ESRA’s Special Seniors

We Will Always Remember Peaches

Peaches is already well known to the ESRA community because she was introduced in our Special Needs Program in December 2013. Her story goes from heartrending to heartwarming in a very short time and will still bring tears to many as we recap her narrative here and share her final chapter.

In late December 2013, in the middle of a heavy snowstorm in Minnesota, a good Samaritan discovered Peaches wandering out in the middle of nowhere in the deep snow. The bewildered little girl was brought to safety and turned over to ESRA’s care immediately. The vet’s best guess was that she was approximately ten years old and had more than likely gone without any medical attention for years. Her coat was so overgrown and matted that she would have had trouble walking on solid ground; she certainly would not have been able to navigate on snow to a safe haven in a driving blizzard, so the suspicion always was that she had been cruelly dumped, knowing that she probably wouldn’t survive the night in that harsh winter storm.

Her condition was deplorable. Her medical issues were so numerous that we somehow sensed that we had rescued her just in time to give her a taste of love and security before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge but we had no way of knowing how long that would be. At this point, the focus was on cleaning her up, and relieving whatever pain we could help with. The mats on her ears were so heavy and knitted into the fabric of her neck and chest that she yelped in pain if she tried to raise her head. No one could tell how undernourished she was until the weighty overgrown hair and mats all over her body was shaved off. She was so underweight that the vet wasn't even willing to risk drawing blood for routine testing during her early visits for treatment.

Peaches would have several months of surgical procedures, medical treatments, and rehabilitation ahead of her. Helping her regain some measure of health would be expensive but, understanding well ESRA’s promise to champion the downtrodden Springers who have endured hard lives such as Peaches, our loyal contributors rose to the challenge to provide generous financial support when the call for help for Peaches went out. Donations flooded in for Peaches, so ESRA was able to give her the top-notch specialty medical care she needed over the next few months.

While ESRA trusted the medical specialists to take charge of improving her health, her foster family began the work of showing Peaches how love and security work together to aid the healing process. Her foster dad helped her perfect the fine art of Springer cuddling. She learned her lessons well and by the Spring of 2014 she was well enough to begin looking for her Forever Home.

Peaches was adopted in May and enjoyed seven months of her new family’s adoration and love before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November 2014. Since we’re told that dogs philosophically “live in the moment” we like to believe that Peaches remembered only the good life that she found with ESRA and was able to cast off all the dread memories of whatever mistreatment and neglect was part of her miserable existence before.

ESRA can work wonders with the help of our hardworking volunteers and steadfast friends!

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