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English Springer Rescue America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
For a look at our financials, and to get an idea of how efficient we are in meeting our mission,
click here to go to GuideStar.com to see our IRS filings.

To return to this Home Page, click on our logo, Angel Sammy, from any page.

There is a very stoic Springer in Georgia named SULLIVAN who is in a great deal of pain every day but he doesn't let it dampen his spirits. He has joined ESRA's Special Needs Program so we can provide the surgery he needs to eliminate his pain once and for all. He will be looking forward to a happy future ahead! Would you like to join his team?

Our special group of ESRA Seniors includes Wynston fostered in Minnesota. This handsome gentleman, hoping to find a quiet home, will make the perfect companion for someone looking for a Springer ready for undivided attention and love. (There's an added incentive to bring Wynston home if you are eligible for the Springers for Seniors program.)

We have a special section called Extreme Makeovers that features some of the beautiful Springers who have blossomed under ESRA's care and who, after overcoming hardships, neglect and abuse, have gone on to happy Forever Homes. Read about these success stories and see how donations earmarked for "any Springer in ESRA's care" help to bring other lucky dogs to this featured section!

Did you follow Clayton's compelling Special Needs story in 2014? His dire "touch-and-go" medical troubles, ongoing for months, captivated the hearts of thousands of ESRA friends worldwide and launched an extraordinary community that has come to be called "Clayton Nation." Their mission is to help raise funds for all ESRA Special Needs Springers as well as to bring awareness to ESRA's ongoing need for foster homes and volunteers. Clayton Nation always welcomes new members! If you would like to join this special community, click this link for Clayton Nation's Facebook page.


Stop on in and visit the ESRA Online Store!

You'll find lots of ways to do your online shopping, find a great variety
of gifts for yourself or your friends … and every purchase you make
will help Springers in need! Click here to get started!

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