An inspiration to us all
July 17, 1949 – November 14, 2002


William G. Burke, III In memory of my boy Baron, who brought joy and happiness to all who knew him.
The Carl Jud Foundation
Cornelius Bond and Ann Blackwell In memory of Bentley
Fredrik and Susan Schroer
Lori O'Brien In honor of Paddington Bear
TRUSTEE ANGELS – $500 to $999
Alison England
Chuck and Connie Zachrich
SUSTAINING ANGELS – $100 to $499
Gouri Radhakrishnan and Heinrich Muller In honor of Brio
Christine and John Uebele In honor of our past rescued and current rescued Springers, Squirt, Glory, Duffy and Cora
James and Nancy Meyers In honor of Jasper, ESRA rescue from Arizona
Merlyn and Linda Townsend In honor of Jan
Logan and Suzanne Boles
Candis Mercer In honor of Gabe
Kimberly and Thomas Reath In honor of Zeke and Ryan and the JFF Memorial
Gregory Jones In honor of Tailor Made Jones, 1997-1998
Richard and Barbara Melcher In honor of Taylor
John and Rebecca Bockmon In honor of Murphy, 1990 - 2007
Sharon and Clinton Greenhaw In honor of Annabelle Lee
Timothy Swegle In honor of Dorothy Swegle
Tamara Jerome In honor of Popeye and Levi
June Trombold In honor of Oliver
Trayton Davis
John and Delena McLaughlin In honor of Riley
RF and Melanie Topalian In honor of Jan Flagg
Stephen and Suzanne Senk
Paul and Doreen Gardner In honor of Maya
Doris and Lester Sandler In honor of Bounty
Charles and Bonnie Elliott In honor of Buster and Gina
David Hershey
Gautheier Construction, Inc. In honor of Arlo and Buddy
Peter and Ruth Ann Cannell In honor of Rusty
Ronda Moore DVM In honor of Wren, Boots, Elsie, Rosie, Lilly, Humphrey, Fanny and ESRA
Kevin and Gina Taddy In thanks for Cody and Murphy and in honor of Hannah
Linda Lee and Jay Cecca In honor of Charlie and in memory of Casey, June and Louise, all great rescues
Julie Hetherington In honor of Lily Hetherington, a rescued dog
Barkas/Wigton Family Trust In honor of all the dogs who ever loved me
Sloan Schwindt In honor of Digger and Zephyr adopted on 1/1/8 - our 1 year anniversary!
Margaret Dominy In honor of Pepper and Chester, Shawnee and Freddiemonster
Jenny Lee Gonyer and Alfred Donohue In honor of Seamus Donohue
Kelly Richards In honor of Suzanne Bell
Betty Allen In honor of Barbara Welty
Veta and Gervin Massey In honor of Ralphie and Maggie
Arthur and Vivian Merz In honor of Samantha
Monica Smith In honor of Reggie
Connie Scarborough To honor Sheri Cromwell and the other Texas ESRA volunteers
Chris and Sally Daverse In memory of Wallace, ESRA 2007-0401TX
Anissa and Lee Allbritton
Joanne and Paul Dwork In honor of Simon and Casey
Mathew and Sheila Sutton In honor of our ESS Abbey and Emma
Mark and Jennifer Magera
Judith Megaw In honor of my beautiful boys, Splash and Chief
Bruce and Charlotte Dunklin In honor of Sadie
George Borders
Peter and Barbara Brunelli In memory of Winston
Christopher Beard In honor of Caddy
Suzanne Sharp
Angela Greak In honor of ESRA volunteers
Joan McCloskey
Amy Gibbard In honor of Duke, Chelsey and Honey
Dwight Emanuelson In honor of Wilbur age 13 who died 9/1/09
Katie Sanders
Rich and May Van Mullen In honor of Skippy, Patches, Jersey and Buddy
Denise and Rich Meyer In memory of Bentley and Beauregard and in honor of ESRA Springers Buster and Bella
Clay and Laila Coalson In honor of Mindy and Jeffrey Coalson
Michelle Reichlin and Michael Sherrill
Ron and Eleanor Jones In honor of all the good hearted people at ESRA
Bruce and Renee Fairchild
Lauren Fine In honor of Jake McMullin
Marian and Richard Stege
Jane Sweeney In honor of Buddy, age 14, a great Springer
Barbara Smith In honor of Chelsea
Judy and Ed Adkinson In honor of Kobe and Magic, our ESRA adoptees
Karen Fritz
Laurie Aikins
P. and C. Camenisch In honor of Chester
Shelley and George Dearmin
Brian and Mary Elliot
Rebecca Bodkmon In honor of Murphy
Greg and Susan Johnson In honor of Deke
Stephen Wells
Julie Waters and Michael Hagen In memory of our sweet angel Murphy Brown
Sheila Stinnett In honor of Cody, rescued last year
Mr. and Ms. Willliam Dunlap In honor of Winston
Beverly Ulis
PATRON ANGELS – $1 to $99
William Luckfield In honor of Maggie
Bob and Kristen Knell In memory of Rose
Robert and Vivian Harris In honor of Daisy and Cooper
Noreen Olshefski In honor of Buddy, adopted from ESRA in November 2005
Carole Anderson In honor of Angel, Molly and Cleo
Ann De Cordova In honor of Kate
Chalo Rivera, CPA In honor of Jamie, Jake and Greta
Larry and Rachel Lankton In honor of Hesse and Katy
Thomas and Barbara Karp
Stan and Kathy Bergmann From Parker to Kilo
Hugh and Patricia Hayden
The Hackworthy Trust
Lorna Mae Barr In honor of Terra, my rescued Springer
Wessley and Lynda Robinson In honor of Kepren
Larry and Linda Nolte In honor of Jack
Gary and Marilyn Vance
George and Diane Turski In honor of Redd and Layla
Heather Walker In honor of Austin
Donald Jackson
Denise Skonieczny In honor of my dad, Ted Skonieczny
Charles and Virginia Kohli In honor of Harley
Mr. and Mrs. Pair In honor of Sam
Rebecca Ray In honor of Moe Ray
M/M Carrol Mathews In honor of JFF Fund
Steven and Leslie Ditch In honor of Charlie Ford
Paige Ellis In honor of Abby and Samantha
Christine and Charles Zenker
Jeremy and Anthea Coster In honor of Suki I
Laurel Hunt In honor of Alex and Emily and in memory of Chester, Dixie and Byron
John and Toby Mattingly In honor of the late Abby and Daisy
James and Carol Breyley In honor of Newton and Sophie
Elizabeth Hoffmann In honor of English Molly Mist and Foster Mom Amelia Hudson of Quitman, MS
Mary and Roger Sawyer In honor of Petie and Bandit
Paul and Sue Paden
James Greene and Virginia Neyman In honor of Katherine, Rowdy and Shadow
Patrick and Leslie Campbell In honor of Rambo
Mary and Herbert Hodge In honor of Ben
Mark Gonzalez
TR and Lynn Wonsetler In honor of Sebastian
Jacky Kaspari
Clyde and Susan Bade
David Norman and Rhonda Bender
Soori Bell In honor of Polo, Peter and Wally
Rev. James and Hillda Bussell In honor of Ziggy, one terrific dog
Daniel and Joan Caine In honor of Western Washington ESRA rescue
Eugene and Jody Thomas In honor of Sunday's I, II and III
Richard and Laura Reicherd In honor of Harley
Boyde and Alice Allen In honor of Soozie Q
Lorraine and Arthur Coli In honor of my little girl, Blair
Robert and Anne Caughey In honor of Lilly Pupster
Margaret and Donald Collier In honor of Carly and Cuddles
George Gurria and Linda Gaalaas In honor of Charlie
Archie Jackson In honor of Jeremy
Jack and Melinda Fincham In honor of Molly, our Cocker Spaniel angel who died at 16 in 2001
Cris Mason In honor of Maggie
Kenneth and Ferries In honor of Penny, our rescue
Garrard and Delores Kramer In honor of Toddy and Julep
James and Ramona Hicks In honor of our beloved Sport and Thatcher and our rescue, Lady
Richard Orth In honor of Jan Flagg
Sandra Blake In honor of Bambi, Winston, Suzie and Jack
Michael and Judith Meyer In honor of Sammie and Ozzy
Jesse Sheteron In honor of Katelyn Schutz and Brogan
Robert and Jean Braley In honor of Jan Flagg
Gere and Linda Ogden In honor of Maggie's Sr. and Jr.
Michael and Margery Perkins In honor of Hazel, our sweet rescued Springer
Terry and Linda Haubold In honor of Miss Mandy May
Linda and Charles Evans In honor of Carly
Peter and Julia Riley In honor of Belle and Cypress
Jon and Karen Burgess In honor of Winston
Ann Rogers In honor of Emma
Marla and Aaron Hicks In honor of Cody and Kayla
Ruth and Kenneth Mitchell In honor of Fast Eddie
Margaret Ford In honor of Joe Ford, a lover of all Springers!
Mary and James Ball In honor of Pam Civile
Harry Raymore and Katherine Rubiales In honor of Smudge, Singer, Molly and Bailey
James and Gisela Gasior
Virginia Shepard
Virginia Shepard In honor of Sophie, Morgan and Cooper, our springers
Edwina Leggett
Melanie Masura In honor of The Jan Flagg Memorial Fund
Pamela and Randy Heredia In honor of my rescued dog, Millie
Charles and Carol Duncan
Keith and Patricia Molholm In honor of Trooper
JL and GB Neal In honor of Laura Powell
Joan Parker In honor of all my favorite companions
Katheryn Havasi In honor of Roger and Hobbs
Douglass Bridges
Michael Sherry
Phillip and Charlene Hauri In honor of Rusty
Michael and Nancy Hankinson
Linda Perry In honor of Jake
Kastle Donovan In honor of Oliver Donovan and Chessie Cannon
Jason Hemmis In honor of Hannah
Ronnie Riner In honor of Gus, Freckles, Pete and Amazing Grace
Lisa Stanford and Cahl Rasmussen In honor of Emily
Robert and Carla Cramer In honor of Hanna and Lizzy
Arlene Jaster In honor of Buckey who we adopted from ESRA in January 2007
Cheryl and William Andrews In honor of Faith AKA Cait
Bonnie Luther In honor of Kody Ferone (Kodak AKA Flash)
Ann Wagner In honor of Gracie and Sandy
Malcolm and Janice Pitts In honor of Copper
Malcolm and Janice Pitts In honor of Eleanor Smith
Amy Huber In honor of Toby, Lucy and Buster
William Lewis In honor of Poco
Richard and Mary Ann Fueyo In honor of Buttons, our beloved departed adoptee
Bill Russell In honor of Mandy Russell
Marcia Prokopec In honor of Miss Mandy Mae
Diane Fedinec In honor of Oliver
Patrick and Kimberly Harris
Scott and Kathleen Bauer In honor of Hope, Jennifer Laughlin and Patricia
Paul Hawkins In honor of Bridgette
William Benser In honor of Jake
The Lang Group In honor of Mardi and Brezi, our two rescues
Carole Gutterman In honor of JP, Dakota, Moose and my latest sweet and prescious rescue, Lewis
Billie and Deborah Keeney In honor of Debbie Kersey
Mary Lyons and Eleanor McCoy In honor of Miss Jessica
Nachman In honor of Megan
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith In honor of Scout
Kevin and Alice Steiner
Charlotte and Ralph Holter In honor of Abby, our rescued springer
Mary and Kenneth Jacobs In honor of Beth Maryan, DFW ESRA
Michele Tuchner In honor of our latest adoption Brit and in memory of Maxine
Edward and Sylvia Fowler In honor of Birdy, our rescued ESS from Minnesota
TLX Ranch - Richard Xander In honor of Shotzie and Cleo
Hilton and Carolyn Nicholson In honor of Woody
Heather Walker
Laurie Olson and Steve Bakken In honor of Mitzi
John and Joan McLaughlin In honor of Ozzie and Molly
The Pritz's In memory of Dr. Edward C. Krizek
Suzette and Rick Owen In honor of Jan Flagg
Terry and Margaret Castor In honor of Roxy, our beloved adopted Springer
Elizabeth Smith In honor of Sterling
Mitchell and Emma Louise Rosenfeld
Scott and Barbara Sanford In honor of my rescued Springer from Dillon, MT
Rebecca and John Hasselbeck In honor of Mortie and tripp and in memory of Cincy
James and Susan Bensen
Ronald Bottrell and Polly Peters In honor of Zeke
George Blair In honor of Mikie
Lynne McNabb In memory of Maggie, Chubbs, Mac, Chivas and Bandit
Brian and Rebecca Wright In honor Ringo and Starr Wright
Jonathan Kaplan In honor of my rescued Springer, Gizmo
Kenneth and Kathleen Keady In honor of Bonnie Blythe
Elizabeth and Gregory Van Dell In honor of Kelly, adopted June 2008
Cammy Munkers In honor of "G" for George
Kacl and Vonda Kirkhuff
Caryn Pola In memory of Murphy Brown Miller
Scott Sealy In honor of Mollie
Kevin Powell
Bernice Powell
David and Linda Mancini In memory of Murphy
Rick Pessagno and Chuck Rowland In memory of Aubry
Shane D'Aprile A gift for the Lombardo family in memory of Pamela
Jon and Ashley Vikander A gift for Renee Herrera in memory of Guinevere
Jeffrey Hanselman A birthday gift for Barb Hanselman in memory of Paige, K.D., and Mindy. This is for all the Springers you have loved and who have loved you. Welcome to Sofie Jean
Heather Leigh-Sheridan A Christmas gift for the Springer-loving Robert Clapham Family
Scott Tainsky A gift for Lynn Barnett in memory of Springer Barnett
Anne-Marie Matula A gift for Elena Sodano to honor all the love she gives her rescued Springer, Savannah
Eric and Lori Hammond In honor of Belle
Brian Tonsmeire A gift for Cindy Tonsmeire
Kristen Garbis
George Gurria In memory of Peabody and Chloe
Linda Lintz A gift for Eric Hammond in recognition of his extra efforts to help ESRA volunteers and Springers alike!
Laura Jacobsen In memory of Bella
Jack and Joan Boling
Patricia Schaedler
Anthony and Anne Basilicato
Al Resnick In honor of Jodi, our Springer
Allison Brunken In honor of Maddie and Beau
Mary Lou and Eugene Baird In honor of Lady and Audrey
Kathy Devoss In honor of Buddy
Keith and Patricia Molholm
Rick and Ellen Davis In honor of Bronte
Jon and Karen Burgess In honor of Duchess and Winston
William and Donna Giltner In honor of Sammy and Nala, our kids in Heaven
Joan Caine In honor of Western Washington volunteers
Lynda Gegauff and Robert Burns In honor of Maddie
Bob and Judi Werkema In honor of Molly
Eugenia and Murray Tate In honor of Willard G Ryan Jr. and Rex
Brad Greer In honor of Duke, my rescued Springer
Carole Gutterman In honor of J.P., Dakota, Moose and Lewis
Mike and Barbara Brady In honor of our rescue dog, Abby
Annette and Thomas Laird In honor of Sadie Mae, Sam and Joseph
Carolyn and Peter Jarvis In honor of Zachary Jarvis
Katheryn Havasi In honor of Ruger and Hobbs
Jay Reed In honor of Katie Kyer
Dennis and Beverly Lowry
Brooks and Mary Ellen Carver In honor of Autumn
Sandra and Ronald Ritz
Lynn and T.R. Wonsetler In honor of Sebastian
Suzanne and Jerry Wilfer In honor of Sophie, Morgan and Cooper
David Moore and Christiane Citron
Howard and Sheridan Rockwell In honor of Lizzie and in memory of our beloved Lucy
William and Teresa Brower In honor of Harry
Greg Jones In honor of Tailor Made Jones
Mary Novotny In honor of Betty
Stuart Finick In honor of Baxter Finick
Armand and Ruth Lugassy In honor of Brandy and Friends
Archie Jackson In honor of Jerry
Jack and June Beasley In honor of Tucker and "T" and Teddy
Silvano and Valerie Gaspary In honor of Trapper, our ESRA adoptee
George and Judy Bush
Diane Taylor In honor of Mary Sanders
Linda Gibbons
Carol and Bob Walker In honor of Maggie, the best Springer ever
Lin McHaley
Kenneth and Ruth Mitchell In honor of Fast Eddie
Janice Myszewski In memory of Hunter
Gary and Joanne Gusko In honor of Brody
Alan and Margaret Hall
Nancy Steinfurth In honor of Jan Flagg Memorial Fund
Mike and Lori Sala In honor of Bobb and Suzy
Kimmy Hurst In memory of my Connor
Leslie and Steven Ditch In honor of Beau Dandy
Glenn and Ethel Barker In honor of Woody
Lars and Theresa Sikes In honor of Jazz and Allie
Lisa Stanford and Cahl
Jennifer and Jeffrey Banta In honor of Bailey
Lesley and David Parker In honor of Curtis Flowers
Anonymous In honor of Charlotte
Richard and Judith Blackley .
Carole Scotto In honor of Beck
Rose Behlendorf In honor of Charlie and Oscar, ESRA rescues
Lawrence and Valerie Decker
John and Isobel Criscuolo In honor of Duchess
Barbara and Michael Ulmer In honor of Jenny and Abree
Sandra Dillon In memory of Joe Dillon, avid animal lover
Kevin Gray In honor of Freckles in Tampa, FL
DoLores Evand In honor of Mike I and Mike II
Kenny and Sydney Dick In honor of Molly and Marcus
Bette Russell In memory of Baron of Hickory Knoll
David and Linda Mancini In honor of Marge Miller's dedication to the breed
Fred Arendt III Merry Christmas, Rescue
Louisa Arendt
Barbara Breeden In honor of all my Springers, past and present
Cheryl and William Andrews In honor of Cate
Robert and Harriet Meyer
Ellen and Doug Miller In honor of Cookie
Mary and James Ball In honor of Humphrey and Buster
Garrard and Delores Kramer In honor of Derby, our Rescue boy
Rodney and Theresa Partain In honor of Sadie
Karin and Adrian Goffinet In honor of Cappy
Patty and David Perkey In honor of Georgia
Gayle and Barton Lowen In honor of Emma
Chris and Dan Lenihan In honor of Jake Lenihan
Beverly and Douglas Jones
Carolyn and Roger Jurack For the poor ones at Christmas
Robert and Susan Manthey In honor of Candy, our first Springer
Katarina Thomas
Rita Marshall In honor of Rebecca Hickey
Colleen Roper In honor of Kelsey
Michael and Susan Gaul In memory of Nancy Brown, ESRA volunteer, Clearwater FL
W. R. Luckfield In honor of Maggie
Ron and Gail Murray In honor of Maddie and Cody
Caroline and Steven Mayberry In honor of Coa Bean
Kathryn Shaver In honor of kansas and Nugget
Hilmar Karlsson and Jose Camacho In honor of Alex
James and Hilda Bussell In honor of Ziggy

Contributions prior to 2008 can be seen here