An inspiration to us all
July 17, 1949 – November 14, 2002


William G. Burke, III
Ruth Libbey In memory of Bella
TRUSTEE ANGELS – $500 to $999
Judy Prala In memory of Sweet Gemma, our loving Springer girl adopted from ESRA. Can't imagine not having you in our famiy the last 10 years. Alwys a lady, always a love, always missed.
Beth Findell
Pat Snyder and Michael Frank
Lori O'Brien
Barry and Irene Lane In honor of Jake
Norman and April Brackenbush In memory of Jake
Kathie Schilling In memory of Annie
Sharon Corrigan
Robert Wolleben On behalf of our ESS rescue Duke and his foster mom Rikki. Thank you for choosing us as Duke's Forever Home.
Ellen M. Gordon In memory of my beautiful Springer LaVerne. Thank you for helping place these wonderful dogs.
LeeAnn Robertson
Janet and John Watson
SUSTAINING ANGELS – $100 to $499
Raymond Fordyce With great appreciation for the help that ESRA provided, particularly Melissa Underwood, in rescuing Gracie who now resides in her Forever Home, with me!
Kathleen Jasnoch In memory of Casey Jasnoch, an awesome Springer Spaniel
Donna and Donald Graves Honoring Dreyfus and Remmington
Heidi Thomas-Dunn In Loving Memory of Karen Horton's beloved Mimi, Veda Burgess, who met all our beloved pets at the Rainbow Bridge 04/05/12
Jamey Morgan A gift for Ms. Shellee Swanson in memory of June Swanson
Virginia Klein A gift for Tammy Macmillan in memory of Pat Macmillan
Akitsu Kimoto A gift for ESRA Springers from ESS lovers
Jeff James A gift for Bill McCarty in memory of Tux
Kathryn E. Gropp In memory of Penny and Belle
R. F. and Melanie Topalian
Attention 2 Detail, LLC / Jessica Weber
Julie Hetherington
Dorothy Wilson
Jeannie and James Sirick
Merlyn Townsend and Linda Corsault-Townsend
Kimberly and Thomas Reath
Dynamic Fire Protection Systems, Inc.
Richard DeRose In memory of Porsche, Ginger, Riley and Paige
Elizabeth Mullican A gift for Ann and Bill Mullican
Clara Costello In memory of Abby
Shannon Peters In memory of Britta, Whiskey, and Tessi
Peg and Skip Dale A gift for Ed Mashman and Carolyn Molloy. Merry Christmas to you and your four-legged friends.
Rene Pizzo In memory of Buddy and Rex, and in honor of my current boy Zippie
Kerri Johnson
David and Virginia Christian In honor of Millie
Douglas and Mary Henley In memory of Lucy
Tim Gilderbloom
Liz Ellis In memory of Lucy and Cody
Jay Reed In honor of Newton
John Trampas
Carol Benson and Donald Haffner In honor of Ruddy
Logan and Suzanne Boles
Carl and Erin Stearns, Jr. In memory of Kinsey
Timothy and Annette Balliett
Beverly Ulis In memory of Ken Ulis and his Springer Don
Stephanne Zimmerman
Mary Shump In honor of Sally
Anne Kuykendall In honor of Carolyn Molloy
Timothy and Lori Mueller In memory of Missy, Miracle and Stewart
Gary and Gwynne Vincent In memory of Brewster and Buddy
Lin McHaley In honor of Katie, Annie and Rose out ESRA Alumni
Lawrence Paull and Marcy Bolotin In honor of Renee Holmes
Richard DeRose
Clara Costello In memory of Abby
Shannon Peters In memory of Britta, Whiskey and Tessa
Ronald Tigner
Christopher and Amy Blazejowski In memory of Kirby Blazejowski
Philip Sebring
Sherdyne Hawley In memory of Max and Chance
Miguel and Carole Murphy
Sandra Dunlap In memory of Sir Winston
Jane Sweeney In memory of all past 8 Springers
Robertson MacDonald In memory of Sajette
Pamela Klessig
Tracy Torma In memory of Emily
Cynthia Bell Benton
Teresa Blinn In memory of Lady, Penny and Sydney
Dwight Emanuelson In memory of Wilbur
Siobhan and Paul De Leeuw In memory of Benjy and Charlie
Gayle Bahler In memory of Jax
James Rice In honor of Nancy Remmers and the Galveston ESRA Team
James and Dianne Howell In honor of Bill Arnold
Rob and Eva Sluga In memory of Rocket
Nora and Desmond Jimenez
Grace Mamaux In memory of Pinto, Alana, Bobo and all the others
Janice Temple
Richard Orth
Douglas and Sandra Beck
James Fitzmaurice and Doug Gebraad
Nancy Myers In memory of Rue, Tigger and Ginger
Nancy Rapoport In memory of Ellie
Barbara Hair In memory of Mandy Mae
Jane Leary and Gregory Frock
Diane Jordan In honor of Cody
Ron and Sue Gilliam
Carolyn and Max Baldwin
Judith Barnett
John and Charlene Neill
Robert Titus
Patricia Sullivan In honor of Merilee and in memory of Sam and Kelsey
Mark and Pip Witner In memory of Jake
Thomas Mueller In honor of Bucky and Jessie
Cynthia Tobin
Marc and Janet Bocciardi In memory of Sam
Thomas and Sharon Monroe In honor of Hunter
Joan McCloskey In honor of Jenny Jubilee
Tracey Becker In honor of all ESRA Volunteers
Janice and Gerald Hennessy In memory of Dusty
Gary and Susan Leathers In honor of our beloved boy Atticus
Edward Taylor and Peggy Taylor, MD In memory of Benny
Amy Gibbard In honor of Blake who was adopted in 2007
Timothy and Deborah Ramsey In memory of Lance and Hannah
Kimberly Bolster In memory of wonderful Springers loved and lost
William Short and Tonia Taylor
Karen Hamrick
Gouri Radhakrishnan
Rebecca and John Hasselbeck In honor of Mortie, Scout and Tripp
Daniel and Sandra Trola
Martha Michalek In memory of Freckles
Rhonda Stillman
Linda Ogden In memory of Maggie Sr.
Thomas Anderson In memory of Cooper
Joan Parker In memory of Cory
David and Jolayne Lowell In honor of Holly and in memory of Toby
Wallace and Julie Gronholm
Vicki and William Wingo Gift for Judy Fink and Jill Wylie
Glendell Huneycutt In memory of my Mother and a gift for ESRA Springer Angel
Catherine Sanders
Stephanie Taylor In honor of Leo and Sonny
Martin Woy and Joyce Glass In memory of Henry and Riley
Joe and Lisa Flohr In memory of Shadow
Laura and Patrick Doumont In honor of Layla adopted from ESRA in 2010
Laurie Aikins In honor of and in memory of Maggie and Annie
Joe Caputo Builder, Inc.
James and Constance Ebaugh
Larry and Betsy Roadman
Charles Hicks, Jr and Vicky Sherman
Harold and Debra Johnson
Scott and Kathleen Bauer
Carol Rolland
Fran Tewkesbury
Pamela Hill In memory of Marsha Johnson
Rock & Rose, Inc. In honor of Sandra James
J Matthew and Courtney Nuss SchickelIn memory of Penny and Dixie
Jack and Marilyn Winchester
William and Sabelia Leith In memory of Rigby
Marcella and John Colling
PATRON ANGELS – $1 to $99
Katelyn and Brogan In honor of Jesse Sheteron
Ruth Gabreski A gift for Katy Tayrn, long lost Springer friend and for Amber, a new Springer friend
Alesa Grant A gift for Dave and Lavonne Seifert in memory of Piper
Nancy Ruberton My springer Otis was adopted from Georgia - he's the best.
Laurel E. Hunt
Steve Hart
Susan A. Foster
Tracy Becker
Sharon A. Corrigan
Kenneth A. Kellogg
Kevin and Deborah Carney
Jill and Thomas Dunn
Fran Sunseri
Kimberly and Thomas Reath In memory of Jan Flagg, Arnie, Ryan and Zeke
Sheila Cornelius In memory of Rosie, Katie and Sadie
Michelle Doerr In memory of Buddy King Doerr. Miss your "shake a booty."
Bonnie MacGregor Lemieux I commend the work that you people do for these lovable and loyal dogs!
Leo V. Roinila A gift for Hyman in memory of Jimmy B
Mary Viehoefer and Belle Sprague A gift for Laurel Fagg in memory of Jina Gorman
Terri Hamilton
Mary Elizabeth Holmes In memory of Lily Bear and all the other Springer Angels
Terry Sprague A gift for Renee Holmes. Thank you, Renee, for all your help.
Linda Parker In memory of Daisy King
Jennifer Carpenter A gift for Lee Short — Happy Father's Day!
Kurt and Rosemary Glaisner A gift for Jeffrey Swanson in memory of June Swanson
Phyllis Chan In memory of Janet Jackson's German Shepherd, Hunter, who helped foster 25 dogs, among them 14 ESRA rescues
Phyllis Chan In memory of Nita Watson's Dottie
Jennifer Pickett In memory of Mud Puddle and Carib
Bob Knell In memory of Rose at Christmastime
Nancy and Joseph McDaniel In memory of Samantha
Special Care Veterinary Service/Frank Schober, DVM In memory of June Swanton
Barbara Lewis
Gary and Linda Arntzen
Lu Wenneker
Charleen Hughes
John and Karen Burgess
Galina Bridges
William and Patricia Fenton, Jr.
Claudel Palmer
Katarina Thomas
George Jones
Debbie Oramas
Frank and Charlotte Dono
Jo Frances McCawley
Wanda Briggs-Trevino In memory of Tillie (12/18/1997-12/2/2011) on what would have been her 15th birthday. I will love and miss you forever!
Beverly Kessler A Christmas gift in honor of Bill and Gay Sterling
Carolyn Mobley
Helene Rosenblatt In memory of her adopted Springers
David and Shari Green In memory of Chance
Cheryl Parmele
Donald Jackson In memory of Captain Morgan
Nicole and David Pearce In memory of Barney
Diane and Kenneth Ariosto In memory of Mindy, Abby and Clancy
Thomas and Jill Dunn
Karen Robacker In memory of Tucker
Debi and Matthew Putnam
Darcy and John Huntington In honor of Molly Jo
Lynne Ely In honor of Maggie
John and Martha Ramos
Janice Pegram In memory of Molly and Sparkle
John Horace In honor of Jack
Timothy and Pennie Sarver
Ronald Bottrell In memory of Zoe
Edgar and Barbara Davenport
Lisa Schroer In honor of Sue and Fred Schroer
MikeandLori Sala In memory of Shasta
Janet and E.T. Dunn In honor of Lucy and Roscoe
Charles Noren In honor of Max, my ESRA adopted Springer
Rita Marshall In honor of Rebecca Hickey
Barbara and James McDonnell In honor of Sophe
Ronald and Patricia Forman In memory of Jan
Douglas and Lynten Stoodley In honor of Jan Flagg
Sally Kelly
Donna Chisholm
Joe and Charlotte Moran, Jr
John Christie and Debra DerManoogian In honor of Maureen and Paul Williams - ESRA Foster Parents
Patrick and Maryann Edwards In memory of Ziggy and Tucker
Carole Gutterman In memory of Lewis
James Curinka In memory of Keisha and Tia
Malinda Dice-Shah, DDS In memory of Nina Shah
Walk & Wag, LLC / Lisa Kang In honor of all our clients
Kathleen Havasi
Diane Woodward In memory of Lizzie
Bevery and David Segar In memory of Spartacus
H.S. and Audrey Pair In honor of Trapper
John and Linda McCoy
Robert and Teresa Hamilton
Ronald Ballard
Wayne Eidsmoe In honor of Linda Lou Eidsmoe
James Schroeder In honor of Bella
Fredda Fox In honor and in memory of all my furkids
Mildred and Richard Merk
Beverly Kessler In honor of Bill and Gay Sterling
Amy and Leslie Rosenfeld In honor of Mark and Kim Samuels and in memory of Brownie and Alysa
Eugenia and Murray Tate In honor of all ESRA rescuers
Philip and Charlene Hauri
Arthur and Florence Asel In honor of Scooter
D.A. and Jill Turner In honor of Lexie and in memory of Trixie and Schatzie
Patrick McGrane and Lynda Schulman
Nicholas and Sally Williams In honor of Olliver
Maggie Novell
Barbara Lazzaretti In memory of Sienna and Taffy
Timothy and Barbara Fuller In honor of Brandy, Emily and Boots
Craig and Janell Tilley In memory of Maggie Tilley
Corrine Skonieczny
Debra Mason In honor of Belle
Charles and Melva Fenning In memory of Willy
Jo Frances McCawley
Lynn Schoepfle
Christopher and Susan Skow
Lydia Kowalewski In memory of Oslow
Elizabeth and Gregory Van Dell
T Jamrose
Robert and Virginia Tucker In honor of Pete
Saira Kaizad In memory of Lucy and Peanut
Sharon Appleby In honor of Beau
Kevin and ReneePajda In memory of Sammy
Wayne and Ann Boytim In honor of Cali
Martha Erikson
Marc and Renee Rubenstein In memory of BJ
Jennine Silengo and Claudia Kedo In honor of Pam Kemps with thanks for Toby
Ralph Clinard
James and Mary Merritt, Jr In memory of Hero and the boys
Candy Luhrsen
Denny and Julia Coulter
Charles and Bonnie Elliott In memory of Gina and Buster
Elizabeth and Joseph Boing In honor of adoption of Lucky Ladybug Valentine 8 years ago
Judy Hultquist
Kenneth Kellogg
Terry and Paula Clark In memory of Shasta and Stormy
Carolyn Fincher In memory of Alice Kersey
Thomas and Bettina Williford
Robert and Marcia McNeese In memory of Andrew and Maggie
Russell and Beverly Schumacher
Michela Daniels Hawkins In honor of Max
Christopher Jamison and Signe Nelson
Laura and Ronald Grable In memory of Harley
Joan and Paul Prefontaine
Harvey Ward
Billie and Deborah Keeney
Larry and Rachel Lankton
Sandra James In memory of Ace, Oreo, Boone, Rio and Captain
Thomas or Cecilia Rush In memory of Wally and Mollie
Lucy Batton In memory of Andy Batton
Diana Fedinec In memory of Oliver Fedinec
Robert and Jean Braley, Jr.
Kevin and Tiffany Hughes In memory of Hunter - a great Springer
Bernadette and Daniel Jekutis
Sherman and Vera Beye
Robert and Judith Werkema
Joseph and Esperanza Franco
Silvano and Valerie Gaspary In memory of departed Springers
John and Margaret Malone In honor of Darby
Timothy and Eileen Faulkner
Helen Schulte In honor of Sue Schulte
Antonia and Hans Kesch
Don Holder In honor of Webster
Tibor Ehrlich
Jan Thorne In memory of Ruger
Clair Loverich, Jr
Paul Reynolds In honor of Zachary
Kristin and Stephen Hill In memory of Walker
Charles and Margaret Maggiore In memory of Cody, Kady, Bo and Casey
Barbara West
Victoria and David Kolep In honor of Cody Kolep
Paige Ellis In memory of Abby, Samantha and Piper
Donna Evans and DoLores Armstrong
Karla Holt In honor of Jesse
Frank and Catherine Holt
Charles and Julia Lewis
Gloria and John Kareken
Barbara Davis
Lisa Poole In honor of Sadie and Rose
Kenneth and Kelli Welsh In memory of Tucker, Tiffany, Pete and Jack
Craig and Brenda Clark In memory of Bentley
Mary Dolan
Douglas and Beverly Jones
Richard and Mary Van Mullen In memory of our beloved Springers
Donald and Annette Doerr
Fran Sunseri In memory of Mick
Carl Blaine In memory of Mick
David and Rose Dahlinghaus In honor of Abby and Annie
Jennifer and Mark Krueger
Elizabeth Hibbs
James Bailey
James and Arlene Carney In honor and in memory of Lilly, Fats,Lady and Jingle
Janis Palardy
Andrew and Lora Allan In honor of Petunia
Rodney and Theresa Partain In honor of Sadie
William and Barbara White In memory of Beau
Sheri Sarkis
Helen and Michael Wooley
Jan and Jerry Small In memory of Marti
John and Bobbi Jo Weber In honor of Ace - our adopted Springer
Ronald and Mry Raisleger In honor of Heidi and Poco
Kevin and Cori Kohl
John and Jennifer Francisco In honor of Rufus, Francie, Melvin, Claire and Stanley
Eric and Demetria Mell In honor of our rescue Prince
Kim Hall
Hilda Johnson
James and Elizabeth Marshall In honor of Molly and Mitchell
Mary Lou and Eugene Baird In memory of Lady and Audrey
Anonymous In memory of Sydney, Cassady, Emma and Claude
Anne and Leon Quinn, MD
Julie Waters In memory of Murphy and Rose Waters
William Whelan
Dean and Kathleen Sanberg
Richard and Martha Lang In hoor of any Springer in need
Sandra Blake In honor of Suzie and Captain Jack
Judith Anderson and Richard Larriva
Barry and Carla Hopper In memory of Hailey
Kelli and James Derrig
Flamingo Investments, Inc.
Lawrence and Valerie Decker
Karl and Margaret Kenkel In honor of Stanley, the most loving puppy ever
George and Margaret Benjamin In memory of O'Malley, O'Grady, Tug, Lily and Gamble
Via Telford In honor of Cassie
F. J. Boling, Jr.
Winifred and George Covintree
George Sornson In memory of Pearl and Tillie
Timothy Junkins In honor of my sister Becky Junkins
Mary and M. Ralph
Thomas and Christine Cottam In honor of Snickers and in memory of Willy
Jennifer Cottam
Roger and Patricia Russell In honor of Dillon
Katelyn Schutz In honor of Jesse Sheteron
Arlene Jaster In memory of Ralph
Daniel and Theresa Bazner In memory of Buster and Bella
David Kessler and Susan Serling
Susan Moore In memory of Snickers
Paul Milakovich
Richard and Kathy Fink
John and Marcia Nashem In honor of Pepper
Lance and Lori Lyon In memory of Lady
Kevin and Kristine Frane
T.J. and Lynn Swafford
Arthur and Susan Smith In honor of Molly
Mark and Denise Kuhn In honor of Remi
Ronnie Riner In memory of Gus and Pete
Janet Smith In memory of Stubby and Monty
Anthony DeMarnello and Kenneth Roybal
Tina Beedle In memory of Huckleberry
Christopher and Tamara Jerome In memory of Popeye and Levi
Patty and David Perkey In memory of Georgia Perkey
Carolyn and John Merz
David Stein In honor of Cooper
Kathleen Jacober
Barbara Breeden In honor of and in memory of all my Springers past and present
Lori Gillfillan In honor of Hunter, my ESRA Springer
Rex Janson
Chad and Sheyna Meyers In honor of Bailey
Alan and Diane Mendel In honor of Dylan
Andrew and Krista Wood In memory of Harvey
Mark and Lynne Carter In honor of Shay
Robert and Kyle Kirkby In memory of Dixie Laverne
Tammy Stella In honor of Scout
Billie and French Cary, III In memory of Daisy
Rhonda Bender and David Norman In honor of Zee
Daniel and Joan Caine In honor of ESRA - Western WA Region
Jason and Rachel Penning In memory of Frankie Roy
Shirl Benton In honor of Sugar, Peaches, Candy and Brandy
Elizabeth and Neal Abdullah In memory of Hershey Merlot Abdullah
Charles and Jane Dare In memory of Domino
Dwight and Mardre Williams
Diane and Bill Cook In honor of Cody
Warren and Elba Wilson In honor of Charlie Wilson
Wendy and Kevin Brennan
Mary and James Ball In memory of Humphrey
Anne Mele In honor of Beauty
Karen and David Staska In honor of Duke who was adopted 5 wonderful years ago
Nancy Ruberton In memory of Bailey and Bridget
Louisa Arendt In honor of Ben Arendt adopted in 2003
Fred Arendt, III In honor of Ben Arendt adopted in 2003
Jerome and Sharon Robbins In honor of Murphy
Steven and Sheryl Stillons
Phillip and Deborah Ferris In honor of Sundance who was adopted in 2010
Melanie Masura
Linda Ross In memory of Lucy
Janice Scarbrough In honor of Kim Marvin and Linda Lintz
Thomas and Kathryn Swift In memory of Buster and King Swift
Carter and Patricia Conrad
Gary and Judith Perry
Cecil and John Shannon, Jr. In memory of Kip
Frank and Bonnie Zovar
Dorothy Goltz In honor of Sammie
Randy's Downtown Garage, Inc. In honor of Oscar and Blarney
Lucy Underwood In memory of Wrigley
Anonymous In honor of Sophie, my adorable Springer that we love dearly
Karen Rasmussen

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