At the ESSFTA National in September 2015, a new design element was added to the annual Parade of Rescue venue — the perimeter of the conformation ring was reverently lit by over a two hundred and fifty custom-crafted luminaria, each one imprinted with a special tribute to an honored two- or four-legged friend. A small donation of $10 to the Jan Flagg Memorial Fund was behind each luminary in the impressive display. The setting was extraordinary and added to the sense of pride felt by everyone in attendance.

We are pleased to provide this donor opportunity again in 2016. Tributes for the 2016 Parade of Honor are posted below. (Click this link to view the tributes for 2015 which raised more than $3,000 for the Jan Flagg Memorial Fund.)

Kim Harris In honor of Bobbie Daniel and Wendy Galbreath
Bobbie Daniel In memory of Jessie
Caryn Pola In honor of Veronica Barker, Sue Schroer, & Don Osborne
Veronica Barker In honor of Caryn Pola, Marge & Marv Miller, ESRA- because it's all about the dogs!,and Don Osborn - honored by Charlotte
Ginnie Klein In honor of Mr. Chester Klein, CD
Kim  Matthews In honor of Rehm Animal Clinic at Timber Run, Loxley, AL
Susan & Karl Grube In memory of Scarlett and Rhett
Cathy Peters In honor of my fur-family Kylee, Laurel, Sadie, & Jake.
Kathy Raidt In memory of a puppy named Mike, Diana's newborn puppy
Carol Hathaway In memory of Cooper and Reba
Marge And Marv Miller In honor of Caryn Pola and Veronica Barker
Anne Mele In honor of Beauty and Jenny
Nita Watson In memory of Chuck Tate, Lu Stefanik, Lizzie Sanderson, Amber Hanlon, Olivia Lambing, & Rose Hynes, and in honor of Maricarmen Tate Gomez, Amelia Hudson, Cathy Scheffer, Nancy Gosline, Carol Thalimer, Susan Zuker, Kim Matthews, Rachel Canada, & Kathy Patterson
Mary Oien In memory of Bubba
Jeffrey Ruppert In memory of Marse Robert's Lucy Long
Renee Holmes In honor of Tilly Holmes, and in honor of  Tank Childs
Tristan Nelsen In Memory of Dubya
Debbie Shannon In memory of Joker and Bonnie, and in honor of Josh Roberts.
Judyann Hawks In honor of A/CCH. Ramblewood The Joker (Tippy), A/C/INT.CH KND Ramblewood After Midnight,CD (Raven), A/CCH Ramblewood Secret Agent Man,CD (Cody), CH Ramblewood Gold Dust Woman (Stevie)
Kim Harris In honor of my Mom, Gail Bent, and in Loving Memory of Buddy
Pamela Holt In memory of "Dixie", Am/INT CH Ramblewood There's Your Trouble
Lea Alexander In honor of Pollee, my honorary Springer
Terry Sprague In honor of the Pola Family, the Miller Family, the Pierson Family, the Swney Family, and the ESRA Web Team
Carolyn Molloy In honor of Steve Spiegl, ESRA Booth Builder Extraordinaire, and in honor of Ricky
Pamela Helwig In honor of Paige, my beautiful little girl
Diane Weidt In memory of George
Katie Sanders In honor of Hunter & Ginger
Bobbie Daniel In honor of Poh - Sterling
Marsha Johnson In Memory of Chuck, Pops, & Libby
Nomita Ramchandani In memory of Chuck and in honor of Maricarmen
Lori MillerIn memory of Chuck and in honor of Maricarmen
Melinde WaddleIn memory of Chuck Tate
Denise JenkinsFor Maricarmen and Chuck Tate
Elizabeth HallIn memory of Chuck Tate
Ellen and Mark MunsonIn honor of Maricarmen and Chuck
Sheri and Gary LeiderIn memory of Chuck Tate and in honor of Maricarmen Tate-Gomez
Ellie AnschuetzIn honor of Chuck Tate and Maricarmen Tate-Gomez
Beth FinkIn honor of Chuck and Maricarmen
Veronica BarkerIn memory of Chuck and in honor of Maricarmen
Kathleen EngbergIn honor of Biff, Fred and Shadow, the first beloved loyal pups in my life
Barry and Gail BreckleIn memory of Chuck Tate
Catherine JonesIn honor of Ashley, Emma Bean, Sidney, Wallis, Betsy, Jones Clan
Dee McLaughlinIn memory of Rosie
Veronica BarkerFor Irene and Vinnie
Caryn PolaIn honor of Marge and Marv Miller, Lea Alexander, Katie Sanders, Cathy Peters, Terry and Belle Sprague, Veronica Barker, my Best Guy Bob Pola, and all my Springers past and present
Robin WolfgramIn memory of Aggie who crossed the Bridge in July 2015 and in honor of Spike, an ESRA rescue from February 2000 still with us!
Lynn WinchesterTo honor Alynn's Ambassador (Smokey) with a luminary in the Parade of Honor
Kim HarrisTo honor Minnow and Cassidy Marie with luminaries in the Parade of Honor
Debbi PattersonTo honor Zeke and Charlie with luminaries in the Parade of Honor
Patrick HarrisFor luminaries in the Parade of Honor to honor Valerie Driscoll and Rosemary Jane
Rick, Alisson, Murphy
and Max Moore
To honor Princess Zoe with a luminary in the Parade of Honor
Beth FinkTo honor the memory of Duncan in the Parade of Honor
Peggy OutlyA tribute to Grace, Abby, TJ, Charlie, and Sam Outly in the Parade of Honor
Patty & Butch HincheyTo honor the memory of Gabriel, Skagit and Tangi with luminaries in the Parade of Honor
Gary MitchellFor luminaries in the Parade of Honor for Janet Mitchell, Bridgett, Winchester, Becky, Freedom and Jubilee
From ESRA FriendsFor luminaries in the Parade of Honor for Sue Schroer, Amelia Hudson, Carol Sanderson, Melissa Underwood, Tracy Stanley, Nita Watson, Nancy Gosline, Linda Parker, Cathy Scheffer's crazy foster failure Lexus and first ESRA dog Buddy
All donations earmarked for the Parade of Honor go to ESRA's Jan Flagg Memorial Fund
to support the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Springers in need.