An inspiration to us all
July 17, 1949 – November 14, 2002


Susan and Fredrik Schroer
Storan Technologies, Inc. In memory of Mo, Bud and Mac — Thanks for all the great work you do for such a wonderful breed
ESSFTA Bench Show Committee In appreciation of ESRA's support and hard work benefitting the 2010 ESSFTA National Specialty.
William G. Burke, III  
The Carl Jud Foundation  
Cathryne Slaughter In memory of Angel Maggie and in honor of Suzan Zuker and Barbara Welty for their support and with thanks for allowing Abby to adopt us
TRUSTEE ANGELS – $500 to $999
Lori Colleen O'Brien In memory of Paddington Bear
Kay Trice In memory of Ginger
SUSTAINING ANGELS – $100 to $499
Ruth Gabreski In memory of Katy Tayrn — my favorite Springer, Best Friend!
Yolanda Hoemann In memory of Te Bone
Sheryl Jordan  
Cheryl Noss  
Judith Megaw In memory of Chief and Gabby
Barbara H. Breeden  
Joseph H. Ollivierre, Jr. In memory of Bella
Timothy Ramsey In honor of Lance and Hannah
Mary Gray Holt In honor of Sam I Am, from VA Carousel and Jinny
L.S.Mc Haley In memory of Katie and Kelly
Ronda P. Moore D.V.M
Louisa Arendt
Barbara DeLoiser and Phil Ambrowitz In memory of adopted Springer, Emma, who went to the bridge in December 2010
Gayle Bahler, Trustee, Gayle D. Bahler Trust For ESRA dogs in Florida
Golden Rule Chapter No. 194 OES Milwaukee WI
Jack and Marilyn Winchester To benefit ESRA dogs in the Pacific Northwest
Cheryl A. Parmele
Harvey and Peggy Aulgur
Kathryn E. Gropp In memory of Belle and in honor of my ESRA rescue Penny
Erika Lunder In memory of Wayne Lunder, Sophie and Zena
RM In appreciation of MM — don't know how I would have gotten through it without you
Scott Toland and Cori Kathleen Campbell Thank you for rescuing and fostering our Teddy Bear, and for letting us give him a home
Eric Criscuolo A gift for Isobel Criscuolo in memory of Duchess. Merry Christmas.
Elizabeth Mullican A gift for Ann and Bill Mullican
Linda Parker In memory of my beautiful Springers — Micah, Molly and Bailey
Donna Harris In memory of Missy
Rene Pizzo In memory of Buddy and Rex, and in honor of my current Springer love, Zippie
Ken and Sara Hepner
Linda Ogden In memory of Maggie Sr.
PATRON ANGELS – $1 to $99
Rene Pizzo In memory of Rex. Thank you for the work you do with and for this wonderful breed.
Lisa Koch In memory of Buddy, the wonder dog. Thank you for the wonderful work you do.
Gena Terranova In memory of Beau and Rebel, my English Springers when I was a child
Joseph and Cherie Ignatius
Wayne Brander
Laurie Olson In memory of Mitzi
Donald Hepner In honor of Jake
Mark Gonzalez
Eileen Faulkner In honor of Timothy Faulkner Happy Birthday
Greg Johnson In memory of Jenny
Andy Pazell In honor of Scottie
Jo Ann Zazzara In honor of Cookie "2" who died 4-11-10
Denise Mott In honor of Gus
Robert Green In honor of Jan Flagg
Bonnie Ferone Luther In honor of Kody
Tracy Boyd
Doris Miller In honor of Leslie Allen, volunteer
Brad Greer
Maria Sofia In honor of Mission and KC
Larry and Rachel Lankton  
C. David Miller For any Springer in need in the Southeast Region in memory of Molly and Murphy
Nicole Engler A gift for Ellie Starks' wedding. A fellow dog lover, I can't thank her enough for her generosity — and dedication — to the cause.
Andrew W. Deshong
Nancy Quinn and Michael R. Zomlefer
J.R. and M.D. Jameson In honor of Libby, Abbey, Nigel and Nora, all ESS rescues
William R. Benser
Kent W. and Melissa W. Folsom In honor of Henley, now known as Bea
Happy Woof LLC, Francine Deneffe In honor of Felix the dog
Marv and Marge Miller In memory of Felicity's Diamond Jim, aka James
R. Lee Yeager
John and Linda Groenewold In memory of Heidi and Greg Dunn's beloved Scrappy
Gail Breslin
Barbara Lazzaretti In memory of Sienna and Taffy
Penny Myers In memory of Sydney
Dolores Dillon-Howlett A birthday gift for Marie Rodgers in memory of Meagan, Jesse and Max
Peter D. Robinson
Anthony D. Galiani In honor of Ben and Honey
Tracy Becker
Hollie Anderson A gift for Jay and Carrie Anderson in memory of Hunter, a very sweet and loving 15 year companion to Carrie. He was lucky to be surrounded by love and cared for very well until he left this world.
Vicki Drake A gift to celebrate Sandy, aka Blossom. Thanks, ESRA! My girl Blossom was an injured Springer that received the help she needed.
Caryn Pola In memory of Nancy Remmers' Mother
Wanda Brigg-Trevino In memory of Tillie (12/18/1999–12/2/2011), my first child, who would have turned 14 today. She taught me how to be a mother before my human children came along.
Julie Coulter In honor of Pat and John Krause
Shannon Peters In memory of Britta, Whiskey, Tess and Tiffany
Patrick Michels A gift for Denise Skonieczny Buehler. Merry Christmas, love Patrick, Katy, Bryan and Jacob

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