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ESRA's Commitment to Bill

BILL More often than we wish were the case, ESRA has been called upon to assist a Springer nearing the end of its life. While the majority of dogs in our care are highly adoptable, unfortunately there are some who just need love and palliative care at the end stages of their lives. This is certainly not to suggest that all seniors who come into our care are unadoptable, nor do they later fall into this category. However, some dogs in our program have known medical conditions which are either not curable or are beyond the realistic expectation of ESRA being able to improve them.

Twelve-year-old senior Bill in Hemet, California is one such Springer. Bill was dropped off at a shelter in Los Angeles County for reasons unknown. Bill came into our program for further treatment and critical care in pretty bad physical condition. He is completely deaf and is visually impaired with cataracts so severe that he can see light and shadows only. He had bad teeth and ears and a couple of tumors, one in his mouth and another at the opposite end of his tired, neglected little body. BILL Both tumors were removed, and it was found that the perianal tumor was nothing more than a lipoma (fatty mass). This was good news. Unfortunately for Bill, the tumor removed from his oral cavity was biopsied, and histopathology reports revealed an aggressive form of squamous cell carcinoma in the form of a 1.5 cm tonsillar mass. This is a cancer that spreads rapidly and often metastasizes to other vital organs. Although the mass was removed, his surgeon reports that the cancer's recurrence, either in the same area or elsewhere, is likely. It is unknown whether the disease has already metastasized to other parts of his body. X-rays have revealed good lung capacity, but they show some spots. These could either be the spread of the cancer or possibly calcium deposits as a result of the aging process. And as if Bill didn't have enough physical challenges, we have discovered that he also suffers from arthritis of the shoulders, spine, and hips.

BILL ESRA has chosen to continue with the ongoing care of this very special Springer until we see that the quality of his life has been compromised. He has undergone the removal of two tumors, has had a complete dental exam and cleaning, has had his ears cleaned and treated, has been brought up to date on his vaccinations, and has had a plethora of radiographs and pre- and post-surgical testing. Bill is currently feeling much better, and he remains happy, loving, and even somewhat energetic for his age.

Bill will be a permanent ESRA foster for the remainder of his days and will not be available for adoption. ESRA would like for our supporters to understand that sometimes there are special dogs who come into our care that we commit to regardless of their adoptability. Sweet Bill is one such Springer. We intend to provide him with love, care, and joy for the rest of his time here with us. With your generous assistance, we will be able to carry out that plan and possibly assist others like him in the future. Our commitment to ALL Springers, regardless of their health, age, or disabilities, shows no boundaries. We thank you for your continued support.


On July 12, 2017, Bill went to the Rainbow Bridge, peacefully and quickly, in his foster mom's loving arms. We will miss this sweet, beautiful boy, and we will honor him as we help other senior Springers in need.




Please indicate on the donor form that your gift is in memory of Bill in California.



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