You gotta' buy dog food SOMEPLACE!

Many grocery store chains have programs that will rebate a small percentage of your grocery shopping funds to your favorite charity. Here is a list of those with whom we are registered:



First, register your Ralph's Club card here, (or see below).  After you have created an account and are logged into it, there's a place to "Edit Community Contribution Program Information" in red near the bottom. Just put "English Springer" in the first box that comes up, then put a dot in the dialog that comes up and submit it. We are NPO (Non-Profit Organization) Number 81542.


Open this PDF and read it.  It is a letter with a barcode that you can print out and take to Ralphs or Food4Less (one letter for each store), and the checker can then scan the barcode and your Club Card to get you into the donation program. This may be the easiest way for most people.




If you're shopping at GFS Marketplace, ESRA is registered in their system's computers as English Springer Rescue. Our card is number 002285053 .  They ask at the checkout if you are shopping on behalf of any group or organization.  Tell them the name, show them the card or memorize the number. All will benefit ESRA! Find a store here:


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