Nancy Brown A gift for Sharon and Brad Stake in memory of Bunker
Pam Waterman In memory of Jasper and Abbie and in honor of Flashy
Pat Ryan In memory of Lacey, on her birthday
Beth Fink In memory of CH Telltale Freestyle, the great Gorsha
Susie Gates
Ronnie Riner In memory of our 14 year old Gracie who went to the Bridge in 2014
Anita Greenbaum In memory of Addie Collins
Linda Prouty In memory of all my senior Springers past
Tim Lowe In memory of Grandma CJ
Barbara Bracken
Darlene Terry
Bonnie Masson
Kevin Gessert In honor of Eric and Shelly Foust to commemorate the birth of their son Jack
Michael Collins
Jan Ybarra
Anna Thuren In honor of my turning 60 and all senior Springers
Kathleen Tucker
Mary Waller
Denise Skonieczny Buehler
Kate Kyer
Misty Reed
Stacey, Kenny, and Madie Smith
Susan Sabath
Shirl Benton In memory of my sweet Abby
Nancy Lomonaco In memory of my sweet Butty
Mindy Poulton
Jennifer Zelhart
Nancy Vaughn In honor of Oliver, a former ESRA Springer
Krazy Collars In honor of my handsome Springer KC, and all the other senior pets. You all hold a special place in our hearts, one that lasts a lifetime.
Ray and Monica Smith In memory of Jack, loved and cared for by Nita Watson in his senior years, and to honor Nita for the continuing care and comfort she provides for our senior Springers
Yolanta Jonynas
Beth Maryan In memory of ESRA senior Daisy, adored like no other by her most amazing mom Theresa Brown
Barbara Kephart Run free, sweet Sarah!
Anonymous To honor my brother-in-law on his birthday. He loves his English Springer Spaniels!
Alesa Rottersman Grant In memory of Sandrabella Petercheff
Vivian Lynn In memory of Emma
Robin Nelson
Sharon A Bel In memory of Webley, Ranger and Jester
Catherine Antos In memory of Georgie, the reason I fell in love with Springers!
Kerri Johnson
Janet Mitchell
Diane Nagel
Peggy Outley
David and Sandra Michniewicz In honor of all senior Brittanys
Rebecca Mink A gift in honor of Herb Kerkan in memory of Sadie
Shirl Benton-Graf
Susan Manthey In memory of Candy and Buster
Clara Costello
Rebecca Z For Brooke
Dessie Botham In memory of Harry
Kim Marvin For Brooke in memory Kate and Grace
Jo Frances McCawley
Beth Fink
Cookie Baron In memory of Charlotte and Georgia
Theresa Reyer In memory of Walter
Charlene Sparks
Cap Horning In memory of Amber, Jet, Carmel, Brit 1, Brit 2, Blue 1, Blue 2, Gabe, Berk
Pat Ryan In memory of Dodger
Rene Pizzo
Sharon A Bell
Lauri Dykhuis
Gail Breckle In memory of Jennybelle, the dog that encouraged all of our Springers
Anonymous In memory of Bailey
Anita Howard In memory of Jesse
David Pearce In memory of Barney
Melissa BurkhardtIn memory of Lady's Valiant Sir Dundee, CD, CGC
Maria MorrellIn memory of Bently, Dillon and Elliot
Diane Earl In memory of Bailee
Barbara Kephart In memory of Callie
Angela Brock In honor of John and Gloria Kareken
Karen Prinkey
Ronda Volkman
Sean McLean In memory of our Springer Alex
Susan Peterson In honor of Tracy Alston
Matt Foster In honor of my two Springers who have greatly enhanced our lives and quite possibly those of our entire neighborohood also
Kristen Smarr In memory of Cody, age 14 1/2 — May others live as long and happy a life.
Kathleen Escano In memory of Max and Beauregard
Sarah Mack In honor of Al and Nancy Kidd and in loving memory of Sophie and Angus
Rebecca Zullo
Faye Moser In memory of Cacy Diamond Duchess Cambridge Queen
John and Dee McLaughlin In memory of Aysha, Alfonso, Riley, Millie and Rosie; and in honor of Kai and Wilson
Leann GertsmaIn memory of our beloved Lilo, our first Springer
Stacey and Kenny Smith In memory of John Faust
Catherine Jones In memory of Ashley, Emma and Sidney
Karol Bordner In memory of Prince and Buddy