One of the most important aspects of ESRA's rescue organization is our Foster Care Program. ESRA's foster homes provide housing, medical care, rehabilitation, exercise, and love to an endless number of homeless dogs every year. Putting these "unwanted" dogs into a temporary loving environment allows them time to heal their wounds and gain confidence in their relationship with others before they go on to permanent placement.

Fostering can lead to adoption — the choice is yours. It can be a chance to experience life with a Springer before making a long-term commitment.

ESRA places dogs only in those foster homes qualified and approved as responsible and reliable.

All dogs going into our foster care program have been tentatively evaluated as adoptable dogs in reasonable good health and without aggressive temperaments. Any impounded dog to be pulled from a shelter must first be pre-evaluated for temperament and health. Approval to pull must be given by a board member, officer, or regional coordinator who has been given the pre-evaluation report on the dog. The case manager for the dog will be determined at the time approval is given for the pull. Board members, officers, and regional coordinators usually are designated as case managers. The dog will be given an intake number after the pull. Shelter fees, to include mandatory spay and neuter fees, for an approved pulled impound are a reimbursable expense to the member or foster home involved with the impound. All reimbursement requests shall be submitted on ESRA's Foster Dog Expense Report form. Instructions on how to submit receipts for reimbursement are found on the form.

All dogs will be spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, and tested for heartworm while in foster care. A foster home's anticipated expenditures associated with the above must be given prior approval by the dog's case manager in order to be reimbursable. Or, prior arrangements for ESRA's direct payment of services to the vendor must be made.

While in foster care, dogs are to be in constant evaluation of health and temperament. Basic obedience training is to be provided where needed. The foster care home shall treat the rescue dog as part of the family, including it in all family events. This intense evaluation program enables ESRA to determine the adoptability of the dog.

To graduate a dog from foster care to permanent placement is a success and a happy ending made possible only by ESRA's foster home members!

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