George Sornson  
  Dessie Botham  
  Patricia Hinchey  
  Becky Richardson In memory of Jane Richardson
  Karen LeBouton  
  Judy Schneider  
  Debi Campbell In honor of Halo, our senior ESRA dog that we adopted in 2016
  Carol Callahan In memory of Waternymph's Taking Flight UDX, RAE, NA, CGC "Boeing" owner: Phyllis Broderick
  Steven Stolder  
  Ruth Libbey  
  Anita Howard  
  Antoinette Post In memory of Emma & Hunter and in honor of Sassy, three wonderful rescued Springers.
  Clara M. Costello  
  Amy Schneider In honor of Clayton
  Karen LeBouton In honor of Miss Molly Marie
  Yolanta Jonynas  
  Susan Schroer  
  Glen Bond  
  Kerri Johnson  
  Teresa Benoit-Hillier In memory of Bojangles & Spangles
  Beth Fink  
  Alisa Cook  
  Barbara Stone Davis  
  Lori Lynn Clayton In memory of Molly, my freaky girl
  There Reyer  
  Ronnie Riner In memory of Hoss
  Ceceille Poole In memory of all of our much loved Springers and in honor of Hudson and Parker's 12th birthday.
  William Eardley  
  Beth Maryan In honor of the beautiful Miss Charlotte who inspired so many to support senior Springers in foster care.
  William Eardley  
  Beverly Pop In memory of Buddy
  Sandra Bond In memory of Maggie and Patrick
  Mary Ball In memory of Avery Ann Ball
  Cynthia Pierson In memory of Kramer and in honor of the Pierson Pack.
  Jacque Losi In memory of Jacque Losi and in honor of my Marley Moo.
  Chris Daverse In memory of Wally and Belle.
  Janet Lemson  
  Victoria Nielsen In memory of my three sweet Springer babies: Arco, Patrick & Jenny.
  Amy Huber  
  Alice Cooper In memory of Jake, Maggiemae, Josie & Max.
  Lisa Marsh  
  Mary Guttieri  
  Amy Replogle
  Gail Breckle
  Sharon Bell
  Thomas Hershey
  Gail Breckle
  Kate Kyer
  Elizabeth Stack Hall


A list of contributors to Charlotte's Senior Fund made in 2016
can be seen by clicking this link: seniors/charlotte_2016.html