ESRA Member Pledge and COE - NEW MEMBERS

Membership Pledge

It is for the love and passion I hold for the English Springer Spaniel that I hereby pledge to:

  • Avail my support and assistance to English Springer Rescue America, Inc. (ESRA) whenever and wherever possible.
  • Help unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs for whom I know I can make a difference.
  • Kindly provide a safe and loving environment to those dogs temporarily in my care.
  • Assist fellow ESRA members in their rescue efforts where I know I can be of help.
  • Conduct my personal rescue efforts ethically and responsibly.
  • Endeavor in my words and actions to be honorable and dependable in promoting the English Springer Spaniel breed.

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In accordance with English Springer Rescue America, Inc. bylaws we require all members, foster homes and
temporary members to complete the following four (4) sections of this notice. This will cover the voting, liability and
registration laws as set out by our 501(c) (3) registered corporation.

Part 1. Identification including name and contact information.
I am applying to become a member and/or foster home of ESRA.




Part 2. You must inform ESRA, Inc. that you have car insurance coverage so you are covered at ALL ESRA events and during any work (including transportation of dogs) for ESRA, Inc.

I have a current auto insurance policy with: 

Part 3. Your agreement to abide by the policies and guidelines set forth in ESRA’s Members’ Manual. 

I agree to read ESRA’s Members’ Manual and abide by its policies upon activation of my membership and before actively participating in any ESRA activity.  (You will receive instructions on how to access this once you become a member.)  Initial here:

Part 4. Your signed acceptance of ESRA’s Code of Ethics

As a member of English Springer Rescue America, Inc. (ESRA) I pledge to perform all rescue-related activities in accordance with both the following Code of Ethics and the ESRA Members’ Manual (available on the members’ area of the website).


a)  I will perform my rescue activities on a purely voluntary basis, receiving no personal gifts or monetary compensation for my rescue work.

b)  I will conduct my rescue efforts for ESRA and any other rescue group as a non-profit endeavor.

c)  My rescue work for ESRA will be performed in accordance with the policies, procedures, and guidelines set forth in the ESRA Members’  Manual.

d)  I will restrict my representation to no more than three recognized breeds in order to uphold the best interests of each breed.

e)  I will use the parent club’s (the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association) breeder referral program (  when recommending ESS breeders to adopters desiring such information, but I will not act as a general repository or adoption means for any breeder’s unsold animals without the approval of the ESRA Board of Directors.

f)  I will never use or promote any intact ESS rescue candidate for breeding purposes.


a)  I will house rescue animals in my care under sanitary conditions, providing appropriate food, clean water, and shelter for all animals in my care.

b)  I will arrange for veterinary care for fostered rescue animals in accordance with ESRA policies.

c)  I will maintain detailed medical records of all veterinary care administered to each animal under my care and will make these records immediately available to both the adopter and to ESRA upon the animal’s adoption.

d)  I will make every effort to thoroughly temperament test each animal in my care and I will exercise good judgment to assure its suitability for placement.

e)  I will make the necessary arrangements for any rescued animals in my care deemed not adoptable for reasons of health, temperament, or any other reason to be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian or certified euthanasia technician, I will arrange for proper disposal of the body.

f)  ESRA WI foster homes are required to abide by the Wisconsin Administrative Rules ATCP Chapter 16.


a)  I will educate potential adopters regarding issues relative to English Springer Spaniel (ESS) traits, i.e., temperament, health, training ,and care.  

b)  I will ensure that an application is obtained from any prospective adopter and will thoroughly interview potential adopters utilizing two or more methods, i.e., written application, phone interview, veterinary reference, home visit, or face-to-face interview with the goal of placing all rescue animals in homes that are breed-appropriate and specifically suited to the individual animal.

c)  I will arrange for the sterilization of all rescue animals prior to adoption. The adoption of any un-sterilized animal must be approved by ESRA’s Board of Directors.

d)  I will fully, honestly, and accurately disclose to the adopting family, in writing, any and all known health and temperament information about each rescue animal.

e)  I will provide courteous follow-up advice and assistance to adopters.

f)  I will ensure that any AKC registration paperwork available on a rescue animal and released to the adopter is clearly marked as “Limited Registration.”

g)  I will never accept into the program, transport, or place an ESRA program dog without first having completed the paperwork as described in the ESRA Members’ Manual.


a) As a representative of ESRA, I will at all times conduct myself in a helpful, courteous, and honest manner such that my behavior brings credit to the image of ESRA and animal rescue in general.

b)  I will abide by all written contracts entered into with a releasing agency or person.

c)  I will return phone calls to and reply to emails from agencies/private owners with animals in a timely manner.  If I am unable to respond promptly, I will make alternative provisions to have calls/emails handled by another rescue representative.

d)  I will respect the privacy of all emails/posts to any ESRA lists of which I am a member and will not cross-post, forward, or otherwise share the content of these emails with anyone outside of ESRA without the consent of the author(s). ESRA member contact information is for ESRA purposes only. At no time should any information on the list be distributed without clearance from the Board of Directors.

e) By submitting this form, I also give my consent to receive electronic notices and communications from ESRA at the email address I have provided on this form.


a) By affixing your signature below, you indicate that you have fully and accurately completed this process. You also indicate your acknowledgement that this electronic signature has the same legal validity as an original signature.

b) In addition, you indicate your understanding and the understanding of all family members and residents of your household of the risks inherent in working with a rescue dog. Most dogs handled through rescue come to ESRA anonymously. Therefore, ESRA may not be aware of or have knowledge of, nor does ESRA make any representation in regard to any pre-existing health, temperament, or behavior conditions.

c) You willingly and knowingly agree to join and/or volunteer for ESRA, which may include fostering a dog, and agree to release and hold harmless ESRA and its officers, Board of Directors, members, and volunteers,and agree not to make a claim against ESRA or its officers, Board of Directors, members or volunteers for any matters, now or in the future, that arise out of your services as a member, volunteer, and/or foster home.

d) If you have applied to become a foster home for ESRA, you also indicate your understanding that such applications are subject to acceptance based on a review process that may require collecting information from an application, phone interview, vet and/or personal reference check, and possibly a home visit. Making decisions about dog placement in adoptive and foster homes is an art, not a science, and applications may be denied for various reasons. This is left to the discretion of the ESRA coordinator after reviewing the above information. ESRA reserves the right to make all decisions regarding placement or final disposition of any rescued dog in its care into a foster or adoptive home. There is absolutely no guarantee made or implied that any person or persons requesting to adopt or foster a Springer Spaniel being fostered through ESRA, or posted on ESRA’s website, will be granted an adoption or approved as a foster home. 

e) Finally, you agree to take all reasonable and necessary precautions to prevent any injury or damage related to your work with ESRA and ESRA foster dogs.You also certify that you currently have, and agree to maintain, appropriate insurance coverage for your home, automobile, airplane, and/or any other vehicles used in your activities related to ESRA. 

I,  , herein agree to abide by the ESRA Code of Ethics and I understand that failure to adhere to the mission, goals, policies and procedures of ESRA as outlined in the Members’ Manual will be grounds for immediate termination of membership from the group.

(Please note: For the final signature, you may type your name or use mouse/pad.)

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