An inspiration to us all
July 17, 1949 – November 14, 2002


Michael and Dianne Shanley
Susan and Fredrik Schroer
The O'Brien Family
Carolyn and Ed In memory of Luke — your mom and dad love you so … always in our hearts.
Barry and Irene Lane In honor of Jake
TRUSTEE ANGELS – $500 to $999
Mary Louise Kramer and Lori Greigo In honor of Chaplin and Captain Jax Sparrow (RIP)
Audrey Fowle In honor of Lovey
Custom Builders In honor of Sassy Grubbs
Leslie A. Paulsen
Linda and H. Wayne Phears
Amy Blazejowski In memory of Kirby Blazejowski
Kay Trice A memorial for my precious angel Ginger
Kathy McMurray In honor of Hannah, our adopted beautiful English Springer
Simplified Facilities Group, Inc.
SUSTAINING ANGELS – $100 to $499
George Boettcher, Jr. In honor of Mr. Ripley
Mary and W. Ralph In honor of Becky and Perry Hasselbeck
Laura and Ronald Grable In honor of Harley
Susan Peterson Hickman In loving memory of Harley Hickman, our beloved little hound who died of cancer in January 2009
Jeff and Susan Mapen In honor of Shea Emmylou Mapen
Richard Orth In honor of Monty, best dog imaginable
Eva Balazs In honor of Jaime Balazs
Lisa and Mark Bryan In honor of Emitt, Milo and Willow
Jack and GB Neal In honor of Taylor Neal
Mark and Joyce Hiatt
John and Rebecca Hasselbeck In memory of Cincy and in honor of Mortie and Tripp
Kathy and Donald Ciaffa In honor of Messier
Anthony Martin
Martha and Richard Lang In honor of Mardi Gras and Miss Brezi
Susan Vantine Thank you for my Geoffrey
Susan and Robin Moore In honor of Spencer and Freckles
Donna Harris In memory of our beloved Hoss
Theresa Van Vliet
Kellie Stockton In honor of Beau and Buck
Gary and Susan Leathers In honor of our adopted Atticus
Veta and Gervin Massey In honor of Ralphie and Maggie
Austin and Jane DeSimone In honor of Travis, friend to Lizzie
Benjamin Wright In honor of Kitt
Anna Thuren In honor of my beloved rescue Springer, Ms. Eloise, who passed away June 1, 2010. She will always be in my heart.
Frank and Judy Potter In honor of Annie Rose and in honor of Barbara Welty, coordinator, and Pam Civile, her foster mom
Margaret and George Benjamin In memory of Gamble
Carolyn Molloy In honor of all our wonderful ESRA volunteers everywhere
Carolyn Fincher A gift for Debbie Kersey in memory of Alice Kersey
Anthony Ferro In memory of Perry, Nicholas and Bob Dog to care for all special needs
Barbara and Michael Welty
Chris and Sally Daverse In memory of Derringer, Samson and Wallace
Elizabeth Mullican A gift for Ann and Bill Mullican
Barbara White In memory of the dogs we have loved
Sydney Bland A Christmas gift for Kay and Doug Johnson and Barb and Don Schindler
Jane Sweeney In memory of Buddy
Anna Thuren In memory of Cole, Sir Ramses and Elorseand Ms Caramilla
Tom and Sharon Monroe In memory of Duffy
Jon and Karen Burgess In memory of Duke, Duchess and Winston
Pam Klessig In honor of Marlee and in memory of Jessie and Emmy Lou
Jeannie Sirick In memory of Joanie
Allison Kannenberg In honor of Morsel and Molly and in memory of Maple
Karen McKeon In memory of my Springers Schooner, Tiki and Duchess
Stephen Wells In honor of Bonnie Parker
Ron Lamm In memory of Jan Flagg
Rachel Penning In honor of our rescued Springer, Frankie
Angela McKinney In honor of The Looneys
Robert Titus In honor of Zues my dog
Joanne Fink
Ted Carl II
Ann Veal
David and Linda Martin
Annette Doerr
John and Dee McLaughlin
Susan Manthey In memory of Candy, my first Springer
Anne Frances McKinney
Kathleen Engberg In memory of Carson Butler
Logan and Suzanne Boles
Joan McCloskey
Richard Melcher In memory of Molly, Taylor
Stephanie Taylor In memory of Tally
Charlene and Tim Hill
Suzan Dundas In memory of Bauer
Judy and Dale Faesi In memory of Babe, our first Springer
Linda Ogden In memory of Jim Caras
Christine Ogle In memory of Taz
Gordon Peden
Laura Doumont
Donna Frisk In memory of Jenny, Ginger Misty Cricket
Florence Dick In memory of Flo's Sport N Dawg JH
David and Virginia Christian In honor of Millie, our rescued Springer
Barbara Smith In memory of Boomer
Jenny Collins
Sloan E E Schwindt In honor of Spike Hershey and Ruffton and in memory of my father Walter Emery
Beverly Ulis
James Christol
Paul De LeeuwIn memory of Benjy
Christy and Doug Camenisch
Richard Orth In honor of Monty, adopted January '07
Valerie Decker
Alice Steiner
Catherine Sanders
Christine Wisdom In honor of Pam and Mark Civile
Jeannine and Andrew Springer In honor of Colleen Whealdon Haught 1978-2009, a lovely animal lover
Anne Embree In honor of Daisy
Leslie Griffin In honor of Cooper B and his Foster Mom Vicky from Sanford NC
Michael Abbott In honor of Cooper B and his Foster Mom Vicky from Sanford NC
Mary Henley In honor of our Springer Lucy
Maureen Eddy Grinnell In honor of Jim and Cherryl from Columbus who helped facilitate the adoption of our dear Ellie this past July
Janet Bocciardi In honor of Sam Bocciardi
Virgina Haddad In honor of Ellie, Millie, Brownie, and Cinder, Dixie the Springers throughout my life
Kathryn Gorman
Julie A Gronholm In honor of Maddie
Clara Costello In honor of Abby, Ginger and Roxy
Teresa Blinn In honor of Sydney, Penny and Lady
Joan Mandrow Fraser In honor of Max Fraser, Hailey Fraser, Bailey Fraser
Gary and Gwynne Vincent In honor of Buddy and Brewster
Aubrey and Barbara Hair In honor of Mandy rescued in 2000 in Louisana. Found her forever home with us and passed away this year at age 14. We loved her beyond words.
Amy Gibbard In honor of Blake, Chelsey and Honey
Carolin Bakewell In honor of Charlie and Gwinnie
James Ives In honor of Alfie
Merlyn Townsend In honor of Jan Flagg
Joan Parker
Trisha Eisenberg In honor of Spippy Dog
Patricia Nahin In honor of Maggie
ML Woy
George Boettcher Jr In memory of Luke and Mr. Ripley
Russ and Yvonne Davis
Sandra Dunlap In memory of Dunlap's Sir Winston
Eleanor Jones In honor of all the good work ESRA does
Dwight Emanuelson In memory of Wilbur
W Glenn Dyke In honor of Molly Dyke
Carol Taylor In honor of Isis, our ESRA adoptee
Pamela Hill In honor of Marsha Johnson
Cynthia Benton
John and Jean Matthews In honor of Molly
Jane Leary and Gregory Frock In honor of Fred our special ESRA boy and Sadie who is still the worlds cutest dog
Janice Myers In honor of Ashley and Spot
Eleanor Cochran Trust In honor of Abigail
Patricia Escobar In honor of Freddie and JJ
Rebecca Hasselbeck In honor of Mortie, Tripp and Scout, all rescued by ESRA
Southern CA Edison Law Dept
PATRON ANGELS – $1 to $99
William Kissick
Debra Mason A gift to honor all ESRA volunteers
Theresa and David Kukor In honor of Mocha Kukor
Michael and Judith Meyer In honor of Molly and Cocoa
Virginia Shepherd
Joseph Ollivierre In honor of Bella
George and Reba Parkinson In honor of Holly
Richard Bolser In honor of Judy Manley and her relentless work saving Springers
James and Connie Ebaugh In honor of Mickey
David and Kelly Lynn In honor of Katie and Sophie
Robin Brandt In honor of Thelma Louise
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith In honor of Scout and Bailey
Rudolph Nydegger In honor of Shane
Ace K-9 Academy In memory of Sandra's Alpine Ace
Devin and Brittany Boblitt In honor of Parker, our ESS rescue
Gary and Donna Snedeker In honor of Toby
John Swan In honor of Heidi Thomas Dunn and Sammy, my ESS rescue
Tommie Richardson
Leslie and M.B. Gray In memory of Reggie, a grand old fellow
John and Marcie Nashem In honor of jan Flagg and Pepper
Heidi Buckley In honor of Maggie Allison
Yolanda Hoemann In honor of Ranger
Vicki Person In honor of Boji
Galina Bridges
Maria Sofia In honor of Mission and KC
David Hershey
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Pair In honor of Sam
John and Jill McLeod In honor of Willow
D. J. Chisholm In honor of Sandy Dunlap, GA volunteer
Rick Owen In honor of Jan Flagg
James and Susan Benson
Douglas and Darla Dickey In memory of Kylie and in honor of Hershey
Robert and Nancy Edgar In honor of Henry, our rescue ESS
Mark and Denise Kuhn In honor of Mary Ann Erb
Debra Hawley In honor of Riley, my latest ESS rescue
Louis and Saira Niles In honor of Dixie
Charles and Margaret Maggiore In honor of Cody and Cady
Anonymous In honor of Jake
Anonymous In honor of Tim
Ken and Henrietta Platt In honor of everyone's hard work
Dianna Stone and Keith Gnat In honor of Gordy
Charles and Virginia Kohli
Denise Skonieczny In memory of Watley
Paige Ellis In honor of Abby, Samantha, and Piper
Mark and Ann Rome In honor of Skipper
Andy Pazell
Robert and Jean Braley In honor of Maggie
Maureen and Paul Williams In memory of Chester
William Eardley IV
Robert and Marcia McNeese In honor of Andrew and Maggie
Benita and Carl Handford In honor of Duke and Jake
Mary Holt and Richard Aboussie In honor of Sam I Am
Paula Schmid
Robert and Garnet Barnes In honor of Toby
Paul Hawkins In honor of Bridgett
Robert and Sharon Kazimore In honor of Fred
Bruce and Elizabeth Marshall In honor of Rusty, Millie, Molly, and Mitchell
Benjamin and Taryn Compton In honor of Harlow
David Rice In honor of Bogey
Kenand Kathe Keady In honor of Bonnie Blythe
Melanie Masura
Steven and Mary Grandt In honor of Pebbles
Tim and Barbara Fuller In honor of Brandy, Boots, and Emily
Lawrence and Angela Franz In honor of Oreo Franz
Amy Whited In honor of Lucy
Lindsey Hagan In honor of Yogi Bear and Anne Solak, IL coordinator
Sandra Willis In honor of Dolly and Nallie
Joseph Gorfien In honor of Bella
Claudel Palmer In honor of Molly
Shannon Matthews In honor of Sweet Bailey, we miss you so
Bruce Ferone and Bonnie Luther In honor of Kody
Kristen and Matt Roth
Melody Miller In honor of all Springers
Carol and Charles Duncan
Thomas Burns A gift for Anne Hallhan in memory of Bandit
Ken, Judy, Hazel, Malcolm and Nigel Dupuis A gift for Roland and Dani Dupuis in loving memory of Boomer
Anthony Glliani and Mira Gloss
Nancy Ruberton In honor of Otis
Pete and Stephanie Cuttino In honor of Laurie
Scott and Debra Miller In honor of Max and Fritz
Tony and Jennifer Rush In honor of Henry
Herman Junkins In honor of Becky Junkins
Andrea Rea In memory of Corrie Ann, the first Springer in my life but not the last
Judy Crowell Deasy In memory of Checker, Belle, Duke, Spring and Dandy
Peggy Castor
John Horace In honor of Jack
Beverly Kessler In honor of Bill and Gay Sterling
Mark Gonzalez In honor of Emmie
Lora and Andrew Allan In honor of Hank and Eddie
Caryn Pola A gift for Lori Regal in memory of Dennis Regal
Karen Coker A gift for Mr. Edgar C. Godfrey and Clay in memory of Jake
Caryn Pola In honor of Mary Viehofer
Maureen Latimer A gift in memory of Winston to honor Sally Korth, Mark and Kyle, along with their dogs Maggie and Murphy for their unconditional love of Winston
Caryn Pola A gift for Debbie Kersey in memory of Alice Kersey
Carolyn Molloy A gift for Debbie Kersey in memory of Alice Kersey
Jeanne Deringer In honor of Roxie who we adopted 8 years ago. What a perfect gift she is. Thank you for sheltering this breed — there's just nothing like them.
Barbara Tye A gift for Debbie Kersey in memory of Alice Kersey
James and Debra Mason In honor of Belle Mason
Dan and Ashley Pikel For Ellie Miller and Joel Starks
Barbara Whisenant In memory of Raisin Galligan
Janna Turner A gift for Mary Turner in memory of Don Carol Turner
Katelyn Schutz and Brogan Ray A gift in honor of Jesse Sheteron, Brogan Ray's Dadda
Thomas W. Hainze
Julie and Doug Myers
Sydney Bland A gift for Brad Samuel in memory of Brownie
Debra Sidman
Carolyn Molloy A gift for Garry Garrison and family in memory of Valorie Garrison and her dedication to Springers and ESRA
Carol Carter In honor of Skippy
George Weinert In memory of Carley
Arthur Cole
Robert Werkema In honor of Molly Werkema
Gretchen Wright In honor of Murphy, world's greatest dog
Glen and Ethal Barker
Richard Coskey
Sharon Rapp
Arthur Rupert
Antonia Resch
Debora Corpier-Macomber In memory of Kissy
Lurena McNamara In memory of Lego and Whitney
Amanda Place In honor of senior dogs
M Paige Ellis In memory of Abby, Samantha  and Piper
Dorothy and Nancy Grossman In memory of Annie and Winne
Janice Myszewski In memory of Hunter
Joan Cox In memory of Stanley Manley
Cecila Rush In honor of  Wally and Molly
Barry Smith
Bonnie Zovar
Richard Fueyo
Ronald Ballard In memory of Alex
Ruth Lugassy In memory of Brandy and Friends
Peter O'Connor In memory of Cassie
Maggie Reid In memory of Freckles, the love of my life
Lora Allan In memory of Hank and Eddie
Laura Grable In memory of Harley
Teresa Brower In memory of Harry
Paula Schmid In memory of James and Laura Stevens
Pamela Levi In memory of Karma
Lu Wenneker In memory of Maynard and Berrin
William Giltner In memory of Nala and Sampson
Lea A Payne In memory of Oliver
Sharon Staso In honor of Annie
Karen Robacker In honor of Harley, my rescued Springer, and in memory of Tucker, the best ESS and friend ever — may he rest in peace
Nancy Ruberton In honor of Otis
Betty Swanson In honor of Sadie and Jake
Bill Sterling
Katheryn Havasi
Kathleen Jacober
William Whelan
Sheri Sarkis
Melanie Masura
James McHargue
Carol Feldmann In memory of all my failed fosters Mac, Brooke, Sophie, Abby
Scott and Cheryl Kapes In honor of our beautiful adopted Springer, Shiloh
Silvano Gaspary In honor of Trapper
Joe and Bette Russell In honor of Simon
Cathy English In memory of Blitzen
Ruth Olsen In memory of Dexter
Paul and Karen Hamrick In memory of Jan Flagg
Judith Lemsky In memory of Penny, Princess and Belle — our first three Springers
Bob Knell In memory of Rose at Christmastime 2010
Carol Shannon In honor of Britt, my 15½ year old best friend — still crazy after all these years
Sue Haney In honor of Brooks
Viva K Telford In honor of Cassie, our ESS
Nancy Nordstrom McIntyre In honor of Cindy Pierson — because of you I have Sally. Thank you!
John Horace In honor of Jack
Robert Hamilton In memory of Jan Flagg
Elizabeth Van Dell In honor of Kelly, our 9 year old Springer adopted June 2008
Rob and Ginny Tucker In honor of Pete adopted 12-20-09
Rita Marshall In honor of Rebecca Hinkey, Lexington Ky
Donna Larson In honor of Segre ESS
Rita Klauser In honor of Tobey
Jack and Joan Boling
Roberta Brown
Debra Johnson
Jane Burke
Clyde and Sue Bade
Constance Ebaugh
Audrey Pair
Karen and David Staska
Kathleen Mosbrucker
Hilmar Karlsson
Dr. George Gurria In memory of Mr. Peabody and Chloe
Claudel Palmer In memory of Sweetie Pie, Missey and Bootsie
Anne Mele In honor of Rescue Beauty
Joan Prefontaine In memory of Simon
David Santacroce A gift for Holly Ann Parker in memory of Casey
Frank and Charlotte Dono
Megan Jones A Christmas gift for Tom and Kathy Darrow in memory of Tigger. Tigger will forever be in our hearts. Love you lots.
David Paulsen
Becky Junkins In memory of Martha and Amber
Lori SalaIn memory of Sadie
Peter Hugger
Janis PalardyIn honor of Connor Palardy, formerly known as Comet adopted from ESRA and in loving memory of Griffin Palardy 12-14-1993 to 07-07-2008
Galina Bridges
RJ Shannon
Ramona Hicks In honor of Lady and in memory of Sport and Thatcher
Wayne Zonca
Nancy Myers
Susan Mapen In honor of Shea
Nancy Ford
Mary A Oien In memory of Hula, Dozer and Sugar
Carole Gutterman In honor of Moose Gutterman
Denise Basten In memory of Trooper, Addie and Archie
Steve Casey
Connie Toniolo
Beverly Jones
DJ Chisholm
Thomas Kinsel In honor of Bo and in memory of Shashonie-Nelson-Shadow
Jerry BernsteinIn honor of Shadow and in memory of Babe
Marca LombardoIn honor of ASTI
Beverly CohenIn memory of George, adopted from Karin Whitty
Rose BehlendorfIn memory of my foster Hubble
Leon J Quinn MDIn honor of Shep adopted June 2010
Richard Beck
SL Doran In honor of Kate and Liam
David Hershey
Christie Koza JahnsIn honor of Angus our Springer adopted from ESRA
Micheal Martens
Phil and Charlene HauriIn memory of the Hauri's four beloved Springers
Carol Peters
Sheridan RockwellIn memory of Lucy
John McNiffIn honor of Brandy our wonderful Rescue Dog
Thomas and Bettina WillifordIn memory of Nigel
Sharon Anderson
Elizabeth MarshallIn memory of Rusty and Millie
Sandra JamesIn memory of Ace Rio Oreo and Boone
Timm Jobes
Christine and Robert HatchIn honor of Lizzie Hatch
Robert Varnon Jr
Mary Grandt
Deborah and Phillip Ferris In honor of Sundance (formerly Tyson) adopted early 2010 in Wisconsin
Kevin McClanahan
Shirley Walker
Lillian SeldeenIn memory of Murphy and Avery
VA Burke In honor of my rescue Springer who is wonderful
Ron Hatley
Richard and Marilyn Becker In honor of Annie
Sherdyne Hawley
Richard T. Bolser
Wendy Brennan
Katherine McGinty In honor of Scout
Rob HoffIn memory of Nana
David and Bobbie Hughes In honor of Babe Dylan Hughes, rescue Springer Spaniel
Kim Dianne HurstIn memory of Sasha and Connor, my beloved Springers
Angela FranzIn memory of our departed Springer of 17 years, Oreo
Jane GinopolisIn memory of Snickers
Cynthia Turner In honor of Lily and Lucky Turner
Marcia Nashem
Charles LewisIn memory of Pepper
Magie GrayIn honor of Freckles
Mary Lou BairdIn memory of Lady
Jennifer Macy A gift for Chris Citron, Dave and Cornelia Moore in memory of Gracie
Sam Englehart In honor of Noah Schreiber and Ashley Montgomery
James and Neta Ferguson In honor of Ben
Joan Caine In honor of dogs in WA state
Susan Sneider
Alan and Diane Mendel In honor of Maggie the Springer
Robert and Beverly Lesher In memory of Maddie Jake and Dallas
Laurel Hunt In loving memory of my Springers Chester, Dixie, Emily, and Byron
Patricia Mann In memory of Arylron Harry and Moses
Teresa Partain In honor of Sadie, rescued in July 2009
Mary Dolan In memory of Lizzy Grace
Rex Janson
Christiane Hyde Citron In memory of Gracie
Kimberly Bolster In honor of Donovan
Ina Schmidt In memory of Sara
Cathie Hoffman In memory of Cocoa
Dean Sanberg In memory of Henry
Jerome Robbins In honor of Murphy
Robert Edgar In honor of Henry
Barton and Gayle Lowen
Cornelia Moore In memory of Gracie
Ruth Farcau In honor of Winston and Phoebe
Sally Li In honor of Charlie Li
Faith Sheehan In honor of Holly and Buster
Barbara West In honor of Miss Molley
Carole Velding In honor of Jesse Velding
Catherine Mennell
John and Gloria Kareken
Marc and Renee Rubenstein In honor of Wyatt
Natalie Fine In honor of Buster from Utah
Charles Sonner In honor of Scotty and Gracie Mae
Connie Scarborough
Linda Lee Arntzen In honor of our adoption of Willow and all the wonderful people who helped us
Sandy Groves In honor of my Wednesday night card group
Karen Rasmussen In honor of Marie Heinking on what great work she is doing in Wisconsin
Michael and Tammy Cohee
Karen Wyatt
Eric and Demetria Mell In honor of Prince, the dog we rescued
Marie Bryson Kelly In honor of Daisy 1995-2009 my best friend and constant companion
Maxine Childs In honor of Zeke
Mark and Jennifer Krueger
Ronald Ballard In honor of Alex
Diane Turski In honor of Redd and Layla
Lynn Glassford Walter In honor of Carling, our Springer
Janet Dunn In honor of Roscoe
Gregory Jones In honor of Tailor Made Jones
Martha Ramos In honor of Ali (Lucy)
Barbara Davenport
Cynthia Tobin In honor of Roxie, my current ESS
Kathleen Stith
Sally Ann Kelly In honor of Charlotte/Charlie Kelly, my rescue pup from IL ESRA
Jennifer Cottam In honor of Willy Cottam and Snickers Cottam
Thomas Cottam In honor of Willy Cottam and Snickers Cottam
Anthony Campbell In honor of Julie
Peggy Bern
Helene Rosenblatt In memory of "My Boys" Rescue Springers all — Chompers, Morgan, Max Angelo
Alexandra and Andrew Kilekas- Griffin In memory of Honie Girl
Betsy Greak
DJ Russell
lisa Kang
Eric Criscuolo In honor of Duchess
Bille Cary In honor of Sunshine Cary, adopted in May 2010
Arlene Carney In honor of Lilly
Tammy Jones In honor of Phoenix
Ron and Polly Bottrell In honor of Zeke
Nancy Adolfson In honor of our wonderful Duke
Coleen Roper In honor of Kelsey
Kelli E. Derrig
Barbara Ruby In honor of Freckles
Regina Speaks In honor of Pal Cingan
Maureen Bryan
RW Gore
Margaret Benjamin In honor of UNO
Douglas and Haeok Holt In honor of Mason
David and Shari Green In honor of Chance who showed us the love of a Springer
Terri Joyner In honor of Tom Joyner
Alick Gerard IV In honor of first Springer Hamlet (deceased) and Splash (recently adopted through ESRA)
John Huntington In honor of Sadie
Jody Thomas In memory of Eugene C Thomas
James and Zoe Ann Cook In honor of Ajay, our current rescue dog
James V Curinka In honor of Keisha and Tia
Nancy Pritz In memory of Dr. Edward Krizek
Susan Sanger In honor of Josie
Marcie Larson In honor of Lily, our rescued Springer
A. Gloria Wolff In honor of Lisa and Grace
Vivian Allen Harris In memory of Daisy and Cooper
Vernon Varner In honor of Mattee, my deceased Springer
Lucia McCamey In honor of Chloe
Patricia Cirucci
Dawn Johnson In honor of Sport Johnson
Stewart Spragins
Phyllis Leone In memory of Buddy and Bandit Leone
Sandra Blake In honor of Suzzie and Jack
Susan Griffin
Jason and Brandi Morton In honor of Abby Morton
Brian Curtiss In honor of Scout Fergie and soon Carly
David and Ellen Sherwood In honor of Kate and Mike Audette
Rebecca Bockmon In honor of Murphy and George two Springer Spaniels who I dearly miss and hold close to my heart
Patricia Fenton
Diane Ariosto In honor of Mindy and Abby
Fred W Arendt III
Steve and Laura Rowley Springers of Lake Kegonsa In honor of Dew Hannah and Freedie aka Mingo
Linda Wrobel In honor of Abby Wrobel
Mary Elna Patterson

Contributions made in 2008-2009 are listed here
Contributions prior to 2008 can be seen here