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LOTS OF LOVE AND ATTENTION, the rescued Spaniel named:    

Age:   Gender:  Intake Number:         

Microchip Manufacturer:  Chip Number:   

Is hereby delivered to:

Adopting Owner(s):   

 under the terms and conditions that follow:


  • The adopting owner may request a trial placement period of a foster care dog not to exceed one week . At the time the adopting owner receives the dog, the adoption agreement will be signed and a $ adoption fee will be collected by English Springer Rescue America, (ESRA) in the payment form of check or money order only, not cash. ES RA will hold the adopting owner’s adoption fee for one week before depositing it. On or before the end of that week’s trial placement, if the dog is found to be compatible with the adopting owner and they wish to finalize the adoption, the adoption fee will be deposited.
  • If, prior to the end of 30 days after receiving the dog, and even with the adoption agreement s igned, the adopting owner gives sincere reason why they must return the dog to ESRA, a full refund of their adoption fee will be No refund of an adoption fee will be made once the adopting owner has had the dog in their home past the 30 days period.



  • This dog will be solely owned by you (Adopting Owner).
  • Most dogs handled through ESRA come to us anonymously; therefore, we may not be aware of or have knowledge of any pre-existing health, temperament or behavior conditions. An animal that appears healthy when delivered to Adopting Owner may, despite ESRA’s best efforts, become ill or may have some underlying health problems that have not been identified while the dog is in foster care.
  • Adopting Owner (at Adopting Owner’s expense with no right to reimbursement from ESRA of medical or professional fees) will provide this dog with routine veterinary care and vaccinations according to the veterinarian’s recommendations for the area in which this dog All available health records for this dog obtained through ESRA are attached for Adopting Owner’s information.
  • The Adopting Owner recognizes that pet Adopting Ownership is a major responsibility, requiring much personal time, financial expense, and a long-term commitment. As such, I agree to provide quality care for my pet, for its lifetime, such as:
    • Living primarily inside with the Adopting Owner(s).
    • Good food, fresh water, and appropriate shelter from bad weather and extreme
    • Adequate attention, stimulation, and opportunities for exercise, on a daily
    • Safety from other animals, vehicles, wandering, and getting lost or stolen must be provided, including:
  1. Proper confinement and adequate supervision;
  2. Dogs shall not be permitted to roam loose, or be left unattended in an unfenced
  3. A form of identification which is to be worn at all

* A $25 fee will be charged for any check returned for Non-Sufficient Funds.

  • Although it is the policy of ESRA to spay and neuter all foster care dogs before placement, we do reserve the right to place an intact dog in certain situations. In such case, Adopting Owner agrees that the spay or neuter surgery will be done by (date)          and will give ESRA a deposit of $            , which is in addition to the adoption fee.      ESRA will return the deposit to the Adopting Owner when provided with a copy of the attending veterinarian’s spay/neuter certificate or invoice within 90 days of the surgery.


  • This dog will be immediately licensed by Adopting Owner through the jurisdiction for the area in which this dog
  • This dog will not be provided to any commercial enterprise, and/or research laboratory and/or animal shelter if any of the above, or any of its kind, is for profit or non-profit.

If the dog or Adopting Owner’s circumstances change such that the Adopting Owner deems that the dog must be re-homed, the Adopting Owner must first notify ESRA prior to taking any action.

  • If there is any circumstance in which the Adopting Owner is unable to provide a home and/or security for this dog, or should this adoption placement prove to be incompatible, Adopting Owner may request ESRA to help re-home the dog in another qualified
  • Should ESRA determine that the adopted Springer Spaniel is neglected, abused, not spayed or neutered per clause (5) above, or not kept in a safe environment, ESRA reserves the right to reclaim the pet, without any obligation to the ESRA may make attempts to satisfactorily resolve the concerns with the adopter, at our discretion, and dependent upon the degree and significance of the violation/concerns. The adopter agrees to relinquish custody of the pet to ESRA upon its request, and understands that refusal to do so may initiate court proceedings at the discretion of the ESRA Board of Directors.

Adopting Owner(s) hereby specifically and forever releases and holds English Springer ESRA America, Inc. and all its affiliates (herein collectively referred to as ESRA) harmless from any and all liability arising from the placement for adoption by ESRA of this English Springer Spaniel, or for any other actions taken by ESRA in accordance with, and in reliance on, the representations Adopting Owner(s) has made under the terms of this document. Adopting Owner(s) agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ESRA for any damages suffered and expenses incurred (including legal fees) in defending any legal action, whether for bodily injuries or death, property damage, breach of contract, or otherwise, whether instituted by Adopting Owner(s) or by any other person or persons involved with this English Springer Spaniel arising out of or in consequence of the placement of this dog, in reliance on the representations and warranties Adopting Owner(s) has made in this agreement.

In addition, the Adopting Owners, recognize that ESRA’s adoption fee revenue does not cover its veterinary expenses and, therefore, are adding a donation in the amount of $             to our adoption check.


My (our) signature(s) below attests that I (we) have read and understand this agreement and its terms and cond itions. I (we) hereby release English Springer Rescue America, Inc., and all its affiliates from any and all liability arising from acceptance of this foster care dog. I understand that a violation of any of the terms herein constitutes a breach in contract, and ESRA has the right to reclaim the animal at the discretion of the ESRA Board of Directors.



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