An inspiration to us all
July 17, 1949 – November 14, 2002


Terry and Paula Brewer In honor of Boo
Ronda P. Moore, DVM In honor of Carol Sanderson and Greg Burton
W.M. Keck Foundation / Brian Finch In honor of Marie Pearl
The Waters Foundation
John and Delena McLaughlin In honor of Kai and Wilson
TRUSTEE ANGELS – $500 to $999
Justin Dickstein A gift for Don Williams
Coastal Bend Community Foundation
Patricia Snyder and Michael Frank
William Maguire and Jennifer Cole
Susan Manthey In memory of Candy and Buster
Kathie Schilling
Sharon Corrigan and Michelle Eschborn In honor of all our Springers — past and present
Judith Prala In memory of Gemma, Maggie and Ivy Rose
Janet and John Watson
SUSTAINING ANGELS – $100 to $499
Judith Mennemeier / Mnemoglyphics, LLC In honor of Max adopted June 2012
Mary Lowes In memory of Grainne
Lindsey Hagan In memory of Brown Bear
Brian Curtiss In honor of Norm
Dudith Megaw In honor of Gabby and Chief
Wayne and Linda Phears In honor of Lucy and in memory of Savannah
Veta and Gervin Massey In memory of Ralphie
Patricia Escobar In honor of Freddie who was adopted in 2010
Gordon Peden
Harvey and Peggy Aulgur In memory of Smokey and Oliver
Marti Nickoli
Rachel Frederick
Timothy and Rosemarie Burgess In honor of Lucy Lu
Dianne Evans and Joe Adams A gift for Sarah Barker in memory of Ava
Thomas Burns In memory of Flossie and Bandit - our very special Rescues
Roberta Bricillo
Anthony and Diane Foos
Don Osborne In memory of Sweet Bradley
Chris and Sally Daverse In memory of Gumby 2012-373FL
Pamela Heredia My Millie was an ESRA rescue. I appreciate all the care and love you give to these deserving special doggys.
Elizabeth Murray In memory of Gabbie Anne
Susan Manthey In honor of Candy — my sweet girl
Kenneth and Donna Frisk In memory of Cody
Thomas and Ruth Roy, Jr.
Kay Harris In memory of Mamie
Mary Guttieri A gift for Pam Williams in memory of Ray Willliams
Ardee and Terrence Jagt In honor of all the dogs I have loved, currently love and will love!
James and Gail Pace In memory of Beringer and Chelsea
Mike and Lori Sala In memory of Suzy, Bobb, Sadie and Shasta
Katarina Thomas
Harold and Charlene Archibald In memory of Teddy
Nancy Adolfson In honor of all English Springer Spaniels
Louis B. Dale, jr. A gift for Ed Mashman and Carolyn Molloy — Happy Holidays to you both and to those you care about.
Erika Shields In memory of Liz
Ruth Gabreski In memory of Kay Tayrn
Jake Harrell In memory of Waylon, adopted in 2010
Mike Murphy
Charlotte Dunklin In memory of Barkley, Sadie, Toby and Cookie
Beverly Ulis In honor of Caryn Pola
Lori O'Brien In memory of McGraw
Tracy Becker
Logan and Suzanne Boles
Donald Williams In honor of Winston Williams
Laura and Patrick Doumont
Mary Stump
Pamela Klessig In honor of Marlee and in memory of Jessie and Emmy Lou
Joanne Fink
Betty Swanson In memory of Sadie, Jake and Chelsey
Mnemoglyphics, LLC
Gary and Debbie Strong
Mary Stenberg & Richard Pomerieau In memory of Scotch, Soda, Bailey and Estey
Nancy Meyers
Douglas and Sandra Beck
Richard McKeen In memory of Ivan and Cooder
John Marlotte and Anna Thuren In memory of Cole, Sir Ramser and Caramilla
Polly Reed Daniel In honor of all Springer Adopters
Donald and Nancy Wagner In memory of Molly
Sean and Caroline McLean In memory of Big Al
Mr and Mrs Robert Stout
Kimberly and Thomas Reath In memory of Rusty
Deborah Amrhein In honor of Dazy and in memory of Cisco
Marti Nickoli
William McCawley
Richard Adams In memory of Gunner
William and Pamela Armitage In memory of Rudy
Walter Rau In honor of Roscoe
Julie Hetherington In honor of Lily and Chloe
Carolyn Welcher
Siobhan and Paul de Leeuw In memory of Benjy and Charlie
Rachel Penning In memory of Frankie Roy
Katherine Thomson In honor of Jack and in memory of Tramp and Josh
Richard Davidson and Christine Hawkins
Liz Ellis In memory of Cody, Lucky and Matilda
Norman Thomas and April Brackenbush In honor of my best friend Jake and his friend LuLu
Rebecca and John Hasselbeck In memory of Cincy and Mortie
Rene Topalian
Kenneth and Cathy English In memory of Jan Flagg
Phyllis and Elon Pollack In memory of Argus
Candis Mercer In memory of Gabe
Candis Mercer In honor of Hunter Rose
Jane Sweeney In honor and in memory of all 8 of my Springers — past and present
Alison England
Dennis and Jennifer Zelhart In memory of Ginger and Deuce
Leonard and Juanita LaConte In honor of Duke and in memory of Oliver
Robert and Teresa Hamilton
Cynthia Tobin
Marc and Janet Bocciardi In memory of Sam
Ben and Carol Plexico, Jr.
Michael and Sandy Doran In memory of Katie and Liam
James and Dianne Howell
Gayle Bahler
Judith Megaw In honor of and in memory of Splash, Chief and Gabby
W. and Mary Ralph
Jay Reed
Lisa Schroer In honor of Fred and Sue Schroer
Lee and Judith Lemsky
Lawrence Paull and Marcy Bolotin
Ronald and Patricia Forman
Aubrey and Barbara Hair In memory of Mandy Hair who was the love of our lives
Judith Fosbrook In honor of Jeffrey Dog
Analise Theurerkauf / Education and Sports Consultants, Inc. In honor of Fiona
Cynthia Tackett In honor and in memory of Gracie and Chloe
Joan McCloskey
Janet Koehnke In memory of Gumbeaux — Thanks for all the work you do to help English Springers!
Rene Pizzo
Marie and JC Conyers
Linda and Gene Ogden In memory of Maggie Sr.
Carly Meyer In memory of Jasmine and Tuvalu
Carolyn Molloy In honor of all the ESRA volunteers who work so hard to make this a great organization
Catherine Sanders
Ardee and Terrence Jagt In memory of all the dogs loved, in honor of the dogs currently loved and the ones that will be loved
Clifford and Diane Wenniger
Thomas Anderson In honor of Zoey
Martin Woy and Joyce Glass
Tracy Torma In memory of Emily and Shamrock
Warren and Anna Clarke
Timothy Eardly In memory of Meg and Rosie
Dwight Emanuelson In memory of Wilbur
Elizabeth Gonia In memory of Tuggles
Deitra Robertson
Elizabeth Wortley
Scott and Kathleen Bauer In memory of Hope
Joan Shields
Kathleen Engberg In honor of and in memory of all the Springers in Rescue and who have touched our lives
Mark and Jennifer Krueger
Donald and Annette Doerr
Anne McKinney In honor of Hank
Meade Johnson
Joan Mandrow Fraser In memory of Max and Hailey Fraser
Teri and Dennis Bridge In honor of Molly
Traci and Robert Manuel
John and Charlene Neill
James and Constance Ebaugh
Melinda Poulton and Bill Adam
Valentino and Concetta Toniolo
Timothy and Shanna Culver In honor of Beth Maryan
Lucia McCamey
Gouri Radhakrishnan Heinrich Muller
William and Sandra Dunlap
Stephen Wells In memory of Bonnie
Jane Leary and Gregory Frock In memory of Freckles and Scooter
Dyamic Fire Protection Systems
Valerie Pagano
Peggy Bern In honor of Abby, Allie and Lexy
Janice and Gerald Hennessy In memory of Dusty
Julie Waters and Michael Hagen In memory of Molly, Murphy, Rose and Winchester
Lawrence and Valerie Decker
James and Suzanne Rode
Lori Gillfillan
Tim and Lori Owens
William and Sabelia Leith In honor of Rigby
James Ives
Eileen Ryan In memory of Popeye
Carole Gutterman In memory of JP, Moose and Lewis
Douglas and Anne Reiniger
Mike and Marge Perkins
Janice and Leslie Myers
Charles and Doris Youngquist
Martine Scheuermann In honor of Trigger - adopted in 2010
Daniel and Sandra Troia
Louis and Marca Lombardo In honor of Ash and in memory of Melody
Carl Blaine
Fran Sunseri
Carol Taylor and Beth Dickerson In honor Isis and in memory of Koz and Mica - Springers extrodinaire!
Jody and Leslie Thomas, MD In memory of Abby Thomas
Teresa Blinn In honor of Lady, Penny and Sydney
Jane Quinlisk In honor of Gus
Cynthia Benton
Sharon Cryan and Jon Everett
Joan Parker
Susan and Jurgen Fischer In memory of Penny, the first!
Christopher and Amy Blazejowski In honor of Kirby Blazejowski
Janice Scarbrough
Peggy Stoltz
PATRON ANGELS – $1 to $99
Brice L. Dunscomb In memory of Brownie. Wooo-wooooo!
Eric and Glori Edewaard In memory of Sima
James and Anita Carlson In honor of Doc and in memory of Bo
Thomas and Teresa Kinsel In honor and in memory of Shashonie, Shadow, Nelson and Bo
Jose Camacho and Hilmar Snorri Karlsson In honor of Alex
Melody Denham
Brent and Cathie Hoffman In memory of Bogey
Susan Vaughn
Carl Feldman In memory of Mandy, Bear, Abby, Mac, Sophie and Brooke
Judith Raysin In memory of Banjo
Joeph Ollivierre, Jr. In honor of Bella
Robert and Maureen Schaedler In honor of Sue Schroer
Philip and Nancy Tschumperlin In memory of Kirby
Howard and Sheridan Rockwell In honor of Lizzie
Robert and Christine Ewald In honor of Mandy
Isabella Hutton In memory of Thelma and Louise
Kathryn Devoss
Glen and Ethel Barker
Christopher Coursey In memory of Emma
Morgan and Cindy Lighter A gift for Tony and Svieta Schopp in memory of Carson Schopp
John Ronan In memory of Emerson
Victoria and John Ficarelli
William and Teresa Brower In memory of Harry and Charley
David and Eugenia Bassi In honor of Ginger
John and Carole Orr
Londa and Dale Alexander In memory of Lilly
Charles and Christine Zenker, Jr.
Stewart and Elizabeth Spragins
Joseph and Stefanie Fitzgerald In honor of Josie and Turner Fitzgerald
Gary and Billie Imler In memory of Kona
Dennis and Sharon Barron
Arthur and Ann Laska
Raymond and Diana McCalmentIn memory of Tarney
Alick Gerard, IVIn memory of Hamlet and in honor of Splash
Brad Greer
James and Phyllis Leone, Jr.In memory of Buster Greer
Jane Woodruff
Charles and Barbara Sonner
Jo Ann and Louis Zazzara, Sr.In memory of Cookie 2
David and Linda Froen
Pleiades McRaeIn memory of Buster King
Robert and Nancy Edgar
Terry and Margaret Castor
Anthony DeMarnello and Kenneth Roybal
Paula SchmidIn memory of Buddy.
Heidi Beckley
Andy Pazell
Lynn WinchesterIn memory of Sally Wattenbarger
Ashley and Robert JenkinsIn memory of Brianna M.H. We adopted Brianna in 2008, she was our best friend. We hope to honor her memory by helping other senior springers!
Corrine SkoniecznyIn memory of Wattley
Carole AndersonIn memory of Angel and Molly
Anthony DeMarnello and Kenneth Royball
Dawn and Wm Scott DeMauexA gift for Mr. and Mrs. Brian Price made in memory of Winston
Betty Griggs
Wiliam BenserIn memory of Jack and Dakota - rescued Springers
Bruce and Terry CooleyIn honor of senior Chester in Mich who is blind and undergoing heartworm treatment. Thank you ESRA for saving this boy!
Caryn and Bob PolaA gift for Jamie in memory of Mickey
Charlotte and Frank DonoIn memory of our Princess. She was only with us a short time but the love went both ways. We hope we made her life better. She now joins our other loved ones on Rainbow Bridge.
Anthony DeMarnello and Kenneth Roybal
Howard and Rebecca Browers
Laurie and Shane Craig In memory of Chey aka Birdie
John Spencer In memory of Spike
Jacalyn McCallum and Joe Honeycut
Roger Ryan
Kenneth and Kathleen Keady In memory of Libertee Ann
Robert and Sharon Kazimore In honor of Fred
Terry BryeA gift for Linda and Phil Rizzo in memory of PJ Rizzo
Robert and Kirsten KnellIn memory of Rose on her birthday
Anthony DeMarnello and Kenneth Roybal
John and Faith Sheehan
Lyn Raymond and Larry HelderIn memory of Chance
Mike and Barb Wolanin A gift for Pam Williams in memory of Ray Willliams. We know Ray will be taking care of Springers up in Heaven.
Jeff and Stephanie BallardA gift for Chris and Amy Woods in memory of Windsor
Ron CollettIn memory of Duke
Gareth WadeIn memory of Hooch, Sybil, Spot, Taff and Bryn
Caitlin, Darnell, Lauren, and RobA gift for Anna Thuren
Gordon and Maria Janesky In memory of Tobias
Lu Wenneker In memory of Lucy Lu
Rosemary and Graham Brewster In honor of Windsor, Luke and Thunder
Debbie Oramas In honor of Buster
Claudel Palmer In honor of Molly Molly Moo Cow
Fred Speder
Lawrence and Diane Jensen
Patrick and Linda McGrane
George and Diane Turski In memory of Layla and Redd
John and Sharon Gelato In honor of Buddy
Richard and Anita Crumb
Ann Wagner In honor of Gracie
Charlene Archibald
Wanda Briggs-Trevino In memory of Tillie (12/18/1997-12/02/2011) on what would have been her "Sweet 16th" birthday. You will live on forever in our hearts!
Lesley BlythIn memory of Buster Brown
Karen McGeeIn memory of our rescue dog Greta
Janice FerraroA gift for Denise Skonieczny-Buehler in memory of John Buehler — brother-in-law and uncle
Marta Timar In memory of Rexie
Dorothy Wilson In memory of Sugar
Keith and Patricia Molholm In memory of our first ESRA rescue, Jesse Molholm
Thomas Dunn In honor of Jill Dunn
Donald and Violet Burke In honor of rescues Maggie and Allie
John Horace In honor of Jack
Laurel Hunt In memory of Chester, Dixie and Emily
Gregory Jones In memory of Tailor Macle Jones
Brent and Cathie Hoffman In memory of Bogey and Kafie
Janet Chavez / Dave's Downtown Garage In memory of Moxley who passed 2 weeks ago
William and Theresa Finger, III
Janice Pegram In honor of Maggie
Clifford Lunceford and Cherice Hatton
Charles Koffarnus In honor of all Special Needs Springers
Karl and Margaret Kenkel In honor of Stanley
Dave and Kristin Stein In honor of Cooper - our Springer!
Paula Levine In memory of Ruby Levine
Peter and Martha Dorland
Bill and Dorothy Goltz
Lynne and Elvy Zanandrea In memory of Sophia Loren
Donna Pufall In memory of Frisker, Kandy, Walker and Emma
Gary and Judith Perry In honor of Belle - our crazy, loving ESRA dog!
Joann and George Glady
Marla and Aaron Hicks In memory of Charlie
Nancy Robertson In honor of Otis who was rescued from Georgia
Larry and Gretchen Wright In honor of Murphy - the wonder dog!
Melanie Masura
Diane Woodward In honor of Saraphina
Sandra Blake In memory of Suzie
Debi and Matthew Putnam In honor of Marshall
Julie and Denny Coulter In honor of Pat and John Krause
Michael Minning In honor of ESRA
Maryann Edwards
David and Shari Green
Carolyn Fincher In honor of Allie Kersey
Mary and Edward Cooke, IV In honor of Coco Cooke
Lynn Schoepfle
Richard Lifton
Charles Noren In honor of Max
Sally Kelly In honor of ESRA
Darcy and John Huntington In memory of Sadie
Dwight and Mardre Williams In honor of Gracie our ESRA rescue
Christopher and Susan Skow In memory of Patches Skow
Tibor Ehrlich
Al Resnick
James and Debra Prokop In memory of Molly Prokop
Robert Macomber
Jane Ashley In memory of Buffy and Sir
Spencer and Kathleen McKinney
Joseph and Esperanzxa Franco
Toni and John Resch
Edward and Sylvia Fowler In memory of Birdy
Gary and Billie Imler In memory of Kona
Hilda Johnson In honor of Pixie
Dan and Merry Jo Delano In honor of Cathy Peters from Ripley now known as Rudy
Aldon and Marvinteen Magee
Paige Ellis In memory of Abbey, Samantha and Piper
Francine Rucoba
Mary Lou and Eugene Baird In memory of Lady and Audrey
Kyle Zimmerman and Viva Telford
Fred Arendt, III In honor of Ben and Louisa Arendt
Nanette Rudolf In honor of Jack and Sanibel
Janice Minor and James Langford
Roger Ryan In memory of my wife, Donna and in honor of my service dog, Brody
Reginald and Jan Ohlssen In honor of Luke
Debra Mason In honor of Sloane Smith
Edgar and Barbara Davenport
Eugenia and James Tate In memory of Sheila Wilson
Jose Camacho and Hilmar Karlsson
James and Janice Coon In memory of Wilbur
Daniel and Karen Stelton In honor of Holly and Zoey
Randy and Elaine Sattelberg In memory of Misty and Katy
Michael and Namdine Bruinius In honor of Simon and Tucker Bruinius
Diane and Kenneth Ariosto In honor of Abby, Mindy and Clancy
Janet and E.T. Dunn
Eric and Mary Oien In honor of Bubba and Bogie
William and Patricia Fenton, Jr.
H.S. and Audrey Pair In honor of Sam
Elizabeth Hibbs In memory of Addie
Warner and Elizabeth Exelby
Robert and Virginia Tucker In honor of Pete Tucker
Lewis and Carol Smith In memory of Lucy
John and Martha Ramos In honor of Allie
Paul and Judith Deasy In memory of Brie
William Short and Tonia Taylor In honor of Ella
David and Rose Dahlinghaus
Linda and Eric Drew In honor of Allie
Dennis and Paula Morgan In memory of Libby Rose
Jan and Jerry Small In memory of Marti and Misti
Helene Rosenblatt In memory of all my Springer "kids"
Marc and Renee Rubenstein In honor of Wyatt
David Kessler and Susan Serling
Kristine Frane
Ronald Ballard
Steven and Darcy Kopf
Glendel Huneycutt In honor of Hootie
Donald Nelson In memory of Clancey
Wendy and Kevin Brennan In memory of Buddy
Laura and Steven Rowley In memory of Hannah, Dew, Reggie and Jackson
Dawn Schoo
Francois and Maria Cortina In honor of Milo and Coco Cortina
Patricia Sullivan In honor of Merilee and in memory of Sam and Kelsey
Kevin and Cori Kohl
Carter and Patricia Conrad
Col Timothy Jackman In honor of Daisy
David and Cheryl Zitur In memory of Caliber
Wayne and Ann Boytim In honor of Eric Christensen
Arthur and Ann Laska
Eric and Marsha Christman
Jenna and Carrol Matthews In honor of Dixie
Bill and Diane Cook In honor of Cody who rescued us!
Chistopher Jamison and Signe Nelson In honor of Elle
Lillian Seldeen
Edward Leber, Jr. In honor of Lord Percival, Lady Snickers, Pup I Am and Spunky Doodle Dandy
John Barker In memory of UBU — the best Springer ever!
Timothy Thomas In memory of Cookie — our ESRA rescue
Kren and Michael Brown In memory of Ivy
John and Margret Malone In honor of Darby
Emily Loughran In honor of Angus
Nancy Grossman In honor of Dottie Grossman
Camille and Gustav Burkard In honor of Chipper
Albert and Ellen Nielsen
Victoria and David Kolep In honor of Cody — the best dog ever!
Nicholas and Catherine Mennell In honor of Toby
Robert and Jean Braley, Jr.
Joseph and Stefanie Fitzgerald In honor of Josie Fitzgerald
Daniel Howe
John McNiff In memory of all our past Springers — Oliver, Sabrina, Jasmine and Cody
Garry and Linda Arntzen
Sharon Umhoefer In memory of Oliver
Janet Williams In honor of Sophie
Barbara West In honor of Molly
Charles and Julia Lewis In honor of Pepper, Pickles and PJ
WK Juncker and Nancy Rawlings
Lucy Underwood In honor of Bentley
Robert and Judith Werkema In honor of Molly
Charles and Barbara Sonner In memory of Scotty and Gracie Mae
Marilyn Hart In honor of my rescued Springer, Neegee
John and Diana McCarty
Carrie Kontan In honor of Bella (Bonnie)
Karol Ann BordnerIn memory of Buddy and Prince
Anne and Leon Quinn, MD
Joe and Elizabeth Russell In memory of Hickory's Easter Lily
Lisa Kang / Walk & Wag. LLC In honor of Wag and Walk clients
Donald and Kathleen Shvegzda In memory of Sparky and Bailey
Jean Neubarth
Kelli and James Derrig
Happy Woof, LLC In honor of Noisette
Lexie Trembly and Constance Chavez In honor of Jetta
Jill and Mark Link In memory of Pepper, Winston and Fergie
Gregory and Nancy Pritz In memory of Dr Edward C Krizek
Francine Deneffe
Steven and Ann Wormald In honor of Gus
Linda Gibbons In memory of Lila
Daniel and Joan Caine In memory of Buster Brown
Brock and Julie Leach
Jane and Charles Hilliard In memory of Cilly Hilliard
George Gurria In memory of Peabody and Chloe
Sherdyne Hawley In memory of Max and Chance
Donald and Kerri Mueller In memory of Fritz, Brutus and Packer
Christian and Rebecca Westhall
Kenneth and Kathleen Crutchfield In honor of Marti Nichali
Marion and Joseph Poythress In memory of Penny and Meg
Kenneth and Kelli Welsh In memory of Jack and Tucker
James and Arlene Carney In honor of Lilly
David Young and Suzanne Deatley In honor of Gracie and in memory of Raleigh and Jessie
Christine and Robert Hammersley In memory of Molly
Gene and Elizabeth Brothers In memory of Jitters
Betty Boan
Manfred and Gloria Wolff In memory of Liza Wolff
Chad and Sheyna Meyers In honor of Bailey
Danielle Karbowski In honor of Judith and Walt Zwierzcylci
Rita Marshall In honor of Rebecca Hickey
Gary Ciminelli In memory of Tucker and Mashak
Kenneth Hepner
Richard Fortner In memory of Melvin Woodman Fortner
James Curinka In honor of Lexi
Laura Clinard In honor of Jan Flagg and all the Springers we have rescued
Jeanne Deringer In honor of Roxie
Richard Larriva
Robbie Leatham and Rod Allen In honor of Scotty - our Springer Rescue
William Whelan
Janis Palardy
Denise Ouellette In memory of Trooper, Addie and Archie
French and Billie Carey, III In honor of Sunshine - adopted in 2010
Dean and Kathleen Sanberg
Joe Caputo
Rhonda Bender and David Norman
Douglas and Beverly Jones In memory of Peyton
Peter Brunelli, III
Jerome and Sharon Robbins In honor of Murphy
Cheryl Parmele In memory of Charlie - our first rescued Springer
Janet Mitchell In memory of my beloved Becky
Jeannie and James Sirick
Tony and Lucinda Ham In memory of Trixie
Barbara and Daniel Lauffer In memory of Dakota
Heidi Beckley
Alan and Diane Mendel In honor of Dylan
Linda Ross
David and Susan Effler In honor of Gracie
Mary Lundergan In memory of Bonnie and Lucy
Heidi Johnson In memory of Molly and Henry
Susan Sanger In honor of Josie
Patrick and Kristen Maley In honor of Zeke
D.W. Larson In honor and in memory of my 3 rescued Springers
Dawn Johnson
Isabella Hutton In honor of O'Brien
Brad Greer In honor of Duke
John and Patricia Krause In honor of Julie Coulter
Timothy and Barbara Fuller In honor of Emily and Boots and in memory of Brandy
Jeremy Neil In memory of Abby
Katheryn Havasi
Arthur and Susan Smith In honor of Molly
Jack Boling, Jr.
Anthony Galiani In memory of Ben and Honey
Robert and Joanne Guy
Nancy and William Keske
Kenneth and Henrietta Platt In honor of Sadie Jo
Tom and Bettina Williford
Linda Bauer In honor of Maggie and Yogi
Sharon Appleby In memory of Wally
Elizabeth and Gregory Van Dell In memory of Kelly
John and Joan Matthews In honor of Molly
Sarah and Thomas Durfee
Karen Jamrose In honor and in memory of all the Jamrose Sprngers past and present
Janis Elsen
Charles and Christine Zenker, Jr.
Barbara Booker
Bob and Sandra Pierce In memory of Brandy
Gary and Sheri Ermis
Paul and Maxine Childs
Jeffery or Sherri Ash In memory of Lucky and Chance
William and Sherrie Garrett In honor of Zephyr
Thomas and Katheryn Swift In honor of Casper - adopted in 2010
Larry and Rachel Lankton
Andy Pazell In honor of Scottie
Frank and Joanne Lesage
Karen Robacker In memory of Tucker
Amy Gibbard In honor of Blake
Arlene Jaster In honor of Bucky - adopted in 2006 and in memory of Ralph and Penny
Herbert and Elizabeth Decuers
Timothy and Lisa Butts In memory of Jesse and Wils
David and Jolayne Lowell In honor of Toby
Steve and Carole Helmers In honor of Angus
Paul Schmid
Eric and Demetria Mell In honor of Price
Rex Janson
Richard and Mary Van Mullen, Jr. In memory of all the Springers we have loved and lost
Debora and Phillip Ferris
Judith Raysin In honor of Zoe
Jo Magney In memory of Maxey
William and Christine Blevins
Sara Dwyer In memory of Charlie and Susie
Richard and Kathy Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McDonald In honor of George and Freckels
Londa and Dale Alexander In memory of Lilly
Barry and Carla Hopper
Lynn Glassford In memory of Carling
Robert Edgar In honor of Henry
Laurie Crooks In memory of Roxie Henderson owned by Paul R Henderson
Martha Erikson
Frank and Bonnie Zovar
Amanda Place In honor of Bailey
Silvano and Valerie Gaspary
Carole and George Pangercic In memory of Arguyle and Koochie
Marjorie Skalnican
Barbara and James Sieke In memory of Yanell Helt
James and Adrienne Kelley In memory of Reba
Robert and Sandra Wolf In honor of Kathy Shanahan - our Springer's foster mom
James and Hilda Bussell, Jr. In honor of Ziggy
David and Janet Smith In honor of Stubby and Monty
William and Janine Gorline
George Weinert In memory of Charlotte and Carly
Kathryn DeVoss In memory of Snarfy and Buddy
Bill and Bobbie Brubaker In honor of Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sarver In loving memory of Sam
Virginia and Joseph Haddad A gift for Edda Boerner in loving memory of Leelee Boerner
Patricia and Richard Huber In honor of Jen and Merlin Huber

A link to contributions made in prior years can be found here