alan and Diane Mendel In loving memory of Maggie
Galina Bridges
Valerie Pagano
Dean and Kathleen Sanberg
Margaret Dominy In honor of Sammy
Martha Fuller In celebration of Hunter
Susan Vantine
Michael and Julie McQuillan
Jacqueline and Floyd Pruitt, Jr.
Mary and George Lundergan In loving memory of Bonnie
Laurie Linton
James and Arlene Carney In loving memory of Lilly
Richard and Mary Van Mullen, Jr
Gerald and Sharon Lankin In loving memory of Nicholas
Scott and Barbara Sanford
Nannette Rudolf In celebration of Jack
James and Carol Dingman In celebration of Alex and Bentley
Ronald Bottrell In celebration of Zeke and Zoe
Robert Crossley
Jack and Joan Boling
Brock and Julie Leach
James and Janice Coon In loving memory of Wilbur
Susan Anderson In honor of Chloe and Chester
Blackwood Pet Food, LLC
George Sornson In loving memory of Tilly and Pearl
Donald and Vianne Burke In celebration of Maggie and Allie
Tamara and Stephen Baker
Aimee and Lawrence Dodds
Gene Brothers In loving memory of Jitters
Dave and Kristin Stein In loving memory of Cooper
Nancy Quinn and Michael Zomlefer
Florence Ansel In celebration of Scooter
Sally Kelly
Joann and George Glady
Martha Michalek In honor of Hope and in loving memory of Freckles
Carrye Harris-Franzel
Kimberly Bolster In celebration of all my Springers
Brent and Cathie Hoffman In loving memory of Katie and Bogey
Daniel and Karen McGee
Joan Prefonataine In loving memory of Simon
Robert and Teresa Hamilton
Elizabeth and Joseph Boing In loving memory of Lucky Lady by Valentine
Paul and Judith Deasy In loving memory of Brie of Fox Run
Heidi Beckley In celebration of Maggie Allison
Kenn Kellogg In loving memory of Sadie, Sasha, and Mr Quigley
John Mahin
Debra Mason In celebration of Belle
Stuart and Judith Smit
Kenneth and Shelley McNew In loving memory of Cooper
William Lane
Phil and Deborah Chapman In celebration of Gracie
Kevin and Cori Kohl
Janice Scarbrough
Col James and Claudia nelson
Thomas Fisher and Deborah Rohrbach
Louis and Marca Lomardo III In celebration of Melody and Monte
Debora and Phillip Ferris In celebration of Sundance
Marguerite Derr Gentry In loving memory of Megan and Murphy
Pamela Malefyt
Robert and Laurie Sages In loving memory of Dorothy Sages who did not have a meal the last 14 years of her life without a Springer by her side
Charles Noren In celebration of Max
Andy Pazell
Londa and Dale Alexander In loving memory of Lilly
Kenneth and Janice Fuqua In memory of David McLeod
Edward and Edith Leonard
Limda and Thomas Hendrickson
Debra Alwin In celebration of Gina
Michael Alwin In celebration of Gina
Teresa and James Harrison In loving memory of AJ
Eric and Demetria Mell In celebration of Prince Mell
Lynn Schoepfle
Karin and Adrian Goffinet In loving memory of Sadie and her son Cappy
Gary and Sheri Ermis
Katheryn Havasi
Thomas and Amy Wassmer In honor of Faith and in loving memory of Chance
Maureen and Richard Beck In loving memory of Marley and Dexter Dog
Barbara and Timothy Fuller In loving memory of Brandy, Emily and Boots
Arthur Jansen In loving memory of Daisy
Kristine Frane
John and Ceci Shannon
Janet Rommel
Warren and Elba Wilson In celebration of Charlie Wilson
Stephen and Judith Perry In celebration of Blanche, Wilbar and Belle
Gordon and Kiki Janesky In celebration of Kooper Janesky
Mary and Roger Sawyer In loving memory of Bandy Boy and Petey
Janet and John Koelber
Rhonda and Jack Hyatt, Jr.
John and Jean Matthews In honor of Molly, Abby and Kaycee
Richard Piteaa In celebration of Kobe
Charles and Christine Zenker, Jr.
Thomas and Klathryn Swift In loving memory of Buster Swift
Jan Long In celebration of Macksie
Silvano and Valerie Gaspary
Mary Shirkey In celebration of Bentley and in loving memory of Chelsea and Winnie
John and Sharon Gelato In loving memory of Buddy
Victoria and David Kolep In celebration of Cody
Spencer and Kathleen McKinney In loving memory of Tango McKinney
Arthur and Ann Laska
Sharon Umhoefer In loving memory of Oliver
Edward and Sylvia Fowler In loving memory of Birdy
Frank and Bonnie Zovar
Lucy Underwood In loving memory of Bentley
Judy Swan
Kevin and Patricia Anderson
Richard and Elizabeth Benoit
George and Jean Alter In celebration of Zoe and Ashton
Pam Nealer
Marcia Black In celebration of Abby
Kristin and Stephen Hill In loving memory of Cleo
Mary Lou and Eugene Baird In loving memory of Lady and Audrey
Kyle Zimmerman and Viva Telford In honor of Cassie and Puck
Eugenia and Murray Tate
Curtis and Ann Smerud In honor of Harley
David and Jane Wilkinson In honor of Danny
Rex Janson
Mr. and Mrs. S.C. McDonald In loving memory of Ginger and Freckles
Barbara Breeden
Catherine and Robert Toy
David Brenner
Marla and Aaron Hicks In loving memory of Charlie
Rooney and Theresa Partain In honor of Sadie
Marcie and John Colling
Donald Jackson In honor of Captain Morgan
Terry and Carolyn Wall In honor of Emma
James and Hilda Russell, Jr. In honor of Ziggy
Diana Fedinec In loving memory of Ollie Fedinec
Elizabeth and Gregory Van Dell In loving memory of Kelly
Michael and Patricia Feldner In honor of Tucker
Lauren Binger In loving memory of Callie and Abbey
Anthony Galiani
Timothy Thomas In loving memory of Cookie
Iman Sonbaty
Douglas and Darla Dickey In loving memory of Hershey and Kylie
Jo Ann and Louis Zazzara In loving memory of Cookie and Cookie 2
Nancy Grossman In honor of Annie
Dave and Janet Smith In loving memory of Stubby and Monty

A link to contributions made in prior years can be found here