Your electronically submitted form will be used to expedite the approval process. Final approval will be pending a review by your region's application screening team and the receipt of a hard copy of your ORIGINAL SIGNED COPY of this form and the ESRA Code of Ethics.

SPECIAL NOTE: You need to complete this form on a device connected to a printer. Be sure to scroll to the very end of the form until you see “Click to Continue”. On the following page PRINT a hard copy to sign and send to ESRA as instructed, then before closing, click on the submit line to also send electronically.

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If approved, I will be fostering for ESRA as:
A foster home for any ESRA dog that will fit my dog-handling skills and home environment. (ESRA membership is required. Click here for membership application.)
A one-time foster home for a specific dog that needs extended time in foster care, usually for attention to medical needs or other type of evaluation. I hope to adopt this dog as my own when it is ready. (ESRA membership is welcome but not required.)
Special note: If your intent is to adopt, you should first complete the more detailed adoption application so that you are entered into our adoption system.

Do you own or rent your home?
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Breeds with which you've had experience:

Describe what types of experience you've had with dogs and for how long:

Ever attended obedience classes? Describe:

Experience with other animals:

Dogs now in your household (breed, gender, age, altered?):

Other pets in household:

Children in household (name, gender, age):

Any medical or allergy conditions in family members:

How many and what gender dog(s) can you foster at one time?

Length of time you are willing to foster:

Fenced yard? (please describe):

Crate/s (type & size available):

Outdoor kennel or run (please describe):

Amount of time per day dog will be alone, and where:

Please list your vet and one other person knowledgeable about your care of dogs (trainer, groomer, breeder, etc.):
1. Vet's Name
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Email (if known)
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2. Reference Name
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Your questions/comments:


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